Zelensky thanks Britain for training Ukrainian military

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson with Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv, Ukraine. Picture supplied by the Ukrainian government.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky this afternoon (23 April 2022).

President Zelensky updated the Prime Minister on the situation in the Donbas.

Both leaders condemned ongoing attacks by Russian forces against civilian targets, including in Mariupol, Odessa and Lviv.

Ahead of the UN Secretary General’s meetings with President Zelensky and President Putin next week, both leaders agreed on the importance of establishing a ceasefire and humanitarian corridor to allow civilians to leave Mariupol.

The Prime Minister said that Russia would be held to account for its actions and that the UK government was helping collect evidence of war crimes. He also updated the President on new UK sanctions designations against members of the Russian military and confirmed that the UK would be reopening its embassy in Kyiv next week, demonstrating our support and solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

Both leaders discussed how the UK will work with partners to develop a long-term security solution for Ukraine and the Prime Minister noted the discussions taking place with international partners to provide further financial support, including at the G7 Finance Ministers’ meeting last Wednesday.

The Prime Minister confirmed that the UK is providing more defensive military aid, including protected mobility vehicles, drones and anti-tank weapons.

President Zelenskyy thanked the Prime Minister for the training of Ukrainian military personnel currently taking place in the UK.

The Prime Minister ended by reiterating the UK’s unwavering support for the people of Ukraine and committed to continue working with international partners to provide the assistance necessary to help Ukraine defend itself.


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