‘We must start deporting people who are coming across illegally as quickly as possible’ says Conservative MP


Violence in local communities caused soaring numbers of incoming migrants is all but inevitable, a Conservative MP has suggested.

David Morris, MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale, told GB News: “I was given two hours notice at 7am on Saturday morning, saying that 80 or so migrants were going to be going into a hotel, literally in the centre in the west end of Markham.”

Mr. Morris continued: “I ended up texting the minister and, to be truthful and fair, we were sorting it out from that moment. On Sunday afternoon I had a high level meeting with the officials at the Home Office and we got that sorted out, and that it’s a temporary state lasting only a matter of weeks.

“Now, of course, you know I wasn’t born yesterday and I’m watching this with bated breath. I am monitoring this and I am looking for further meetings with the ministers.”

Asked by Patrick Christys if violence was inevitable as numbers grow, he said: “We are a welcoming society… we’re very welcoming in the Markham area.

“But it’s like anything, if you’ve got such a dramatic disruption, very quick, dramatic disruption on this scale, it is going to have adverse effects in the local community, both with people who live there as well as the people who you’re hosting.

“My concern was the fact that they were just literally dropped on our doorstep.”

He added: “People are very concerned about this. The problem that we have here is we’ve got a lot of illegal immigration and organised crime assisting that.

“We’ve also got the post-Brexit era where, even though we’ve left the EU, we’ve not left Europe in effect, but we have interests, relations, shall we say with our neighbours, and our European neighbours.

“So we really do have to change our laws in the UK, and make sure that they work for us but that is a big problem of trying to get those laws recognised on the other side of the Channel.”

Mr Morris told GB News: “I think that if you’re looking at what the Immigration Minister wants to do and the Home Secretary, they want to amend certain laws that we’ve already got and I think that’s the best way ahead.

“The main thing that we have to start to do is to start deporting people who are coming across here illegally as quickly as possible and not have the legal backlog that slows it up.

“We have got a serious problem here in the UK. Sadly, it’s been exacerbated by people who want to come here because they want a better life, and you can’t blame them for that.

“What you’ve got at the end of the day is people coming from other countries through five or six different countries getting in and claiming asylum, which is not exactly what the spirit of asylum is about.”

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  1. Why is the British taxpayer subsidising food and drink in parliament and paying £332 a day for the lord’s to have a nice warm sleep or signing in and going home contributing nothing

  2. We need to take great Britain back. We have had enough. The government is too soft on criminals, illegal immigrants and are frightened of offending people. We need to get tough and stop giving the impression we are an easy target. Other countries are stronger than us. No other country puts up with it.

  3. Take action now!!!

    We’re fed up to the back teeth with everything bad that’s happening to our country.

    We can’t speak our minds.
    We’re being overtaken and overrun by illegal immigrants.
    We’re bending over backwards to keep the WOKE folk happy.
    Our country is slowly dissolving into something we know is wrong for us and our way of life.

    Get a new Government that can take immediate control of everything that’s going badly wrong, and a Government for the people, not for Immigrants, scroungers and criminals

  4. I will not be voting conservative again after voting most of my working life if this is not addressed before the next election this immigration situation is beyond belief the amount of money it is costing taxpayers to maintain their lifestyle whilst the people that are entitled to live that lifestyle are unable to do so because the Goverment are failing to address this travesty and invasion of our country and it is an invasion would we welcome them with open arms if they were armed ??? Because at this present moment with 50,000 most of whom are men it is an army and this country should never have allowed this to happen


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