Boris Johnson is “full of energy” and shows “absolutely zero bitterness” after his toppling according to former Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries.

Ms Dorries said the former Prime Minister was “happy and very relaxed” when she went to see him earlier this week.

In an interview with The Times, the popular former cabinet minister said:

“I wouldn’t say the word is ‘pleased’ but he’s certainly not crying in his cups.

“I can’t share conversations but he’s in a good place. He’s bouncing, full of energy, absolutely zero bitterness.”

Ms Dorries said she does not believe the former PM is “even thinking” about a comeback as he insists it is now time to “back Liz”.

However, a Conservative MP told the Conservative Post:

“We’re certainly backing Liz but I have to admit there is a kind of ‘buyers remorse’ from some quarters. I think some underestimated how popular Boris actually was. You just have to look at the polling numbers.

“I’m not saying it will happen but if anyone is going to make a Churchillian come back one day it’s Boris… never say never. But for now, as a party we must get behind Liz. The media and Labour are loving the division.”

Ms Dorries who has been one of Boris Johnson’s most ardent supporters, sticking by him when 60 MPs staged a “coup” against him forcing him to resign added:

“14 million people voted for the Prime Minister and a group of MPs, ministers, the Chancellor, his sitting Chancellor, via what is effectively a coup, removed him.”

Following the defenestration, the Conservative Post launched the ‘Boris on the Ballot’ petition on 18 July 2022 calling for CCHQ to address the ‘coup’ as per the Constitution.

According to Schedule 9, a proposal to amend the Constitution can be initiated by a petition, delivered to the Chairman of the Board, signed by 10,000 Conservative Party Members.

Conservative Post Editor Claire Bullivant said:

“The members have spoken. As per the Constitution we believe we have exceeded the 10,000 members needed to sign our petition and thankfully new Chairman Jake Berry appears to be listening as he has invited us down to CCHQ to discuss it.

“The members and many voters are all asking the same question: How can 60 ‘herd’ like MPs oust a Prime Minister? It’s undemocratic and the people must have their say. We can’t allow a small group of disgruntled MPs to depose a Prime Minister ever again. Democracy and common sense must prevail.”

The petition was also backed by Conservative party donor and former party treasurer Lord Cruddas.

Lord Cruddas and Editor Claire Bullivant will be meeting with Conservative Party Chairman Jake Berry to discuss the Constitution and their members’ petition in November.

Picture by Andrew Parsons / No 10 Downing Street. Photo licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


  1. BORIS must return ,we need him. A Brilliant politician. Sad that the traitors are so jealous of his popularity, never will those get near to how the people love him.

  2. Rishi Gove and that vile person Cummings will probably cost the Tories the next election
    Boris with all his faults is head and shoulders above all of the pretenders including Truss and her chancellor the chancer is not what the country needs
    Into the wilderness we go
    What a sorry state of affairs

  3. Love you Boris you look great. How nice to know the traitors have only made themselves look complete aerosoles. You look happy and fit, I hope your family are well, xxx❤

  4. Everyone in their right mind loved Boris including me. Please stop these stupid MP’s who are only thinking of themselves, being able to oust the PM and almost bring the Party down. This is not democratic.

  5. Great photo of Boris – of course he has no gripes about it. He has much more strength of character than that (unlike the Sitting Tenant in the Commons on the day of his departure, ousted from the same job for far more legitimate reasons).
    Now we are left wondering why the 1922 Committee has suppressed the 120 letters of no-confidence in Liz, as revealed by an un-named red-wall MP recently (not to mention why she/he was un-named!). Who is running the country – the 1922 committee?
    Boris must return. The Conservatives are looking like complete pillocks.

  6. I absolutely agree with all the above comments and I signed the petition to
    “Bring back Boris”

    Hasta La Vista, baby!


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