Poll shows 90% of party members wanted Boris and now 58% of them WON’T vote Conservative at next GE


“This is what happens when you disenfranchise the electorate and the members of the Conservative Party by replacing a democratically elected Prime Minister with an unelected one. You lose their trust. Unless Boris is reinstated before the next General Election the Conservatives will be in opposition for a decade’ – Lord Cruddas.

A new poll shows 90% of party members would have voted for Boris Johnson to be back in No 10 had they been given the opportunity to vote in the recent leadership race and 58% of them will now not vote Conservative at the next general election.

The poll conducted by the Conservative Post was emailed to 10,000 confirmed party members which is the largest database of members outside of Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ). 

3932 Conservative Party members responded and voted in the poll that was conducted between the 24th and 27th October 2022. The poll read: 

Dear Conservative Party Member, Please take part in our members poll so we can see how you would have voted had you had the option of Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak or Penny Mordaunt becoming the leader of the Conservative Party / Britain’s next Prime Minister. Please note only Conservative Party members (with valid membership numbers) will be included in the results. 

Members were then given the option of voting for either Boris Johnson, Penny Mordaunt or Rishi Sunak. All members also had to disclose their membership number and area association before casting their vote.

The results which have been overseen by experienced director of strategy and party constitutional expert Mike Rouse shows 3932 members responded with a whopping 3540 saying they would have voted for Boris Johnson given the chance. Only 173 would have voted for Penny Mordaunt and 219 would have voted for Rishi Sunak. 

This equates to former Prime Minister Boris Johnson winning 90% of the members vote, current PM Rishi Sunak winning 5.6% and Penny Mordaunt winning 4.4%.

  • Boris Johnson – 3540 (90.0%)
  • Rishi Sunak – 219 (5.6%)
  • Penny Mordaunt – 173 (4.4%)

Members were also asked “Assuming you voted Conservative in 2019, who will you now vote for at the next General Election?”

Of the 3932 respondents, 2281 (58%) of the party members said they would not vote Conservative at the next General Election and 1651 (42%) said they would. 

Conservative Post editor Claire Bullivant said: “We knew Boris was popular with the members but this result is astounding. It just shows Boris would have won by a landslide against Rishi. 

“But sadly the coronation of Rishi, who members already voted against when he stood against Liz Truss, has left the party membership broken. In fact not just broken, totally shattered. 58% of the members who responded to our poll said they wouldn’t now vote Conservative at the next election. This is obviously worrying. 

“These dedicated members are the party’s boots on the ground… the people who wake up early on a Saturday morning to knock on doors. They’re the people who hold raffles to raise money, deliver leaflets, make phone calls… they’re the life, soul and spirit of the Conservative Party in towns and villages across the country and many of them are saying they are walking away from the party.

“They’re telling me the one who stabbed their chosen leader Boris in the back is now wearing his crown. They’re furious. I am being inundated with emails and messages saying exactly that.”

Conservative Peer and former Party Treasurer Lord Cruddas who helped lead the Conservative Post’s Boris Ballot in the summer said:

“This is what happens when you disenfranchise the electorate and the members of the Conservative Party by replacing a democratically elected Prime Minister with an unelected one. You lose their trust.

“Unless Boris is reinstated before the next General Election the Conservatives will be in opposition for a decade.”

Former Conservative parliamentary candidate and one of the organisers of the Conservative Post’s highly publicised Bring Back Boris campaign, Alex Story said:

“The removal of Boris Johnson in July was the end of British Parliamentary Democracy. In succeeding, the coup have given the signal that the electorate can now officially be ignored and by-passed. 

“If a man who won 14 million votes and an 80 seat parliamentary majority can be removed just because a small group don’t like him, how much easier will it now be to ignore any politicians in future? I’m sure the membership are fuming.” 

Indeed in Folkestone & Hythe, Conservative Association Chairman Stephen James said he has seen his membership decline. The Chairman told the Conservative Post:

“Since the coronation of Rishi Sunak, a number of members have resigned their membership of my Conservative Association. They are not resigning because their candidate didn’t win, they can accept that, they are resigning because they feel disenfranchised. Voting on who leads our Party is not only our right – it is our power, without it, they do not see the point in being a member.”

Reform Party leader Richard Tice said that since Boris Johnson was forced out of office he has had thousands of former Conservative members join his party instead.


  1. I was not one of the members polled but agree entirely. Boris would have won by a landslide and si ce he gave the party an 80 seat majority, he should never have been removed as leader. It was disgraceful and undemocratic. I have now cancelled my membership and will not vote conservative in the next election . Sadly I think we have to prepare for a labour government, ad terrible as that will be.

  2. So sad that our party has ignore the people vote. Destroyed our party, so ashamed in the traitor MPs.
    Sunak can think he is king of the castle, a big fall when we vote in the general election. We want him out and the traitors out. We will suffer badly at the election. Until Boris is back we will be on the back foot.

  3. This happened because Graham Brady destroyed democracy by not giving the members their vote , I have not left the conservatives because I hope Boris will be back before the next election , we all feel safer with Boris at the helm he s the peoples PM

  4. I was not one of those polled either, but of course I would have voted for Boris to be reinstated. And the members’ vote is the only reason I became a member too; I am condemned to a forever red-wall constituency, so my vote at any general election is meaningless, whether I want to vote Conservative or not. I’m sure there are many more like me out there. Let’s take the only “Con” out of the Conservatives, and get our rightful leader back in office, before it’s too late.

  5. As a Party member, I voted for Boris just as I did in the GE.
    I’m disgusted that there appears to be no democracy in the Party. I’m totally disillusioned by them. But what’s the alternative? Let Labour in???
    Unfortunately, I don’t think the Reform Party would get enough votes to win a GE. So where does that leave me 😕.

  6. The 100 MP backing required was deliberately set up by Graham Brady and The 1922 back bench committee to ensure their favoured candidate was put in to Downing St without a vote. Just goes to show You there is now no democracy in the conservative party, it will no doubt come back to bite them at the next GE, serves them right. The leader with the 80 seat majority thrown to the minority wolves.

  7. I too am a Member but was not asked to vote. The result is exactly as I expected it, and is also how I will vote at the next General Election. I will sadly turn my back on the Party and my cross will be given to Reform.

  8. I was a member until yesterday when my subscription ran out. Which I wont be renewing. This small few which i expect is led my Graham Brady and his 1922 committee have ruined the conservative party. How we have gone from a 80 seat majority with the prospect of being in power for another 2 maybe 3 terms to struggling to last out the last 2 years of this term is unbelievable all because of some selfish own agenda seeking prats I don’t.
    Now we have unelected Sunak with Hunt by his side both which have been rejected, between them the country will be in deep recession, basic economics tells you not to bite the hand that feeds you, ie. Industry rising the corporation tax, along with other taxes will just finish off numerous small businesses who are in debt up to their eyeballs because of the lockdowns and are just being to get back on their feet with a long journey still ahead of them, only to get another kick in the teeth, but then Sunak give nearly 12billion to other countries and expects the Taxpayer to sit and do nothing just pay their taxes, well I for one have had enough of this party after 40 years of voting conservative, no more.

  9. I have been a life long Conservative voter. The party and MP’s have behaved disgracefully no democracy in the party. No one voted for Sunak or Hunt. I have cancelled my party membership and I will not vote Tory at the next GE. But like others where do I go now – certainly not Labour!

  10. if the conservatives are to have any chance of winning the next election They need to get rid of the 1922 committee and restore democracy to the party. we can have no more back bench coos like this.

  11. I have been a conservative voter since Margaret Thatcher , from Boris being forced out , I now have no confidence in this Remainer led Conservative Party ,feel totally betrayed and realise that our democratic vote in 2019 has now been destroyed ,Rishi is not my Prime minister and as for hunt , ,he should never have been brought into government ,And as for the civil servants ,they need sacking ,they are not government and should never be allowed to dictate and think they rule Downing st, the British people pick the MPs and put them into parliament not the civil servants ,they are behind the witch hunt against Boris and all of the Conservative Party now through their vindictiveness have destroyed the Conservative Party ,Shame on them .

  12. If the Conservative Party want to win the next general election ,they need to remove the 22 committee , and restore democracy in the party and put the vote to the members to decide who will be Prime minister . I never thought that in Parliament there would be a coup. , I have voted for the Conservative Party since Margaret Thatcher ,but now I doubt If I will be voting for the party again , the Conservative Party has lost its way.


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