POLLING DAY: Today isn’t the day to stay at home, it’s a day to stand up for conservatism!


The polls are open for what could be the most significant General Election in modern times.

After six intense weeks of non-stop campaigning, the politicians have left the stage. Now it’s over to you, the great British public, to decide who will steer our beloved nation.

But also importantly, who will keep the winners in check?

This General Election isn’t just any election – it’s a game-changer. We could be witnessing a terrifying Labour landslide that reshapes our political landscape like never before.

Opinion polls are hinting at a historic win for Labour, so the fight to ensure there’s a strong opposition in place to keep Keir Starmer and his socialist wrecking crew on their toes is also crucially important.

It’s important to remember Labour’s lead in the polls isn’t about love for Labour – it’s purely about frustration with our party. Due to Covid, global situations like the war in Ukraine and sixty MPs deposing a very popular Prime Minister in Boris Johnson, the Conservative Party are almightily unpopular at the moment and people want to punish them. Many of our readers tell us they are now voting for Reform UK, a decision that will undoubtably split the conservative vote.

They are being led to believe by Nigel Farage they have a chance of saving our country with their conservative values if they vote Reform UK in this election. Sadly they won’t. They will just be turkeys voting for Christmas and give the socialists a bigger majority. Just look at the numbers.

Don’t get me wrong, I love most of what Reform are saying. I too want my country back and can’t stand what has happened to the Conservative Party. We’ve been hijacked. I also know Nigel and I have a huge amount of respect for him.

But tomorrow on July 5th, every single Reform voter will wake up and feel very let down. Reform will have won no more than a handful of seats. Tice and Farage will try and paint this as a great victory. BUT the reality is they will have given socialist Keir Starmer an even bigger majority which will change the face of Britain forever. 

In my hometown of Birmingham, the Reform vote already cost us the brilliant Conservative Mayor Andy Street in the local elections by splitting the vote. There is not a day that goes by I don’t hear people still moaning about this.

It’s terrifying as Labour’s dominance really could be record-breaking, with some analysts predicting a majority bigger than Tony Blair’s 1997 victory. Starmer’s vague promises might get him a blank cheque, but history shows Labour’s financial recklessness won’t end well for us all.

We also all know Labour will spend five years bending the knee to whatever the next woke trend is. This is because they stand for open borders and greenlighting through illegal migrants, ULEZ expansions, 20mph speed limits, unions running the show, higher taxes, more PFI type deals the tax payer will be paying for for years to come, more State Control, surveillance culture, more red tape for businesses, smaller army / less defence spending, being tied to the EU and paying through the nose for it, ending global trade deals, ending sovereignty, loss of free speech, wokery on steroids, amnesties for illegal migrants… I could go on.

Whereas a Conservative vote means a vote for free speech, free markets, freedom of the individual, lower taxes, small government, taking on wokery and a chance to stop the boats once and for all.

We still have some incredible Conservative MPs onboard we all need to protect and fight for. These are the generals who will help rebuild our party and save our country. Suella Braverman, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Andrea Jenkyns, Robert Jenrick and Priti Patel etc. PLUS we now have the mechanisms in place to depose wet cuckoo MPs. We have shown that members can steer the party back to conservatism. If ten percent of an association puts in a letter of no confidence we can deselect MPs. If 10,000 members sign a petition, we can force a National Convention. We have spent the last year putting these mechanisms into place and we are ready to go.

We will rebuild the Conservative Party. We will see to it that the hijackers are expelled. We will make the conservative party conservative again. If you’re not already a member, join the conservative party today and help us steer the party back on track. The right will unite and we will be stronger than ever.

Don’t give up on us. Today isn’t the day to stay at home – it’s a day to stand up for conservatism. The choice between five years or ten years of Labour rule is in your hands.

Protect conservatism will all your hearts and might. Vote Conservative and let’s save our beautiful country.


  1. Small-c conservatives are voting Reform.

    They realise that the Tory party has been infiltrated and cannot be saved. The rules are such that all they need to do is to infiltrate the parliamentary party and the rest may as well not exist.

    With CCHQ selecting Lib Dem types (or even socialists) as candidates, pushing wets like May and Grayling into the HoL at the last minutes of this parliament, there is no hope of saving that party. A new one must be formed and it must avoid the same subversion. It begins here.

    This site MUST become less tribal – be small-c conservative and support Reform for the sake of the country.


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