Ukrainian MP thanks Britain and says ‘Role of UK is huge in uniting the West against the Russian invasion of Ukraine’


Ukrainian MP Andrii Osadchuk has thanked the UK for the “huge role in uniting the West against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

The MP also expects British support to remain key whoever wins race to Number 10 but if Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves office, thinks Liz Truss is “a good candidate for Ukraine.”

Andrii Osadchuk told GB News:

“I’m optimistic that Ukraine already has won this war. The only open question is the price and how much we will pay for this war. That’s why it is important for leaders to explain to their voters that now it’s not just Ukraine at war with Russia. It is the entire West in war with Russia, which in fact represents evil.”

Speaking to Alastair Stewart, Mr Osadchuk claimed Vladimir Putin continued to “spit in the face of the UN”

“Vladimir Putin and all his efforts and bad team, continue to blackmail everyone and they continue to destroy all agreements. In fact, he spat into the face of the United Nations and his so-called friend Erdogan by attacking Odessa today (SAT).

 “The conclusion is simple. No more agreement is possible with modern Russia. They’re much weaker than someone else might be. More weapons to Ukraine will help us to finish this war, hopefully, this year.”

Speaking about the UK’s assistance in terms of ammunition, weaponry and training Mr Osadchuk said:

“First of all, the role of the United Kingdom was huge in uniting the West against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. So we very much appreciate everything that has been done until today. And we very much expect that despite internal political fights in the United Kingdom, this position will continue even for months and probably years. 

“Yes, we received a lot from the United Kingdom. Yes, the idea of providing training to Ukrainian soldiers is extremely important because we receive a huge amount of different types of modern military equipment, which is good. But definitely, our soldiers need the training for that. So ongoing training brings a lot of value and a lot of benefits to the Ukrainian army. The first three weeks of using advanced European weapons clearly show that Russia is far far behind the level of technology which exists in the West, confirming again that they are much much weaker than one may think.”

The Ukrainian MP went on to explain how the ongoing race for Prime Minister would impact the UK’s relationship with Ukraine. 

He said:

“We believe that Liz Truss is a good candidate for Ukraine. But the bottom line is, we will appreciate any leadership in the United Kingdom.

“It is your issue, your internal issue and we respect your democracy. And we expect that despite the decision of the Conservative Party, the Russian policy that you bring in will stay the same or even tougher because everyone understands that the duration of this war is directly linked to the readiness of the West and the United Kingdom to act.

“We believe that you will continue to support us as you did previously.”

Source: GB News


  1. l would like to see Boris back in power but think Liz Truss is the only alternative.and l believe she will continue to offer the same support to the Ukrainian war effort.Putin will go down in history like all the other vile human beings that have been and gone before him…


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