UK economy surpassing pre-pandemic levels is ‘testament to the grit and determination of the British people’


According to new figures released today by the Office of National Statistics, gross domestic product (GDP) is estimated to have grown by 0.9% in November 2021 and was above its pre-coronavirus pandemic level for the first time, by 0.7%.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak said the stronger growth was “a testament to the grit and determination of the British people.”

Services (0.7%), production (1.0%) and construction (3.5%) output all increased between October and November 2021; this means that services and construction output are both 1.3% above their pre-coronavirus pandemic levels.

At the services sub-sector level, 8 of the 14 have surpassed their pre-coronavirus pandemic levels, with the largest contributions from human health and social work activities, wholesale and retail trade, and arts, entertainment and recreation.

Production output increased by 1.0% in November 2021, with a mixed performance across the four sectors. Manufacturing was the largest contributor to production growth in November 2021, increasing by 1.1%.

Construction output increased by 3.5% in November 2021, following a fall of 1.7% in October 2021 (revised from a 1.8% fall). This is the largest monthly rise seen in construction output growth since March 2021 (4.5%).

The increase in monthly construction output in November 2021 was driven solely by an increase in new work (5.7%), while repair and maintenance saw a slight decline, decreasing by 0.2%.

Services were the main contributor to GDP’s 0.9% growth in November 2021

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