By Alex Story.

The United Kingdom is set for her fourth Prime Minister in six years.

Once known for governmental stability, our country is fast transforming herself into an Italian-style Republic, in which governments come and go every few months. It should have been so different.

Boris won the rock-solid backing of the Conservative Party membership in July 2019 and, a few month later, the largest majority since Margaret Thatcher in 1987.

The man who rescued the Conservative Party from oblivion only three years ago was cast nonchalantly onto the dustbin of history without so much as an afterthought by people, who have none of his election-winning virtuosity.

With such support, Boris was slated to be Prime Minister for years to come.

Decades from now, historians should have been speaking of the Johnsonian era.

Instead, they will find it hard to locate the short, three year time-gap into which this incredible character led the nation.

The man who rescued the Conservative Party from oblivion only three years ago was cast nonchalantly onto the dustbin of history without so much as an afterthought by people, who have none of his election-winning virtuosity.

Learning nothing and forgetting nothing, a small number of nebulous characters at the heart of the Parliamentary Conservative Party decided long ago to force their saviour to resign.

Boris’ removal from office was as clinical as it was pre-planned.

In January, Boris’ position was “untenable” they said. In April, they declared that the “gig was up”. By July, things became more pressing: “we will change the rules and throw him out if he doesn’t resign.” Any reason would do so long as he went. His character had offended too many on the way up.

Crucially, he would have to resign of his own volition. The electorate should not have a say. They should, in fact, be avoided at all costs.

The results of the May local elections reinforced that particular lesson for those who wanted Boris gone come what May.

The voting public had shown itself largely unmoved by months of direct attacks on his character over “Partygate”.

Indeed, Labour made gains in London but disastrously, after 12 years of Conservative rule, largely failed outside of the capital.

On that showing, Labour’s Keir Starmer was going nowhere fast. As Conservative Party co-chairman Oliver Dowden said at the time: “Labour is certainly not on the path to power and I believe Boris Johnson has the leadership skills, particularly the energy and dynamism to lead us into the next election”.

Looking at the data, Labour saw larger drops in the North than the Conservatives in the South. Partygate had not worked.

Those who either fell for or invested heavily into the largely manufactured media-led anti-Boris campaign realised, once again, that the electorate needed to be by-passed in order to get rid of Boris. The electorate was and remains Boris’ only friend.

The “Bring Boris Back” campaign, led by self-made entrepreneur Lord Peter Cruddas and the Conservative Post, is a testament to that. In less than two weeks, 15000 Conservative Party members have signed the petition on the Conservative Post website demanding “a ballot on Boris Johnson so the members can express their opinion on his resignation”.

Each signatory is methodically checked.

The petitioners add that: “You cannot disenfranchise the membership from the whole process from the beginning as this is open to abuse by the Parliamentary Party who may have vested interest reasons and grievances to settle against” Boris.

The organisers expect over 20,000 thousand signatures by the end of this week. As the Express reported a Conservative MP said: “The members think that we have gone bonkers. It’s madness – collective madness.”

Separately, an article in the Sun newspaper reported that Conservative Party Central Office, located in London, received over ‘14,000 letters’ telling them to stick with Boris. In addition, last week, a survey showed that 85% of respondents wanted Boris to rescind his resignation.

It is inconceivable to imaging such a strong reaction for any of Boris’ predecessors.

When Tony Blair resigned, many cheered. When Cameron quit, people shrugged their shoulders. When Theresa May left, most breathed a intense sigh of relief.

Boris, in other words, is a totally different political animal.

It is easy to forget that only three years ago, Theresa May resigned in ignominy following a humiliating European Election result in May 2019.

Indeed, the Conservative Party, under her guidance, polled 8.8% of the votes cast. It was the party’s worst ever showing at any elections over centuries. Neither fish nor fowl, the Party was facing annihilation.

By December 2019, Boris turned everything around. He won the largest commons majority in decades for the Conservative Party. His personal appeal across the country had redrawn the electoral map and rescued a Tory Party in freefall.

Ostensibly, the vote was for the Conservative party; in reality, however, it was for Boris.

The “Bring Back Boris” movement though goes beyond the individual.

The reaction of the membership and the public at large is not just about Boris or approval of his performance in office. It is about the principle of Democracy.

Officially, we live in a Democracy.

However, too many times, we find out that epoch defining decisions have been taken without our consent by a group of people, whose names we will never know and whose self-interest often comes into direct conflict with the national one.

That a small group of people firmly ensconced within the corridors of power can force a Prime Minister to resign in such a manner is unbecoming to say the least.

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss might both be competent. But as Lord Peter Cruddas says “our first choice has been removed without our involvement” and this goes against anything remotely resembling democracy.

Conservative Party Central Office still has the time to stop the United Kingdom sliding into a Latin American style polity.

Thanks to Lord Cruddas, David Campbell Bannerman, the Conservative Post and the membership, the Party centrally might be rescued, once again, by its own members.

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Members, please sign the Conservative Post’s Boris Ballot petition here.

This article was first published in the Express on 1 August 2022.

Photo: The Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the second day of the G7 Leaders’ Summit 2022. Picture by Andrew Parsons / No 10 Downing Street

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  1. Bring back Boris. The people’s vote, you have made a grave error, the tories will suffer for this with labour in next time. You gave ignored the people who are the one that vote you into constituency seats . Take the blindfold of look ahead ax to what tragedy my party will suffer,

  2. We want Boris back as our PM, I can not belive that the man as been ousted out of his job by a handful of back stabbing MPs, and the MSM.
    What sort of democracy is this the people if this country elected him 2019 he has another 2 years left to complete what he started, so put him back were he belongs

  3. There are also a lot members of the general public who are not Conservative members who feel the same way. Joining ranks now would still not allow a vote but on the other hand, if Boris does follow through on the resignation they probably wouldn’t get my vote in any event. Bring back Boris!

  4. I had almost given up on Conservative Post as it proved impossible to post messages and they only seemed to report on Boris’s apparent crimes. However, the posts suddenly worked. Something must have struck a note with the Con. Post – presumably Lord Cruddas’s petition which I signed immediately. The Conservative Post seems to have woken up to realise that the party is about to go down the drain unless something is done about the Boris situation.

    It was so obvious that it was remainer fanatics who are still harbouring grudges, complaining about Boris and urging on the media. It is about time they accepted the situation. If they rear their ugly heads again under the next leader, I imagine there could be trouble.

    Boris did a brilliant job during the pandemic with the vaccine, furlough etc. The whole country should be congratulating him rather than kicking him out. If he does not get his position back, I would suggest a knighthood is the least they could offer. Then he could sort out the Lords.

    I fear the MPs etc. have lost their way. They must pull themselves together and work for their constituencies and stop trying to cause mayhem.

  5. Another brilliant article by Alex Story I agree with all the previous comments and say to not bring back Boris will prove to be a huge mistake

  6. I’m not a party member, & really wish I was! I voted BORIS! There is noone else I can see that fits his shoes! I want BORIS returned to office. This article says it all. I have been absolutely disgusted in the attacks on him, & have seen from the start, the devious plotting & concerted efforts to remove him. If this type of behaviour by a few self interested remainers, or vested interests is allowed, then we have lost democracy in this country probably forever. There will be no point in us voting, as these same people will simply overrule us AGAIN. I am offended that my vote & that of so MANY others has been put aside so dismissively . If Boris is not reinstated, after all the objections we have made at his removal, I will never trust the conservative party ever again.

  7. Boris has been the best prime minister since Margaret Thatcher I am a member and have been hoping his name would be put on the list to vote for him. But if he could take back his resignation it would be great. Bring Back BORIS

  8. Although I have voted Conservative most times in my life (sadly in South Wales there were a few elections where I had no Conservative candidate) even though I live in a Labour stronghold South Wales Valley. However, I was never really interested in Politics until Brexit and my interest was turned almost into an obsession when Boris became PM. I had already realised he knew his onions and had the backbone to get us out of the EU. So on that basis, for the very first time, I joined the Conservative party!

    What has happened to Boris since day 1 is despicable. The constant attacks by the MSM and the Opposition parties has been horrific! Argue political policies yes but constantly barraging him on things that really have nothing to do with governing our beautiful United Kingdom! But I can understand their attempts by fair means or foul to get rid of a strong Tory government. What I can’t understand, or forgive, is the way MPs in his own party stabbed in the back – some for their own advancement (Rishi Sunak)! Where is the unity/union? Where is the support for our leader? Surely the Government’s job is to support the Prime Minister in the running of the country? I have been very disappointed and will probably revoke my membership after the leadership contest has concluded as I don’t want to be part of an organisation that bullies its members and tries to break them!
    If Boris really has been ousted and there is no comeback from these actions then I am afraid that the Party has made a very grave mistake! And, yes, I understand the voting system in this country, but I think you will find many people don’t vote for their local candidate (particularly because they often don’t know who they are), they actually vote for the party and that is usually the LEADER! And as Boris reached out to the country in 2016 and again in 2019, many people who voted/joined because of him are likely to drift in the next two years before a GE. This ousting of our PM is going to go down in history as the time the Conservative Party committed Political Suicide!

  9. Poor Alex on Farage was interrupted & patronised
    By him terribly. Farage should remain
    Unbiased as he professes they do on GB NEWS but he doesn’t when it comes to poor Boris
    We NEED to bring him back
    The electorate were silenced
    Yes MAJORITY , he’s got such a downer on him
    SICK OF IT ,,,sick of MSM & BBC & the witch hunt of him, the silenced majority are NOT on these leftie polls they portray & keep insisting these polls are correct , they’re made up
    No one cared about party gate
    No one cared about pincher
    No one cared about trivial witch hunt stuff
    The non stop mud throwing at him became desperate from all lefties / evil types of people
    With a disgusting agenda for this country & the world
    BJ ‘s fault was he needed to shout the odds like he did at the start & was patriotic to the uk & about security , boarders , brexit & stuff is real people wanted
    Not trivial in house fighting shite
    Bring him back for goodness sakes

  10. We need Boris back. He made the right decisions and pushed through with the vaccination program and worked tirelessly.Parties – not many can live without flaws but the those gatherings were hardly parties just an occasion whipped up by the overpaid media. I feel worried about the future of our Country. The Conservative Party need to wake up swallow their stupid attitude and reinstate Boris now.

  11. Boris was hounded by many in his own party and mercilessly by the overpaid media.
    Boris made the right decisions on the vaccination program and needed to get on with the Leadership of the Country.
    Bring Boris back.
    So many people are flawed – who can say they are perfect.

  12. I can’t believe people actively wanting lying, cheating Boris back in who doesn’t care ABOUT YOU and in hisown words wanted bodies to pile high during COVID

  13. please keep anti boris comments don’t delete them or it will not be fair and you will give a one-sided opinion of public view and I will advertise the fact if I do not see my comment accepted



  16. Who do we want – BORIS!
    When do we want him – NOW!

    He should never have been forced to resign in the first place, the punishment for partygate just did not fit the ‘crime’.

    Tory backstabbers, BBC, ITV and Sky TV bias and the pathetic Labour party have all had their part to play in his undemocratic removal from office. If they (the blob, the woke and any lefties) think things are going to be wonderful under a future Labour government they are sadly deluded! The Labour party is just as fractured as the Tories, they just don’t get the front page coverage.

    Most of today’s problems in the UK are global in nature and there’s very little the UK government can do, except ride out the storm and try to mitigate the worse effects.

    Let’s hope that the Tory party comes to its senses and brings back Boris……but if he doesn’t want to come back, because of the way he has been treated, who can blame him???

  17. Yes I want him back let’s have vote of none party members and see How many ordinary people want him back at this moment I’m so disgusted with every thing and everybody in the government the back stabbing where government ministers are ruining peoples lives Iv voted Conservative for a long time but I won’t vote
    for that shower of ————

  18. Bring back borris Johnson, he can lead this country, he had birthday cake he had few drinks come on Mr Johnson, went through bad times him self ,we learn by mesteke, but Mr Johnson gets us British people Mr Johnson understand what we British people desires and they was no right oh wrong time for Mr Johnson to run our country we was going through pandemic and Mr Johnson got ill to but people forget that ,so let borris Johnson lead our country, and let Mr Johnson do what he is good at leadeing x

  19. Boris is the only MP the Labour party feared the most. They knew fully well that if Boris returned, They will never ever going to set foot in number 10. We all knew the fact he is the only strongest man to lead the party. And like many us (not throwing the first stone / backstabbers), he made mistakes and learned, but his achievements speak volumes. He has a strong character to govern, to lead, have the authority to continue the party manifestos and to fulfil the mandates of the public voters, most especially in this time of nation uncertainties. For once, set aside egos, hates and pride and let’s us all unite the party together backing him back to 10, and win again the next general election.

  20. Bring boris back I voted for him he has a mandate and should be brought back to win the next election he was treated badly and my vote was discounted bring him back

  21. Bring back Boris. He is a leader and lover of our nation. He brought us through Brexit and the Pandemic and would bring us through this crisis created by those who plotted against him. The members of the Conservative party have the right to vote for a leader BRING Boris Back.


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