The Conservative Post’s campaign to Bring Back Boris has resulted in nearly 40,000 messages from Conservative members and supporters across the country in less than a week.

The Bring Back Boris petition which was launched last Saturday evening (15th October) by the Conservative Post has now been signed by nearly 40,000 members and supporters.

The contest to find the Conservative Party Leader and Britain’s next Prime Minister officially began following Liz Truss’s resignation on Thursday afternoon after just 44 days in office.

Conservative Post Editor and petition organiser Claire Bullivant said:

“The response to our petition To #BringBackBoris has been incredible. We have almost 40,000 comments all saying the same things. The main points being: Boris is the only one with a mandate. Boris will avoid the call for an immediate General Election. Boris will win against Starmer and at the end of the day… the people love him.

“t’s been like receiving 40 thousands love letters to Boris!

Hopeful candidates need the backing of at least 100 fellow Conservative MPs by Monday afternoon and then there will be an online vote for members if two candidates make it through the parliamentary stages.

Close Boris ally and ex-culture secretary Nadine Dorries said:

“[Boris] is a known winner and that is certainly who I’m putting my name against because I want us to win the general election. Having a winner in place is what the party needs to survive. I am quite confident he will get the 100 signatures.”

A random sample of messages received on the Bring Back Boris campaign are as follows:


My husband and I voted for Boris Johnson not anyone else! There is no one capable of replacing Boris! Before we voted for Boris Johnson we were life long Labour voters who also have no one capable of running this country!!! If Boris isn’t bought back the conservatives will lose my vote in fact we won’t be voting for anyone….. WE NEED BORIS JOHNSON. – J and AD

Boris will win the next election, regardless of main stream media concerted attempt to dislodge him. He should never have gone in the first place! He’s the only one with a mandate. We need him back! – GH

Labour just want a general election and they will demand one. With Boris we can avoid this. He already has the mandate. Then in two years when we have our ducks in a row, Boris will beat Starmer hands down. The people want BoJo!” – CB

Boris at least knew what he was doing and that was the best for the UK. He came in to Number 10 with Brexit to get done and then Covid. He did what was the best for us and he should never have been betrayed by his party. I am sure there was a lot more others in this country who had drinks etc. during lockdown. Boris should be brought back to get this country back on its feet. – GP

We did not oust Boris a few MPs and the media did. Bring him back now. He’s the people’s choice. We don’t want a GE! – TH

Please please come back Boris. We never wanted you to go in the first place. We voted you in, and never wanted you to leave. You should not have been ousted. Come back Boris. – LM

It is such a shame that MP’s and the like saw fit to oust him out and stab him in the back. Conservative party STOP the self destruction. Too many wanted his job and look where it has got us!!! Boris stood strong so would you please BRING HIM BACK and let him get on with the job. He is a good PM WORK with him, NOT against him and as a TEAM BORIS. – SB

I voted for Boris to be pm.He is charismatic and a good leader.Politics with him are so much more interesting.He is a clever well educated man. – SR

I’m incandescent with anger against the Conservative Party. The word ‘Furious’ doesn’t hit the mark. At this moment I fear there’s no difference between Labour and Tories, both are full of self serving anarchists. The Conservative Party has lost it’s soul! Sacking Boris over cake-gate makes the Party now look ridiculous. Get General Hunt out and Boris Back! – JM

Boris Johnson was unfairly ousted from his position by unrelenting negative media coverage. He had a true mandate to lead the government and should have been allowed to do so. Certaib members of his party and the MSM ought to be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and the damage done… -JW

Boris made mistakes but I always felt that our country was in safe hands. – JB

I just want someone who genuinely cares and not someone with no personality who just reads off of a sheet of paper. When David Cameron and Teresa May were being weak and not making a decision on when we were coming out of brexit Boris came in and said we are leaving Europe in October and that’s it. Then he had to deal with covid and we all got free injections quicker than any other country. Come back Boris and sort this mess out as we know you can because you care. -GT 

He is only tory I would vote for. – PH

I am a working family man not on a great wage and drove buses during the whole of the covid cruces and got no thank like NHS and services and earn around £23k I cannot now afford my rent and will lose my home soon due to this. Liz Truss said she would help people like me and now u turned and I cannot now afford to live. Bring back Borris he is the only one who can bluster his way and our way through this total mess or we will end up with Labor and even worse SNP. – NM

We love Boris!!! We want him back. Listen to the people! – AW

Please bring Boris back ASAP! His voters never wanted him out. The party needs to rectify this mistake and NOW! – KV

We are fighting for our democracy. Please save us Boris! – HR

Just get Boris back. He is the only person who will get a win at a general election. Or you are heading for opposition and years in the wilderness. – LG

I cannot join the party whilst they act the way they do. Totally undemocratic. I have been a Tory voter all my life but I am very close to not voting for them ever again unless they reinstate Boris Johnson. – ML

I have never voted anything but Conservative, but those wielding what I can only call “corrupt” power in the party make me feel that a strong alternative 3rd party is required to replace the Tories. The only thing that would change my mind is putting Boris back in No. 10 as PM, the best we have seen since Maggie. He won the election not the Party and many only have seats because of his presence and performance in the last election. Put him back where belongs and clear the traitors out of the Party. SG

I could never see why he was made to leave in the first place. With all he had to deal with I thought he did amazingly well. – CS

We the voters are disgusted at the way we are been treated , if you don’t sort yourselves out you will have no chance at the next general election. As the voters elected Boris then only the voters should be able to vote him out. Bring him back. But sort the media out as why should he subject himself to that level of abuse, mp’s should either back the P.M or resign their seats.We the public are sick to death of the in house squabbling and we ate becoming a laughing stock of the world. – YS

Please bring back Boris, you must tell him we want him back. We the people voted for him and our vote was taken away. The media want to run the country, don’t let it happen be strong and bring him back .Always voted conservative but will never vote again . I speak to many people, business people and a wide rage and we all say the same. The disgusting media got what they wanted. Don’t let them run the country. Bring back Boris, it’s what we voted for. He is the only one who can run the country and make our country great. Please get all these messages to him. He will win and not be beaten. He is the best. Thank you. – JG

I only voted Conservative because I believed in a Boris Johnson’s vision and passion for leading our country. He delivered Brexit, got us through a pandemic and lead the western world in fighting for the Ukraine. He is one of the greatest Prime Ministers we have ever had and watching the way he was used and then stabbed in the back by Rishi Sunak and the lemmings that then followed each sticking in a knife into his back has shown what a bunch of incompetent, greedy vipers who are not capable of running our country. It’s simple either reinstate the PM we all voted for or I and the rest of the country will never vote Conservative again. – CM

I have always been a Conservative party supporter and voter. I have been horrified by what has been happening in the party over the last year which resulted in the loss of the best leader who had achieved so much. I’m sorry to say that Liz Truss has proven to be completely incompetent. I believe the only way to get us through the current difficulties is to bring back Boris Johnson as PM, he is the one we voted for and he has both the ability and charisma to lead the party back to what it should be. – TM

Totally disgusted at the way firstly Boris was treated and now Lis Truss by so called Conservative MPs, I left the party when Boris was removed, they are handing the keys to no10 to Labour, I have voted Tory all my life and I am 77, but things need to drastically change for me to continue. – BN

The best PM for decades. – DH

Happy to become a member if Boris has a chance of returning.. won’t become a member under Truss’s “leadership”.  – JJ

I voted for Boris not the Conservative Party! – BN

Please come back Boris, they knew not what they were doing. – HK

I find the incompetent and suicidal actions of the MPs beyond belief. The membership voted for Boris Johnson and he delivered the best electoral victory of a generation. When the MPs stabbed him in the back and gave us another vote for leader, we voted again but Liz was the best of a very bad choice. Now that we have ‘got it wrong’, we are to be by-passed and a caretaker installed. If this happens I will have no reason to be a member and will cancel my membership immediately. I will also vote for any other party in the next election. I will NEVER vote Conservative again. Frankly, I’ve always suspected that the rank and file MPs were not too bright. But I had no idea they were this stupid. – EL

Only person in politics today that’s fit to run the country, no ones perfect and we all expect Boris to be a bit of a lad cos it’s in his personality, That’s what voters liked about him in the beginning. The press should be ashamed for constant harassment and manipulation in the past, Great Britain need to put the past in the past and let Boris fix this bloody mess out. – FN

There’s only Boris out of this lot who actually knows how to do the job. Why waste time while others learn what to do? Boris is who we voted for! – AB

Boris is the only MP who has a mandate to lead the Country , following his resounding success at the Ballot Box . I think he was unfairly victimised because of an error of judgement at a time when his mind was on concentrating on matters of vital importance. – JR

Boris is the only person that was voted in by the masses (general public) & should be put back in place asap. – LG

Boris like everyone has his failings but he got us through covid , Brexit , supported Ukraine . The Tory members should never have voted him out . It was the members whom turfed him out that should be turfed out , as they are the ones to let the Tory’s down . They think they know what the public want but they don’t as they don’t ask . It’s what they want. They think they are above everyone else . The voting out and in off Liz Truss should have never happened . Who put her in place the Tory’s as they thought she was the best out the group. Well she wasn’t . Get Boris back he knows what he is doing and will get our country back on track . It should be the country that make the vote not the Tory parties who are always spitting their dummy out as they know best , well they don’t , obviously . We need a general election and if the silent assassin gets voted in then the Tory’s will suffer for years . We want Boris! – LC

Bring back Boris. The world is losing confidence. – SH

We need Boris he will bring stability back to this country , He was hounded out it must not happen again. – SM

I think he is the best man for the job. The reason the country is in this mess is because of how Boris was forced out of a job that he was doing very well. – LS

The people of this country didn’t ask for Boris to leave, it should be our decision to make not the Conservative party. Remember MP’s work for the people of this country, it matters what we say. Let Boris finish his term and then let there be a GE. – LC

We voted for Boris we want him back ..what the party have done to him is disgraceful ..I will never vote conservative again if that backstabber Sunak gets to be PM. – AT

Come back Boris. All is forgiven. We love you! – KP


  1. It is wonderful that Boris is standing to continue as PM. I have enjoyed reading so many messages from people wanting him back. The Conservative MPs who ousted him and who are no doubt now trying to stop him returning are not true Conservatives and are probably remainers trying to get back in the EU.

    I am voting for Boris and look forward to him being PM again.

  2. Let’s hope as many as possible get behind him, if you leave it to the 1922 committee that snake Richie will get in. Please Boris when you sit at that table in num 10, 1st job to disband the 1922 committee.

  3. Boris is the peoples choice NOT the Conservative Party.
    I voted Boris and I will not vote again if our choice can be wiped out so easily by a bunch of snakes. Boris has his quirky ways but that why we love him. A proud English man and not afraid of the tough decisions.
    Bring back Boris 🙏💙🇬🇧

  4. Boris this country needs you 100 % your the only person that can get the Great back I to Great Britain. You got us through Brexit and covid both the biggest things in history you did what you promised and we are forever greatful,the sooner your back the better for us all

  5. After all the hard work Boris did only to be stabbed in the back by the very people who are now standing for his job have already proved they can’t be trusted and the only reason Labour the SNP want an election is they are terrified knowing they wouldn’t stand a chance against Boris Bring him back while we have the chance. Love you has PM Boris.

  6. Boris, please provide us with a way to vote for you in the next general election, and new laws to prevent a travesty of democracy like this ever happening again. Perhaps a new party? We are waiting for you to show us how we can support you and get you back in power as Prime Minister where we put you at the last general election.


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