‘We’re much better on the battlefield than the so-called second largest army in the world’ says Ukrainian MP

Source: GB News

The Ukrainian military has outsmarted and out-performed the so-called second largest army in the world, Ukrainian MP Andrii Osadchuk has said.

Andrii Osadchuk told GB News: “First of all, we keep promises. We said from the very beginning that we are asking for Nato support not just to keep defence but we understand that we need to recapture our territories, because a huge number of Ukrainians are still in occupied territories where human rights are under violation.

“They are under Russian propaganda so their life and health is under permanent threat.

“So, as far as the war goes, we will liberate our territories and make them better for everyone. Second, we will prove to our allies that we can use the Western military we’ve been given in the proper way.

“Plus, we have proved to the Nato allies that we are smart enough to be much better on the battlefield compared to the so-called second largest army in the world.”

Mr Osadchuk added: “The latest progress in the Kharkiv region is a huge success, an absolutely huge success but definitely it’s too early to celebrate the victory in this war.

“We’re still facing a huge power with a lot of military equipment. Yes, this equipment is pretty often very old but still it’s very, very dangerous.

“And now the interesting thing is that not only is it an expensive operation, but in the last month I clearly saw what a huge gap in the quality of military equipment.”

He added: “In Russia, which is in fact using former Soviet Union types of weapons that are in fact out of date, probably by generations.

“This is another confirmation that probably all Russian policy and all approach to Russia during the debate was wrong, because everyone in the West was in fear of Russia…

“Ukraine has clearly shown that they’re not as scary as one may think. We’re making good progress… and you see what Russia is doing.

“They’re answering their losses by attacking civilian infrastructure over the last week.

“There were two big attacks in Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine, when we had for the first time a blackout of the whole city, where more than 1.5 million people live there.”

Mr Osadchuk said: “That’s how Russia responds to the success of the Ukrainian military on the battlefield.

“We need more concentration, we need more support.

“We’re very thankful for all of our allies and for the United Kingdom first of all, but again, it’s long and hard work ahead.”



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