‘Violence, weapons and diseases are rife at Kent migrant centre’ says inside source


As lefty lawyers continue to block flights and help illegal migrants find loopholes to stay in Britain, a whistle-blower at a troubled asylum processing centre in Kent says the Government must acknowledge the true extent of the crisis.

The source, one of the 900 personnel working at the Manston military base, said violence, disease and attempts at self-harm are a daily occurrence at the facility.

He also told GB News how some of those employed to guard the base were later revealed to “have no legal right to work in the UK.”

The processing centre is only supposed to hold asylum seekers for no more than 24 hours, before they are then farmed out to hotels and other longer term, more suitable accommodation.

The whistle-blower said that staff were only managing to process and transfer out around 100 people on an average day.

The numbers arriving by small boat, he said, far outstrip the base’s processing capabilities.

“Senior management don’t have plans to move them out,” he told GB News as part of a special investigation screened today (SAT).

“Their solution is to bail them on to the site.

“They have breached detention laws and human rights. When someone is detained, they should be reviewed every 24 hours. This has not been done at all.”

He told GB News that some people have been there over a month adding to the mounting tensions and deteriorating conditions at the base.

“Diphtheria has been confirmed, as has strep throat, sandflies and fleas throughout the tents.”

He said medical issues were being missed or ignored because of the scale of the problems they are presenting with.

“Local hospitals are struggling to deal with the constant flow of migrants with various illnesses that are transported from Manston.”

The risk to residents and staff is growing by the day he said.

“Migrants pelted staff with water bottles injuring one member of staff.

“Migrants have self-harmed and one attempted to hang himself.”

He said most staff were not trained to deal or cope with this.

“Incidents are being brushed under the carpet and not taken seriously. Weapons that have been found include a knuckle duster, knives, makeshift weapons that could slash or stab people.”

The whistleblower said staff at Manston have also now been told to classify those at the base as “arriving passengers and not illegal entrants.”

On Thursday, the Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick said he planned to visit Manston soon, perhaps next week.

The whistleblower said “critical incidents” had been declared at the base because of the ongoing outbreaks of violence and disorder.

He said there are regular “escape attempts, sit down protests, threats of a dirty protest, fighting amongst migrants and assaults on staff.”

According to figures released this week, the British taxpayer is now spending almost £7 million a day housing asylum seekers in hotels and the cost could continue to rise.

This week the Commons Home Affairs Committee was told £5.6 million a day was being spent on hotels for people who have arrived in the UK and have submitted a claim, with an additional £1.2 million paid to house Afghan refugees who fled the Taliban takeover while long-term accommodation is sought.

The daily total £6.8 million total is over £2 million more than the Government said it was spending in February.

Source: GB News


  1. All of those arriving illegally in this country,are criminals.
    Who has referred to these criminals as ‘landing passengers’?
    Just the use of these words alters their status.
    If they are committing crimes put then in prison.
    The government is shameful in not dealing with this huge,very costly problem.Buy some ships,anchor off shore,and fly them out to Rwanda asap.
    This has to be stopped. We are failing our own poor people,pensioners and disabled. But spending billions on illegal migrants. We are a laughing stock.


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