Conservatives and Country are calling out… Please add your name to our letter


Dear Patriot,

Thank you for loving our country as much as we do. We need your help.

Ipsos have just recorded their lowest EVER vote share for the Conservatives since they began polling in the 1970s.

Lord Frost warned if MPs don’t act now “there will soon only be smoking rubble left,” a sentiment echoed by MP Simon Clark who called to replace Sunak immediately “or face a decade of decline under Starmer.”

How bad are things going to have to get before Conservative MPs wake up? Are they going to wait until they’ve lost their seat at the General Election or will it be after Starmer’s been in No10 for a few years and the country is on its knees? We need to wake them up. 

We DO still have time to win the next election and keep Labour out of No 10 but many of us feel Rishi Sunak needs to go

Polls suggest our best chance of winning is with a new leader who is properly conservative and stands up for Britain. Who cares what anyone says about our Conservative ship having yet another new captain… it’s better than the prospect of a Labour Government! 

National surveys show replacing Rishi now could win back vast swathes of voters, especially the ‘don’t knows’ and those who have jumped to Reform UK. Unbelievably when blind tested even 1 in 5 Labour voters say THEY TOO WANT conservativepolicies!

The following letter will be delivered to Rishi Sunak asking him to resign before it’s too late. It will also be sent to Conservative MPs. We need their no confidence letters to go in now.

PLEASE add your name to the letter by clicking this link (takes 2 mins).


  1. Dear Mr Sunak

    Admit it, you’ve failed.

    You no do not have the support or respect of the voters, therefore, to salvage anything from the mess that you have created, you must resign forthwith.

  2. I would be very surprised if Lod Frost actually said, ‘We’re going to lose bad’. It should, of course, be ‘lose badly’ so I cannot add ny name to this letter, not just because of this but also it gives no indication of who is suggested to take his place and what their policies will be.

  3. If you start sending the dinghys back to France now you all might stand a chance if not you are all gone and labaled as liers


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