Upset conservatives have rediscovered our 2022 campaign to bring back Boris Johnson and inundated it with thousands messages of support for him after the recent by-election defeats.

The Conservative Post set up the petition in 2022 to Bring Back Boris Johnson as the leader of our party and Prime Minister of this country after he was undemocratically ousted by a small cabal of MPs.  

In a few short weeks in 2022 the petition received over 36,000 signatures and comments. However, it appears that thousands of people have rediscovered the campaign this past week by Googling “Bring Back Boris” and have started leaving messages once again in support of the former Prime Minister.

Conservative Post Editor Claire Bullivant said:

“We’re suddenly being inundated again with signatures on the Bring Back Boris petition we launched on the Conservative Post in 2022. People must be Googling and finding it again as I haven’t put it anywhere since Boris stepped down.
“Since the two recent by-elections, we’re receiving a flood of messages calling for Boris Johnson’s return. There have been at least three thousand new signatures this week and hundreds of comments. I checked this morning and the campaign is about to hit 40,000.”

READ some of the comments people have left in the last few days:

Bring him back. We didn’t vote for Sunak. We want the guy we all voted for! Bring back Boris Johnson!
I voted for Boris in the last election, I always voted labour. If Boris isn’t back in place I won’t be voting.
I was a member of the Conservative party until Boris was forced out as PM. I resigned in protest and joined the Reform Party. If Boris returned as leader I would reverse that action. I was disappointed and disgusted with the members who forced him out.
Bring back our greatest electoral asset… Bring back BORIS!!!! We the people want our PM back!!!
There are 9 of us in our family. Not one of us will vote conservative at the next General Election unless Boris comes back. Two of my sons have already joined the Reform party. I am still holding onto my Conservative Party membership but only in the hope I will somehow be able to vote Boris back in. If not I’ll be off to Reform too.
What have the Conservative Party done? Bring back the man who could save us. Bring back Boris!
Voting Reform is the worst thing that can happen as it will allow Starmer in and I cannot imagine what would happen then with Rachel Reeves and the others he has in his coven.
If the Conservative party does not bring back Boris Johnson ASAP then say goodbye to any chances of winning the next general election.   The message is loud and clear but unfortunately the Conservative party has become so out of touch with its once loyal voters that it still can not understand why it is loosing voters by the day by the week and by the month.   

Simple really, ignore the voters and what they voted for and the voters will ignore the Conservative party at the next election.  The voters have had enough of a political party that has broken all its promises since the 2016 Brexit referendum vote along with refusing to completely stop the illegals in small boats from coming across the channel from France along with stopping anymore funding to France.  Also not putting proper boarder controls back in the English Channel like this country used to have.   Brexit in name only.  The Conservative party still refusing to pull out of the ECHR.   Green taxes which the voters never voted for.  Expensive Net Zero policies being forced on to everyone and not voted for.  

Precious Green belt land being destroyed to build mass housing developments to help house all the extra people who are arriving in this country each day being paid for courtesy of us the British Taxpayers while our own people are struggling to save up for a deposit on there first home.  Third world roads crumbling and not fit for purpose causing us the motorist thousands of pounds worth of damage to our vehicles yet this Government is still going ahead with more higher road tax charges in the next budget which is completely outrageous.  

Nobody objects to paying a little extra to drive on well maintained roads but raising the road tax prices to drive on roads that are not fit for purpose is a absolute disgrace. Where is the road tax money going because it sure is not going back to repairing the roads that’s for sure.  Something else the Conservative party promised was to sort all our roads out and property repair them.  Instead the Conservative party has decided to attack the motorist just like what the Labour Party will do when unfortunately it wins the next election.   

Sorry but all these broken promises are the perfect way of loosing voters and  the next general election 100/ percent.  Boris Johnson was more in touch with the people of this country and the voters unlike Mr Sunak who is not in touch with the voters . Also losing Priti Patel from the Conservative party cabinet was also a disaster.
This is the only credible option left for The Conservative Party! They have self-destroyed their party, and I will only give my vote to them if Boris Johnson is reinstated!
I won’t be voting unless we get Boris back;
Bring Back Boris! This might stop me from voting elsewhere.
I feel totally ignored. I am a party member and even volunteer at my local association. I voted for Boris and you forced him out, I voted for Liz and you forced her out. I never voted for Rishi Sunak. The party is finished unless you start listening to people like me.
I have voted Tory all my life , 50 years of voting.
I have never felt as alienated as I do now, Boris made me feel safe.
The way Boris was forced out was a disgrace.
Harriet Harman should be ashamed of herself.
Sunak has ruined the reputation of The Conservative Party. We need to remove the knife that he stuck in Boris’ back and beg Boris to return as the Conservative leader.
I would vote for Boris Johnson  to return
Bring back Boris!!!! He made me proud to be British!

I voted for Boris Johnson to be my Prime Minister and very upset, disillusioned and disgusted with the Conservative party when Boris Johnson was outed and since this happened, the Conservative party has fallen apart. I am frightened for the future, absolutely petrified that Labour will win the next general election which will be an utter disaster for my country. Please give Boris Johnson the opportunity if he wants to come back.
At this rate I’m not voting. What’s the point? You just ignore us.
I was a party member until you spineless lot got rid of Boris and the witch-hunt started. I will not vote Conservative until Boris returns.
Boris is the one person who could save us and stop Starmer. Get him back in. I don’t care how just get him back in and lets save the country from 5 years of LIEbour.
Been a conservative for nearly 30 years. I can’t vote for this current shambles. I want Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab and Priti Patel back. This current lot are Lib Dems pretending to be conservative.
Life long Tory voter but cannot vote for them this time, Reform is speaking to disenchanted Tory voters.
I’m 82 years old and have voted Conservative all of my life but I will not be voting at the next election. I am appalled with what the party is becoming and was deeply saddened when Boris Johnson was forced out of government. I am not sure the Conservative Party can survive. Those at the top need to start being actual conservatives and must respect the will of the people.
Get Boris back, purge him of Net zero, and you are on a winner against Sir Softy.
I stated when leaving my membership, I would reapply should Boris return
Those on the ‘left’ of the Tory Party were complicit with Labour in removing Boris.

Shame on you!
Sunak needs replacing by the best prime minister that we had. Bring back Boris
I resigned my membership over the way Boris was treated
Labour are going to get in by default. It’s a shambles! Please bring back Boris to give us a fighting chance!
The media and undemocratic politicians forced Johnson out. I’ve now joined Reform.
I voted for Boris not Mr Sunak.  I would never have voted for Sunak and never will.  Everyone I know was off partying in their homes and gardens during covid lockdown.  It’s what the Brits do, they socialise and drink together, especially if there is a crisis.  Only those who lost loved ones wanted him gone as they needed a scapegoat.  He didn’t have time to deliver his agenda as covid arrived right at the start of his leadership. Boris is a breath of fresh air, fun, can handle other world leaders and take the knocks. He’s a family man and understands that important side of life plus his young wife is on the ball with the dilemmas mother’s face in the modern world and the threats of climate change.  

I am very angry with how Boris was ousted and my scapegoat is Mr Sunak – I want to wipe that smug smile off his face every time he’s on TV.  I will not be voting conservative unless its Boris, who I voted in faith for last time.
Boris was the best prime minister for a long time. He did a very good job with covid, and he had to deal with bexit and the war. He commanded respect.
After being a member of the Conservative Party for decades, canvassing and supporting etc you have lost my vote. You have squandered an 80 seat majority, cast out Boris Johnson, then Liz Truss, treating your grass roots members with contempt. You have lost sight of Conservative principles and the country is going to have a Labour government for at least two terms. We will be a bankrupt third world country. My vote will not make any difference to the outcome – that’s been obvious since Boris was ousted.
I’m terrified Labour are going to get in by default! But remember Labour are terrified of Boris. Please bring him back and we will stop the Stamergedon!
I voted for Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative Party.

I did not vote him out.

I did not vote Liz Truss in.

I did not vote Liz Truss out.

I did not vote Rishi Sunak in.

I would vote Rishi Sunak out.

I have wasted my vote once, I will not waste it again.

I will not be voting in the next General Election.

However, bring back Boris and I will vote Conservative again.


We will NEVER vote for sunak, hunt or any of the other so called Conservatives who have beyrayed Brexit and LET OUR COUNTRYBECOME FULL OF IMMIGRANTS LEGAL OR ILLEGAL .


Current cabinet kicking the can up the street!  More action, less backbiting, just do something, anything.  Getting Boris onboard again might turn the ship around currently heading towards the iceberg! Boris should never have gone.  The party is about to reap what it has sown. I’m currently still a member but there’s no way I’m canvassing this time.  No faith in what we have in place at the moment.
 BBB! Bring Back Boris!
I was a member of the Conservative party until Boris was forced out as PM. I resigned in protest and joined the Reform Party. If Boris returned as leader I would reverse that action. I was disappointed and disgusted with the members who forced him out.
 No one wants Starmer. I used to vote Labour but now want conservatism. Get Boris back and you’ll have my vote again.
Bring back Boris
Best man for the job.
 I voted Conservative for over 50 years. I will only be voting Conservative again if Boris comes back.
Boris Johnson is the only person who genuinely cares about the UK and has sufficient knowledge and intelligence to bring our Country and the Conservatives back into true democracy.  The MPs and Civil Servants who were involved in ousting him will, hopefully, be sacked or ignored.
Get Boris back and you will have my vote again
Boris was the man we voted for  the way back stabbing rishi contrived to have him outed was diabolical. Nobody knows how another government would have handled the pandemic. People were always going to die that wasn’t his fault. The conservatives have no chance unless they reinstate the man we voted for that is Boris. Personally I think Boris needs to lead reform then the back stabbing rishi and his mates would see what the public  really think of them . Without Boris being put back where he was voted to be as prime minister I will be voting reform.
Let’s get Boris back and he could just save the party and stop years under a Labour government.
Boris is who we voted for. MPs had no right to vote him out. They are voted in by us, to do what we want, not what they want.
I would join again if we were given faith and the Truth We voted for Boris and we did not vote him out he was bullied all the way through by his fellow men if you can call them that!!!!!
Bring back Boris or vote will go to reform party
No-one voted for Sunak. I voted for Boris and Truss. I am a member but only just!
The demise of the Tory party by the liberals has gone far enough. No to Sunak, Mordant, Badendoch, Cameron, Hunt, Tugenhat, Ellwood and many more wet blankets. True conservatives want, Johnson, Truss, Patel, Braverman, Redwood, JRM, and the few who believe in democracy and follow through on what the electorate want.
Boris is the only true leader, he was hounded out by party gate which was a total nonsense.
Would Boris be prepared to come back after the way he was treated? I hope so as we really need him! I will always vote conservative with Boris. I’m not sure I could with Rishi Sunak. I think he’s weak and unrelatable.
I have always voted Conservative and always will. However after reading ‘The Plot’ I feel a good clear out is needed.
I cancelled my direct debit when Boris was ousted. I’ll never vote for this party again unless they make things right. Honour who we the people voted for.
Bring Boris back!! The best leader since thatcher and Churchill!!

Should never have been ousted by the vile, pathetic, wet, backstabbing individuals we currently have leading this country
We have three sons, all who are currently studying at different universities. They each report there is a backlash against wokery and they are finding a rise in wanting conservative values across their campuses. But all three boys are talking about joining Reform. The party is missing a trick.
Boris was a Conservative who campaigned for Brexit.  We voted for Boris to deliver Brexit.  Boris made a success of Brexit.  We were under the impression when we voted in 2019 that Boris would be the UK PM for the next 5 years, but 3 years in, he was replaced by a team more interested in pursuing a Labour line.  This is not what was promised. I feel conned.
Best PM since Thatcher
It’s so disgusting the way Boris has been treated we need Boris back now
I would never vote for this government. Bring back Boris or my vote is going to Reform.
Please please bring back Boris who has character and forcefulness that we need desperately in this country.
Please please bring back Boris who has character and forcefulness that we need desperately in this country.
 I miss him. Bring back the blond bombshell! Best PM ever!
My Family and I have voted Conservatives most of our lives, Only once have I voted Labour never again ! It was the year Blair went with a phoney war! and I think Starmer is a Blair supporter
 Please come back Boris. Save our country. We need you!
Bring back Boris our elected Prime Minister who was stabbed in the back by members of his own party
I voted for Boris and the conservatives at that point 

I did as all members we where not allowed a vote for Sunak , which I would have never voted for 

Boris is still my prime Minister and when he returns I will become a member again and not until that happens
 Bring back our elected PM. I didn’t vote for Sunak or Cameron!
What have you done? I will never vote Tory again unless Boris is returned to his rightful position.
Bring Back Boris or I will vote for Reform this coming G.E
I was a member for years but left after they stabbed Boris in the Back. 

Now we have Rishi Sunak. A totally woke scared government. Muslims ruling what happens and running riot every week. This is not freedom of speech, these are Terrorists that are looking to take over this country.& You are letting them. Jews are too scared to leave their homes.  Go out wearing a Star of David and bullied into hiding. The Conservatives need a strong leader to tell them this is stopping. Not someone scared to stand up. Do a poll online. See how many would want Boris back. Or Suella in charge. Enough is enough. The country will revolt. Be warned. It’s coming
I want Boris and Nigel Farrage to lead the party. It would win by a landslide. Bring them both back!
I resigned following the political assassination of BJ at the hands of a cabal of sinister figures within the Conservative parliamentary party in cahoots with elements of MSM and the WEF driven agenda zealots.
I always voted conservative i  the past but will now  only vote conservative if Boris is leader of the party. The way he was ousted was a disgrace and wholly undemocratic. The people voted him in and a handful of bitter MPs pushed him out.
Boris should never have been removed from being Prime Minister.
Stop the Boats
Deport the Illegals
Leave the ECHR
Ban the Burkha
Remove Arabic Signage
Ban the public prayer meetings
Reduce taxation 
Etc ETc

I will never never never vote Tory until Sunak is removed as prime minister and if he isn’t removed then I’ll resign my membership and refuse to vote Tory ever again !

Sunak is a lying backstabbing little swindler and charlatan and traitor and is not interested in our country but only concerned with his commercial interests with infosys to ensure UK is malleable to eu control.

Why did 118 Tory mps who supported #kangaroocourt trash 14 million votes and thus cheat the electorate on made up stories about Boris from Michael Gove and Cummings and Dougie Smith and Doctor No which they knew to be false?

Why are my repeated questions about the latter two plotters NOT answered by my local MP nor by the Tory party chairman?

In short Sunak corrupted the conservative party to unconstitutionally remove a democratically elected PM !!!
 I will not suport Rishi Sunak. The only man I will support is Boris Johnson. I voted for him! Why did you force him out? Shame on you media, Labour and lefty conservatives. Bring back our man! Bring back our true leader.
 BORIS! BORIS! BORIS! Please come back!
I would like to see Boris Johnson back in his rightful mandated position as Prime Minister.

Rishi Sunak has done untold damage to our country along with his allies.

We need to get the motivation back into the Conservative

Party, only one man can do this.. Boris.
As a 76 year old lifelong Conservative voter, I have written multiple times to the party stating that a great number of voters will not vote for Mr Sunak and his do-little cabinet. We will simply stay at home. This is born out by each bi-election, and Mr. Sunak himself points out it is Conservative voters staying home.

I believe Boris Johnson was a great leader, he tackled the unknowns of covid, got us a vaccine before anyone else, got us ventilators we needed, got us PPE when our (EU based) normal suppliers refused us. He led the world in support for Ukraine, shamed all other Nato countries into action, made sure they had what they needed, when they needed it. I am SHOCKED that the present government did not foresee the running out of ammunition, which has led to Advika – which the Ukrainian soldiers bravely held since 2014 – being gifted to Putin. What a disgrace.
 Rishi is rubbish. Boris is brilliant! Bring him back.
If Boris came back or campaigned we could still win the election and stop Labour. I can’t imagine the damage Labour would do to the UK in power. Just look at Wales!
Apart from the mess he made of Covid parties etc, I found Boris Johnson to be a good PM. Everyone in political parties tell “porkies” you can’t trust everyone so give Boris another chance. GO BORIS we need you.
Bring back boris and Andrea Jenkyns for his deputy. That woman has guts!
All is forgiven Boris for looking at a slice of cake on your birthday! Come back!
It’s the only chance we have of winning the election.
He is the only one who got us through Brexit and out of the diabolical mess that David Camron walked away from, Terresa May tried her best but was ousted as well, so Boris came in to clear up the mess then covid hit and I don’t think anybody could of got us through it like Boris did even contracting it himself.

I know peoples views on him are all different, but id like to see some body else pull us through it the way he did they wouldn’t be able to. and as for sunak and his hypocrite government. we are all going to be on our knees if they carry on ruining our country for their own gains.

Taxing the normal everyday people to hilt so they work until they die. while people like them sit on their backsides ripping off this country and everybody that has worked all their lives, just to keep a roof over their heads, and meals on the table. the cost of living is sky high and its a choice of whether to eat or put the heating on in most houses around the UK.

Its disgusting while they live in the lap of luxury with their multiple homes and cars the lavish lifestyles. while the normal working man and woman struggle to survive on a daily basis.

The poor get poorer and the rich get richer, they are the ones who need to be taxed more not people like me. 

we are bringing our children up in a life they shouldn’t have to all down to the greed of those in charge  of a failing country. and if sunak continues we will end up by labour and our country that we all love will be at rock bottom.

The highstreets are gone already there is nothing anywhere anymore. its all disappearing Infront of our eyes daily and that’s the same with our country its going down the pan and something needs to drastically happen before this country is no more.

Yes people might not like his way of dealing with things but didn’t see any of them stepping up like he did while they all sat at home or their behinds being paid over the odds for the job they actually do. Id like to see them live on a normal wage or minimum wage and see how much we all struggle daily while they get paid to sit in a room and go to sleep or not even attend at all only when it is to talk about their finances what about sorting out the country for us all first. 

sunak and hunt need to go bring back Boris  i back this all the way.
the conservative party should be bloody ashamed of them selves for stabbing boris in the back and leaving us stuck with rishi,and facing a terrible prospect of a labour government.
We need Boris back now. 

Boris was ousted  and SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN.!! Then we’d kangaroo court, not acceptable what so ever. 

Mr Sunak hasn’t bothered to call Boris,by phone as he was considering to have Boris back. This nit happened. 

My back up choices,to Boris  as PM. 

Mr Jenerick;and Lord Frost, no Lord Cameron,or hunt.


Time is running out now.

When will this take place,!!
I am still disgusted at the way Boris was pushed out by the BBC and,Labour also many of his own pathetic mps .He was the best

sadly with covid he was unable to do all the things he wanted to to make this country the best ,he would have done all he promised .Boris loves this country with a passion and we desperately  need him back Sunak is not a,speaker he is not a prime minister who knows what this country needs .We are becoming a poor looking country youngsters,don’t want to work they have know one to inspire them Boris can and to have Labour in entrepreneurs will be a thing of the past ,they will make sure people who don’t want to work will be rewardedwith more benefits, and if you work hard and make money you have to pay more for the ones who don’t work typical Labour. So please bring the man back and,soon
If this government thinks that people, especially in Labour heartlands, voted in such vast numbers for the Conservatives at the last election, they’re mistaken.  They voted for Boris.  He worked hard for this country, he was respected and influential on the world stage, and he didn’t deserve to become the victim of the spiteful and humiliating witch hunt that he was so shamefully and so willingly subjected to.  In their treatment of Boris this limp-along government is not only in grave danger of abandoning our country to a bunch of left wing incompetents, they have put us all to shame.   If Boris isn’t reinstated my vote in future goes to Reform UK.  The Conservatives need to stop the continual 

in-fighting, value what they have, and get their act together – fast!
I am happy with Michelle Donelan as my mp but not with Sunak as leader. He was appointed not voted for and if he is still leader at the election I shall vote Reform.
No more delays Tory MPs, we need our Boris back now.
Boris or Starmer? Boris any day of the week. Rishi or Starmer? I’m not sure there is any difference.
The Party will be Annihilated for Decades without Boris Johnson. 

As politicians go Boris Johnson is well liked and his Enthusiasm and Passion for Britton is just what the Country needs! If War should breakout no one better then Boris to lead the Country.

The Conservative Party will be afforded No Forgiveness… However, Boris Johnson is someone people could Forgive/Give another chance to.

In my opinion Boris Johnson was Undemocratically Ousted.

It is worth Noting that I am Not a conservative but a supporter of Boris Johnson, However, If he comes back I will Join the Party.

My Own Constituency of North Shropshire needs a candidate that Lives and Breaths Rural Shropshire or the Wider Rural Midlands Region. Do Not bring back Owen Patterson or a Candidate from Wales! We are England in The Midlands!

Please Note: 

This is Nothing Personal to Prime Minister Sunak, I note his Achievements and the Stability he has brought to the Country in what has been a very short and difficult time.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Government for the support I have received whilst Ill (Osteonecrosis AKA Bone Death) and all the cost of living payments, I am Hugely Grateful to live in a country that supports those who are in genuine need.

Kindest Regards
I voted for Boris not Sunak and Cameron. The latter, when PM was the only time I have not voted Tory in a GM. This last two years has seen British politics slide in to a stink of anti democratic processes and actions:- 

1-Rishi was voted in by no one; not the British public, not the party membership and not even the majority of Tory MPs. Rishi was treacherous and led a campaign of treason which it appears had been planned for a long time. If they had stuck by Boris we would be fighting the non entity flip flopping Starmer – the fact we can have a Tory leader who is seen as inept as Sir Keir says it all ! 

2-How Harmen’s witch hunt was able to get away with political murder is unbelievable. What a joke. And the fact that so very few of the Tory MPs stood up against this farce says it all ! Where are the Tory MPs calling a halt on the stupidly long running bottomless cash pit of a Co-vid enquiry ? Sweden finished theirs in a few months – that way you implement lessons learned and save lives not having this endless blame seeking self indulgent nonsense.   

Boris did a fantastic job in the face of great adversity – Co-vid – an unknown pandemic, the Blob, the BBC etc etc etc but they got him in the end didn’t they. A disgrace. 

For a mid term government the polls were close when he was ousted. Get rid of Sunak and bring back Boris or I’m voting reform.
It was because of you and you only that I joined the Conservative party, I’d voted for them before but I’d never actually JOINED.

I always thought you were a wonderful Mayor of London so I was really pleased when you became Our beloved Prime minister. 

I was not the only one as loads of Boris groups sprung up on social media, and I joined a lot of them.

You were the best Prime minister we have ever had for a very long time because you knew what needed to be done with Brexit and delivered it!

The same with Covid and didn’t we do well, with the vaccinations etc and the help for many including food parcels.

I and thousands of others want you back!
I was a 50yrs plus tory voter and member, I will never vote tory again while the disloyal, dishonest, hypocritical, egotistical, traitor is in Downing St
Boris for pm
He was elected to win an election and he did. As soon as he had, 2/3rds of his MPs started trying to get rid of him because he got Brexit done. Exactly what Starmer wanted. He didn’t want to fight Boris, much easier fighting Mr. Sunak.
I have always voted conservative, and now need a strong leader more than ever. Boris can do the Job. Say what you like about him, all polliticians lie never knew one yet who told the truth but he gets the job done.
He was voted in by the people and ousted by a group of back stabbers out for themselves. Bring him back or suffer a labour government and further decline of our country which is most definitely no longer great!
Please come back Boris
Only chance conservatives have of winning is bringing back Boris
Voted Conservative all my life (retired), But slimy Sunak will not get my vote
Left the party after the terrible way Boris was treated by M.Ps elected on the back of him. Not one of those elected has a chance of re-election, because they think they are more important than the party. 

Buffoons the lot of them, and you deserve what’s coming to you.
 I am 72 and have only ever voted Conservative. I even used to campaign for the party and deliver leaflets in my area. What have you done to yourselves? You’ve ignored the members and the people. Make it right and bring back our rightful Prime Minister.
 I am off to Reform unless you bring back Boris.
 I will never vote Tory again unless this rabble are removed. Bring back Bojo!
I loved Boris and mayor of London and loved him even more as PM. I will never forgive the media who hounded him and those MPs who forced him out. Come on Boris! Come back!
Despite being a long-term Conservative voter and party member, I cut up my card and cancelled my membership after Rishi and his cohort of bastards ousted Boris and attempted to destroy his political career.  I DIDN’T vote for Sunak at any point, yet somehow he is in No10.  The party at the moment is an unelectable disgrace, and I will be spoiling my ballot paper at the next election.  I refuse to vote for the Tories in their current guise, and could never bring myself to vote for Labour.
No longer a member. I will never forgive them for what they did to Boris.
The first election I could vote in I voted for Maggie – she got knifed

The last election I voted in I voted for Boris – he got knifed.

This is not the way to run a political party – its clear to anyone that Sunak isn’t going to win.
Leave the ECHR. Bring back Boris. Be conservative.
We want Boris
Boris you were a star. I remember being in the USA and everyone was talking about you leading the world. A real statesman. You made us proud. Rishi Sunak just makes me cringe. He will lose us the election and give us 5 years of Labour.
I cancelled my membership when our elected Prime Minister was conspired against by Sunak, Brady, 1922 Committee etc etc

I will not renew my membership or vote Conservative till Boris Johnson, the person I voted for, is back in office
Get rid of rishi bring back BORIS
I wholeheartedly agree. Boris Johnson was unfairly and ruthlessly targeted – he wasn’t the only one involved in ‘Partygate’ – and oh, how I dislike that expression as it suggests something far more sinister than a simple get-together under extremely difficult circumstances.  The Conservatives have been like a ship without a rudder ever since. We, the Electorate, should have been given the chance to voice our opinion but instead Boris Johnson was forced out of office in a despicable display of ruthless ambition which has destroyed what was a sensational and unequivocal decision by the British people. A triumph has been turned into a disaster and I for one will not support the current Conservative Party under its present leadership.
Bringing back Boris as our elected PM is our only hope of preventing a catastrophic General Election.
They need to bring Boris back now without any strings on their part. He needs to set the rules for his return, he would not be unreasonable. Urgently need to get rid of Dougie Smith, Dr No and the rest of the unelected cabal, including Cameron. I don’t want him in the Lords, he needs to be able to speak in the Commons. He must not be tarred with the same brush as Cameron! I think they could make him Party Chairman without him being an MP for now. Offer him the seat of Henley, which he held before he was Mayor of London and he is keen to have back. Immediately make Jacob Chancellor, Liz Truss as Foreign Secretary again, she did well in that post before, especially with trade deals, Robert Jendrick as Home Secretary and I would join the party again (I gave up my membership when Sunak became PM) and vote Conservative at the next election.

Need a more centre right cabinet. Sunak would resign win or lose, he is not a natural PM, he always looks uncomfortable. Boris would then be in a good position to be leader and PM again. Changes to the cabinet need to be made this week because the current one is definitely not a vote winner. Sunak still saying we have a plan and no one wants Labour, take you head out of the sand Sunak. If he cared about the country, people and the party he would acknowledge Boris is a vote winner and a better PM who can unite the country to defeat Labour. If Sunak did that I would respect him for admitting defeat and going with some sort of dignity. The country would be in a much stronger position if Boris had not be ousted. Ben Wallace would still be in post, making the country far safer then with Schapps in charge, he only got this position as a reward from Sunak, same as Dowden! Onwards and upwards with Boris back. He made politics interesting and exciting.

He made me feel proud of my country because he is proud and patriotic.
 Hi Boris
It’s an absolute disgrace the way you was taken from the public, we voted for you and we should have had a say. You have had hard times to deal with throughout being a leader and in many of our eyes you have helped us through the tough times. Your optimism and determination will have inspired millions. Thank you for your contribution to the country and for leading the world to help Ukraine. Your legacy will live on for centuries to come, take care and keep being you
Boris was a winner. He made mistakes but the party had their first popular leader in 40 years. Look where we are now. The only winners of a Labour government will be the trade unions and there members and the civil servants.
If the current leadership stays the same, we will lose the general election and Labour will get in. Act quickly now.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make my feelings known.

The Conservative party as I’ve known, is a total shadow of what it was in 80/90/2000.

Ditch the woke and get shut of the lefty Civil Servants. 

I will join and vote Reform UK. The Conservative party will get what it deserves,  extinction.

Your only way to save yourselves is have Boris back and getting rid of the self interested plebs that front the party.

Regards To the sinking boat. Brian
Boris should never have gone without a public vote. Its literally the only reason everyone is turning their backs on the Conservatives. No one voted for Sunak!
The electorate voted for a Boris Johnson-lead Conservative party!
Bring back our elected leader. We want Boris!
Thank you Boris for guiding us through all the difficult times, your sense of pride in Great Britain is outstanding. You held your head high at all times, never resorting to name calling even when others were doing all they could to make you crumble. We still need your steadfast, your courage, your humour. In you I trust, in you I still trust. I can only wait for your return to the helm where you belong.
We need to bring back Boris best PM for years. Big mistake made by letting him go.
Who voted for Sunak? ZERO! We voted for Boris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have nowhere now to place my vote. I can’t vote for Sunak, could not move the pencil and as a conservative voter of many years, can’t vote for anyone else. The  idiocy of ousting Boris has led to this.
Boris is the only person who can get us out of this mess.  Not sure how you make it happen but he’s the only answer!
The above was my membership number until I left last June in protest after Conservative MPs unjustly forced Boris to resign as an MP.

I want Boris back as party leader, but they should at least make him a Cabinet minister, so that he could campaign for the party.   They could put him straight in the Lords, or one of the many MPs who is standing down at the election could be persuaded to go now, and cause a by election and Boris could stand as an MP.

I understand he might not want to come back, certainly as leader when we are about to lose an election, , but maybe if they offered him something that would interest him – 50% election campaigning and 50% coordinating our support for Ukraine and response to Putin might tempt him.

Boris lifts the spirits, he would put the tiger back in our tank, bring him back!
Please come back Bojo!
Always liked Boris and his Policies 

A very strong, staunch Individual who’ll put the 

Fight and strength back into the Tory Party.

We need Boris !!!!!
I have been a Conservative voter all my life and living in Scotland it is not always easy!! However we need someone who talks up the UK! 

Rishi Sunak is not a bad person but he lacks the ability to connect with voters as does Kier Starmer.

The United Kingdom is the best country in the world for so many reasons and Boris has a way of projecting the positive belief in our country.
The party wasted a thumping majority with MPs too busy falling out trying to commit suicide by get rid of Boris
Rishi is not in the real world. We voted for Boris,bring him back.
It shows how stupid the Conservatives are. They got rid of the only person who can win them the next General Election.
Boris got us Brexit, the vaccines, people out of Afghanistan, protected Ukraine, delivered the small nuclear reactors and things were looking good. The media exaggerated about him looking at some cake and someone pitching someones bum that Boris got the blame for. OMG! Get the man back now and deliver for the people!
I am from Hong Kong and; I am a absolute supporter of Brexit, British Constitutional Monarchy and Boris Johnson👍🇬🇧
Bring back the leader we elected!
We the people, did not elect Rishi Sunak.
We did elect Boris Johnson.
Bring back Boris or the country will have
ten years of Labour.
I tore up my membership card. Will never vote Tory again unless Boris comes back.
I cannot possibly vote for the current PM and Chancellor who are bleeding us out with stealth taxes that the country can ill afford during a cost -of -living crisis. These two are so out of touch with the people. The desertion of chain stores from the High Streets tell the true story of our economy.
Boris should never of been ousted. The party should of backed him and not bowed to wokism.
Boris could have been a great prime minister if COVID hadn’t struck the county. It’s shameful how he was forced out of office. He’s your only hope of winning the election so find him a safe seat, if there is such a thing anymore and fast!
I’m a life long Conservative voter and Brexit leave voter. Boris might not have got everything right but he was the peoples PM. Boris has charisma and mixes with the people, whereas Sunak is like a silent partner and hardly seen by the public, and didn’t even turn out for the byelections. Boris had the hardest premiership since Churchill, yet he was stabbed in the back by so many of his own MPs, including Sunak. It’s time to bring him back into the fold where he belongs.
I will never vote for back stabber Sunak.

If he is leader I will vote Reform in General Election. I am a Brexiteer and before that a Labour voter.

I will only vote Tory if Boris is returned . And he must make Immigration his main goal.
No Boris no Vote for Conservatives
Should never have gone, it was a stitch up.
bring back boris the man we voted for
Boris, you lifted the nation’s spirits, gave us back our sovereignty and pride, kept us safer through the pandemic – and did so intelligently, kindly, with good humour and humility.   We need you in public service.  We need you.
Boris made me proud to be British. Please come back boris!
Boris was stabbed in the back – will not vote Conservative again, they ignore the electorate
Only I will vote for this party is if Boris becomes pm again and drops the dream agenda and sort out the illegal migration
I won’t vote conservative unless Boris is back.
 You were the best thing that could have happened to this country, and I’m sorry you were done the dirty on. Please come back soon and do the job we voted you to do as our greatest PM since Mrs Thatcher. 🇬🇧💙🇬🇧💙🇬🇧💙🇬🇧
 I am now in Reform but would come back only if Boris is leader. Best PM in my memory and I am 84.
 Dear Boris,. Firstly I would like to thank you for carrying out your promis to get our Country out of the EU.  Secondly, for ridding us of the laws put in by Blair to stop us ridding ourselves of illegal immigrants.  Neither of these tasks were made easy by the Pandemic, but you did your best in the short time you were our PM.

I am really really looking forward to a time that you will be our PM once again.  I know you had much more to give, to make this Country Great once again.  You have so many public supporters, I just know you’ll be back, sooner rather than later I hope.
Always voted Tories,but not until Boris is reinstated will I vote for them again.
Always voted Tories,but not until Boris is reinstated will I vote for them again.
I resigned my party membership when they ousted Boris Johnson, and while I may hold my nose and vote conservative to keep Labour out, I detest the current PM, and the means by which he came to power.
He is probably the only one that can get us away from all the stupidity going on. The time has surely come for the government to listen to the people and be grateful that the hard working people provide their income and lavish lifestyle.
I am 15 and a conservative but it is hard to support the party who got rid of Boris Johnson. My mom cried when he left downing street. I want to get into politics and will do it at uni. I hope the party bring back Boris Johnson.
I’ve been a member for 25 years. Cut up my card months ago.
Be conservative!
Bring back Boris asap.

No one else has the drive.

Stop illegal immigration now.

Cut taxes across the board now.

Stop avoiding the benefits of Brexit now 

Talk UK up NOT down.
It’s time to listen and let the members vote.
Members & voters will never forget the political assassination of Boris & Sunak’s part in the coup is the reason why he will never be accepted.

This is what’s driving the electorate away from the party.

The only way it can survive is if Boris returns.
I have always voted conservative and Boris was my choice even though hes connected by marriage. The way he was ousted was horrific. Sunak was not my choice 2nd time around nor if there was a third. Nice enough guy but no charisma no small c policies and a backstabber. Will be abstaining my vote to this party now or in the future. Bring Back Boris at least for his faults he had charisma and a good orator. Starmer, Sunak and Davis are all dead wood.
I was a fully painful member and a life long conservative voter until the remainder in the party ousted our elected PM with a huge majority and foisted Sunak on us! Then smothering useless elected “Lord” on us in Cameron a WEF shill and arch remainer!
Don’t know my number as you don’t get a little card anymore it’s a big piece of paper.
Boris is the only bona fide elected prime minister as elected by the people in a legally binding general election to hold the office of prime minister and should only have been removed by the democratic will of the people in a general election and he should be reinstated forthwith
Former member, campaigner, started with the Party as YC Chr, continued through up to Constituentency Chr amd finally PPC. Campaigned in every election until mid 2000s. Party needs a campaigner not a manager. The country needs to be inspired to vote Tory. Only Boris can bring back that spirit
The so called “grown ups”;have run their course, and need to bring back the dynamism of Boris
Should never have been sacked. 

Hugh majority voted him in at last election

Presided and got us through a difficult period with a pandemic that has never occurred before.

Got us out of EEC 

Again should never have been sacked
I voted for a conservative party lead by Boris Johnson with or without cake. What has happened since his forced removal with this party has been without voter consent.
I voted conservative because Boris was pm. I shall never vote again if Boris is not pm
Of course Boris should be brought back, he’s the only Tory with a personal mandate. CCHQ seem utterly unable to understand that by removing him they appeared to many to be yet another example of Westminster elites rejecting the popular vote.
If Boris comes back I will become a member again
Boris did a brilliant job stearing us through Brexit and then the unexpected crisis of Covid.  He demonstrated great statesmanship leading with support for Ukraine. He was hounded out of office by a small number of individuals exercising their own agendas, including the media.

If Boris came back I would vote for him. He has charisma and the ‘presence’ that we need in a leader on the national stage. He deserved, and would in the future expect, the support from those around him that President Biden clearly receives in his role. Leadership is a team effort unless you are a dictator.

I am a pensioner and I am not happy with any political party at present.
Mr Johnson ,i was liebour many years ago but when Tony Blair took us to war that’s the day i stopped voting, but when you came along i liked you the very moment i saw you, your hair was like mine and i laughed and as time went on the more i admired you, what you did during COVID, the organising, the speed of which got your cabinet working FOR THE PEOPLE was absolutely wonderful, yes people died some blamed you for the mistakes that was made not by you, but you held your hand up and took the blame, you are a wonderful person and I thank you for everything, i must also say a word about your wife CARRIE she stood by you behind the scenes never criticise you or any one else, what a truly wonderful woman , again thank you Mr Johnson and your cabinet for a brilliant job looking after the people of England,again 👏👏👏🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 thank you 
With Boris we have a chance at the next election. Without him the tories are dead in the water. These rebellious tory m.p.’ s should be de selected. They follow their own agenda and not the party line.
I’m a young conservative but and finding it hard to support a party who got rid of the PM that made me conservative! I think the party should be more democratic.
I’m sure you’ll be able to find my membership number. 

Over a year later, this petition is reviving and there are so many reasons for that. Regardless of what most sensible people know, those who pushed him out contrary democracy, know that he truly cares about this country; his passion and drive was immense simply because he cares so much about the quality and independence of this great country, and just as importantly, the people! We need him back now, with unwavering support from his mischievous colleagues!
No-one should oust a PM except the people. I hope he comes back and proves them all wrong.
I don’t like what was done to him.  Very nasty.
Please, please bring Boris back into parliament. His treatment from his own MPs was disgraceful,it is those MPs that should have been kicked out in disgrace. Don’t get me started on the privileges committee, Boris fighting for his career and they already had it cut and dried,he was being kicked out after all what he had done getting us through COVID. I’ve read Nadine’s book THE PLOT and I can see how it all fits. What a ness of vipers after all what Boris did for them. Boris is our PM!!
We need boris to save the country from a total labour wipeout to destroy the country..
The people loved Boris. If he reads this please come back Boris! We all miss you.
Bring back the prime minister i originally voted for… who should be, and still is the prime minister in my eyes,  betrayed by pishi and demonic Cummings..
Sunak,not properly elected,extremely unfair,total disregard to ALL Tory voters,especially the Tory membership what on earth where they thinking of!!

Boris,intelligent,clever,loves the UK,connects well with all types of voters,very rare to do that  of course charismatic and funny.

I personally do not believe Mr Sunak will win the next election,robotic,no vision,no ideas,tepid,acts like a bank manager,but for me,got there extremely unfairly,would have had more respect for him.if he had insisted he and Boris went to the membership.Boris will beat Starmer,Rishi won’t.
I never voted for Sunak as he was one of the worst chancellors {along with Kwarteng for screwing up the country}  the Tory party has ever had through freezing tax thresholds and with this you can include Hunt. It’s ok for Hunt to reduce NI but that doesn’t help pensioners and very low earners. The Tory party has done very little for the UK in the last 10 years with such cheap money to use{low interest rates} When we had the 2008 financial crash  I kept saying to people they should build at least 2 nuclear power stations instead of quantitative easing which does not work. I have always voted for the conservative party,but sadly how can you in this day and age. {I will never vote Labour, but Reform could be on the table} Also Cameron as PM was totally useless for playing schoolboy politics with Mr Farage over Brexit and then running away from his mess!! So you should bring Boris back as at least he gives you a laugh!!!
 I am no longer a party member. I left after what they did to Boris. Get him back and I would vote Tory again. If not, I’m off to Reform.
 I voted for Boris Johnson. How dare you 60 MPs get rid of him and fall for the media’s lies. YOU are to blame for years of Labour and killing our party.
We need someone in post to deal properly in protecting our borders and removing the illegal immigrants.  The cost to the tax payer is now a joke around the world.
I will never never never vote Tory until Sunak is removed as prime minister and if he isn’t removed then I’ll resign my membership and refuse to vote Tory ever again !

Sunak is a lying backstabbing little swindler and charlatan and traitor and is not interested in our country but only concerned with his commercial interests with infosys to ensure UK is malleable to eu control.

Why did 118 Tory mps who supported #kangaroocourt trash 14 million votes and thus cheat the electorate on made up stories about Boris from Michael Gove and Cummings and Dougie Smith and Doctor No which they knew to be false?

Why are my repeated questions about the latter two plotters not answered by my local MP nor by the Tory party chairman?
I don’t like the way Boris was forced out, he was voted by the people. Democracy is important or all trust is lost and chaos follows.
We need all the best people we have in these difficult times. Please bring Boris back. He should never have been forced out. The Partygate inquiry was a stitch up, run by a woman who clearly was already hand in glove with Labour. It was in Labour’s interest to get Boris out and Conservative MPs fell for it. If we have any chance of winning the northern constituencies Boris must come back. We need action not words. Common sense and success with all the main issues will win but it is getting very close to too late. If Labour wins the next election, this country is finished.
No longer a member. Will never campaign again. Disgusted at the ousting of BJ!
Bring the democratically elected PM ! The Tory parliamentary party MPs are a disgrace! If you want to win the election, you need to bring a proven winner and that’s Bojo!
 Boris you were the best. In my opinion it was a very sad day the day you left Downing Street.  I can’t wait for the day you return there.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you’ve done for my area.  We’d love to see you back in Blyth Valley.
Biggest mistake ever in allowing Boris to be shafted into resigning. Beg him on (bended knee if necessary) to come back as Party Chairman immediately and into the first appropriate sea when available. Only hope.
 Bring back Boris!
Will only ever vote Tory again if Boris, Suella or Priti Patel are PM. We need someone with guts!
Boris made you proud to be British. We need him back!
Dear Boris,

May I please start this by saying thank you so much for all you have done for us. I totally believe in you and you have done to try and help us. 

You have had an horrendous time with what you have had to deal with during your time as our PM. You did a marvelous job standing before the UK during the pandemic. You help so many people with your team helping life easier for so many with furlough etc. Our scientists, which were totally backed by you helped many of us feel safe with the vaccines. 

You did get the Brexit deal done. Another great achievement, well done.

You have been second to none in helping Ukraine and their ongoing plight. With your during all this you would have saved many civilians lives, and for this again I thank you. 

You mentioned about housing and I can assure you in my area there have been many hundreds if not thousands of homes built. 

We now have a new super sized prison built locally. Bringing many new jobs to the area. 

I for one am very proud that I voted you in, and it was for you Boris not my local MP. I knew you were the man the public wanted. 

It was a very sad day when you were made to leave number 10. I really hope people will see that you were and still are the right man for the job. 
This country needs the churchillian spirit and leadership that only Boris can provide.
 I will only vote Conservative if Boris comes back
 You have a unique, but effective, way of getting things done. Your love of the UK, your standing on the World stage and the respect you command from other world leaders is second to none.  You have the ability to go around the country, treating everyone as equal and making people smile. 

While you were leading us I felt we were in safe hands and I knew you wouldn’t let us fall and as together we could make Britain truly great again. 

Please may I thank you for everything you have done for us? I knew immediately you were the one to get Brexit done from the advice you were tendering to Mrs May from the Andrew Marr Show!

I am a long term Tory voter but I only joined the party, for the first time ever, on account of you. I am so proud to have had you as Prime Minister and I am really going to miss you. Whatever you do, wherever you go next please remember you have been the BEST PM SINCE CHURCHILL. Much Love x
 I have since joined reform because I was so disgusted with the way Boris was forced out.
 No only member. Bring back Boris and keep Starmer out!
 We voted for Boris. Who voted for Rishi? No-one!!!!
Please re instate Boris. Tory had no right to change what the British public voted for. 

Our democracy is a scandal. Rishy sunak is a waste of space. Fed up with the tax hikes engineered by him and Jeremy hunt.
My heart broke when he was treated so badly. He did done so much for us and it was him we voted for, not the party he belonged to. I believe that he never let us down but the vile media put him through hell and back again. His beautiful speech about our beloved Queen said everything we were feeling. Elizabeth the great. Very true and he was our Boris the great. If the foul media bias recognised the damage they have caused they should hang their heads in shame. Whatever he chooses to do next he has my unconditional respect and support.
Boris we voted for you in the thousands and still would if your name was on the ballot paper .Cancelled my party membership!! as those in office are back stabbing self serving disgrace to the party.
This is ridiculous, Boris is best leader since Maggy and Winston, I’m a farmer in suffolk and I’m sick to death of this pussy footing around of lame leadership as we are seeing with personal fund gaming fishy Rishy, I’ve had enough, change your leadership or I’ll change my vote
I refuse to vote Conservative while Rishi is leader because of what he did to Boris – not only ousting him but, aided by his supporters and Harriet Harman, expelling him from Parliament and grinding him into the dirt to prevent him making a comeback.  I think Rishi is a vile, malicious plotter.  However if Boris did come back in any form I would vote to support him, and hope it would show the party what a dreadful mistake they made.
He should never have been forced out…I was angry about it at the time and am still angry now.  He was a fantastic Prime Minister, who actually cared about our country, ‘talked the country up’, saw the positives, spoke with passion, a real inspiration!  His job was made so much more difficult by the Pandemic, which I believe he handled well, and Brexit, which all these years on certain groups still won’t accept. We need Boris back to have any chance whatsoever of keeping a Conservative government after the next general election.
We need him to bang the drum, he should never of been ousted!!!!!
The people will revolt! We want Boris back. Boris would beat Labour mark my words.
Bring back Boris Johnson or see Starmer become PM that would be a disaster if Labour were to ever win a general election again and Suella Braverman as Foreign or Defence Secretary
 he best prime minister we have had in decades. I’d say on par with Churchill and should never have been taken down as he was by his own and the MSM. Thank you and God bless you Boris and I hope you do make a return.
We love you Boris! Come back!
A prime minister who remained true to himself and the electorate.
I have always voted Conservative and was utterly dismayed by the way Boris was displaced by his party. It was a “witch hunt” from start to finish, resulting in the forced dismissal of the only person capable of saving the party.  He stands out as a great politician, and leader and we desperately need him back to lead us to victory. Without him as leader? we will not win the next general election.
Tore up membership in disgust. Bring back the great man and I may rejoin but it’s time to BE conservative!
 why oh why do we have an unelected PM in Sunak? Bring back the guy we elected!
I don’t ever remember being so excited about anything happening in politics, as I did the day you were made Leader of the Conservative Party. At last, I felt that Brexit would be sorted and our referendum upheld. No sooner had you achieved our exit from The EU, than we were hit with the global pandemic COVID-19. It was so comforting to know you were in control and the speed with which you acted to secure vaccine was amazing. The way you looked after the vulnerable in our society  was incredible in England (not so good where I live in Wales surprise surprise!). I am personally grateful that your action to allow these vulnerable to furlough and shield, and to get boxes of food out to them when it was nearly impossible for people to shop for the food they needed. This allowed my nephew with Cystic Fibrosis, in England, to stay safe, at home from work with enough food to keep him living. THANK YOU! I couldn’t believe that, as soon as we started to get on an even keel, Putin decided to invade the Ukraine. I was so proud of our Prime Minister who acted so quickly to step in and support the Ukraine, and the way he galvanised other countries to join in. I am disgusted the way you were treated by the MSM, the Opposition but even worse some of your colleagues – people from the party I belong to. I couldn’t believe that, in this time of dire need, on the brink of maybe a world war, and the cusp of a world energy crisis, they were not pulling together and supporting you! I am so sorry that happened! Boris, you have been the best Prime Minister in a long time. Certainly in my life time (I am 66) there has been no one of your calibre. So I believe you are the best since Churchill. I hoped to have you at the helm for years to come and I miss seeing you daily on TV. Please rest up and then come back with a vengeance.
Boris would be absolutely brilliant to have as prime minister again. He got covid vaccines out quickly during the covid pandemic. He told the truth and wasn’t scared to say it and he even thanked farmers for doing their part during the pandemic. We need Boris back to deal with the mess Rishi has put this country into.
He should never have been ousted in the first place.
Boris , who I believe is the best prime minister since Margaret Thatcher,was housed out of office , starting with ITV’s Good Morning Programme, Suzanne called him out over ‘ hiding  in a fridge ‘ what they didn’t say “ it was a private visit to dairy farm ‘ they hid a reporter and soundman in the back of a car “ on arrival the reporter shouted at Boris who didn’t take him on , they then hounded him from there in , I have plenty more to say on other events ,but this was the start . Regarding Partygate , what a load of rubbish, he worked all day with these people .Party? He was offered a piece of birthday cake ( in a Tupperware dish ) to celebrate his birthday. ( which he didn’t eat) no justice.Boris should still be PM , funny that the majority of my friends agree with me .
I left the party when Boris went. Sunak isn’t my PM. I voted for Boris.
I was a member until the bastards struck the knife in, I take the old fashioned view that it was for the voters to decide
Boris, you lifted the nation’s spirits, gave us back our sovereignty and pride, kept us safer through the pandemic – and did so intelligently, kindly, with good humour and humility.   We need you in public service.  We need you.
 Bring him back or I’m gone.
I resigned my party membership. I told CCHQ my concerns and they didn’t even bother to respond. They didn’t care.
Listen to the members! The party is where it is because they aren’t listening.
Dear Boss, I apologise for all the backstabbing you had to endure, from people that should have known better and supported their Prime Minister. Yours was the most traumatic period, any Prime Minister has had to endure, but you did it successfully and without missing a beat. The Conservative & Unionist Party are greatly weakened, by your loss and will rue the day, they allowed history to repeat itself. We will probably need to call on you, when World War 3 breaks out. Hasta La Vista Baby……..
I left when that got rid of Boris
Bring Boris back before it’s too late, will definitely vote Conservative again if he comes back, he’s a winner.
Dear Sirs,

Boris Johnson should not have left in the first place.

He was forced out of his job.

Rishi Sunak did not stand during a general election and was not voted in by the British public.

On March 7th 2023, Rishi Sunak made a statement saying he would stop the small boots.

He has failed to do this.

Bring back Boris.

Boris Johnson is the Conservative parties only hope.

If Rishi Sunak stays, the Conservatives will lose the next General election.
He is the only one to win this election!
I would have left when Boris left but waited to vote on the next leader when my vote which I paid for as a member was ignored to install sunak that’s when I cancelled my membership and sorry while Rishi is Pm you won’t get my vote and Kemi Badenoc won’t get it either.i want you in government not with Hunt & Rishi I have not given up on rejoining again with true loyal Conservatives one can only hope
You have been a guiding light and a PM determined to deliver on his promises to the British people.

You have been an inspiration to me from the moment you were elected as PM you have defeated many opponents in the quest to deliver Brexit, manoeuvre through the choppy waters of Covid, saving numerous lives with your bold vaccine roll-out and providing support to the Ukraine. 
I was bereft and angry with the way you were forced to resign and I don’t think I will ever trust politicians again – but feel great heart in the fact we the loyal conservatives love you, trust you and are so proud that you were our PM. Enjoy a good rest now with your lovely family and comeback ready for the next fight as we the country need you.
Absolutely amazing chap, worked his arse off, everyone loved him. Nobody in conservative party better now or in the past 15 years!!
I truly believe that a divided England can and will become whole again if Boris Johnson, was once again our leader.  He is one of very special people with heart and care that we don’t often see and certainly not in politics.
Currently favouring UK Reform as I think the current Conservative Party has seriously lost its way
Boris was making a difference to the country when he was Prime Minister unfortunately covid got in the way. I voted for Boris Johnson, would like to have him back so he can continue to make this country Great.
He and Trump are the only answer to the Worlds problems and ours,they have both. Got stamina, balls and guts and get things done
I voted for Boris nobody else. He should NEVER have been kicked out. I was disgusted and still am at the way he was treated. He was the best PM since Winston Churchill.My God i am NOT voting Conservative unless he is re-instated. I will vote for Nigel Farage. The UK is a complete shambles now and i doubt even Boris can right all the wrongs. Conservative government has absolutely Trashed this country. You need to get a grip. Sunak is no good at all. BRING BORIS BACK NOW!
If Boris doesn’t return I will vote reform. I am sick and tired of immigration. I’m sick and tired of excuses. I’m sick and tired of high taxes. I don’t believe anything the current prime minister says.
 Dear Boris,
You’re the reason why I voted Conservative for the first time in 2019. You’re the reason why I joined the Conservative Party. You’re the reason I represented the Conservative Party as a candidate in the local elections in 2021. You’re also the reason why I attended Conservative Party conference for the first time in October 2021. Words can not describe the amount of respect I have for you. Within 3 months of winning the biggest majority since Margaret Thatcher, you were faced with the impossible situation of a global pandemic. It seemed impossible but it was you, Boris, who got me and many others through it. Your hope, your optimism and your amazing ability to get all the big calls right was the reason why the UK bounced back from covid. I am so angry at what the Conservatives have done by forcing you to resign. I was ready to cancel my membership, but, as always, you’re the reason why I’m still a member. 

Hasta la vista, Boris. I do hope one day you’ll be back xx
I want boris back because my children have a whole future ahead of them and rishi was planning war and none of us want that so please do it for our safety thankyou sending kind regards to boris
Please bring him back. We need a leader who leads and who we admire.
 Boris made me proud to be British.
please bring back boris because i acc liked him and this new gov is giving me pain and i am not going to war with russia
We need him back I can’t go to war
Thankyou so much Boris we miss you so much you’re the greatest xx
Best prime minister since Churchill.
The people voted for boris and that’s all

That should matter.  Now we have that 2nd place hunt as chancellor bunch of snakes the lot of them. Only one I trusted was boris even with all this fake news on Covid party’s. We all know they was just setting him up they must think the voters are stupid.
 I tore up my membership the day Boris was ousted. Bring him back and apologise to the people and I would vote conservative again but only with Boris as PM.
 No-one voted for Sunak. We voted for Boris. I hope he comes back and rescues us all. We need him in charge. We need a statesmen like Boris.
 It was because of you and you only that I joined the Conservative party, I’d voted for them before but I’d never actually JOINED.

I always thought you were a wonderful Mayor of London so I was really pleased when you became Our beloved Prime minister. 

I was not the only one as loads of Boris groups sprung up on social media, and I joined a lot of them.

You were the best Prime minister we have ever had for a very long time because you knew what needed to be done with Brexit and delivered it!

The same with Covid and didn’t we do well, with the vaccinations etc and the help for many including food parcels.

I and thousands of others want you back but in the meantime, thank you for all that you have done for GREAT BRITAIN.
Boris is the man to lead this country
Please bring Boris back as leader of the Conservative party. This Country is going downhill in so many ways and we need to make Britain great again. Rishi Sunak should never have been make PM, he’s too weak. Not what I voted for. I will be votung for the Reform party at the next election like so many others who normally vote Conservative if he is not given back his position
bring boris back
Please come back Boris. You were the greatest PM since Churchill and Maggie!
Why did 60 or so MPs fall for the claptrap? They are the ones who should be ousted for getting rid of our best Prime Minister, the one we actually voted for!
Please come back Boris. Could you not come back as a Lord and do it that way? The country needs you more than ever.
He’s better than Rishi Sunak so I want to bring him back
Boris was ousted by polical party infighting and jealous rivals. The Conservative have lost the people  having treated him this way along with the media witch hunt. 

He was our voted leader and no matter if you agreed with his policy or not. The Conservatives had a clear manifesto along with Boris .

That they have stabbed boris in the back and not devered on the electoral promises in the manifesto, by infighting and bickering for their own political gain instead of putting the country and its polices first. And fully getting behind the prime minister the country voted for.

The Conservative party are not even reading the same book never mind all being on the same page. They are becoming the most untrustworthy part in history.
Bring back a great statesman get this country moving again defend our borders revive NHS
Only Boris can save the Tories! Him being ousted by Sunak et al shows the world they don’t care about democracy!
Get rid of Sunak
The day walked out of No 10 is the day I threw away my membership. The day he moves back in is the day I will sign up again.
The only way to save the party – ousted for being human
We miss him. Please get him back. Is there a way if he’s not an MP anymore? He should be made a Lord.
Please bring back boris! Boris if you are reading this please come back! We need you more than ever!

Main photo: Boris Johnson outside 10 Downing Street. Picture by Simon Dawson / No 10 Downing Street


  1. The country needs your personality, your vision and you to stop the rot in our society.
    Mr Johnson you are needed now, forget the parties and gatherings of Lock Down, what were you supposed to do? You need to converse with your team as team leader just come back and sort this mess out please.


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