BREXIT BOOM: UK exports to EU up 26.6% since Referendum


Despite Covid and ‘despite Brexit,’ the UK’s exporters are steaming ahead.

Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have been scrutinised by Facts4EU.Org in a report for non-party political campaigning organisation, the Campaign for an Independent Britain (CIBUK).

The CIBUK and Facts4EU analysis of the true picture of the UK’s export performance since voting ‘Leave,’ show Brexit Britain’s exports are booming.

They reviewed the latest trade figures for the United Kingdom from ONS and compared the 2021 totals with the pre-Referendum year of 2015 showing a 17.2% increase in total exports to the EU.

They also reviewed the latest Q1 2022 figures with the same period in 2016, just before the UK voted to leave the European Union and showed a staggering 26.6% increase.

A CIBUK source said:

“With the unremitting flow of negativity from the BBC and others, readers would be forgiven for thinking that exports from Brexit Britain to the EU have fallen. In fact the opposite is true, as we show below.”

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org 2022
Total exports of goods and services to the EU in 2015 amounted to £223.3 billion. In 2021 that increased to £261.7 billionn – an increase of 17.2%

[Source: Latest ONS official data, UK total trade, seasonally adjusted, released Wed 27 July 2022.]

The report states “without the Covid-19 effect, the increase would have been even higher.”

In 2021, much of the EU and the rest of the world was being affected by lockdowns and a general decrease in commercial activity. In order to get some indication of the effect of Covid-19 on exports, the analysts looked at the drop in 2021 from the last pre-Covid year, which was 2019.

To take out any idea of a ‘Brexit effect’ on exports to the EU, they analysed the UK’s exports to the rest of the world. Total exports of goods and services from the UK to non-EU countries fell by 10.5% over the Covid years.

In other words, without Covid-19 we could have expected the UK’s exports to the EU to have been around 10% higher than our ‘red box summary’ above shows.

Let’s bring things up to date – how did Brexit Britain do in the latest results for Q1 2022?

Next they looked at the ONS results for Q1 (Jan-Mar 2022), released this week. In this case they reviewed the quarterly data and compared Q1 2022 with the same quarter in 2016 – just before the UK’s EU Referendum.

And the news gets even better.

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org 2022

Total exports of goods and services to the EU in Q1 2022 versus Q1 2016 amounted to £56.9 billion. Q1 2022 amounted to £72.0 billion – an increase of 26.6%

[Source: Latest ONS official data, UK total trade, seasonally adjusted, released Wed 27 July 2022.]

In 2021 the UK was the fastest-growing economy in the G7 – something not mentioned enough.

A House of Commons Library report, 07 July 2022 states:

“For 2021 as a whole, UK GDP growth was 7.4%. This was the highest in the G7.”

The UK also outgrew the EU27 in the first quarter of this year, according to official figures.

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This research and report was put together by Brexit Facts4EU.Org.  We are most grateful for their research and permission in republishing this information.

Picture by Pippa Fowles / No 10 Downing Street.


  1. We now know who the UK’s enemies are: The EU, the BBC, Sky and most of the Main Stream Media. The Labour party and all socialist inclined organisations. The Anti-Brexit Remoaners, including Heseltine and Adonis and Soros. Most Liberals. Also the 1922 Committee and other Conservatives In Name Only rebels. BEWARE. Don’t believe a word they say! BRING BACK BORIS!

  2. I cannot vote for Boris as a member of the party as I only joined 2 months ago. However I have voted for Boris to be PM on many other sites. Democracy has been brought to its knees by the Dark Lords of Remain and biased MSM.
    It should never have been allowed to happen.
    Power to the Bring Back Boris Campaign. We ,the people have spoken. Democracy should prevail.


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