So much for Obama once saying Britain would be ‘back of the queue’ as International Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan reveals at least six high-income economies desperate to get trade deals with the UK.

Since leaving the EU, the UK has signed 70 new free trade deals and the Trade Secretary says more countries are “queuing up” to get a post-Brexit deal with Britain.

Speaking to the Sun the Ms Trevelyan said:

“We do ourselves down, the rest of the world thinks the UK is amazing and they want to work with a trusted partner.

“People are queuing up wanting to do trade deals with it, which I find very encouraging.”

Ms Trevelyan hinted the UK could soon be striking deals with India, Mexico, Israel, Greenland and the US.

Recently the UK has signed deals with Australia and New Zealand – both countries the EU is yet to sign deals with.

The Trade Secretary is currently in the US and already making strides between UK and US trade.

Last night the Trade Secretary met with Commerce Secretary Raimondo in Washington DC as the US announced an expansive removal of section 232 tariffs, re-opening tariff free access for UK steel and aluminium exporters to the US.

The announcement is good news for the steel and aluminium sectors, which support the jobs of over 80,000 people across the UK. The changes will take effect on 1 June 2022.

In response the UK will suspend rebalancing measures on US products including whiskey, blue jeans and motorcycles.

Later today Ms Trevelyan will be travelling to Canada to seal a “Canada 2.0” trade agreement.

The UK already has a deal with Canada from when it was a member of the EU but the International Trade Secretary says she wants to sign an enhanced version.

She said:

“There will be some really chunky stuff in there to discuss, which will be good and they’re really up for it.

“That’s why they’re top of my pile because they’ve really leaned in and said we want to move to the next phase. Okay you’re on.”


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