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Once again there have been oodles of positive news stories coming in from across the UK this week (13th – 19th September 2021).

Britain’s ship building industry is being supercharged, our new Foreign Secretary is already seizing global trade opportunities, the UAE have announced they will be investing billions onto British shores and a massive £650 billion is to be ploughed into British infrastructure projects saving hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Plus here at the Conservative Post we had our first birthday this week. What a joy it was to discover too that our birthday falls on Battle of Britain Day! Did you see the spectacular photos of the Royal Air Force Typhoon Display team retracing the footsteps of the heroic Battle of Britain pilots? Makes you proud to be British.

Here are our best read news stories from the last seven days. Good things are happening.

10. United Arab Emirates to invest £10 billion in priority UK industries

The UK Office for Investment (OfI) and Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala Investment Company, this week signed an agreement at Downing Street to significantly expand the UAE-UK Sovereign Investment Partnership (UAE-UK SIP), a framework for investment announced in March 2021. Over the next five years, the UAE-UK SIP will drive a significant increase in investment across a further three sectors: technology, infrastructure, and energy transition, as well as build on the existing programme of life sciences investment… click here

9. Britain is ‘well-placed and ready’ to seize global opportunities of future trade says Truss

The UK is already making significant headway in building more successful trade routes with the largest growing economies in the Indo-Pacific. The UK has already launched negotiations to join one of the world’s largest free trade areas, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and will shortly kickstart negotiations with India, as well as Mexico and Canada. The scale of the future opportunities is laid bare in a new report published by the Department for International Trade – the Global Trade Outlook – which identifies two major trends that underpin the UK’s strategic approach… click here

8. UK Shipping Concierge launched to support and guide maritime businesses into the UK

The new 24/7 worldwide service will be responsible for boosting the nation’s maritime sector, by offering a proactive service to any maritime business that needs assistance with navigating government departments. The UK is a traditionally strong maritime nation, and the UK Shipping Concierge has been designed to ensure the nation is always able to deliver on this reputation by making it easier to set up a business, new or established, in the UK… click here

7. RAF Typhoon display team retrace steps of heroic Battle of Britain pilots

The Royal Air Force Typhoon Display team have retraced the footsteps of the heroic Battle of Britain pilots, known as the “The Few”, by flying over the white cliffs of the southern British coastline for the anniversary of the Battle of Britain. The Typhoon, callsign Blackjack, which is based at RAF Coningsby made several passes along the landmark as part of their return flight from the south coast after a successful four days of displays at the Bournemouth Air Festival… click here

6. UK set to supercharge shipbuilding industry

The founding of the new National Shipbuilding Office is a significant milestone in the UK’s shipbuilding renaissance. The Office will be responsible for driving forward one of the Prime Minister’s key domestic priorities across government, working in close collaboration with the sector industrial partners and supply chain. Rear Admiral Rex Cox has been appointed as the Chief Executive of the new organisation. With over 30 years-experience in the Royal Navy, Rear Admiral Cox worked as the Defence policy advisor for Her Majesty’s Treasury from 2015 to 2018 and most recently served as the Head of Capability Planning in the Finance and Military Capability directorate of the MOD… click here

5. £170m investment for the next generation of Royal Navy submarines

Design work for the next-generation of Royal Navy submarines is underway following the award of two contracts to UK industry, the Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has today announced. Two contracts worth £85 million each had been awarded to BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce to deliver design and concept work for a future Class of Royal Navy submarine. Over the next three years and supporting 350 jobs in the process, the contracts will deliver design work to inform a future decision which will help define the replacement approach for the Astute Class submarines – the nuclear powered fleet of submarines (SSNs) currently in service with the Royal Navy… click here

4. Hundreds of thousands of British jobs supported in record £650 billion infrastructure investment

A record £650 billion infrastructure investment will support 425,000 jobs a year, according to a new Infrastructure Pipeline launched this week alongside the Government’s latest Plan for Jobs Progress Update. In the most ambitious National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline to date, the Government sets out how £650 billion of private and public investment will be implemented in infrastructure projects across the country over the next decade – creating new opportunities for thousands of apprentices, technicians, graduates and skilled workers… click here

3. MOD awards £72.5m contracts for cutting-edge laser and radio frequency technology to UK industry

The MOD has awarded three contracts worth around £72.5 million to UK industry to produce advanced laser and radio frequency demonstrators as part of the Novel Weapons Programme (NWP). Known collectively as Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), these next-generation technologies could revolutionise the battlefield and reduce the risk of collateral damage. The systems are powered by electricity and operate without ammunition, significantly reducing operating costs, increasing platform endurance and providing unprecedented offensive and defensive flexibility to personnel on the frontline… click here

2. UK launches plans to capitalise on new Brexit freedoms

New plans to capitalise on the freedoms from Brexit so that our rules and regulations best serve the UK national interest have been announced today by Minister of State at the Cabinet Office, Lord Frost. Thousands of individual EU regulations automatically kept on the statute book after Brexit – known as Retained EU Law – will be scrutinised by the Government to ensure they are helping the UK to thrive as a modern, dynamic, independent country and foster innovation across the British economy… click here

1. UK, US and Australia launch new security partnership

A landmark defence and security partnership has been agreed by the leaders of the UK, the United States and Australia today which will protect and defend our shared interests in the Indo-Pacific. Under the ‘AUKUS’ alliance, we will enhance the development of joint capabilities and technology sharing, ensuring our people are kept safe from harm and reinforcing our shared goals. AUKUS will foster deeper integration of security and defence-related science, technology, industrial bases and supply chains. AUKUS is a concrete articulation of the UK’s ambition, made in the Integrated Review, to deepen defence, security and foreign policy ties with like-minded allies across the globe. The agreement reflects the unique level of trust and cooperation between our three countries, who already share extensive intelligence through the Five Eyes alliance… click here

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