By Alex Story.

Removing Boris was very much like peeing down your own trouser leg to keep warm. 

As you do the deed and the effusion is in full flow, for a split second, you can just about convince yourself that you succeeded in raising the temperature. 

Then, as your soiled trousers stiffen, the sense of instant gratification gives way to one of eternal shame. That is currently what is being felt by a great many Conservative politicians. 

Boris was defenestrated in a hurry by a small number of MPs; today it will be bitterly regretted by most. Those who plotted to get rid of the Conservative Party’s most effective vote winning machine since Lady Thatcher succumbed to the Siren calls of an irredentist pro-EU, pro Supranational establishment hungry for retribution. 

Those who plotted to get rid of the Conservative Party’s most effective vote winning machine since Lady Thatcher succumbed to the Siren calls of an irredentist pro-EU, pro Supranational establishment hungry for retribution. 

Whether through cowardice or deep intellectual corruption, to paraphrase Churchill, they fed Boris to the media crocodiles in the hope that they would be eaten last. 

What they got and what they forced on a shelf-shocked British public is Liz Truss, who has made more U-Turns in one month than David Beckham had haircuts in one life-time. 

Her biggest volte-face is that she metamorphosed into a Remainer in front of our very eyes, having told us a few weeks ago that she was committed to making Brexit work. 

How did she do that?

She threw one of her most intellectually gifted, naturally Conservative and pro-Brexit long term “friend” under the Freight-train within a day or two of the mini-budget, which she approved of herself a few days before. 

“It was his idea”, she said, shifting the blame onto her partner as Eve did to Adam, thereby casting both into the equivalent of eternal political Hell. The writing for Kwasi was on the wall. 

To replace him, she chose Jeremy Hunt, a man of no discernible talent, apart from his commitment to the European Union. 

Hunt hides his intellectual shallowness, as many pro-EU irredentists do, behind the bureaucratic language and generic soundbites of the “Professional Politician”. The more Global the solution, the more lofty and unattainable the ambitions, the more enthused he and his ilk will be. At the root, he is wedded to an intellectual orthodoxy that believes that Britain must sacrifice herself on the altar of International Treaties regardless of domestic considerations. 

He will quite happily force Supranational rules and regulations onto the country regardless of the damage these might do to the livelihoods of our people. He has already agreed to make us less competitive than Germany on the Corporate Tax front. He is conforming thereby with the wishes of one of Brexit Britain’s most vocal enemy Guy Verhofstadt that the European Union would never allow Great Britain to seek a competitive advantage. 

“We will never accept ‘Singapore by the North Sea’!” he said in a tweet just before the fateful Mini-Budget a few weeks ago. 

Having decided that he will side with those who wish to make us less competitive from an international tax perspective, why would he stop there? 

He has already refused to rule out further u-turns, saying “I’m not taking anything off the table.” 

Can we expect Hunt to seek further energy dependency on foreign powers by reversing recently relaxed rules on fossil fuel exploration and exploitation so that our country can fall into line again with the insanity of a quasi-religious net-zero movement? 

With the Remainers back in charge, let us be prepared for a general “Black Lives Matter” style act of self-flagellation and genuflexion towards our continental masters. 

From his perspective and those of our established order, the priority of the United Kingdom government is that we shouldn’t upset the interests of our foreign partners. 

With the Remainers back in charge, let us be prepared for a general “Black Lives Matter” style act of self-flagellation and genuflexion towards our continental masters. 

For those who love our country, it will require patience, forbearance, and the ability to forgive.  However, the speed with which all of this happened is as breath-taking as it is interesting. 

The removal of Boris Johnson in July 2022 was the end of British Parliamentary Democracy. 

The defenestration of Boris was a coup, led by special interest and a very hostile anti-Brexit media.  The concept was to create a perpetual sense of crisis. Partygate was the chosen “scandal”. 

When the combined resources of these two nefarious groups were tested on a national scale at the local elections in May 2022, the results were a slap in the face. The Tory Party, under Boris, won more votes in the North of England than Labour did in the South. 

Indeed, the story of the May local elections should have been that Labour was in grave difficulty. 

However, the Gold Fish like Conservative MPs hell bent on Boris’ removal, closer in many cases to the metropolitan class than their own voters, chose to keep believing that “PartyGate” was a scandal too far and pushed through a vote of no-confidence. 

Boris won that too. 

The anti-Boris faction did not let up. They allowed themselves to believe what their visceral opponents in the press, the Labour Party and much of our civil service wanted them to: Boris just had to go by whatever means. 

In succeeding to remove Boris, whatever the costs, they gave the signal that the electorate could now officially be ignored and by-passed. 

In succeeding to remove Boris, whatever the costs, they gave the signal that the electorate could now officially be ignored and by-passed. 

If a man who won 14 million votes and an 80 seat parliamentary majority could be removed just because a small group of city dwellers didn’t like him, how much easier would it be to ignore any politicians in future, let alone one as talent-free as Liz Truss or Keir Starmer. 

Our elites have lost patience with the people. 

In a democracy, it is the voter who grants the politician, Boris in this case, his ability to govern, not special interest groups or “rich but detached” commentators; it is the voter, therefore, – and only the voter – who has the sacred right to either bestow another term on the politician or to remove him if he feels him to be incompetent, according to his own criteria. 

The Conservative Party faces extinction, unless it does the only u-turn that would give them a chance and that is: Bring Boris Back to Save Britain from the Brink. 

Alex Story is a former Olympian, Conservative parliamentary candidate and one of the organisers of the Bring Back Boris petition.

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This article first appeared in the Express on Sunday 16 October 2022.

Picture by Pippa Fowles / No 10 Downing Street. Photo licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic License.


  1. I am a lifetime voter for the conservatives I actually became a member in support of our great democratically voted PM Boris Johnson, when they ousted him I withdrew my membership in disgust, and now it is Liz Truss the Tory traitors want out, the public are not stupid we know it’s all about stopping our second democratic vote Brexit , I am in a lot of groups , the only way I my family and friends will ever vote for the Tories again will be if Boris comes back where he belongs, people are disgusted with the Tories with out Boris and finishing Brexit and stopping the illegals the Tories are DUST

  2. Unless they bring back Boris a.s.a.p. there will be a mass exodus of members from the Tory party. We are unlikely to vote Tory again and there will be no more 80 seat majorities.

    We will not accept the Con. Party taking us back into the EU under any circumstances.

    I was willing to give Liz a chance but she blew that by inviting a remainer to be Chancellor.

    The party will have to work fast to keep its members. Let us hope Boris is not too busy.

  3. I forgot to mention I have voted Tory all my life. I was a Young Conservative in 1967. I voted against joining the Common Market (EU) in 1976 (?) and was so relieved when Leave won the referendum and Boris eventually “got Brexit done”. There are a lot of leavers still out here.

  4. I am a Conservative Party member and I totally agree with Alex Story. Conservative MP’s have committed political suicide by ousting Boris Johnson – it should never have been allowed to happen. Despite ‘Partygate’ Boris is a vote winner and a true statesman. At the very least they should have had Boris Johnson on the ballot paper to give the members a proper choice. I am seriously considering resigning my membership. Liz Truss has totally wrecked the ecconomy. The party will be wiped out at the next GE if they don’t bring Boris back although I doubt he’ll want to come back after they way he has been treated.

  5. Thousands of Tory voters are joining Reform. The undemocratic Tory government are toast! To appointment Hunt was another mail in their coffin.

  6. Yes Boris should have been on the last ballot leadership contest and all this wouldnt be happening most of the members wanted Boris back what a shambles it all is.As for bringing Hunt for chancellor what a mess the NHS is in and he was in charge of that for years!

  7. I am a True Boris fan and desperately wish to see him back. The Labour Party cannot believe their luck as they come back from the brink of being unelectable due to Tory incompetence since Boris departed. If you think things are bad now, just wait until Starmer and his crew get their hands on the tiller. Boris is still the best chance for the Conservative Party to get re-elected despite the critics pointing the finger at Partygate. I would like to see the media actually supporting someone in power for a change. We need to get out of this current mess so let’s do the right thing. Boris for P.M. now AND FOR AS LONG AS HE BREATHES!

  8. Totally agreed. In Red Wall seats like mine in the North West…people DIDN’T vote for the Conservative Party…they voted for Boris! Without Boris, the next Election is lost.

  9. Does anyone believe the soap opera going on in this Tory government
    Every day more backstabbing more lies more behind the scenes mutiny
    Boris must be so glad to be away from all of this nonsense
    Hunt is never a chancellor Truss or Rishi are never PM material as a long time supporter I am left wondering where are the true politicians or are there none
    Unless there’s a big change Labour will have a bigger majority than when Boris won us the last election for us

  10. We have got to put Boris backhe is the only one that can get out of this mess he is our only hope all this is about having cake in lockdown its pathetic realy he is best pm since maggie thatcher come on Boris John son come on Boris you can do it XXXX

  11. Sunak may be clever in an investment banker’s dictionary but he has no common sense. How else could he believe he could remain a permanent resident of the US (by continuing to hold a Green Card) and be the U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer?
    How could he hand out £ millions to Covid fraudsters and not be able to get the money back? He is no true Conservative.

  12. I always love Alex Story’s posts thank you again Alex You have spelt out exactly what has happened I joined the party when Boris became Prime Minister It is absolutely disgraceful how he has been treated We need him back and with the upper hand will clear out these remainers and no gooders


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