What a wonderful week it’s been here in the #UK (5th July – 11th July 2021).

The Three Lions have roared into the Euro 2020 final this evening at Wembley (bring it home boys!). The United Kingdom has signed a free trade deal with Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. That’s 70 trade deals signed since Brexit. Jobs are being created across the country, investment is flowing onto British shores and Priti Patel is also tackling the UK’s asylum system with a Landmark Borders Bill and an historic removals agreement with Albania. We also welcome home many of our troops who are starting to return from Afghanistan.

Let’s hope we finish off a great week with a magnificent ending and football also comes home. Good luck England!

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10. ‘Science Superpower’ Britain to provide genomic sequencing across the world

Public Health England (PHE) have this week announced the first group of countries who will receive genomic sequencing support through the New Variant Assessment Platform (NVAP). The NVAP was announced in January by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) as a means for the UK to offer support to countries that lack the capability and capacity to effectively identify, assess and track new SARS-CoV-2 variants among their population… click here

9. Huge green jobs windfall for the North-East and Yorkshire

More than 1,000 jobs will be created and safeguarded across the North-East of England and the Humber in a UK offshore wind production boom thanks to more than £180 million of private investment, Business & Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng announced this week. On top of their own private investment, offshore wind manufacturers SeAH Wind Ltd and Smulders Projects UK will each receive grant funding out of the £160 million Offshore Wind Manufacturing Investment Support scheme, announced by the Prime Minister last year as part of his Ten Point Plan… click here

8. The Queen awards the George Cross to the National Health Services of the United Kingdom

The National Health Services of the United Kingdom have been awarded the George Cross by Her Majesty The Queen. The award comes in recognition of 73 years of dedicated service, including for the courageous efforts of healthcare workers across the country battling the COVID-19 pandemic. The George Cross – the highest civilian gallantry award, equivalent to the Victoria Cross – has only been bestowed collectively twice before, and today marks the second time it has been awarded collectively by Queen Elizabeth II… click here

7. £226m package to support vital bus services

Bus operators across the country will benefit from £226.5m in government funding to help ensure they continue to run vital services as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, Roads Minister Baroness Vere has announced today this week. The funding will run from September 2021 to April 2022 and will support operators across England, outside of London, cementing the Government’s commitment to level up transport links as passenger numbers begin to return to pre-pandemic levels… click here

6. New plan to make Britain global leader in innovation-focused digital regulation

The digital sector is one of the UK’s most dynamic and important industries. It contributed £151 billion to the economy in 2019, attracted more venture capital funding (£11.2 billion) than Germany and France combined in 2020, and employs more than two million people. A new plan to boost economic growth and help the country seize the potential of digital technology will be launched. The Plan for Digital Regulation aims to reduce red tape and cut down on cumbersome and confusing policy so businesses are freed to come up with new ideas, grow their firms and create new jobs and prosperity… click here

5. Landmark Borders Bill to enter Parliament

Those who enter the UK illegally will find it harder to stay under fundamental reforms in the Nationality and Borders Bill entering Parliament this week. The government’s “fair but firm” New Plan for Immigration, first published in March 2021, set out the most radical changes to the broken asylum system in decades. It will prioritise those in most need of protection while stopping the abuse of the system. Home Secretary Priti Patel said: “For too long, our broken asylum system has lined the pockets of the vile criminal gangs who cheat the system. This isn’t fair to the vulnerable people who need protection or the British public who pay for it. It’s time to act.”… click here

4. They’re coming home! Our troops are starting to return from Afghanistan

As Operation TORAL, the UK’s contribution to NATO Resolute Support, draws to a close, a small number of UK military personnel will temporarily remain to support the transition to a new phase of UK Government support to Afghanistan. Operation TORAL has been the UK’s mission in Afghanistan since the end of UK combat operations in 2015. In line with the orderly and coordinated withdrawal of NATO Forces which began on 1 May, the Prime Minister confirmed this week that the UK will now withdraw the majority of our personnel from the country… click here

3. Priti Patel signs historic removals agreement with Albania

New agreement allows the UK to remove Albanians with no right to be in the UK as government speeds up return of Albanian criminals. Home Secretary Priti Patel has this week signed a new agreement to remove Albanian nationals who have no right to be in the UK, as part of a two-day visit to Tirana. The signing comes days after the Home Secretary’s plans to overhaul the immigration system were laid before parliament in the Nationality and Borders Bill, which will make the New Plan for Immigration law… click here

2. United Kingdom signs free trade deal with Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein

Following agreement in principle last month, the United Kingdom has moved quickly to sign a free trade deal with Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, locking in tariff-free trade and securing greater access for United Kingdom firms. It is the most advanced trade deal that Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein have ever signed, with gold standard provisions in digital trade, mobile roaming, and business travel. It will slash tariffs and offer new duty-free quotas on exports of high-quality British food and farm products and support jobs in every corner of our country… click here 

1. Good times never seemed so good as England’s lions roar into Euro 2020 final

Fans across the country have been celebrating England’s 2-1 win on Wednesday against Denmark in the Euro 2020 semi-final. Some 60,000 fans watched the semi-final live at Wembley, with millions more cheering on from pubs and living rooms across the country. In extra time Harry Kane’s penalty-kick sealed the deal and secured the Three Lions’ place in Sunday’s Euro 2020 final against Italy. “Unbelievable… what a game though, credit to Denmark,” Kane said. “We dug deep and we got there when it mattered. We reacted really well… we’re in a final at home, what a feeling. “We know it’s going to be a very tough game against Italy we’ve had a great tournament so far. One more game to go at home and we can’t wait.”… click here

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