Red Arrows: A great British flypast before Euro 2020 final

Photo credit: Red Arrows - Copyright MOD 2021

The Red Arrows will be flying over a number of locations in the UK on its way to Wembley this evening.

The acrobatic planes will start at Bournemouth at 7.27pm before travelling over Wiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and South Bucks as they make their journey towards London.

It will take them 21 minutes to reach Wembley from Bournemouth and then the squadron will fly over Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire on the route back to their base in Lincolnshire.

The RAF iconic display is set to fly over Wembley Stadium at 7.48pm.

Around 65,000 fans are expected to cheer on the squad at Wembley, in one of the biggest crowds at a sporting event since the pandemic began. Millions more fans will watch anxiously on screens around the country. 

Image shows the Royal Air Force Acrobatic Team (The Red Arrows) about to conduct a flypast of Windsor Castle earlier this year on the occasion of Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday. UK MOD © Crown copyright 2021

The full Red Arrows route is as follows – although subject to change if there are any unexpected circumstances:

1. Bournemouth Aerodrome – 7.27pm

2. North of Verwood – 7.29pm

3. West of Tisbury – 7.31pm

4. East of Devizes – 7.34pm

5. North of Andover – 7.37pm

6. West of Newbury – 7.39pm

7. West of Reading – 7.41pm

8.West of Henley-on-Thames – 7.42pm

9. North of Maidenhead – 7.44pm

10.North of Slough – 7.46pm

11. Wembley Flypast – 7.48pm

12. East of Willesden – 7.49pm

13. North East of Hertford – 7.52pm

14. West of Huntingdon – 7.57pm

15. North West of Stamford – 8.01pm

16. South East of Melton Mowbray – 8.03pm

17. West of North Hykeham – 8.08pm

18. RAF Scampton AD – 8.10pm


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