BORIS IS BACK in bid to stop ‘Starmergeddon’ 


“We cannot just sit back as a Labour government prepares to use a sledgehammer majority to destroy so much of what we achieved – what you achieved.”

Boris Johnson received a rockstar welcome last night during his surprise appearance at a Conservative Party rally in London.

The former Prime Minister was welcomed to cheers of “Boris! Boris Boris!” as he took to the podium and implored the public to “draw back from the brink” to halt Labour’s advance.

The former PM issued a stark warning to voters about the looming threat of a “sledgehammer majority” for Labour, which he claims would usher in “the most Left-wing government since the war.”

Mr Johnson cautioned that Sir Keir Starmer would seize power due to “too many good, kind moderate Tories” voting for other parties, which would ultimately result in the opposite of what they desire.

Addressing the rally, Boris told cheering supporters:

“We cannot just sit back as a Labour government prepares to use a sledgehammer majority to destroy so much of what we achieved – what you achieved.”

“I am here for one reason and one reason only – the same reason as you – we are here because we love our country, and whatever our differences they are utterly trivial by comparison with the disaster we face if these opinion polls are right – and it is a big if. I think the British people will still show more sense on Thursday, still draw back from the brink.”

He painted a dire picture of a Labour majority “pregnant with horrors” following polls that indicate Starmer’s Labour party will take a substantial majority in the Commons.

Greeted by round after round of cheers, Boris lambasted Labour, claiming they would reduce the UK to “nothing but the punk of Brussels” by reintroducing free movement and adopting EU laws. He branded Starmer a “disciple” of Jeremy Corbyn.

Boris said:

“Five years ago you helped to send Jeremy Corbyn and his then disciple Keir Starmer into orbit – and we got Brexit done…and is it not the height of insanity, if these polls are right, we are about to give Labour a supermajority which they will use to make us nothing but the punk of Brussels – taking EU law, but with no say in how it is made, paying into Brussels budgets again.

“You watch – scrapping the Rwanda scheme just as it is on the verge of coming into force, just as it is being imitated by governments across the world, just as it is actually beginning to act as a deterrent and bringing back uncontrolled free movement as the price of Starmer’s deal with the EU. Does this country really want to give Starmer that kind of mandate?”

Boris also took aim at Reform UK and its leader Nigel Farage, cautioning against voting for parties that “turn out to be full of Kremlin crawlers who actually make excuses for Putin’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine.”

He said:

“They say Putin’s a good operator, runs a tight ship and if that’s what they mean by a man who shoots journalists and poisons his opponents and murders thousands of innocent Ukrainian civilians… I say shame on them.

“They can achieve nothing in this election except to usher in the most Left-wing Labour government since the war, with a huge majority, and we must not let it happen. Don’t let the Putinistas deliver the Corbynistas.”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak expressed gratitude to his former boss saying:

“I’ve got to thank Boris for being here, thank him for his support. Isn’t it great?”


  1. The only hope now is for Lieutenant Colonel James Spencer Cleverly to organize with his military friends and install a government of national salvation to prevent Starmergeddon and the destruction of the United Kingdom by the Bolshevik party if the brainwashed voters fail in their patriotic duty on Thursday.


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