William and Kate reach out to frontline workers

Photo credit: Kensington Royal

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been telephoning and video calling frontline workers at vaccination sites across the UK to thank them for their tremendous efforts and dedication to delivering the Covid-19 vaccine.

On one call five NHS staff and volunteers from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland involved in delivering the vaccine were chosen for a morale-boosting zoom chat with the future king.

Prince William told them: “My grandparents have had the vaccine and I am very proud of them for doing that. It is really important that everyone gets the vaccine when they are told to.”

On another call, the Duchess hailed the vital role that nurses are playing in the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine.

The future queen spoke to two retired nurses who had returned to the NHS to support vaccination of care home residents, as well as those working in hospitals caring for the critically ill.

The Duchess of Cambridge, said: “You hear time and time again about the amazing things nurses up and down the country are doing – going that extra mile. It’s the things that are not part of the training […] but the things that come from your heart, and I think that’s what matters so much now: these acts of kindness to the patients you’re looking after.”

The daily vaccination statistics are published on the COVID-19 dashboard here.


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