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Here are our 15 best read and most shared positive news stories from the last seven days (24th – 30th October 2022):

15. UK secures £89 million deal to export British aerospace goods and services to Brazil

Government support has provided a boost to the British aerospace industry in UKEF’s first deal with leading Brazilian aerospace manufacturer Embraer, the third largest commercial jet manufacturer in the world. Securing UK exports to this major manufacturer means UK goods and services will be embedded in aircraft that fly 145 million passengers globally every year… click here

14. NHS launches world-leading laser beam brain surgery to treat UK patients with epilepsy

A world-leading, fibre optic laser therapy for people suffering with epilepsy who have not responded well to other forms of treatment will be rolled out on the NHS. Offering hope to thousands of current and future NHS patients, the cutting-edge laser treatment, targets the part of the brain that is causing the seizures without the need for invasive surgery… click here

13. British Armed Forces to benefit from £45 million contract for life-saving explosive devices protection system

British soldiers, vehicles and UK military bases around the world will receive innovative digital protection against remote and radio controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) through a £45 million contract with British industry. Under the contract awarded to Team Protect, the work – called Project CRENIC – sees UK military experts collaborate with small and medium businesses during the next five years… click here

12. Britain’s national synchrotron facility reports £2.6 billion impact

An updated report reveals that the UK’s national synchrotron facility, Diamond Light Source, has had a £2.6 billion impact on UK science and economy since 2007. The impact is rooted in the delivery of almost 12,000 journal papers on findings from research carried out at Diamond. The UK taxpayer contributes only £2.45 annually towards Diamond’s world-changing science, less than the cost of a cup of coffee… click here

11. Oxford University crowned world’s best university

The University of Oxford has been named the best university in the world for a record seventh consecutive year in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2023. The rankings, announced at the THE World Academic Summit in New York, rate more than 1,600 universities from around 100 countries globally. The University of Cambridge placed third… click here

10. Government approves agreement between Bulb and Octopus Energy, providing certainty to 1.5 million customers

An agreement was reached overnight between special administrators of Bulb and Octopus Energy, the UK government confirmed this week, in a move that will protect consumers and taxpayers. Bulb’s special administrators have been running a competitive and extensive sale process within the market for Bulb in recent months and have now reached a final agreement which will see Bulb’s 1.5 million customers transferred to Octopus Energy… click here

9. UK to offer world-first genetic testing to deliver rapid life-saving checks for babies

The NHS will be able to diagnose and potentially save the lives of thousands of severely ill children and babies — within days rather than weeks — with a world-first national genetic testing service. Announcing the groundbreaking new service at the first-ever NHS genomics conference in England this month, NHS chief executive Amanda Pritchard hailed it as the start of a “new era of genomic medicine”… click here

8. England on course to become first country in the world to stop new cases of HIV before 2030

The NHS in England is on course to become the first country in the world to stop new cases of HIV before 2030, by offering a full armoury of HIV-busting drugs. Thanks to a series of national deals struck by the NHS, 87,000 people currently being treated for HIV and 61,000 people receiving preventative treatment, will be able to receive the latest HIV drugs, wherever they are in England –  with the benefit of improving treatment and reducing transmissions… click here

7. Police shut down 172 drug lines and seize drugs worth £2.7m during intensification week

Police forces have closed 172 county lines used by criminals to sell drugs across the country with 1370 arrested and over £2.7 million worth of Class A & Class B drugs seized. County Lines is the term used to describe drug dealing where mobile phones are used to supply drugs from large cities to towns and rural areas… click here

6. British Army’s new Apache attack helicopter makes its debut in the field

The British Army’s new Apache AH-64E Attack Helicopter has made its first outing into the field. Exercise Talon Guardian has seen 3 Regiment Army Air Corps take a 1,500km road trip over two weeks, establishing itself at three separate locations to plan and execute attack missions and maintain the state-of-the-art helicopters. Apache pilot Captain ‘H’ said the switch was “like changing your mobile phone from a Nokia 3310 to an iPhone 14”… click here

5. Pride of Britain: Royal Navy sailors recognised after saving 27 men from burning ship

The Pride of Britain Awards this week heard how sailors led a four-hour mission to save 27 men from a burning ship in towering seas, in one of the Royal Navy’s most dramatic rescues ever. David Groves and Alex Harvey are truly inspirational – showing true grit in the face of real and immediate danger. Their ship, the HMS Argyll, was returning to Plymouth following a nine-month tour of duty in the Pacific when they received a call for help… click here

4. Over 50,000 female police officers now in forces

Women now make up over 50,000 police officers in forces in England and Wales following the unprecedented drive to hire thousands more recruits. The figure of 50,364 women in the 43 police forces achieved this week means there are now more female police officers pursuing criminals and serving the public than since records began – making up 34.9% of the overall workforce. The government is on track to deliver its manifesto commitment to recruit 20,000 additional officers by March 2023, with 15,343 extra police now hired – making up 77% of the target… click here

3. British manufacturer Gordon Murray Automotive completes first phase of new £50 million global HQ in Surrey

British manufacturer Gordon Murray Group had this week announced the topping out of the first phase of an all-new global headquarters and technology campus construction in Windlesham, Surrey. Construction work on the historic site, encompassing an all-new manufacturing facility, R&D and customer sales suite, officially started in June 2021. The state-of-the-art facility is on track to be fully completed by the end of 2024… click here

2. BRITISH MANUFACTURING: UK commercial vehicle production at highest level since 2011

UK commercial vehicle (CV) production grew by 53.6% in September, with 11,979 vans, buses, trucks, coaches and taxis rolling off British factory lines, according to the latest figures released this week by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). September output levels reached their highest since 2011, marking nine months of consecutive growth in reaction to robust demand for UK-made vans at home and in key export markets… click here

1. Joint UK and French operation brings down suspected people smuggling network

Six people have been arrested after joint work between the National Crime Agency and French authorities led to the dismantling of a people smuggling network storing boats in northern France. Four boats and motors, as well as 133 lifejackets, were seized from a lock up garage during the arrests. The NCA is working closely with French police in a Joint Intelligence Cell, with NCA officers on the ground in France exchanging intelligence and working to build investigations into suspected small boat people smugglers… click here

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