BRING BACK BORIS: ‘Boris didn’t just receive a mandate, it was a landslide’ says MP Marco Longhi


Conservative MP Marco Longhi has explained why he’s backing Boris Johnson to return as party leader.

Speaking to GB News, Mr Longhi said: “I’m backing Boris because Boris is the only candidate who received a mandate at the General Election.”

The MP continued: “And it wasn’t just any mandate. It was a landslide. It was a landslide that was achieved with polls prior to that election that we’re in a similar position to where they are now. And look at where we are now without Boris. 

“This is a point of democracy. I believe that the people of this country deserve what they voted for, and they wanted Boris Johnson. And they were very unhappy when MPs ultimately gave in to the Twittersphere and to the intelligentsia, who ultimately wanted to get rid of Boris because they knew they had a better chance of getting back into the EU or fitting their own agendas. 

“I’m backing Boris because he is the right man. He’s got the elected mandate, and he’s the only candidate that has got that mandate.”

On the probe into whether Mr Johnson misled Parliament, which is yet to conclude, Mr Longhi said: “Are we going to treat Boris the way we’ve treated him before and find him guilty until the facts have been assessed? We live in this country as a democracy, where we are innocent until proven guilty. It needs to be proven that Boris willfully and intentionally misled Parliament. Now, I for one do not believe that at all. I’m absolutely convinced that whatever he stated in Parliament was done so on the basis of what he genuinely believed to be the truth. 

“Did parties occur in number 10? Yes, they did. But these parties were from civil servants. And what most people don’t know is that there are literally hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of offices there. There should be managers who control their own staff. It’s not the job for the Prime Minister to be policing every nook and cranny to check that everybody’s keeping to rules.”


  1. Well said! In my opinion Boris has done nothing wrong.
    Starmer on the other hand was openly breaching the covid rules with his Currygate in Durham.
    I am completely disgusted that our biased media and undemocratic remainers within the party were allowed to hound Boris out.
    Rishi also got a fine for attending the same meeting as Boris but that’s OK as he is the one they seem to want as PM.

  2. Well said Mr Longhi. I agree with everything you say. Boris was given an overwhelming majority at the polls to do what he promised and the job is only half done. I expect he would have done a lot more had COVID not got in the way but he safely got us though that too, helping businesses survive and administering a vaccine programme. How short people’s memories are. A joint ticket with Rishi seems the best option if they can put their differences aside for the sake of the country. That might appease the ‘anti Boris’ MPs. Let’s hope🤞

  3. Wonderfully said Marco Longhi! It is good we have MP’s such as yourself and hope there will be many more This gives me hope for Boris to return and whilst he has such a hard job in front of him hopefully the Sunak etc crowd stop harassing and get behind him in helping our country forward to be the greatest we can be Thankfully we have the likes of you, Lord Cruddas, Sir Christopher Chope and Alex Story We need rid of Sir Graham Brady and his cronies, do they think we are stupid?

  4. Totally agree 1922 committee is part of the problem
    Let’s unite and get behind a real leader one who is capable of uniting the party
    To many factions out for themselves forgot they were elected to do the will of the people who put them in power
    Boris is that person

  5. Are we not overlooking that it is actually the conservative party that has the mandate, not its leader; not even Boris. We do not have presidential elections in the UK for someone to be given an endorsement to implement their personal political agenda. The UK is not France, it is not the USA. Our parliamentary system is based on parties, not people. Despite Mr Longhi’s claim in his article, Boris did not receive a mandate but the conservative party did. We need a conservative party leader who can command majority support amongst conservative MPs to fulfil that mandate. It might be Boris but it does not have to be him. The 2019 mandate is not personal to Boris.
    The conservative party got Brexit done under Boris’s leadership but subsequently Boris failed to provide leadership on delivering most of the rest of that mandate. He wavered back and forth too many times. All he delivered were headline making soundbites, he did little of substance.
    He had lost the confidence of enough of his MPs by July that meant he had to stand down. What do some people think has happened to Boris since July that makes him now more fit to be leader and hence PM again – a Damascene conversion! I think not. He is a good campaigner ( think Brexit) but he is not a good leader.

    • Boris had Covid to contend with and getting the vaccine ready for us and he did that well. We got our vaccinations before most of Europe.

      Before you start protesting that covid is just a cold, let me remind you that it killed thousands of people and made others ill for long periods.

      The whole point of vaccines is that if most people have them, it weakens the disease and that is what has happened.

      If Boris had not had all that extra stuff to contend with, he may have been able to sort our more Brexit stuff. Also, some of the Brexit Secretaries got nowhere, like David Davis and Lord Frost. If they had been successful in their jobs and if pro EU MPs had not prevented Boris’s plans, he would have done more.

      Sunak is on another planet. He might be a brilliant investor but we don’t want him risking our hard earned cash on the stock market. Does he understand that most people will be struggling to make ends meet. Most of us don’t have hundreds or thousands of pounds to fall back on, let alone millions or billions. We don’t have a huge great country house full of log burners with acres of woods to chop down for logs. Some fortunate people have a log burner but most have only electricity and gas at vast expense.

      In practical terms, it is Boris’s mandate and I am not so sure that will work with someone who has been voted in as PM by 150 people.

  6. If boris not PM, the only one with a mandate,and the peoples support.i will never vote conservative again! And thousands along with me !.bring back boris !

    • 1922 Committee organised this apology for a leadership campaign so that Rishi would not be shown up by his lack of support by the members.

      Rishi has 150 deluded and probably pro EU MPs.

      Whereas Boris has 15000 (fifteen thousand) members signed up on the Bring Back Boris petition.

      We, the members, have been swindled out of our right to vote Boris in.

      Will the country demand an election.

      Conservative MPs might regret this.

  7. I think if Boris doesn’t get back in then I’m afraid the tories will lose next election and my take years to get back in or are they trying to lose and not get Boris back
    Boris blue army and it has thousands of followers

  8. I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    Since Boris sadly decided not to stand,
    our new PM Rishi has a mandate of approx.

    150 people!!

    Somewhat less than the

    15,000 people who signed the “Bring Back Boris” petition.

    I think the country may demand an election.

  9. I would have voted anyone not Rishi. I don’t like his ethics and I don’t like having him foisted upon us.
    I am strongly considering changing party. This was a farce from start to finish.


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