Truss summons Russian Ambassador to the UK

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss (Thursday 24 February) summoned the Russian ambassador, Andrey Kelin, over Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified attack on Ukraine this morning.

The Foreign Secretary said the Russian government had repeatedly lied about having no plans to invade Ukraine, and its unprovoked aggression had made it an international pariah.

She condemned Russia’s outrageous attack on Ukraine as a clear breach of international law.

She reiterated there would be severe sanctions in retribution for the invasion, which will inflict pain on the Russian economy and those closely associated with the Kremlin.

The Foreign Secretary said the UK’s support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity was unwavering.

She added that Russia should expect a long, protracted conflict that would inflict a huge human, economic and political cost on the Russian government. She said allies and partners are united in support for Ukraine, providing economic and defensive support.

She informed the Ambassador that the UK will continue to work closely with international partners and called on Russia to withdraw its troops.


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