Conservatives need to coax ‘electoral winner’ Boris back as Prime Minister, says Lord Greenhalgh


One of Boris Johnson’s closest associates has said he will need encouragement from his supporters if he is to mount a bid to return to Number 10.

Lord Stephen Greenhalgh spoke out about reports in the media saying Mr Johnson could stage a political comeback.

Speaking to GB News, Lord Greenhalgh said: “The membership certainly wants him back. We need to recognise that but equally we need to recognise that we have a sitting prime minister and Boris will want him to deliver.

“He is, after all, first and foremost, a Conservative and it was a successful administration, but you know, he’s certainly very keen to set out what he feels very, very concerned about and I personally predicted that I thought he would return as Prime Minister because I think he’s the best bet.

“But Boris needs to be coaxed back. He’s not demanding to be put back in Number 10. We need to encourage him to do that.”

Lord Greenhalgh also quoted the Conservative Post’s poll from last year which was emailed to 10,000 confirmed party members in October asking who they would have voted for in the leadership election had they been given the chance.

3932 Conservative Party members responded with a whopping 3540 saying they would have voted for Boris Johnson given the chance. Only 173 would have voted for Penny Mordaunt and 219 would have voted for Rishi Sunak. 

This equates to former Prime Minister Boris Johnson winning 90% of the members vote, current PM Rishi Sunak winning 5.6% and Penny Mordaunt winning 4.4%.

Asked by Stephen Dixon if Mr Johnson was a divisive character, Lord Greenhalgh added: “What divides the party is losing and Boris is an electoral winner, dynamite.

“He’s a remarkable politician, nobody could have secured an 80 seat majority but Boris.

“People who understand the mechanics of elections know that the person that the Labour Party fears the most is Boris Johnson.

“I know you want to zero in on divisiveness, but recognise that here’s someone with a force for good that will bring real power and electoral clout to bear and gives us our only realistic chance of winning the next General Election.”


  1. I truly believe Boris is the best PM we have had in a long time, he puts his country first always, gets jobs done. The majority do not believe the MSM allegations against Boris, we need Boris Johnson back in his rightful place in No.10. Members want him back now. Boris once said he would stay or come back if the members and voters needed him, the members have ALWAYS wanted him and so do the majority of the public, including the red wall voters. Please come back.

  2. Absolutely. The party will be decimated at the next election without him. All those whose thwarted him will be out of a job and serves them right. He alone has a mandate to lead the party.


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