Ukrainian politician praises Boris for global leadership and driving anti-Putin coalition


Ukrainian MP Andrii Osadchuk has said the Ukraine war is a fight to save the entire world from dictatorship and singled out British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for his “professional” leadership and “driving the anti-Putin coalition.”

Ukraine and Western powers are not just fighting Russia but are striving to save the planet from being governed by dictatorial regimes in the future, the prominent Ukrainian MP told GB News.

Speaking live from Kyiv, Andrii Osadchuk also described Russia as a “KGB empire.”

His comments came after it was revealed that two more Britons – Dylan Healy and Andrew Hill – have been captured in Ukraine and charged by Russia with being mercenaries.

Asked by Alastair Stewart if Ukraine country was close to the edge, Mr Osadchuk said:

“It’s important for us to speak to the audience in Europe and in the UK.

“At the moment, we have an extremely deadly bloody fight in the south and the south-east of Ukraine where the Russians have accumulated almost all their resources on all their forces.

“We also have a lot of very painful losses there because now this war, kind of artillery war and Russians they definitely have an advantage…

“That’s why Ukraine is asking for more and more assistance.”

He added:

“You should accept except one simple thing at the moment: we all together are at war against Russia, it is not a Russian Ukrainian war.

“We’re shooting Russians with the your guns and with your bullets, we are playing as one team and for the moment we don’t have any other choices other than to win this war, because otherwise the entire world will be under the determination of dictatorship regimes, and they will dictate the rules for for Europe and for everyone in this world, which is not acceptable.”

Mr Osadchuck said he was optimistic that Ukraine can halt Russian advances in the east.

“We already have more or less reasonable support. This support will increase and the Ukrainian army for the moment is much stronger than it was three months ago.

“So I think that the next three months will be probably the most critical because Russia is much weaker than you think.

“They accumulate all of their resources. They are afraid to announce the draft. So that’s why I think in September, October, it will be very interesting moment.”

He praised Prime Minister Boris Johnson for taking the lead in opposing Vladimir Putin.

Mr Osadchuck said:

“Definitely Boris Johnson is a very professional politician, he’s taken this leadership, and now he’s driving the anti-Putin coalition.

“I think he’s right in his words. He’s not overestimating reality. I think the big mistake of the West that you partially discussed five minutes ago that in 1991 the Soviet Union in fact did not collapse.

“You were too early to celebrate the victory in the Cold War… we have in fact the KGB empire, which stayed alive after 1991.

“Now we are fighting with the same totalitarian regime, which was killing people in the Soviet Union 30, 50 60 years ago.”

Asked if politicians were feeling pressure from the EU to cut a deal with Russia, he said:

“We were feeling this pressure but for the last, let’s say, three weeks, this pressure has almost disappeared, especially after visit of Macron  and Olaf Scholz to Kyiv and after the positive decision on Ukrainian candidacy to European Union because we understand that defeating of Russia will change the political and geopolitical picture in Europe.”

Source: GB News


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