ULEZ expansion is a tax on hard-working Londoners, says Conservative mayoral hopeful Susan Hall


Sadiq Khan’s planned Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) expansion is simply a tax on hard-working Londoners, according to Conservative mayoral hopeful Susan Hall.

Ms Hall, the former leader of the Conservative Group in the London Assembly has blasted Khan’s plan in a GB News interview.

She told GB News she backed the goal of net zero carbon emissions but opposed extending ULEZ.

“Well, it is a good ambition to do it by 2030. I don’t know that we’ll get there. We’ve got to because we’ve seen climate change. We’ve got to do what we can. Having said that there’s lots of problems along the way,” she said.

“With regard to the ULEZ expansion, Sadiq Khan’s own analysis shows that it won’t make virtually any difference at all, but it will do to hardworking taxpayers in London. It is just nothing but a tax rate on London.”

She told Camilla Tominey: “You don’t have to have the ULEZ expansion. I’d leave the original ULEZ in place because central London does have an air problem, an air quality problem. But if you look at the policies that Sadiq Khan’s putting in now with it – just take Park Lane and that cycle lane. All that’s done is made traffic back up.

Ms Hall denied that she was anti-cycling: “I said just take that one as an example. We’ve got the park next to it. All that one has done is made traffic back up. I read a really interesting statistic the other day that for every minute a car is idling, it could fill up 150 balloons worth of fumes…

“If you look at the ULEZ expansion, I found £50 million in an environmental fund for different councils to bid into to look at if there’s little pockets or hotspots I call them, hotspots of air pollution. They could bid into that fund to see how they can fix that little area.

“If you look at the massive area of the ULEZ expansion. It’s ridiculous, it’s not needed. And I’ve knocked on doors all the time. You can imagine that, I’m a politician – people are incensed about this.”

Asked if her bid was really a lost cause, as she has no donors backing her, she said: “I’m certainly never a lost cause, absolutely not. I haven’t asked for backing so far. I’ve relied on grassroots members because I have been working in the party for well over 25 years and I’ve got support there.

“I have got lots of people that have come up to me and said if you get the nomination, do come and talk to me. I will, but I’ve done this on a shoestring. I’ve got friends that are helping me.”

As part of Susan Hall’s pledges, she has promised to halt the ULEZ expansion on day one if she is elected London mayor before turning her attention to “hunting down and locking up” petty criminals.

As the former leader of the Conservative Group in the London Assembly, Ms Hall has also announced she would invest £200 million in the Met Police to sort out crime, funded by savings at City Hall and TfL – including scrapping nominee passes.

She has also made a Delivery Guarantee promising that all of her commitments are:

  • Costed and affordable
  • Within the Mayor’s powers
  • Realistic and achievable

Mayor of London and London Assembly Elections take place every four years. The last elections took place in May 2021. The next Mayoral and London Assembly elections will take place on Thursday 2 May 2024. The Conservative Party shortlist now contains only two names: Susan Hall and Mozammel Hossain.


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