‘Get a leader the people actually want and like’ say angry Conservative party members


Two thousand Conservative party members were last week asked what they would say to the Conservative MPs if they could gather them all in a room.

2,086 people who were verified by CCHQ as being Conservative party members in 2022 answered the Conservative Post survey that was carried out across the UK from the 29th to 31st January 2024.

The survey, almost three times bigger than the Conservative Home poll carried out each month which shows the most popular members of the Cabinet, has highlighted huge discontent in parts of the party as well as identifying who the Conservative Members want as leader.

At the end of the survey the members were asked: If you could gather all the Conservative MPs in a room and say one thing to them, what would you say?

MPs please read what the Conservative party members want to say to you…

Restore the basic premise of true conservatism, protecting the rights of law for abiding citizens with the emphasis on discipline & defined punishment for those that violate the law, principles & cultural moral values of the UK.
Remember what being a conservative is supposed to mean. Take more control on the staff in Whitehall, root out the ones who deliberately undermine the requirements of the elected members of parliament. Reduce the amount of current staff, and get them back into the office, prohibit working from home.
Why are you rejecting common sense and ignoring the views and values of the majority of ordinary people for a juvenile display of ego and playground politics ? Why is the party of aspiration and low taxes now seen as a spent force and your core values no longer seem to exist. I have no heart in being a pro-active member,when the likes of a toxic presence such as unelected Dougie Smith is being paid for by people like myself. I despair.

LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE! You have reduced the once great Conservative party to rubble in removing by innuendo, falsehoods and down right lies the elected leader of the party Boris Johnson so that your prefered puppet could be crowned PM.

Sort yourselves out or resign. Accept Brexit it’s what the people want not you think of people you represent .Listen more to the people and sort out devolution Wales is being destroyed by Labour it can’t continue.

Get a grip
Sort out the things you said you would in your manifesto, but it is ESSENTIAL that the boats are stopped and the continue with the levelling up agenda.
Britain first
Stop your jealous in-fighting and back stabbing.  Put your career progression on hold.  Work with your fellow MPs even if you don’t like them!  Run the country!
Do what the people who voted for you want. This doesn’t appear to be happening.
Get some balls and dump this useless technocratic leader now.
Cease the infighting and present a united front against Labour. A tidal wave of socialism is about to overwhelm us. Act now to prevent it.
Be Conservative
Stop working for your own agenda and work for the people of this Country who voted you in and gave you an 80 seat majority at the last election that you have disgracefully squandered. We are still waiting for your to initiate the results of the Referendum and clear this country of EU rules & diktats. Given that Rishi Sunak formulated a Cabinet that consisted of 60% Remainers was appalling. The Civil Service needs to be routed of it’s Woke Agenda so too the Education system.,  But the main priority is that you have allowed illegal immigration to continue we have lost our culture and London as our once proud Capital. Your tenure since the last election has been disgusting.
Bring back Boris
You need to unite together under a proper ‘leader’ with charisma and genuine British Conservative values. Since you ousted Boris there has been no-one to fulfil this role. You should bring back Boris.
Stop bickering
Start telling the truth, build trust and focus on the mess that a win for the Labour Party would create. Get back to conservative values and be strong rather than chase fads and trends. Create some clear differences in policy between Labour and Tory. It is my opinion that we need a major shake up in the country following the lethargy and paralysis caused by the overlong coronavirus lockdown, which has pushed people away from work.
For God’s sake respect the members who elect the leader and give them a chance, so stop bickering and serve for the country
Get together and stop bickering for the sake of the country and get rid of all the ex primeministers
Back stabbing children. Sulked when boris was elected with a 80 seat majority then allowed brady and his bunch to remove him. Failed to sort out the civil servants and openly encouraged the home office to destroy the country with illegal infux.
You were disgusting getting rid of Boris, so cruel to the British people .you are now very woke and more a blue Labour than Conservative
Get your act together, stop acting like spoilt pathetic brats, you are killing the Conservative Party! You are supposed to be working for your constituents not for your own pathetic image.WE NEED THE BOATS STOPPING, STOP ILLEGALS, STOP GIVING THEM ALL THE FREEBIES LEAVING OUR OWN HOMELESS AND VETERANS,  THESE NEED TO BE DEPORTED NOW!!! SORT OUT THE CRIME IN THIS COUNTRY WHICH HAS GOT 100%WORSE. PEOPLE ARE SCARED TO LEAVE THEIR HOMES, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY WE SHOULD BE SAFE AND WE ARE NOT. YOU ARE ALL TO BUSY FIGHTING AMONGST YOURSELVES TO SEE WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THESE UNDESIRABLES!! Unless drastic change is made and a miracle happens within the party you are all doomed, so will the people of this country!Sunak needs to go and a responsible leader put in place. Someone who will work with the British people and not for their friends or their own means!  WE WANT BORIS BACK!!!
You’ve betrayed all those people like myself who have been loyal to you for a lifetime.
Get back to being Conservative, stop illegal migrants, you are letting in an army of young men. Get legal imagration down to under 100,000,stop allowing imagrants to be paid less than living wage. Speaking English should be a priority before anyone thinks about applying to come here. The police need their role in society reworded so they don’t stop the English flags flying or stopping songs of praise being sung. Stop allowing children under 18 to change sex or to dress as opposites to their born agenda while at school.
They voted for their own demise when getting rid of Johnson.People voted for Boris not the Conservatives

Look at the mess you’ve made of our once beautiful country which is rapidly descending into third world. You should all hang your heads in shame and with a few notable exceptions none of you deserve my vote!
Why have you all become cowards and not put the British people first….our cultural and values are slowly disappearing
Start by being honest with the electorate no back door policy’s
80 seat majority and you blew it ! Shame on you

Get your act together and do what everyone wants you to.
Get a back bone , go back to Conservative values, and show the country what you stand for, and drop a lot of the green agenda
Should not of ousted Boris. Would have won the next election. Now they will lose the election.
Grow up and start focusing on the mess that has been of your own making. Get over the Brexit vote and start working for the country not against! We are Europe’s neighbour so get over the fact that you now have to think for yourselves instead of being dictated to by the EU
In 2019 the country voted for conservatism, can you please be conservative.
You need to grow a back bone and look after this country, not every foreign country .   Put us first above all else
Be Conservative! Value Great Britain and British people first. Return England to being English.
Get a grip go back to your roots and stop taking for granted that you can ride roughshod over peoples rights. Remember you’re here to serve the country and its population, you are so out of touch with the people.
Cut taxes, grow the economy and stop illegal immigration.
Stop behaving like spoilt public schoolboys bullying and fighting each other and get on with the job we pay you for… prioritising the security and safety of citizens and running the country’s economy efficiently whilst making use of cost/benefit analyses to be able to show us that you wish to ensure you are not simply frittering away and wasting taxpayers money on publicity gimmicks and becoming a woke nanny state.  We don’t vote for you in a popularity contest or to feather your own nests, we vote for you because we want to believe you have our country’s and our families’ best interests always paramount in everything you do whilst understanding that you cannot please all the people all of the time… but at the moment you are not pleasing anyone but yourselves.  Suggest you start by getting rid of all of those civil servants who are still fighting against giving up the perks of the EU gravy train, so apparently seek conspire, mislead and block all of the potential we expected from getting Brexit done.
Bring back Boris Johnson  and back him 100%
Bring back Boris Johnson ASAP
Become proper Conservatives or get out.
Unite as a party! and work TOGETHER to get the Great back in Britain!! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
John redwood would be your better choice for PM to get the governance of the UK back on track. Policies need to include the reduction of the civil service and layers of beaurocicy we the tax payers are paying for as in quangos NGO mayroal offices etc plus reverse ALL of Blair and Brown’s reforms asap
Support your leader and stop the infighting
To stop all in house fighting. It is turning which was once a great party, which I was proud to be a member of, also which I have supported for 60+years. Please get the pride back into our party and stop all the back stabbing. This is now out of control. The party was never ever a laughing stock or so far down in popularity as it is now.  They are supposed to be intelligent people running the party, they need to start acting as such. Many are turning to Reform as they are sick and tired of the inhouse fighting and the damage it is doing to the Party. If you are a true Conservative (as I am) you will sort it out before it is too late.  You are losing members, which is a very difficult thing to get back.
You must all hang together or you will all hang separately! You would be well advised to note the priorities the actual electorate are clearly showing. Cut immigration both illegal and legal. End student dependent immigration. Increase recruitment to the forces but end the obsession with Diversity and Inclusion. They are irrelevant. Overhaul devolution which is tearing the country apart. Concentrate on economic policies that promote growth and repeal the Equalities Act and actually replace the HR act with a British Bill of Rights.
You are going to lose the next election, focus on the one after that with a leader that can win and will be there for 4/5 years leading up to the 2029/30 election
Why are you all conspiring to run this country into the ground
Be Conservative. Control illegal and legal immigration. Stop the boats. It’s all getting out of hand,protect and control our borders.people no longer feel safe,no one knows who’s coming into the Country across the Channel.  This is what Brexit promised us. Put the people of this Country first,house own own first. Stop pandering to the wet Liberals in the Party. Put a stop to the Wokeness taking over our Country. Oust the London Mayor,he has to many powers. Look at London now. Make stop and search compulsory. Cut taxes for hard working people and stop giving benefits to people who have no intention of working for a living. Stop putting endless amounts of money into the NHS and tackle the root cause. Paying thousands to Diversity Managers. Waste runs all the way through the NHS.
I never voted Conservative before the brexit vote and believed borris and your party would put our country first, You have not listened to the public that put you in your jobs as MPS, you have just gone back to your old ways stabbed your leader in the back over a piece of cake that was in is place of work as many workers did all over this country during the pandemic, most of you just put your own leader in to run our country and to stay inline with the EU and as done  nothing at all about all the illegal economic young men flooding into our country, our country is not safe anymore I am worried sick for my grandchildren and all the children growing up in our country there  is no law and order or respect. And making david Cameron a lord just so he could be in your parliament and answer to no one. That was the final straw for me.  N davies
Stop being Liberals in disguise !
You must uphold democracy, get rid of Sunak & stop all illegal immigration.
Wake up you are losing the voters, become Conservative again with a capital c, curb the wokeness and get some pride back in this country
We need to return to traditional Conservative values and policies. We need a strong leader who tells things as they are and is not afraid to speak their minds even if unpopular. We must invest more in defence. We must become self-sufficient in food production, and manufacturing.We should have learnt from history that we do best when we are capable of standing alone on our own feet and demonstrating to the world what a firm democracy can do.
Boris was forced out because of brexit by people who had no right to vote him out I voted him in as did the majority I will not vote conservative with this in voted leader

Get your act together stop all this in party fighting and be 100% Conservatives and not wimps
You’ve betrayed Britain and it’s people. The leftist one nation conservatives amongst you don’t deserve to call yourselves conservative, you have failed Brexit and every person who voted for it.  You have caused untold damage to our country and our society by allowing mass legal and illegal immigration to continue at ruinous levels. When I walk the streets of our cities and towns, I no longer feel at home or at ease in my OWN country. The very Britishness of Britain is being swept away and what you lot are putting in it’s place looks very dangerous. I truly do fear for my grandchildrens future and what sort of country they will inherit. Because of your ruinous governance.
Stop publicly arguing among yourselves and slagging other individual members of the Party, especially leadership possibles.
Keep to your Word , Remember why you became a Politician and why your constituency’s elected you , For all your pledges and promises you make ,You forgot  It should be gospel instead you agree and then disagree, Stop thinking about your next promotion and stick to the job in hand , Stop starting a new Role only then only to give it up or get replaced by another thinking some how the public will give you brownie points , Inconsistency never pays , Reliability ,Assured and committed is what I want to see , Have heard the talk but not yet seen you do the walk !!! Its infuriating I have always been conservative but you took it too far ganging up on Bojo all for self gain and not for the will of the people , Media made a frenzie of it and it was allowed and of course the Lefties loved it, and now look at us its all gone so terrible wrong , this country is not what I was brought in ,I miss the old England specially London as grew up there but had to leave as no longer safe friendly and definitely not English
Boris gave you an 80 seat majority and you threw that away! He’s not perfect ie going for 0% green issues – courtesy of his wife – and forcing USELESS HEAT pumps etc on us! He IS the only person who can save the party from obliteration at the next GE. I think many in the party are not ‘Conservative’ enough and have been ‘persuaded’ by EU policies. I only voted for Boris as he campaigned to leave the EU, he stood up for our country. Sunak is a lightweight – unsuited for PM job, no-one pays any attention to him. Rich – OK but bounced in by the rich! Boris is the only 1, along with Nigel Farage, who stand a chance of winning the public! WE ALL KNOW THAT! DO YOU?
Since you forced Boris out look at the state of the party not fit for perpas it’s falling apart Boris had the biggest turn out, now most conservatives are turning to reform, never in my life time have I’ve seen a government in this state MPs looking after their own interests instead of doing what the eleterate voted for ..
Stop the boats now.Deport the illegals.Control our borders.Leave the ECHR.Support British people first.By stopping the illegal imigration national crisis we are in, we would then help with national debt, housing, strain on the nhs and schools. Fire up British manufacturing and become self sufficient, helping growing different sectors, improve the economy and become a global exporter of goods. Thanks.
If you do not act right of centre you will be out of power indefinitely. Your policies are not conservative enough. They are lukewarm and in some cases plain wrong. Taxes on business far too high, defence investment to low, quangos and civil service lack complete leadership resulting in abysmal service to public, too many good British companies sold off, BBC anti British, British values and culture lost to wokeness,why still in ECHR when it works against us. In short everything being done which Thatcher a true conservative would not do. If you can’t act on conservative values, what is the point of you?
Grow some
Stop treating people like idiots. We can see through the spin and hopeless pr. No more career politicians needed thanks. Genuine conviction politicians only if you want to survive. Prioritise the safety of British citizens above all. Stop islamification, globalisation, woke and trans nonesense, and, kill net zero NOW
Step out of the playground, stop back stabbing each other! Stick to your principles and look at the bigger picture! 
No human is perfect, had you all stuck together as a team instead of so many MP’s throwing their toys out the pram you would be entering an election year with Boris at the helm and Kier would bot have number 10 in sight! 
Disloyalty is a very unattractive trait, and Rishi should not have resigned when he did. 
PS. As a woman in her 50’s I find it difficult to comprehend how woman’s rights appear to be more compromised now than they were in the 1980’s – there was so much hope then!
You’ve ruined the party and the trust of the public. Get your act together or Labour will win the next election
Think of our country and it’s security!
I don’t trust them anymore, even if they put in a right of centre leader if they won the election, they’d remove them and put back in one of their globalist shills again. Not sure I can ever vote for them

Pull together and stop divisiveness. If you don’t then you are inviting Labour to win. A divided and weak party is bad for the country. Sort yourselves out – NOW. If you don’t, I for one will be cutting up my Conservative Party membership card. What on Earth does it take to sort your mess out? Very disgruntled….🙁
Simply use your common sense.  Anyone coming here illegally has committed a crime and should therefore  be sent back to France. They should only be accepted if they Legally apply to to come to this Country, have a job to go to, have the skills we need, have a firm offer of a home to rent or buy. No job/home to buy/rent, we cannot afford to finance them,  They must do what our own citizens  have to do, get a job and save, while working, (No Hotels should be taken over to take in illegal immigrants). If they don’t work they will not have access to free medical services  (Cutting the numbers of citizens on our NHS waiting lists) Those in the cabinet who are not MP’s, but Lords who have been uploaded to the Other House when ousted from their previous positions, We have not voted  for them, and they have no right to be there causing pandemonium. this is not a a Democratic way to run a Country
You should unite as one party and support your elected leader.   Listen to the population and support policies to help them .  Governments job is to provide the infrastructure to motivate people to succeed not batter them into the ground.  The drive for Net Zero is punishing every member of society and driving us in the wrong direction.   You should not pull your punches when attacking Labour.  If today’s problems can be tracked back to them then shout it from the roof tops ie immigration,  benefits for migrants, wokism, blocking the extradition of violent criminals. I am having difficulty voting for a party which is removing freedom of choice and has become dictatorial.  Making me buy an electric car, making me  buy a heat pump.  These measures have been delayed but not cancelled. Closing old power stations before replacements are operational.   Involving our threadbare armed forces in overseas conflicts.   I could go on but it will be boring so buck your ideas up or else l and millions like me won’t vote
Get together and cut out all this back stabbing cos it’s the only way to win the election !
I hope the Conservatives lose the next GE so they can rebuild. However, the rebuild process will only be successful if the party moves to the centre right, which means that One Nation Tories like Cameron shouldn’t have a say in party matters anymore.
If you value your position in the ruling party of Government you all need to unite as a Party and take heed of what your electorate have been saying otherwise you will all be history at the next General Election.

I have voted Tory since I was 19 in 1979. Getting rid of Boris Johnson without the public vote was the start of the rot. This was an error in my opinion and things have deteriorated dramatically since. He wasn’t perfect (who is?) but he had enthusiasm and passion for this country, above all, he was popular with voters. The same with Liz Truss, she was removed and Rishi put in charge, completely ignoring the party members vote, so what’s the point of being a member? The Tory’s achievements should be sung from the rooftops, the many trade deals post Brexit for instance, we barely hear about them. Is it any wonder those who voted for you and Brexit are disillusioned? Labour need do nothing in order to win the next election other than take a ringside seat and watch the Tory’s dissolve into chaos. If the Conservatives have any hope of staying in power my advice would be listen to Richard Tyce and Nigel Farage they talk a lot of sense especially on illegal and legal immigration. I did not vote for mass immigration.

Bring Back Boris
Stop trying to pacify the woke left. They are never going to vote for us and they are ruining the country.

You forget your place. We the people are sovereign and we decide who runs this country. It is for you to sell your parties manifesto to us and for you to deliver on that manifesto should you be voted in. You ignored and trod all over your members and now you want us backI along with many others voted for Boris, because he loves this country, he put this country and its people first. He is positive about our history and our future. He is a down to earth, educated without pomp, a charismatic people’s person. A person who, like most of us makes mistakes, a real person. A little dishevelled and a bit of a clown now and again but loved all the more for it.There is a saying, if you tell somebody they are stupid often enough they will live down to that expectation. It also works the other way. Constantly telling the people of this country they should be ashamed, pay retribution, are racist, homophobic will ultimately destroy the heart of the people and the country with it.
Bring back Boris and be stronger on real Conservative policies.
Stop illegal/many legal migrants. Build social housing for this generation and cap private rents at the same level as social housing so it’s truly affordable. 
More police on the streets – bring back water canons for left wing destructive protestors and activists Stop wokeness in schools and universities and government departments

Your aim must be a culturally coherent and financially stable society.To achieve this you must first counter and remove the rampant and insidious socialist (woke) ideology which promotes the delusion that there can be equality of out comes, wherever it occurs, in education, business, institutions and government departments and replace it with a philosophy of equal opportunity with out comes based on merit.
Can all Conservative MP’s who are not Conservative leave the room or learn from other CONSERVATIVES?
Bring back our elected leader otherwise we the public will not vote for the back stabbers who removed Boris
Stop with all the back. Bitting  and try working together
Drastically reduce all immigration, not just illegal
I would say time to stop appeasement politics Don’t  sacrifice British industry to ridiculous net zero. Its time to get a grip on finances. Nothing has stuck in my gut as the ending of steel manufacturing in Port Talbot and I am talking quality steel not recycled scrap and this while a Conservative government in power, unbelievable and unforgivable.

Do not lie and mislead the public, carry out the promises you made in your 2019 manifesto which are the wishes of people who voted for you, and if you do not believe in conservative values then do the decent thing, resign and join the lib-Dems, or just go away …
Stop all immigration.
Reduce the public sector, it’s a seesaw and it is out of balance with the private sector. Public sector luxuries can only be had if the private sector is larger and therefore capable of financing it. Many of the civil service are fifth columnists and have actively worked against the government and their numbers need reducing by a significant proportion.
The Conservatives need a leader with Charisma and drive. Someone who is out there in the face of the Electorate. Rishi unfortunately comes across as having neither of those characteristics. Having said that Starmer is worse, and we know that if Labour get in, then he will be the first casualty.
How dare you decide to remove a Prime Minister that had given you the biggest majority of your history – against the wishes off those who employ you, and who democratically voted him in. How dare you abandon all Conservative values – against the wishes of those who employ you, and who voted for those values. You are a complete disgrace.
Sort yourselves out

You all have a fight on your hands, a fight for the self inflicted demise that some off you have created by forcing Boris Johnson to resign.Your first action is to request a full and detailed explanation from Sir Graham Brady on his actions in this and explain his connections with Mr Sunak on choosing him as PM, his reasons for refusing the members of the Conservatives been able to vote in electing a new PM at that time and to ensure that the appointing of Lord Cameron does not interfere with further party advancements in correcting the conservative demise. I would also ask that you you seriously consider the return of all the historical Regiments that Lord Cameron disbanded during his term as PM whilst agreeing to the defence white paper review of that time. By doing so it will give back the pride to our younger generation to think again about their attitude to joining out military. This would also be aided by returning to our streets local recruiting offices with military staff in place.
I have always voted Conservative but they lost my support when they got rid of Boris Johnson. I will probably vote conservative this time but I am apathetic towards the party after the way they treated  Mr Johnson. He brought excitement and interest into politics, but now I have no interest in helping them or engaging with them.I think the party needs to split into two separate entities as everyone can see how divided the party is.  The biggest problem for me with the conservative party is most of the MPs are really Liberal Democrats in disguise.
Our elected leader was forced out. Then our elected replacement forced out. To say I am unhappy is an understatement. We need to take the party back.
Like Penny Mordaunt said “your comms is shit” and stop back stabbing and arguing, be stronger against immigration and protesters.
Grow up and use common sense, stop putting the majority of people down by pondering to the woke agenda and if you say you do not know what a woman is and there are more than 2 genders you will never get my vote
Start acting as true Conservatives again!
Time to get decent and true Conservatism back in the Houses of Parliament, the ones we have now should be on the opposition benches
Stop fighting each other, you make yourselves and the membership a laughing stock.I voted for Rishi and I want to keep him
I do not believe with this stupidity of Net Zero, it is terrible, you will put many people out of work, there will be no transport.Also to use electric this is what it takes  :- “The stupidity of the human being!Here comes the Tesla battery.To produce it you need to excavate:12 tons. of rock for Lithium5 tons. of cobalt minerals3 t. of mineral for nickel12 tons. the mineral for the copperNeed to move 250 tons. of land to obtain:12 kg of Lithium13.6 pounds of nickels22 kg of manganese6.8 kg of Cobalt100 Kg of Rams200 kg of aluminum, steel and plastic.The Caterpillar 994A used to move this earth consumes 1000 litres of diesel in 12 hours.Here is the “zero emissions” car.The biggest scam in history. “
Migration resulting in a huge population which the infrastructure cannot support is the main cause of a lot of problems . We cannot save the World and we have taken in a large number of legal migrants but we cannot go on and on doing so. We must look after our own.
Any idiot involved or supportive of the defenestration of Boris Johnson should leave the room and not come back. That includes anyone who voted to support the ludicrous verdict of the privileges committee. The party is where it is because of them. Kemi Badenoch played a significant role in Boris’s downfall and will not be forgiven and neither will her ‘friends’ identified in Nadine Dorris’s book – The Plot.I first voted in 1979 for Margaret Thatcher. With the exception of two European elections I have voted conservative in every election ,national or local, since. Rishi Sunak has been a disaster and my local MP moved against Boris. I can vote for neither. The only way I could vote conservative or rejoin the party is if the party had a new leader who was not tainted by involvement in the coup to remove Boris. It would be preferable if they held conservative values too.

Implement the promises made in the election Manifesto first. Make Brexit happen. We can then make our own laws to regulate both Legal and Illegal Immigration. Rejig the Legal route first as this will bring respect and a strong fair stance will help reduce the illegal and take away loopholes. You need a new strong leader to do this and before the next GE. There are many Conservatives just waiting for a sign of a new strong vision, fair, less wasteful. Reduce the numbers , and the bias shown by the HOL and the Civil Service. Have only elected people in all places of Power. Make a genuine stance against internal corruption and the waste of Tax payers’ money. If an MP walks across the floor then there should be a by election. Most candidates unless previously elected are unknown to us and then we vote politically. The General Public will get back to trusting you to do your jobs knowing you are thinking of the UK and its residents first and foremost. This is not the end it is in your hands.
How do Conservative MPs justify their inexplicable ousting of Boris Johnson after he won them an 80-seat majority? It seemed to me that as soon as Boris took on leadership of Brexit there were concerted, unprecedentedly vicious attacks and character assassination from MSM including broadcasting media, Labour (of course) and now we know, from elements within the Conservative Party. On the scale of Blair’s illegal war, dodgy dossiers, bribery of UN nations (I could go on) and Corbyn’s support and campaign for IRA terrorists even as they were bombing us, Boris’s so-called crimes seem very small and largely trumped up by media.Why did certain Conservatives not support him in what amounted to a witch-hunt, why did he win a vote of confidence and then get bullied out over Chris Pincher who’d already been employed by Theresa May?Conservative MPs put the country at risk, causing instability for no reason. Why should I, as a Conservative, campaign for them when they hand power to Labour on a plate?
Why have you wasted an 80 seat majority & why do you keep on asking &/or taking notice of undemocratic, left wing, British hating individuals & institutions like: UN, European Court, Human rights Lawyers, Judges etc, etc?????Why is it that this country keeps putting the rights & demands of gobby minorities, over & above the law abiding silent majority????Why is this idiotic & broken so called justice system, allowed to keep making ridiculous rulings, again taking the rights of the law breakers over the rights of the law abiding majority?????Why do we nolonger live in a functioning democracy?????The voting public elect governments to govern in our name, you have asked our permission to do things (think illegal immigrants) we gave you that permission with an 80 seat majority, so why don’t you ignore the likes of the UN etc & get on with it??????
Put your hand up if you are a real Conservative, the rest of you please leave.
Do you truly believe you know better than the membership the direction in which the Party and the country should be heading?
To all of you conservative mp,s in the room, you were voted in overwhelmingly in 2019. I voted you in because I was worried about the level of migration (legal and illegal) coming into our country. Since coming to power I believe you have never had the desire to cut any immigration. 5 years into power, and the levels of migration have sky rocketed. We really need to ignore or come out of the echr on this one. Could anyone of you explain how a teacher can be in hiding from a Muslim mob in 2024? Also could any of you explain how another teacher is in prison for refusing to use a child’s preferred pronoun?Can you explain how Christians in Great Britain get arrested for silently praying on our streets. This is all in the name of diversity!Why do British people get treated worse than illegal immigrants. I worked 53 years. Started at 15, and retired at 69. Paid my whole life into this country, but people come here illegally and get more than me.I want a proper conservative gov, to work for the British people.
please bring our beloved country back to which it deserves to be for example lets put the Great back into our beloved country . Lets have compassion towards all men women and children . Lets give the police force their bobbies back on the beat lets give the nhs every support they need wether it be pay rises more hospitals more qualified nurses and doctors this country was the very best at one time i know with the right people to run the country we will return  to that greatness again
The people voted Conservative because of the leader in power at the time and it’s outrageous that the party can change leadership against the people.Change the system to protect the elected leader.Margaret Thatcher once said if we cannot return people back to country of origin then we will face chaos and loose control.Chaos is here now, no one listening.Get tuff leave the ECHR and create our own laws that suits our country.Later this year the WHO could be given extra powers, it should only be a guideline not into law otherwise unfriendly countries will decide our fate for future lock downs and health.Crack down on woke and Anti British ideas for it’s a great weakness that is spreading fast.
You need to deal with illegal immigration Get Boris back
Rishi is a WEF stooge , he wasn’t elected by the British people, and wasn’t even voted in by party members !  A total stich up , disgraceful!
Time to step up and make the party truly Conservative again! If not then the party should split with the group that leave to either set up a new geniune Conservative party , or join the Reform party .
In power for the past 14yrs, our so-called ‘leaders’ have meekly followed the dystopian globalist’s agenda and have  – Committed us to the infantile, ruinously expensive and utterly witless ‘Net Zero’. We look like gulible idiots to China and India. – Decimated our armed forces.  – Boosted immigration to horrific, unsustainable and destructive levels. Cultural conflict will be the legacy of this naive fantasy. – Crippled the country’s economy, sold off the UK people’s assets and mortgaged our childrens wealth to foreign ‘investors’.  – Imposed the highest levels of taxation. Ever.  – Condemned thousands to pointless deaths as lockdown collateral damage. Imposed obvious mask and vaccine nonsense. Look likely to gift the UK’s sovereignty to the UN with the WHO’s crazy IHR revision and Pandemic Treaty – Allowed the woke takeover of all institutions and the civil service.
You need to elect leaders who will FIX ALL OF THOSE before you’ll ever get a working majority ever again.We are not stupid.
implement BREXIT, and stop the boats…………. this is what you were voted in for
Stop the in fighting. You are doing the Labour Party’s job for them.
Get a grip and be Conservative!
Remember which party you are supposed to be representing and stop being Labour Lite
Stop the in fighting, be more loyal to their leader. Get a grip on what’s happening. To many people in the country, compared to the infrastructure we have. Nothing works due to this and it will only get worse. Common sense seems to have gone out the window be brave and turn the boats around. why on earth you allow just anyone in the country, tag them and hold them until they are clear, they will soon get the message. Re the Rawanda bill take it to a Public vote, see if we think it’s safe and stop allowing things to drag on. Get a back bone and do something about all the strikes. Do something about small businesses, re the vat threshold you have not changed it in line with materials, expenses etc going up. For example my husbands a builder and he will have to go vat registered soon because of the cost of materials adding to the invoices, then if he’s got to put vat on our concern is the work he will lose and it putting his business at jeopardy. town centres are dying, over heads to high and footfall down.
I’ve voted staunchly Conservative in every election I’ve been eligible to vote in over the last 56 years. You should all be thoroughly ashamed of you disgraceful, pathetic behaviour over the last 4 years and I fail to see how I could ever bring myself to vote Conservative again. Is that clear enough?
We must have a leader that will abolish the freeze on tax thresholds and stop the massive influx of illegal AND legal immigration.
Embrace basic conservative values in unity
Tackle illegal boat people immigrationReduce business tax to encourage town centre shopping to returnResolve doctors and railway strikes. Give doctors fair salary increaseMake wokeness a thing of the past in every area of society
The demographic vote for leader of the Conservative party by its members should be honoured and given a chance, not someone who suits the influence of the so called blob.Unite together as a party and get your priorities right.

Get across a positive message.  Publicise what has been achieved and instil confidence about the future under a Conservative government.
Stop going against one another. Continue with the priorities but stop going soft get the job done, who cares if you offend someone you’re there to make the big decisions that others are too scared to do.
Stop illegal immigrates.  Be a true Conservative
Massive, massive mistake in getting rid of Boris Johnson !!

Cameron vowed to reduce immigration to 10’s of thousands, he lied, its out of control, currently 750,000 per annum, all immigration needs to be drastically cut back not just illegal immigration. The Home Office are working against the democratically expressed views of the British people, sadly the Conservative Party has already blown it, I am disgusted.
I will not contemplate voting Conservative with Rushi Sunak as Leader of the Party.
Govern this country for the BRITISH people (including Northern Irish people, those who want NI to remain part of the UK, that is), as the job of government is to PROTECT IT’s OWN citizens.

Sort out immigration fast I am sick of paying for all these illegals!!!
We are in for an enormous defeat in the next election unless we change our leader.
Get back to being True Real Conservatives.   Not Leftie Liberals like Cameron, May, Rishi etc.,

Remember Margaret Thatcher stabbed in the back by John Major , don’t we ever learn lost the next GE.
that you have all lost your way. you are out of touch with the normal electorate. you are not listening to the majority of your constituents. you need to get back to REAL Conservative ideals and morals. denounce all the wokeness.
A big part of the Conservatives didn’t like Brexit and there lies the problem they didn’t like the fact that Boris was getting things done nor the fact that there is no other politician with the following he had ..the trifling things he was accused of when the opposition are far worse but no they let the media tear him to pieces bit by bit till the voters started to believe the lies ..Boris is the only one who can bring this country back together again and we need him sooner rather than later ..Boris is a man for the people who loves his country and was elected by the people in contrast to Sunak who we did not vote for and has done nothing to bring the conservative voters back !
Stop all the infighting and stick together stop all this woke nonsense
Put the unity of the Party first when it comes to the Political Process Put the people of the UK first when it comes to the political agendaPut your party members as your important partners first rather than your individual disagreements with those MPs in the Conservative Party which are creating division and dislike  within the general public of the party As for a new leader to worry the Opposition Party’s including Labour at the next G.E. I would suggest strongly a new name and one who carries no baggage from the last five years of division, in fighting and stabbing one another in the back. This new person would now require integrity, initiative and ability with an attitude to campaigning, I have one person who comes to mind who has the RIGHT approach and she doesn’t know I’m suggesting her but she has made an incredible impact on this area since being elected here, her name is Anna Firth MP a woman of great intelligence and a great skillset
You were elected with a 80seat majority and because of mp’s putting personal ambitions ahead of the country and party you have squandered it. You should have achieved a better brexit, followed the Australian system for immigration,(grown a backbone) radically reduced the numbers in the House of Lords possibly by them having to be elected every 5years, cut benefits to people who have a aversion to work, kept the civil service in check, Covid is over we don’t need to work from home or let the tail wag the dog, remember your duty for defence of the realm, bigger defence budget, the Cold War is back. I congratulate you on how fast you rolled out a vaccine for Covid and i understand that it was all consuming but was it really necessary to back stab the party leader for a after work drink with colleagues who he had been associating with all day? Or did Covid only strike when you had a drink? Some of you should  read and then reflect on Oliver Cromwells 1653 speech to parliament and be ashamed.
Well, the true conservatives need to work together, not split into factions over small differences. If they did, they might have a majority in the party.  No 1 priority is immigration, not just illegal immigration!
Stop infighting. Gather behind one leader. Put personal feelings aside and think of the country. Be honest – don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Make our streets safer. More community service for crimes. Use criminals to clean our streets and Bring back national service, teach self respect and manners in school. Promote farming and grow our own produce. Create a nation of farmers and producers. Keep producing steel. Make the UK as self sufficient as possible. Be less reliant on imports. Introduce identity cards. Empty the prisons of non British criminals send them back home. Punish crimes with extradition. Stop the trans movement from destroying common sense. Protect women’s sport and safe spaces from trans wokery.
Let’s all work together
Stop the fighting in the Party. All behaving like children in junior schools. Probably handed the the next election to a party with zero ideas simply due to party squabbling.Boris was voted in and hounded out by things he wasn’t always aware of at a time when we were inundated with Covid etc. the staff at number ten were no better, and should have been reprimanded also, not just Boris. Also the BBC are well biased.
Take a grip and stop all the infighting. Show some leadership. Make one plan and stick with it for the sake of the grandchildren.

Start listening to the people not woketard, elitist, ecotwat, hand wringing, pronoun using, illegal loving, leftards.
What the hell did you think you were doing getting riid of Boris Johnson not only elected but popular and people listen to him.
as a member im furious that they got rid of Boris. labour were scared of him because they couldn’t beat him
The remainer wets are a disaster and a disgrace, not democratic, not principled, not “One Nation” but No Nation. How dare they betray our party and waste a splendid majority, and for what?
Democracy has been abandoned
Get a new look Conservative Reform party…By working with Reform to put one true  ‘conservative’ thinking person forward in each constituency, so the vote is not split, thus letting Labour take the seat in traditional Conservative areas.
Then true conservatives will then go out and vote, and the PM will have to listen and act accordingly, rather than trying to please everyone and ends up pleasing no-one.
This is an important, imperative move, better than changing the PM at this late stage perhaps…
Clear out the rebels that are undermining our Party , get back to Tory values , all have to accept Brexit or they must resign , and BRING  BACK BORIS JOHNSON ! We VOTED HIM in as our PM !How dare they kick out an Elected Prime Minister with such a huge majority ! They should hold another Election if not happy, it’s OUR PARTY !!!
Stop infighting and join together to keep labour out of no. 10

Pull together, stop bickering and back-biting
Time to resign
Stop this infighting, stand behind you MEMBERS elected leader, back what the voters voted for a real Brexit, stop this Woke ” we are sorry for our past please forgive us” attitude be strong confident don’t worry what the MSM might print, expose what the Left-wing Liebour party are all about and stop being mealy mouthed, reform the 1922 committee and get rid of their weak non conservative prejudices, leave the ECHR tell the EU where to go, be tough on left-wing legal add, then the conservative may have a chance on winning the next election

Get Brexit done and adhere to the wishes of the British people to stop illegal immigration and reduce legal immigration to those who will genuinely contribute without they and their families/dependants being a drain on the finances of the country. Stop all dependants of foreign students coming to the UK. Voters are weary, tired, depressed, almost suicidal about the apparent inability of government and the civil service to get things done. I don’t care about Downing Street “Partygate” or “Pinching by nature” or who knew what and when. Make things happen – and quickly!   Otherwise, you will be forced to step aside for people who will. The time for hesitation, delay and kicking things into the long grass while you take a salary and expenses has gone!
Bring back hanging!

Stop listening to the IMF, OBR, BoE and focus on growing the economy by cutting Corporation Tax, cutting Public Sector employees by 50%, cutting income tax, restoring Capital Gains Tax Free amounts, firing Andrew Bailey and putting Julian Jessop in as Govenor. Make the Rwanda scheme water tight and fly out ALL boat people if necessary funding a camp there to hold them until their applications can be considered properly. Block all visas for overseas workers/students except those with a pre arranged job paying in excess of £75,000.
Deliver the manifesto on which you were elected, stop pandering to sections of the electorate who will never vote for the party, rebuild our armed forces immediately (Manpower, up gun patrol vessels, anti ship /cruise missiles, restock munitions given to Ukraine) leave the ECHR, remove the blob that are influencing the party, get a grip of immigration (Stop benefits as a start, make it unattractive as possible)
Stop arguing amongst yourselves, it makes the conservatives look weak and pathetic.  Get behind and Support our present prime minister.
You blew it. Big time! You gained an 80-seat majority in 2019 because the electorate supported and had belief in Boris Johnson. You had an exceptional opportunity to restore and advance traditional Conservative values and policies following the disastrous Blair/Brown era and centrist Cameron/May years. But you blew it. Big time!You refused to support, backstabbed and damagingly removed democratically elected leaders ( BJ and LT), yet screamed for party loyalty once you got the leader a majority of you wanted all along.You’ve done next to nothing to reap the benefits of Brexit, probably because so few of you truly supported the vote, and I’m not even an ardent Brexiteer.Highest taxation levels for 70 years…Sluggish growth and low productivity levels…You’ve poured endless money into public services and the NHS without any demand or requirement for improvement or restructuring…You’ve turned a blind eye to the thousands (millions) who claim benefits yet work illegally under the radar, or simply
Changing leaders now would make little difference as the one nation conservatives would block anything radical.
START LISTENING TO THE VOTERS! Get out of your Westminster bubble and agree as a Party to tackle the issue that concerns the vast majority of Conservative Party members and the country, many of whom have been voting Tory for decades, as I have, and that is STOPPING THE BOATS (i.e. turn them round, stop RNLI and Border Force from picking them up in the Channel). Additionally significantly REDUCING LEGAL MIGRATION to under 100,000! The costs to taxpayers of keeping illegals and dependents of legal migration are huge, so tackling these will reduce significantly the costs to taxpayers, when those monies could be put to building homes, improving education, the NHS and other public services. I’ve been a Tory voter at EVERY single General and Council election since 1968, but I cannot and WILL NOT vote Tory at the next election until you act upon the wishes of members and voters and realise that illegal and legal migration are the MOST IMPORTANT issue.  Start deportations and ignore the ECHR, better still, LEAVE
If the One Nation Conservatives cannot adapt real Conservative policies please go and join the Lib Dems.
Grow a spine and start looking after the indigenous of the country!  OUR safety and well-being should come first.  Leave the ECHR and round up ALL illegals and deport them. Stop all housing, benefits to these scrounges.  Detain them not encourage them by providing 4/5* accommodation to the ingrates!  They HATE us! Read the room for goodness sake. Strengthen our borders and stop ferrying freeloading, fighting age men into the U.K!!!!   Every single day- you are endangering we, the people/your constituents with your inability to do the job we chose you to do.   I’m a lifelong conservative voter/member. I’ve cancelled my membership because YOU ‘selected’ sunak! Not our choice! you have done NOTHING with the 80 seat majority. Shame on you all.   I am now politically homeless thanks to you lot.
Stop fighting and think about the country and the party first and foremost.  Most of the MPs are a disgrace, putting their own amibitions first (that includes Rishi). The Conservative party needs to unite, even if it means putting their own beliefs aside.
The country is not functioning in so many ways. MPs need to get back to implementing dynamic reforms in immigration policy (not just illegal immigration) education policy (supporting children to integrate by eradicating disruptive religious, identity and gender-based  influences).  Policies need to be developed which allow for businesses and manufacturing to massively increase productivity to ensure we can afford excellent public services. You are the elected representatives and as such need to ensure the civil service works for you, not the other way round. You need to reflect on the divisive and self indulgent way many of you have behaved in the past and unite behind a leader who has already demonstrated the vision and charisma necessary to defeat a socialist agenda. If you are unable or unwilling to do this, you need to make way for others who can.
I don’t want to lose my MP, Iain Duncan Smith but I fear he is gone unless this party changes direction. Unfortunately he is endorsing Sunak.
They need to lower taxes to grow the economy ,Get rid of wokenessSpend more on national security , increase the army and ammunition as a threat – we are not prepared for a larger scale disaster although we all want peace. Ending public sector strikes Get people into work and off benefits
Listen to the party members and public, stop looking after themselves and their own agendas embrace the opportunities of Brexit
Listen to your constituents. Agree  priorities based on what you hear from constituents and what you promised in your 2019 manifesto and concentrate on those. When you are interviewed answer the question . Don’t try to deflect. Accept responsibility for your decisions and actions and apologise for mistakes. Stop pandering to the media and activists. Stick to your priorities and make sure progress and successes are reported widely.
Illegal immigration and associated costs are crippling your chances of election successPerceived 2 tier policing is ruining credibility – Just stop oil etc and protests week after weekPut Holyrood under more scrutiny and make it accountable for money and policies – a one nation approach should be taken for taxation for example.Raise education standards throughout the UKScrap talk of conscription – the way the UK is now what would we be defending?Stay out of the middle east. Recognise that the UK is not a world power anymore (nor is the USA) and thanks to devolution in Scotland and Wales we are unlikely to be United together or against a foreign power.Above all put citizens of this country first.

Get your act together for the sake of this country. You got rid of the man who gave you a large majority and you’ve thrown it away. Your an absolute disgrace. Stop this immigration it’s imperative, or your all out of a job.
Ditch the One-Nation Tory MPs.
All of you who support Rishi Sunak should resign, join the Lib Dems and take this useless PM with you, you shameless socialists.
Just grow up and do the job you’re being paid to do, run our great country properly, stop bickering amongst yourselves, adopt proper conservative policies, and then follow the leader 100%. And start to put the Great!! Back into Great Britain.
They are a disgrace, with their witch hunt against Boris Johnson. Also when I was a member I did not vote for Sunak. The main reason for terminating my membership was Cameron, the man who resigned over not winning remain, I do not trust him or Sunak.
STOP in house fighting and get on with doing our country proud. Select better candidates who have maturity of knowledge.
What the hell have you done to this party……The biggest mistake you have made is getting rid of your biggest asset …Boris …….Listen to the people !!!
Get back to being a true comservative party
My political leanings were formed during the winter of discontent and in 1979, was pleased to vote for Margaret Thatcher. After She was ruthlessly deposed, I really didn’t like voting for John Major as he seemed like one of the back room ‘grey men’ that had stabbed her in the back. I get the same feeling about Rishi Sunak and seriously despise disloyalty and lack of unity within the current Conservative Party. This happened before and much to my regret, I voted for Tony Blair twice! After realising my mistake, seeing the public sector and quango’s grow enormously, not to mention illegal wars, I came to my senses. If you start from the premise that most politicians are dishonest and self serving, which I believe most people do these days, then it’s very difficult to focus on a potential Conservative MP that would have the charisma and evident conviction to unify the party let alone secure a Conservative win at the next election.I have voted for every winning party since 1979 but may be protest voting in 2024
Stop behaving like a rabble and become true blue conservatives.
Honour the Bexit vote
Good luck!
Make Brexit work for businesses. Tackle illegal migrant gangs.
Not Conservative enough with too many under cover Lib-Dem MPs and to unite and fight Labour rather than fight amongst ourselves, Labour are laughing as they managed to get rid of two PMs while the Tories MPs did nothing (cowards) an opposition that has no policies
Listen to what the members are telling you.My local MP  Caroline Nokes is not interested in the members . She would be more at home in the Liberal Party.
Typical.  You have an option for illegal immigration, but don’t even mention legal (ie cons have imported ) immigration.    You have wrecked our country.   Importing millions of immigrants from around the world, not forcefully defending our borders, allowing woke/trans/anti British ideology in our schools and universities/putting up taxes/pandering to the liberal media/judges/mps/civil servants.
We must cut legal and illegal migration as a top priority and that could win us the election because the people most affected by this issue are in the red wall seats. And if possible bring back Boris and clear out the Tory wets.
If you are not committed to True Conservative Values and Policies then you need to leave the party! Reform UK represents the views of the majority of people and is more Conservative than the majority of you.
You fought to get Boris out tooth and nail. Graham Brady and his bunch should be ashamed. Boris was and still is the best PM. People relate to him, he speaks their language and understands their concerns. Foisting your choice on the country has backfired massively. The Civil Service is one of the main problems, it seems they now rule Downing St. The Red Wall seats will never be held onto until you have a leader they like and respect. Jeremy Hunt is also a very unpopular Chancellor so please do not put him as PM, we’d sooner have Rishi than him! One of the strong women MP’s would be a better alternative if you can’t tempt Boris back. Both Hunt and Sunak failed in the party votes so what makes you think they’re popular with the country??
Do you have remorse for getting rid of Boris Johnson?
Stop pursuing politics as ideology and treat governance as a responsibility, not a playground. Dump the neo-liberal nonsense spouted by the likes of Truss and Rees-Mogg and the talentless mediocrities around them, show some spine and return to traditional Tory values.
get behind leaderreduce/remove inheritance taxless emphasis on net zero

Why was Boris thrown under the bus and knifed in the back by so called friends and colleagues. Why was it so obvious that Sunak was the definitely favoured leader and proceedures taken to make sure he got it.
We didn’t vote for Sunak, this was a ploy by the Tories to get rid of Boris and Truss
MPs should have to hold big public meetings in their constituency’s to see what their votes have as priorities.Election of party leaders should be done by party members as MPs have shownthey are not able to pick a leader and stick with them.They should not be able to seek a leadership election without members permission.Most of Conservative Parties problems have need caused by ego filled MPs.
Bring back Boris Johnson and dismiss Rishi Sunak.
No “I” in Team
Listen to the voters
The biggest mistake was to get rid of Boris.
There is the door if you are not going to act conservative walk through it
Replace Sunak and Hunt with Jacob Rees-Mogg (or Boris) and John Redwood respectively and appoint cabinet ministers with similar values. I.e. people who have the best interests of the UK at heart, not the globalist agenda currently being pursued.
Then remove the cabal at CCHQ, which forced out Boris and led us to the situation we are in now
We left the EU to ensure Parliament was supreme and that our MP’s would rise to the occasion and act like proper Statesme anns women. Too many of our MP’ need to look at themselves and do better.
You have promised over and over over and over again to reduce immigration. Why have you lied to us so many times?
Support who is PM. Stop in-fighting now. Focus on your job to do the best for Great Briton not yourselves. Keep out of the pub, bring in a good few tea ladies with snacks Keep good morals no hanky panky. Keep good honest expenditure claims.
Return to Conservative values.
Ditch Sunak immediately. Apologise to Boris for all the back stabbing.
Choose a leader with true conservative qualities. Someone that shows true passion for the country and can choose similar ministers with passion and experience.Include Simon Clarke, a person I have admired for several years.
We need a leader with charisma and energy to motivate the country with hard work to make Britain great again. Boris fits the bill, he will just need a strong sidekick to stop him being too geen
Restructure or replace CCHQ and throw out Dougie Smith & Co.Ignore Conservative Home polls as I have reservations about their validity.
Need curbs on legal immigration – destroying our culture and towns
Turn on the outside light! That light, shining outside the Westminster bubble and haze, is the members and the people who voted unequivocally for Boris Johnson in 2019. We know that the direction the Conservatives were about to follow with him and did follow in Margaret Thatcher’s days (warts and all) was the right one: a great party, full of common sense, good intent and actions for a Great Britain
(Something about the Conservative Phoenix rising from the ashes of inner conflict, bickering and wokeness?)
Congratulations! Since winning the last General Election with an overwhelming majority of at least 70 seats you have knifed BJ in the back at every opportunity and brought the Tory party to the point of complete self destruction.Now those same MPs are running to the woods and are intent on self survival. They leave our once great nation threatened with destruction for without and within.None of these people care a jot about the normal voter.
Work as a Team
Time to go into the wilderness for our 40 days and 40 nights. Get rid of the hangers on and Johnny come laters.Find our soul and come up with proper Conservative policies to offer the electorate at the next general election.
Just be Conservative!
Stop the infighting.  The country needs a co-ordinated and cohesive party in which it can have confidence – not one that is constantly bickering.  Stopping illegal immigration would have a positive impact upon the other issues outlined above.
Uphold conservative values and stop the wokery!
When are you all going to start singing from the same song sheet?
Listen to the population, become more right wing. Too much legal and illegal immigration is ruining this country….too many too fast with not enough available facilities (Dr’s etc) for those who live here. Get proper control of our boarders, make brexit deliver on this, ignore the ECHR. I cannot bring myself to vote tory when time after time they’ve failed in this respect….the only party I’ll vote for at present is reform UK. Labour will probably get in so I don’t feel it’s a wasted vote, and maybe the tory party can regroup and grow stronger….its lost its way!
Stop bickering and concentrste om what you are there for and not yourselves. An election is due, so MAN UP and remember that you represent GREAT BRITAIN AND NOT YOUR AMBITIONS. Listen, think, then act for your voters. Cut it or leave. Think of that.
Get together as a TEAM and DO NOT LET LABOUR INTO NUMBER 10.  Number 1 mission it’s that easy.  And don’t believe the pols! This great country should always have a conservative government
Support and promote true conservative values and policies, be strong outgoing not weak and apologetic.Join the Lib Dem’s if you believe in liberal left ‘one nation’ policies and leave the Tory party.Basically get a grip and believe in conservatism – or leave.
Boris is your only hope.
You’re a disgrace getting  rid of an elected PM!
You let us down by getting rid of Boris and not sorting the Brexit issue properly; we are losing economic benefits by not proceeding with the benefits of being an independent country.The Conservative Party no longer stands for what I would describe as Conservative values.We have also let down NIreland very badly
Put your country first
those of you who ousted Boris and then Liz Truss (the members’ choice) are shameful and deserve to be ousted
Grow up! Stop the in-fighting! Secure our borders and get rid of ALL illegal immigrants because our infrastructure can’t look after our own never mind immigrants. Build up our security forces as quickly as possible whilst supporting Ukraine with everything we can. Help the junior doctors, pay them MORE. Sort out the NHS backlogs and build more, many more affordable houses and STOP building in flood plains. Invite many veterans to stand as candidates to introduce common sense back into the party and the country as a whole. Never trust America, their loyalty fluctuates every 4 years.
Listen to the people. Get out in the real world. Lee Anderson has the answers!
Stop arguing, start working, start listening to the electorate, sort out the greed that is ruining this country, stop the invasion of young Muslim men who have no respect for women, make sure that women’s private space is protected and that women are given the protection that they deserve.
You have wasted an enormous majority and not made the most of Brexit. Start listening to your core voters and not trying to please everyone. It never works. Get the WFH back to work, make the rail Unions obey the law and stop wasting a fortune on Woke. Fight Labour not amongst yourselves.No British passports for asylum seekers until 5 years tax etc paid. Priority for those who turn up with proof of where they come from ie. a passport. Get Rwanda sorted!
Worst thing done was getting rid of Boris. folk believed in him.they listened and liked him.think most accusations stemmed from the poison from Cummings .the person that broke covid rules etc and went on a witch hunt against Boris.Angela Rayner also was determined to oust him.Keir Starmer & co will be a disaster.Rayner promised unions the right to strike within so many days of taking office.those of us that lived through the strikes back in the day and struggled with no power etc remember only too well.
Conservatives need to reunite and put the country and our people first.ban Eu rules and stop benefits and legal aid for economic migrants.time to take back control
Act for the benefit of the country, not yourself.
Infighting /remainers /N. Ireland botch up /mass immigration. I wasn’t worried about the economy as Conservatives have always managed it safely(covid not included) After being give a clear msg off voter’s and a massive majority to carry it out. You choose to implode.

Represent the people, the voters, not the WEF, UN or EU, or the elites making up the establishment.  We pay your salaries and vast expenses.  Do your damned jobs, properly and do what we tell you to do.
Let’s get Boris pm back
Please do not publicise your differences of  opinion. Stand UNITED.
Get your act together and elect a leader who is more in touch with the people.
You need to stop all the in fighting left and right.Stop immigration. Send to Rwanda remove the house of lords total waste of money.Be conservative. Have conservative values.Sort the woke out.follow through actions such as prison sentence. For just oil etc .support the farmers get rid of Uliez you are killing London.
What have you done!!!!! You got rid of the best leader

Get a grip.
With nothing to lose, advocate policies which the quiet majority support, and do not listen to the metropolitan liberal elise, esp in the work shy civil service
I would say, you have turned into a bunch of liberals, get strong tory values and ideals and stop all these illegals setting foot on our shores

Have backbone. The time for good messages and then no delivery has passed. This worked for a long time but is now seen as deceitful. Action, action, action is needed now. Old conservatives could explain and stand up to the media, our current crop buckle to the media. Who was in charge in the Covid period Government or the media? I suggest the latter this was so wrong morally and with the outcome. Boris was the correct winner in 2019 and then did nothing with the majority awarded to him. He turned his back on those who voted for him. Look at us now: Migration – Still low points to gain entry to the UK, no control of our borders, weakened military, allowance of diversity over security, concentration on net zero at the country’s expense, no direction on energy, steel, food supply. Too many EU directives still in place, a Home Office still not fit for purpose. No crackdown on fraud during Covid by Rishi, no crackdown on benefit cheats. A system that rewards cheats at the expense of the tax payer.
Bring back Boris to save our country and get us back on the right track. He is amazing and just needs positive support.
You should all resign you have let us the  people  of this once great country down.I fear for my granddaughters  and you have done this with the mass immigration and illegal immigration  you have put on us shame on you
The party has destroyed itself over the past few years because of backstabbing and incessant in fighting.  Now MPs are realising they should not have got rid of Boris.  The country voted for Boris to be our PM for the next five years; what right did the party have to overturn the country’s wishes and then proceed with ridiculously long replacement appointments?  Neither Liz Truss nor Rishi Sunak were elected by the people and it all became a farce.I cannot support a back stabbing Sunak and as for Brexit coward Cameron the whole situation is laughable.  Just wait for liar Blair to get a shoe in if Labour is in power.  It’s all too late to stop the Tory collapse and the blame for this lies squarely on those responsible for ridding the country of its true PM.
Britain has been ruined by immigration legal or otherwise we have lost sight of the great British people in many cities especially London.The economy would help if the billions of pounds spent housing, NHS, schooling and benefits handed out liberally to imigrants. My husband and myself together are border line for any benefit after working all our lives in fact my husband actually still pays tax on his state pension I think the threshold should be raised on this subject..Owning our own house costs money in insurance ,services, repairs etc not to mention full council tax while I see everyday friends paying for nothing but seem to be able to do more with the income and handouts they get living a better life than us…even holidays abroad, regular checks as well should be made on all claimants working cash in hand doing private cleaning gardening decorating odd jobs etc,its a joke …As an aged person I also no longer feel safe to walk alone which 5 years ago did not cross my mind crime,drugs are out of control
You have betrayed our nation, prioritising personal gain over the welfare of our country. Whether through collusion, willful blindness to others aligning with globalist elites, or consistently placing profits ahead of the well-being of the people, you and your ilk have demonstrated a disregard for the values and needs of our nation. Your actions, especially during the past decade marked by events like the Covid farce, can only be described as treasonous.
It is time for a change in our representatives. Nepotism must cease, and those who genuinely aspire to serve the nation and its people with integrity should take the reins. Your arrogance in ignoring the concerns of the public and considering yourselves superior is unacceptable. We reject your lies and corruption; our eyes are wide open to see through your deceit. The honor of representing the people should be earned through genuine service, not through self-serving actions and negligence.
The referendum results hasn’t fully been honoured by those who staged the coup d’etat who want a closer relationship with the eu. Getting away from Center of politics is why I personally voted to leave the EU. Sunak joining us into PESCO was the final straw, along with with his Windsor deal keeping us regulatory aligned to the eu. Sunak and those in the party have driven coach and horses through an 80 seat majority using ego and hubris, have done major  damage to the parties reputation. Conservative values include be strong on defence, border controls, champions of free Enterprise and low taxation to encourage investment. The party has missed the opportunity for real reforms to our major services, especially those in the public sector. At least Boris Johnson was proud of his country’s abilities.
Implement Brexit, Drop Net Zero & for God’s sake start fracking! Take the boats back to France. If that means a trade war with the EU – find new markets. If it means breaking international law (although I don’t think it will!) – tough. Keep the blast furnace in Port Talbot operational at all cost! We will very likely need steel and a larger army & I can’t see how a modern technical society can exist without it. Get critical race theory & gender ideology out of schools & universities & prevent religious ideology influencing secular schools. Reform taxes & raise tax thresholds to get working families off top off credits, make work pay, get people off benefits & promote growth. Reform the NHS & reduce admin costs to less than 25%. Reduce planning regulations on brown field sites, tax breaks for developers who build on brown field sites & build more houses! Decide who you want to represent. People who are never going to vote for you or the huge majority of voters who proved they wanted a Tory government in 2019.
Bring back Boris, and bring back Britain. If you don’t like him, don’t like Brexit, and you still want to go back into the EU, “for God’s sake, go!”. The voters want to get rid of all the scheming, self-interested Remainer gangs – why don’t you go and join Labor or go independent. You wrecked the Party – we can’t get rid of you without opening the doors to Labor. Let Boris complete the work he was elected for. Nobody voted for Rishi Soon-out, and he has been too much of a coward to prove he is votable. Boris gained his mandate less than 3 months after becoming leader, he is still our nation’s rightful leader, and the rest of the world knows it too. Without his leadership, the UK (and Europe) are putty in Poo-Tin’s hands.I will vote Reform (if Rent-a-Rant Nigel is not Put-In as leader). No choice.
More honesty – even things people don’t want to hear. After Covid, if we can’t afford tax cuts – say so! Don’t promise to reduce immigration to the ‘tens of thousands’ and then increase it to 700,000!!!! If we need short term immigration – explain why! Don’t force thousands of extra houses on existing towns and villages, thereby ruining their character! If we need new houses, how about new towns with their own infrastructure???
I comment as a former Conservative candidate. Stop infighting, scheming and plotting for your own ends. Do what you are paid to do, as public servants, for the good of the country.Develop a higher sense of loyalty to the Party.Currently, the general public has little faith or respect for the Conservative Party or its MPs They are like lemmings racing to the cliff edge.Time to exercise some backbone and common sense before it is too late. Stop the leaks from those want to manipulate for their own questionable ambitions.
Unite and cease the factional infighting among yourselves. Your actions since Boris was usurped have destroyed the credibility of the Conservative Party and support of its members.
If you are not a real Conservative please leave our party immediately.
Stop serving yourselves and remember it is only by the will of the people you are in office. Remember the Electorate does not vote for the person every time but they do vote for the party they trust and who they have an affinity with.
Those of you unwilling to support genuine Conservative policies should leave and join a party more suited to your views and take the shadowy figures in CCHQ with you.Your plotting, scheming and obstructing of genuine Conservative leaders and policies has turned a lifelong Conservative voter and recent member away from the Conservative Party, possibly for good.Grow up!
Either become conservative or leave
Stop the boats and lorries, and stop being so woke. Return to traditional Conservative values.
Stop manipulating the votes of the members by backstabbing the m we voted for. We need Boris back not the snake on the role he manoeuvred himself into.
Pull together and pass conservative legislation.
Stop the backstabbing and act on what the electorate voted for at the last election.
Cut the infighting, present a united front to the opposition and the country, get out of the ECHR and get on with what you’ve been elected to do. So much time has been wasted by infighting and so little has been achieved despite the hugh majority won by Boris. Labour hasn’t needed to do a thing to gain a huge lead in the polls, the party has handed this to them on a plate. Listen to your party members, we voted for Boris, when he was forced out we voted for Liz Truss – the party should have united behind these leaders. Party members did not want Sunak or Hunt running the country, but look who we’ve got!
You need to get back to being a truly conservative organisation and stop treating the general population with disdain, in particular as regards the Net Zero nonsense. Otherwise you will be in the political wilderness for a decade or more.
Don’t dare to remove a legally elected Leader and Prime Minister for political infighting reasons. The public has a long memory and will vote with its feet.
It’s all to little too late, for the duplicitous people in Weaselminster, they’ve all abandoned integrity  and commitment to the simple and ordinary British citizens of long standing, their is a selfishness deeply swatting our once great parliament of stands, ALL GONE NOWADAYS. Unfortunately.
Get back to basic Conservatism.
Get things working.
A divided party does not win elections so show a united front by your actions not just empty words.  Stick to the manifesto on which Boris Johnson was elected.  Do not make net zero a priority as there are many more important issues, although becoming more green is important, at this moment in time people do not have spare cash to buy electric cars, heat pumps etc. when they are struggling with the cost of living, energy prices and the cost of fuel.  We as one country cannot solve such issues when countries like China  and India are pumping out greenhouse gases.  Cut Foreign Aid – why are we sending billions to India whilst they are pursuing a space programme?
The enemy is Labour. Too much energy wasted on infighting…

Show some courage, stand up for free speech, refute totalitarianism, support traditional British principals of compassion & fair play
ie confirm a full commitment to Western values and reject relativism / plurality – Western Values are better than the alternates, say so & implement policies that prevent those that seek to undermine these succeeding ( including removing Immigrants who act against the UK’s interests )
Confirm long term goal of reducing carbon emissions but use UK natural resources ( North Sea Oil / Gas deposits accessible by fracking / Coal ) 
Support Ukraine
Fight antisemitism & defend Israel’s right to exist
Promote policies that restore financial probity and allow lower taxes ( particularly on earnings taxed under PAYE ) when external debt is reduced – I am not in a position to advise on level as too many variables need to be considered, but amount of long term debt must be affordable  
Build more houses
Embrace Brexit ‘freedoms’ esp in high tech areas including ‘A I
i am no longer a member of the conservative party primarily because they are so divided and lacking a strong leader.I would not vote Labour but may if I voted next week vote Reform.Hopefully although at the moment I doubt it, Rishi can grow a pair. I trust his integrity and tend to believe what he says to a degree but he comes over at the moment as so weak. But to change him now would compound what we all think. THE CONSERVATIVES ARE TOO DIVIDED TO RUN THIS GREAT COUNTRY OF OURS.What a terrible dilemma! What have you done to make the electorate believe Labour is the answer. You depress me.I knew former prime minister Ted Heath well because both my uncle Geoffrey and Father went to School with him in Ramsgate. Although young at the time I remember their conversations and although not invited Dad and Geoffrey were invited on occasions to Downing Street. I mention this to prove my pedigree as a once loyal Tory.That I could even consider voting Reform should worry you to the core. SORT IT OUT DAMN QUICK
You don’t run Tesco by ignoring your customers
Get rid of Rishi Sunak

What were they thinking about? Abandoning Boris. Nothing but Jealousy. They had an overwhelming majority and failed to get behind the man who won it for them. Poor Show!!!!!!!
Bring back democracy.  Remove illegals and stop illegal and legal migration. Our streets are unsafe and have been for a long time, our girls in particular from grooming gangs. Stop trafficking.  This needs to be dealt with immediately. Stop the two tier police system and stop the woke brigade taking over. Teach our children true British history and stop sexualising youngsters. I could go on.
Keeping socialists out it key, stop all your infighting and get on with it.   
That said, I wonder if perhaps a reset is required so the country can realise how rubbish Labour are.  They have short memories.
You threw away the greatest advantage we had . Can’t and won’t forgive.
Sort yourselves out and act as one party instead of stabbing each other in the back.
Where is my Bridgend Conservative MP, last seen running away from a motor accident in female clothing.  If he stands at the next election I would not be able to vote for him/her.
Your lack of true commitment in wanting to tackle the climate change emergency is appalling.  Yes, it will cost money.  No it won’t be popular but its the right thing to do for future generations and you should how leadership in this matter above all else.  If people are worried about a few thousand illegal immigrants entering the UK now, how are they going to feel in 50 odd years when there are millions of people looking for refuge from inhospitable environments?
Stand up for normal people. End this constant rush to going green, and increase spending on defense, and border controls.
Get back to simple basics, be honest about the huge mistakes over covid. Stop any more MRNA vaccines being made, they are killing and maiming people. Admit it, Apologise.  Drop the climate change targets. The entire supposition is based on non proven so called science. We can do bugger all to control the weather or the earth. We can learn to live with and use any natural warming and higher CO2  to our advantage.  More co2 is good, we grow more food, less people die of cold, many more benefits. Team up with Bjorn Lomborg. STOP the push for electric cars and net zero, for goodness sake use their brains. Common sense tells us as well as the evidence that it is all based on faulty computer models, false non science.. Cancel woke  nonsense, get kids out and active,  boot camps for delinquents run by ex army staff. Teach practical skills, life skills. Education on healthy foods, natural not processed. Tackle the epidemic of obesity,  Get people off benefits. Pray for Donald Trump to be next POTUS. Good survey, now

Start helping the pensioners trapped with low income but unable to claim any benefits and rethink the low and ultra low emission zones which penalize the lowest income drivers. Make the necessary changes to to deport illegal immigrants now.

You have managed to turn the UK into the laughing stock of the world. You have no idea what the general public think or feel and you have never bothered to find out. You have allowed warped ideology to infiltrate our institutions and public services. Immigration has changed our country forever, we are just an experiment that hasn’t and could never work. You have allowed the civil servants to run the country, mostly working from home. Your net 0 ambition will never be met, but you WILL bankrupt the country along the way trying. The final insult for me was Sunak, I tore up my membership card! As for Cameron, there are no words I could print here. You have left it too late for me, I will be voting Reform even though this means Labour! You are a total disgrace, apart from a handful of MPs you may as well cross over the floor your policies are the same as theirs.

You’ve let us all down. You had a huge majority and been in power for years and you’ve wasted it and I’m furious about that. I voted for Brexit and for Conservative values. Instead I’ve a watered down Brexit and a woke, weak, Liberal and borderline socialist government who are gaslighting everyone by saying they are Conservative when all their actions say otherwise. You’ve handed the keys to Starmer through your petty bickering and back stabbing and completely inept management of the country and the economy. I don’t want Net Zero, I don’t want an absurd woke agenda. I’m fed up with being taxed and taxed and seeing fewer and fewer public services for my money. I’m sorry to say that life was better under Tony Blair and that really pains me to say it as a Conservative. I will gladly vote Reform even if they don’t win as at least I will be able to say I did something to bring about change. Penny or Suellen are the only real chance the Tories have of winning but it will only work if the party support them.

Get yourself out of the clutches of the WEF and start working for the British people instead.Any politician who goes to Davos and works for WEF should be removed from government immediately.These include Jeremy Hunt, Kemi Badenoch, Penny Mordaunt, Rishi Sunak, Boris Johnson….Stop both illegal and legal immigration and start up a points system where only qualified people are allowed into the country. Deport… deport… deport and start today.Border Force must pick up the illegal migrants and sail straight back to France with themStop foreign students and their families entering our country. When I went to college, I don’t remember taking along my entire family !Scrap the enormous scam of climate change and the ridiculous net zero immediately.Ban electric cars immediately.Pass a new law where any future planned lockdowns are illegal.Do not support a cashless society.All indigenous British people should be placed at the top of any housing list ahead of any immigrants
It’s time to reinvigorate British industry. The proportion of service industries and public service in the economy is too high.
Bring back Boris
Get your act together and choose a leader that has charisma and gets things done like Boris. Stop lying and fighting among yourselves saying you don’t want to be PM. You have brought all this chaos upon yourselves and given No10 keys to Keir Starmer. If you had stood up for Boris I and many of my colleagues would still be members of the Conservative Party.
The Conservative Party is no longer a Party of conservative values. It has been taken over by a set of liberal metro well off people who do not have the concerns of ordinary people – cos too living; rising number of immigrants both ostensibly legal and those that are illegal who are given accommodation and work rather than returned to safe countries such as France or Belgium, where they have most recently travelled from; increasing price of food; housing problems (lack of availability, high cost, being built in areas that they are not really needed, i.e. countryside far from towns and employment opportunities); unreformed state of the National Health Service.Those liberal elites, mentioned above, used Sunak to stab Boris Johnson in the back when Mr Johnson convincingly won the election to Party Leader. then ensured that their City pals undermined Liz Truss when she too beat Sunak to the leadership, then allowing them to appoint Sunak as leader by acclaim rather than election by Conservative Party members.
I am seriously considering voting for Reform UK. Tell me why I should vote for you.
You wasted a majority of 80, you have not completed any of the promises. You have been in fighting caused you to look fools, and finally you have given the next election to labour god help us, SORT YOURSELVES OUT
Get a backbone and use your massive majority to sort out all the above problems, reclaim our great country from all the woke ideologies.
Ignore the members at your peril. You can not force the membership to vote.
Grow up and stop arguing between yourselves, unite as one party fgs!
BUFFS – old Royal Navy encouragement

Stop the in fighting, and get the illegals deported ASAP
Stop fighting, plotting and arguing. Get behind the leader we are stuck with, which in itself is the fault of MPs themselves who chose to remove the elected PMinister despite an 80 seat majority, by any means possible. A significant number of Conservative MPs do not have the qualities we used to expect in our MPs.  They were chosen, not by the local associations, who know their constituency intimately, but often foisted on them by CCO. This is WRONG and must stop.If Sunak was supported by a loyal party in the Commons, and spent more time talking the Party up instead of joining all the doom mongers, at least it would look as though they believed in what they were doing and saying.  I haven’t always had the Leader I would have chosen, but once the Leader is in position, they had and deserved my loyalty.Get back to solid Conservative beliefs and principles, put differences aside and unite behind the Leader we are stuck with for the sake of our great Party which, at the moment they are in danger of killing.
Through jealousy and your own individual ambitions you got rid of the best PM we’ve had ince Maggie Thatcher, get him back to have a chance of staying in power!
You were wrong to let Boris go.
Remember, you were all voted for by the electorate based on the 2019 manifesto. I hear lots of talk about doing this and that but nothing happens – don’t talk about doing it – do it. Stop illegal migration, we have laws to deport, leave the ECHR, sort out the Windsor Agreement etc, etc.
Stop bickering among yourselves, whatever your internal party grievances are, surely they cannot be more important than keeping Labour out of No 10.
Too many liberal leaning conservative mps with power in Westminster who are out of touch with not only the membership but the wider swing voting public until they are removed and more mps who belive in conservative values replace them the party will lose the next election and God help us if Labour win but the blame is firmly on the left of the party mps
Bring back Boris and stop illegal immigration.
Bring back Boris
You have let down this country.
Many of you are a disgrace and are very questionable to run this Country, those of you who have ignored the choices of the Membership have caused the dreadful problems we have now and are certainly not trusted by voters and will have caused the downfall of the UK if we lose the General Election.  Unelected people show that we now have an undemocratic Government especially since our previous PM Boris Johnson had a victory of 80 seats! No one can understand your reasons!
Pull yourselves together and grow up!
You have failed to deliver on your 2019 pledges. Why should I vote for or trust you with a further term. (NB to stop Starmer is not a reason)
Bring back conservative values, stop the in fighting give party members respect & sort out the mess this country is in!
Stop fighting among.yourselves and think of the.country
The Conservative Government should focus their priorities on putting an end to illegal migration by ending the benefits that attract .All migration into the UK has to be tackled and ended in its current form before it’s too late .We have left the EU and that’s how the UK should stay .Jacob Rees Mogg has all the qualities to Bea Prime Minister but perhaps he is not a vote winner .The Conservatives have messed up big time . All Conservative MPs are to blame .I hate to think what will happen to this country with under Labour .
The Conservative Membership voted for Boris to be their leader. Conservative MPs voted him out.The Conservative Membership voted for Liz Truss to be their replacement leader. Conservative MPs voted her out.Rishi Sunak is now the Conservative Leader. The Conservative Membership had no choice or say in the matter.Why should I remain being a Member of the Conservative Party when the elected representatives take no notice of the wishes of the Membership of the Party?
Follow the plan.
Stop infighting and pull together as one party speaking the same language. If you do not do this Labour will definitely win the election helped by Reform standing in ‘safe’ Conservative seats and in Red Wall seats.
Grow up and stop the in party fighting, remember to be loyal to the people you represent, NOT yourselves.
Do what you promised in the 2019 manisfesto and value the opinion of the members.
Be a true conservative.  Stop the illigal immigration. Stop Net Zero, Stop Wokness and put the British people first.
Sort out all factions and clamp down on civil servants
Do your jobs. You had a leader in Boris Johnson. Your manifesto was Conservative. You failed to support our leader in his efforts to carry out that manifesto. Ditch the woke nonsense. Learn how to pass good, well written laws – MPs on the whole have become very lazy and grown too used to the EU doing their job for them (very badly). Interfere as little as possible in people’s lives (we’re fed up with the “nanny state”). Lower taxes and spend our money wisely. I’m perfectly aware that this is all more than ONE thing but NONE of it should need to be said to a CONSERVATIVE government! We are fed up, to put it mildly!
The calibre of Conservative MPs is appalling. The fact you are trying yet again for a new leader is proof of your disloyalty to your leader and the party. The remainers have behaved disgracefully ever since Brexit and they will continue to be a thorn in the Conservative party, it is utterly tragic that you are throwing us to the Labour wolves when I and many others have worked so hard over the last General Election and council elections etc. My message to you is bloody well get behind your leader and support him all the way and stop messing around with the above mediocre list, get on with policies and your prime minister.There are no outstanding leaders amongst your list, so stick with Rishi and get on with it and communicate better with the grass roots and stop being so arrogant.
Get your act together, get behind the PM and stop belly aching . Enforce the manifesto and be POSITIVE!
Stick together for the sake of the Conservative party

Unite strongly behind Rishi. All MP’s need to stop rocking the boat & making our Party look stupid & divided as that is the surest way to lose elections. Get strongly United, All singing off the same page. Get back to Conservativism values , cut taxes, support the teachers & doctors, National security Is a priority & stop the illegal immigrants. Keeping changing leader is ridiculous, egotistical & a waste of money time & resources. Get on with all business at hand, there’s plenty of it. Get behind Rishi please & unite the Party, do your jobs properly & stop complaining & wingeing. There’s not much time till the  general election so get as much done as possible
Stop looking after your own necks, support the mandate you were emphatically given in the Brexit vote. Kick the infidel Liberal Democrats out of the party!
You are NOT a Conservative government. There is little blue water between you and the labour party. You have massively let down the red wall voters who gave you a massive majority. Illegal immigration to our once great country has turned it into ca cesspit. You should be ashamed of your actions. The country is very very angry at what you have done and there is a strong chance you will be obliterated as a party for a generation
Stop bickering amongst yourselves, listen to the general public and give us what WE want.
I live in Scotland I am a Tory voter but I cannot vote for them in a GE because they have no hope of winning in my constituency, I have to vote for a party that has the best chance of unseating the SNP and that’s LabourThe Tories must do more in Scotland to remove the SNP from government.The party must have a reset with new ideas and policies

Keep Labour out of government to save our country’s future
The mess the country is in today is your fault. You have been at worst complicit and at best complacent in allowing/enabling this to happen. You are a failure and you have let the country down.
To most…..Your Fired!
Why on earth did you get rid of Boris. 
Fools, you’ve fucked yourselves.
Despite the optics Jacob Rees Mogg is your next leader.
The way you ousted Boris is a disgrace. Helping Labour do their dirty work was even more unforgivable. Party Members find it difficult to continue to support the Parliamentary Party when you have suffocated our voting capability on new leadership contests. You undermined Liz Truss before her policies had an opportunity to flourish. The globalists in the PP and external organisations worked together and pulled off 2 coups before our very eyes…. look where that’s got us.
We are facing terminal decline. Leave the ECHR like the PM promised he would do when campaigning against Liz Truss. Burn the EU laws as he also promised. Send illegal refugees to Rwanda… a small number will stop the boats immediately and act as a deterrent to those that might want to follow. Those being processed should work to pay their way. Focus on GROWTH of the economy. 
STOP the perceived infighting! Pull together in the interest of the country.
Achieve those items and you can save the day and retain Government.

You were fools to backstage Boris.
Stop the infighting, the opposition are opposite you on the benches. Keep your differences behind closed doors and have a united front. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel and stick with traditional conservative values.
work together for once.and cut out the backstabbing.get tough with the scroungers and criminal gang’s.put bobbies back on the beat.and cut taxes for the lower paid.show the public you are the only party that is best for the country…….
Get back to being true Conservatives.I was a member and always voted Tory, but you have lost the plot.What you did to Boris Johnson, stabbing him in the back, after all that he had been through with COVID, Brexit etc was disgraceful, and we the voters will remember that in the next General Election, Bringing back David Cameron was a mistake, and smacked of desperation.He had his chance and fluffed it, walking away and leaving the country in a mess.I feel as do many others, in a political wilderness, can’t vote Conservative as there is no one I have faith in at the moment to lead the good ship Britannia.Can’t vote Labour, no faith in them at all, and never have done.So sadly it’s Reform for me, we need someone to stop this Invasion of our Country, and get back to being proud of being Great Britain again.We are a small Country and cannot cope with much more, and the money being wasted on the gimmigrants should be spent on the people who are already living here.We are FULL UP!
you have had long enough to do some good for the country but all you are interested in is yourselves and your petty infighting.
Stop the boats and immigration otherwise the Conservation Party will go down in history as the party that destroyed a Christian country.Also,Deport foreign criminals now.Make it a crime to have a knife in a public place. Ban face coverings at demonstrations. Ban Palestinian protests. Enough is enough.Promote freedom of speech and reduce government interference in all aspects of life.No point in re-joining the Conservation Party as you ignore us!Prepare for war now. Listen to the various Commander in Chiefs of the armed forces.Reform all the public serviceReform the NHS – stop giving them money – they don’t need it.Prioritise British people over immigrants.Get rid of ULEZ and 15 minute cities
Get OUR priorities right – end illegal immigration, stop spending as much on net zero, get out of EHCR rules, and crush all this woke nonsense. We’d all vote for you then. As far as net zero is concerned no other country is as hell bent on achieving it as we are -and for what? Huge polluters like China and India don’t give a monkeys. As far as I can see, all it achieves is we can award ourselves a badge that says “Aren’t we clever”.
Bring Boris Back !! He will sort you out.

Stop the House of Lords trashing every single piece of proper Conservative legislation. I always thought the Lords couldn’t stop bills becoming law, but it seems they can. Just man up, tell them to stick it otherwise they will be abolished. This juggernaut is out of control and needs proper reform. It was much better when there were more hereditary peers – they took their job seriously. This present lot by and large, are a complete waste of time. They need to be elected and kept to say 100/150. They should be elected based on their expertise, industry, science, arts, defence etc. And NO bishops, this sanctimonious bunch are a waste of space.
Stop the boats.
Stop thinking about yourselves and start thinking about what’s right for this country. With power comes responsibility, use your responsibility wisely.
Stop the dirty back stabing politics and do the job you are elected to do what you did to Boris johnson has destroyed  the conservative party and trust of previous members
Get your act together!Stop the infighting and get on the side of the British people.You were given an 80-seat majority to deliver what the British people want – DO IT!Stand up to bullies in other parties. They can’t fight you on policy but are gunning for personalities like Boris, Suella and Raab who they know want to do what the British people want. Stop illegal immigration by all means necessary. Cut taxes. Sort out the unions. Basically grow a pair and do something to get the British people back on side or you are sunk.
The Conservative Party shot themselves in the foot when they ousted Boris Johnson. They are rudderless and weak .They need to decide which way they are going . Stop trying to please everyone and stand up for what you believe inbecause at the moment nobody knows .

Stop immigration
I have only recently left the party as a member this is coming from a past successful Campaign Manager. I have not left the party it has left me and that is a view that I often heard repeated. The party has no backbone it needs to man up and be conservative again which is something that will be appreciated by the electorate. Nobody likes a vacuum.
Start acting like conservative  Mps  you voted in a PM that the members rejected and now you will lose your jobs ,your not as smart as you think you are .
Get a grip and don’t be scared to take right of centre, true Conservative ideas to the country. There’s an awful lot of people out there scared to raise their voices against the nasty, pernicious, vicious ‘Liberal Left’ who shout the loudest.  Give this silent majority the opportunity and they will back you.  Then you must repay that trust and truly eliminate the Left’s poisonous ideology from every strata of society.
Stop fighting among yourselves. Listen to the membership
You are there to serve our country and the silent majority, not those who shout loudest and not for your own benefit. Never forget that.
Stop the fighting and pull together to make Britain strong again.
Would anyone who doesn’t support leaving the ECHR leave the room.
Why did you get rid of Boris after he delivered a resounding win at the last GE. Did you not learn anything from when Margaret Thatcher was driven out.
You have betrayed conservative values. You are now a social Democratic Party no different to Labour.
1) you don’t deserve my vote. You don’t get to trash my democratic choice for your own ends and get away with it And that’s including on Brexit, Boris and Truss. 2) Ther term “centre left Tories” is the very opposite of what this party’s ethos was supposed to be. We are,  or were a centre/centre right party. You liberals dressed up as faux Tories have infiltrated the party and turned us into a socialist light party.
Anyone who does not hold conservative values and allegiance to UK and will swear to it on the Bible (which the rule of law is based on)Anyone not complying are all fired ,leave now.As you do not represent the silent majority and you action or none actions are destroying or culture of England &Uk as a whole.Just do your job ,which you were elected to do and not spend your time feathering your own nest.Set key performance indicators with your wards and measure and report back your performance to your electorate. Have a nice day now get on with it!
Wake up

Why is the Conservative party using a massive majority to do things like ban smoking? What the hell happened…(I’m not even a smoker!)
Why are they hell bent on net zero? Why can’t they do enough about immigration?Why did they put up corporation tax ? Do they not want companies to invest in this country ?
Please help and support the indigenous British people, and not bow down, and grovel, to every other Race, Religion and minority groups that hate the British Heretage, and want to destroy it, just to get a few extra votes, and lose the people that have supported and worked all their lives to make Britain a better place to live. Stop the immigrant invasion, by stop paying them to invade us, and use that money to support the people that have lived hear for generations and believed in the old Conservitive values not all the winging WOKE minority.  Take back control of our country and our Cities from the invaders.
Get your act together and elect a leader who connects with the electorate as Boris did.
Grow a backbone and make our OWN citizens a priority, instead of letting in the enemy who want to Islamise the West turning our country into a third world religious dictatorship.Your first and most important duty is to protect the safety and well being of your own Citizens
Unprintable. Suffice to say, heads would be knocked together.
Actually tackle for real some of the above listed priorities.
You have abandoned a great legacy of the most successful party in political history for the whims of the SW1 blob, social media and the London metro elite. The notion that “we always win from the centre” is utter nonsense, why would people vote Conservative when Labour and the Lib Dem’s are indistinguishable. Retake up the mantle of true conservatism or the party will die.
I knew Mrs Thatcher. Fewer than 8 of you are Conservatives. The rest of you will you please step down at the next General Election so the Nation can get it’s Conservative Party back.
I would say ” Be a true Conservative with Conservatives values that the people of this country deserve and support ( especially the working class voter in the North who is not supportive the metro view of the world of Westminster )  or go elsewhere with your views . For too long many of you have being deceiving the party and the people as you are wolves in sheep’s clothing and are really Lib Dems . Enough is enough . Be tough , be brave , see Rishi Sunak as he is , a technocrat not a leader who will loose you all your seats . Stop all the pandering to a few ,  change leader now and serve the many not the few ( yourselves ) .
I hope Jacob Reece Mogg becomes leader of the Conservatives
Stop the fighting amongst you and work together for goodness sake
Listen to the electorate and do their bidding

Whoever is the leader Have your debates in private and then support the leader as a who group undividedThe people want unity.Cut benefits spend this money on our defence Stop immigration and make it harder to gain entry to ukAnd stop giving out citizenship like sweetsIt should be special to be accepted by our country
Get your act together!
You are going to lose the GE and you have only yourselves to blame because you are totally out of touch with your core voters and with all the infighting within the Party. 
You’ve stopped listening too and ignored ordinary voters as to what our priorities are, at your cost. Too many MPs believe that only they are the arbiters of what is right.
For the sake of the Party and the Country you must unite around whoever is leader and prevent Labour gaining power. If the boats are stopped we stand a chance because that is the main concern for most of the electorate.

Without national security first, every thing else is in danger and therfore is window dressing.
No to CBDC, no to illegal immigration, no to WEF, no to UN, no to EU, no to wokeness.
The Conservative Party is no longer Conservative and has become the new Liberal Party

You must tackle the NHS problems. People are suffering and dying needlessly which is unacceptable.
The Conservative party has been hijacked by fascist grifters.
be conservative, do what the voters ask
Stop fighting amongst yourselves and serve the people that elected you. If you were all true conservatives there would not be so much division in the party.
they all need to learn common sense instead of inflated egos. I regard the 4 top jobs occupied by Sunak Hunt Cameron and Cleverly to be the poorest selection in my lifetime. The trouble for the country is that Starmer Reeves Cooper and Lammy would be even worse.
Stay United. Reduce civil servants.
More money is needed in defence, health, roads, and education.  Consequently tax cuts at this time are not Conservatism, they are Irresponsibility.
Finish Brexit by severing ties with the EU
You had the keys to the car, with a full tank of fuel (big majority) then you got lost and crashed the car (write off).
Unfortunately for us, you wasted the mother of opportunities and deserve every morsel of pain that’s coming to you.
There are a lot of people who imagine themselves to be much cleverer than they are and it transpires that most are in the Conservative parliamentary party.
This isn’t a game

Where to begin with this ? they already know where they went wrong, and that was to follow Rishi and oust Boris Johnson that won most of them their seats, Con party is now a global laughing stock.
get a bloody grip of yourselves and start thinking of the country
Get a grip: stop betraying the people of this country, stop pandering to the EU and all the various minority campaign groups and start running the country properly, ie: governing for the people.
Stop fighting and unite behind the present Prime Minister.
Listen to your supporters
Stop the infighting and behave as if you have earned the right to govern this Country. Get some respect back and give the electorate confidence.
You have all lost your way. Taking no notice of your core conservative values, taking no notice of the will of the people. More interested in human rights for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS spending money on them & the security of the UK is non existant now. You find monies to spend on all the ILLEGALS  benefits etc. Letting our country become a 3rd world mess. Policing is against our white people. For instant muslims praying in the streets nothing done, christians moved on and even charged for example.Protesting is out of control. It has to stop. Wokeness is an absolute joke where has all the common sense gone? I want our values to exist and not be taken away for the wants of people from other lands!!!!!
Bring back Boris you dummies
You treat the grassroots with contempt. You are arrogant and out of touch with the  your party members and loyal Conservative voters.
Reduce legal immigration to 10,000 paResult: few people = less pressure on nhs; less need for new housing; more social cohesion and adherence to British values
Wake up and smell the coffee. You either unite around a new leader or we face at least two terms of a socialist adminstration run by a PM that is simply not fit to run this great country.
Become conservatives, or leave the party
Protect women’s rights
I’ve voted Conservative for nearly 40 years.  The country is furious with you all.  Either for getting rid of the most popular leader in a generation, or for not protecting our borders from hoards of unknown illegal immigrants, or both.  Crime is not being investigated and is going unpunished.  There is insufficient housing for the number of people in the country.  It feels like the Conservatives have become socialists – like you are allowing the country to decline until it gets so bad we’ll be grateful for the state eventually taking everything over.  The country feels like it is either angry, or has just given up – this is undermining us on every level – strikes, crime, productivity etc. etc..  Just do something…fixing any one of these things could bring me back on board.
Stop all the infighting.  shout louder about your successes . Take the fight to Labour they seem to get away with everything. I am really annoyed that with a massive majority you have achieved so little . eg with the cost of living crisis an ideal time to get rid of the BBC licence fee, stopping the car park cowboys ,you dropped that bill . Start helping the little people . Sack civil servants who are ‘working from home ‘  and doing nothing. For God’s sake stop the in fighting and GET THINGS DONE.
Unite and stop Starmer
For goodness sake you have squandered a 90 seat majority, hid behind Covid as an excuse and NOT done what you were elected for. As a party you have allowed the “wet” minority to take the party in a “consocialist” unelectable direction. Get a grip, take control, bring back proper Conservative policies and get this country baclk on track to the great place it can be.
The Party has been infiltrated by rogue actors which is why I left the party. Along with both legal and illegal immigration my main concern is the Net Zero garbage and the influence on billionaires such as Bill gates and the World Economic Forum in our government. Gates is a rogue businessman with no qualifications in science/medicine/climate yet he is often seen photographed with cabinet members expanding his personal wealth through government contracts. There is no scrutiny of these. Gates and his rogue activities are well documented, he is an evil man.The government is out of touch with the net zero madness, banning petrol/diesel cars/gas boilers/gas ovens – they are out of control I don’t remember reading this is the 2019 manifesto. 3rd – the 77th Brigade, spying on UK citizens/the roll out of facial recognition/CBDC/increased surveillance/smart cities/ULEZ/low traffic neighbourhoods. Chris Philp wants our driving licence and passport photos run through police databases. All for our safety of course.
I voted for a Conservative government and you lot gave me a Consocialist one, please join the LibDems where you will fit in.
Stop creating chaos. Get back to being Conservative.
The Conservative Party has essentially been usurped by Remain leaning left wing Tory’s who think sucking up to the left and green is going to win them elections. It will not, never will, never would, even with Boris as PM I could not understand the constant quest to please everyone in the country, we all know Remainers and Labour voters would never change allegiance. This was part of Boris naivety IMHO.Lizz Truss was essentially sacrificed by the blob so we could retain strong links with the EU, to ease rejoining. As a first time Tory voter (previously Labour) I feel utterly betrayed, and unless something changes radically I will vote Reform UK, I don’t care if Labour win but at least I voted for a party with values I believe in.The Tory’s are toast unless something radical happens to prove they are a strong option, rather than just another Labour / Lib Dem blob.
Grow up.  There are too many lawyers in politics and it is there constant bickering that is destroying this country.  We are going to suffer from racism because of the approach taken in the past 10 years or so.  The country was integrating and has been destroyed by the approach taken.
How the hell dare you oust a democratically elected Prime Minister with an 80-seat majority and shoehorn a useless liberal into his job?What in heaven’s name stops you from sacking civil servants who serve themselves rather than the country?  Sort it out, because you’ll never win another election until you do.
Get a grip of illegal migrants like you promised at the last election. The country and our benefit system is being overrun.
Why did you unseat an elected PM with a huge majority who connected with voters, for an ambitious cuckoo the members had already rejected, then bypassed said members? Social media has been full of objections at decisions made by these self serving backstabbers who seem intent in destroying the party. Why was Liz Truss removed without being given a chance? She was elected after all. And why hasn’t the self serving Rishi Sunak been given the same treatment? Why are they intent on sending the party into the worst defeat in history? And why on earth should anyone vote for them when they don’t keep their promises and treat the electorate with utter contempt?
You are not taking the threat of war seriously. You need to increase military spending, recruit and have more ships and aircraft. You have reduced our armed Forces to a joke on the world stage, no one takes us serious as a major player anymore.

Stop the invasion.  multiculturalism isn’t working.  WE don’t want it, no one asked us.
Bring back Boris
Grow up and get ahead. You have no sense of the strategic importance of developing the UK’s National sovereignty and interests.
stop fighting each other
Get rid net zero too
Love your country and don’t let the will of the people down, implement what the majority want. British values are important also reverse devolved power or at least have a referendumMake civil servants more accountable or bring in your own administration each election Dismiss Dougie Smith and Dr No and every person including MP’s associated with the plot of bringing not only Boris down but all other elected leaders
Get your letters in before this party is in opposition for decades the country doesn’t deserve this. We are British, show some backbone and stop assuming you know better than the members. If you’re in politics for the right reasons you put your country first not your own career. Get an actual conservative in as leader and get fully behind them and get Boris back in some capacity. If you don’t like conservatism go to the Lib Dems you won’t be missed. If you don’t fully understand conservatism ask JRM to explain it. Don’t promise to do something about the boats unless you can. Time to get tough there and I don’t care what international law says. Our law is sovereign.  And while we are at it do something about Humza Yousef who is goading WM currently. Devolution is weakening the country. He’s a security risk. If you only did one thing and it was immigration I’d be happy. Stop them coming and I’m not happy about keeping the people who have already rocked up uninvited. Cut benefits for non Brits.
As currently arranged, NO ONE VOYES FOR A PARTY – each voter is asked to vote for a person to be their Member of Parliament. So, consider very carefully the selection of candidates and their approach to the electorate person to person.
The Conservative Party is a broad church with a broad range of views with a focus on making our country a better and innovative place for all. We’ve become a squabbling bunch who have lost focus and purpose. Let’s return to our conversative values and have respect for all and get the job done.
Unite behind your leader in public with absolute loyalty instead of what seems to have been happening .Once a policy has been agreed by Cabinet where discussion & agreement reached support it completely
Why did you so many of you allow Sunak to become leader and therefore PM when you knew full well that the majority of the members did not want him we were ignored and the 80 seat majority Boris won for the party will be gone ,at this years general election, along with many many more. How long do you think the party will be in the wilderness years,

FORGET RUANDA , WORK FURIOUSLY WITH FARAGE and produce this quality of everything you do
Stop the illegals now.
They need to listen to the membership and the wider population, then deliver on their promises rather than pay lip service. The Rwanda situation and minimum service legislation demonstrate that they spend time and money on bad implementation of good ideas.
I do not believe that the party has been hijacked by non-conservatives but there has been a massive over reaction to the ousting of Boris by the blob and the media class. Boris is a divisive personality, but he was popular and the wagons should of been circled around him and the ‘partygate’ claims dismissed as insignificant. Social gatherings in Westminster should not have gone on but it was the civil service blob at ALL of them, not Boris or Rishi for that matter. Big mistake. 
Overall, the quality of today’s political class is a poor reflection on our country. There are very few politicians that are worthy of their position in the commons.
The conservatives made a huge mistake placing Rishi an rejected unelected prime minister into number 10
Are you happy that you got rid of a leader 3 points behind to get your mate in who’s now 27 points behind?
Think about the 80 seat majority you squandered. Boris had a plan and he is had the country behind him.
Do the job you were elected to do

Respect the will of the majority of the country and your party members not your little westminster bubble don’t give in to the globalist and woke mob, reform the NHS, stop the boats, cancel net zero and sort out the public sector they are not on the side of the people they serve, irradicate islamist extremism and anti semitism and finally start making the most of Brexit or we are all doomed to a Labour government and that truly scares me
What will you do about the state of Law and order in Britain as we have the highest crime rate in all of Europe our streets are Dangerous.
Stop playing games with this country and its people to massage your ego’s. 
We had the leader that would have ensured another term in leadership, he was wrongly removed by the coup and now we’re staring at a long period with Labour ruining the country.
One Nation Conservatives have destroyed the Party’s electoral prospects. Go and join the Liberal (anti) Democrats!

Stop illegal immigration

Forcefully return the invaders to France and stop the wokery immediately by legislation l.
We trusted you and you continually let us down.
Reduce Welfare spending
Bring Back Boris
Get your act together. It is not about you it is about our country.

be conservative or get out
Why did you continue paying Furlough for a second year and wreck the economy? Why did you stop Liz Truss because she was correct in her policy of reducing taxes. The financial sector would have recovered and more robust systems would have been put in place. Why rely on the Quangos supplying advice when they have been proved wrong (If you feed the wrong information into a ‘Model’ you get the wrong information out!!)

You have thrown away an 80 seat majority, you have brought down your own party.  By asking members who they wanted as leafy and in them voting for Liz Truss, it appeared you then decided that she wasn’t the right option.  I agree that she got things wrong, but the Bank of England in no way helped and globally she was not desired as a leader, all helping to destabilise things.  She did go too far too fast, but at least she had conservative values.  You are focussing on a mad rush to net zero, creating a huge ‘nanny state’, pushing for digital id and CBDC.  Policy on covid was terrible and we will live with the consequences for years, as will our children and grand-children.  Should never have locked down and swerved from our pandamic plan therefore following China.  The list is endless the vote for Brexit has been a complete waste and insulting to voters, your in-house fighting over the result embarrassing and basically you deserve the absolute drubbing you will get.
Stop stabbing people in the back just to further your own career
People like Bill Cash are the true conservatives. If you are not like him, then you should not be in the Party.
End to net zero nonsense. The science is not accepted. We do not know if we have any power to control the climate and the mad drive to net zero is unnecessary, unattainable and will economically destroy the country. I accept that it is good to protect the environment, and a move towards net zero is good, but it cannot be forced when the technology is not available. I will vote for any party that is not pushing net zero by 2050. Making people buy new cars, heat pumps, bans farming, introduces 15 minute cities, removes meat, etc will not get my vote.
We seem to be slow to make decisions and allow th Civil Service to run the country. Seems to be more like “Yes Minister” than running the country, needs more get up and go. Government needs to make bolder decisions and not be run by the Banks and stock market.
Get your act together

Stop the boats
As long as an unelected leader that was NOT elected by the members remains in place the conservative party is doomed to fade away, reform will replace them after labour has romped home and wrecked our once great country.
You have totally failed to deliver on your promises. There are no excuses.

Stop dithering and talking about what you might do. Exit the ECHR – stop immigration – reduce taxes to stimulate the economy and cut out the woke agenda  from civil service
We need to be united in order to beat Keir Starter in the next election. Boris should still be Prime Minister but I don’t think getting him back is the answer right now. We need to back Rishi and get behind the Conservative Campaign to win the next election and keep Labour out of office. That should be our number one goal now.
They took the general public for fools, promised us Boris and then gave us 2 unelected prime ministers. Feeling no democracy.
Tell members what is going on.

Be conservative
Be more Conservative. I do not recognise the party I’ve voted for for over 40+ years. First tine ever I will vote elsewhere and never thought I’d be in a situation where I left the party. Membership was handed in once Rishi Sunak was shoe horned in as party leader.
Save the country by slimming down the civil service, privatising underperforming organizations like the NHS, cutting regulation and growing a backbone on immigration
In a General Election you vote for the UK and who can protect the all UK but has knowledge and love of the history of our great country.To protect that is main mission of any Leader of the UK.
The country is a bigger priority than anything else. Our Values and Democracy are bigger tha any person.
Get rid of Sunak.  Stop benefits for immigrants.  Make the NHS accountable.  Remove power from Civil Service.  We are under seige.  Protect our borders and employ more enforcement teams in all areas, borders, benefit fraud, public offices and shake up the police from woke power and come down heavy on CPS.  The country is lawless and overrun with foreigners who are ruining our culture.  Stop all these protests in London and give our country back to those who pay into it

Can the wets please go and join the Lib Dems and stop the infighting and let the party return to conservative values.
Most of you are untrustworthy. You have ruined the party with your self interest, lefty values and infighting.
Too rude to put here.
Stop treating the membership with contempt. Stop betraying Brexit. Get rid of Rishi. The way he was imposed upon us was disgraceful. Listen to the membership and listen to the country. Start behaving like a Conservative Party.
Stop infighting, demonstrate a united front and show the electorate that you care about them!

Your biggest mistake was stabbing Boris in the back. 1922 need to be scrapped along with the money grabbing house of Lords.
You have destroyed this country. LEGAL IMMIGRATION IS A MASSIVE PROBLEM which we never agreed to, it has wrecked this country.  Mass legal immigration must be stopped or this country is finished.  The British culture & way of life is being eroded & replaced. We can see the problems you have imported on to our street.  You have sold this country out & even sold off UK assets to foreign ownership. You have spent years ignoring the indigenous population, talking down white working class population, you have stolen their housing & given it to foreign born residents.  Now the real prospect of future War means you will desperately need the white British to fight for this country because your mass imported foreigners will flee back to their own country, India, Pakistan and the African continent. 
I truly weep for my country, a once great nation and proud people.  You have destroyed it. You have imported the third world and made British peoples lives worse.And now you expect my vote. What an absolute joke!
The party must rid itself of the One Nation Group of liberal democrats. They are the root cause of the Conservative Party’s failings today. First for forcing Boris out, second for shoe-horning in Sunak, and third for opposing the suspension of membership in the ECHR. Illegal immigration is and will continue to have a corrosive effect on the British way of life. Most of these immigrants 83%+ are economic migrants and not refugees. They are largely unskilled and uneducated and have only one wish: to force a change in the UK’s culture and its people. Sexual crimes will become more dominant as crime rates soar. UK citizens will be afraid for their very existence as a person and society.
Start working together, stop the infighting. You are all part of a Team, so start behaving like one. Cover each others backs. Present a united front at all times. Root out the back stabbers and put them out of the party. Put the public and the Party first, ALWAYS! Whoever your leader is, get behind them with unstinting support. No PM can carry the responsibility of the office alone. They are more likely to succeed with your support. And STOP feeding the Media Monsters! They will print whatever they feel will make a headline, so, just say ‘No Comment’ to their questions, until they learn to print the truth. I hold the media responsible for bringing down this Government with their blatantly biased reporting. They have been relentless in their pursuit of ante Government headlines. TBH I would remove the licence fee that props up the BBC and make them compete with all the other retail channels. Nigel Farage would be an asset to the Conservative Party. I can’t understand why he’s never been admitted.
Stick together and not fight amongst yourselves
Listen to those outside the London bubble the common man and woman. I’d also stop home ownership from foreign investors who then rent houses to immigrants and those on benefits. I’d also not give benefits to anyone who hasn’t worked or lived here for 5 years.Anyone who leaves a job within 3 months to go back on benefits should be made to do community work. Clean kerbsides, meals on wheels, charity work. Too many 3rd generation on benefits. And stop  the woke brigade and changing sex. Russia and China laugh at us. Probably fund it! All Empires wither from within. The West is being invaded and PC woke behaviour is destroying us.
I have been a conservative for 50 odd years and for the first time thinking of voting for another party ‘reform’ to stop the illegal migrants and the incompetence of this weak and feeble politicians. Sadly their are too many left wing Tories. ( A prime example two recent left wing Tories joined Labour.) Conservatives have had long time to stop the invasion army. You have ignored the 80% majority of members you have had long enough to stop the invading illegal migrants, it is a  future danger to the security of this sleeping male army,  isis Hamas and terrorist group into our country feeble and weak politicians are against the British people it seems. All these illegal migrant whatever will have more murders and grooming gangs of young girls and children it will become an epidemic like Europe and Sweden soon – either get it sorted NOW or you will never get back in tory power.
Opposition is a wilderness. The country needs you
Why did you oust Boris when he was elected by the people? He is the only one who has charisma and appeals to folk across the board. He achieved a lot during his time as prime minister. No other leader had to contend with covid.  He would be a force for Keir Starmer to reckon with. He would get things done. If you all had backed him instead of shuffling for his job, he would still be in situ and the Conservatives would not be in such a mess. You now have nobody in the party who will appeal to the majority.
If your values, beliefs and commitments are not true Conservative you are in the wrong party so please resign because we don’t want or need you
Close our borders, put Britain and its people first
Half the Conservative MP’s belong in the Liberal Democrat’s. We have no Conservative policy’s. The civil service are biased and left leaning.
Please put aside your prejudices and personal ambitions and be realistic about WHO can lead the party back into Downing Street and that is, of course Boris. If he doesn’t want to stand again then my next choice would be Jacob Rees-Mogg. The only others who may have a remote chance are David Cameron and James Cleverly. None of the women are at all inspiring – no ‘Margaret T’ equivalent there regrettably. No – we can hope and pray it is Boris.
BTW:ALL of the priority options are vital and an ideal scenario would be for them all to be tackled asap! We need to get rid of wokeness.
Allowing the party gate media mob to oust Boris and certain conservative mp’s falling for it
Go back to the principles of Thatherism and implement real conservative policies which means strengthen and deploy the armed forces to protect the national security from the invasion of the illegal immigrants/terrorists etc. Grow the economy, implement Brexit as voted by the majority of the voters, grow the economy by eliminating the interference by the nanny state and bring in law to stop wokeness infiltrating every walks of citizens’ lives.
You have been elected by the public to join a club named as the Conservative Party. That party has rules which you should all adhere to and support its chosen leader. Anyone of you who do not support that party and its leader will be expelled forthwith from membership and a by election held in the constituency you were elected in, therefore effectively making you redundant. No ifs, buts or maybes and no avenue of appeal. You have been warned.
Get rid of Sunak and Hunt and Cameron. Bring back Boris. Stop the boats and get rid of woke immediately.
What were you playing at letting and believing the party gate tripe to oust Boris
Bring Back Boris!
For the love of god , stop all the infighting – people don’t care about your internal politics, power struggles or the petty egos of individuals , what they care about is a having a strong CONSERVATIVE leader that focuses on conservative values who has strategic vision.  That person does not need to be perfect , but needs to recognise where their weaknesses lie and surround themselves with a team that covers those weaknesses to ensure a strong team that work together to capitalise on the opportunities we have following brexit .
There is no direction for the country. No vision of Great Britain post EU. People want very basic things. They want to get to see a doctor when they need to. Reduce crime by having effective crime and punishment. People want good schools and hospitals. Our farmers producing food for our nation not flowers not that insects aren’t important. Break up gangs stop kids with knives. Women being put back into their rightful place not condemned and pushed backwards by the trans lobbyists. Ensure that female terminology is reinstated especially when referring to health and wellbeing.  Call police a force again and give them the tools and backing to be respected again. The police to police not join in with protesters or dance in the streets. Asylum seekers not given housing above those on the waiting lists. Stop councils creating revenue out of drivers because it is easy such as ULEZ. National speed limits not local. People tell me they would vote for me with these policies. Happy to discuss further if you want to win.
Get rid of the liberal democrats in the party and ask Nigel Farage to become the leader.
Complete Brexit now.
Too many of you have made the wrong career choice. You are too reliant on the ineffective Civil Service that has become , like you, gravy train experts. It is time for real change. The promise season is over!!!

Why haven’t we banned these terrible Palestinian protests? It’s time our Govt pulled their finger out and got on with ruling this country. The Govt have allowed themselves to be ruled by the woke instead of banning smoking ban these damn boats, I’m ashamed to call myself British I have voted conservative all my adult life & this is the first time in 40 years I’ve questioned whether to vote for my own party. If the Conservative party doesn’t want to be wiped out at the next G.E grow a backbone & stand up for this country and fight.
Unite and stop internal bickering. Become cohesive and supportive of the party and remember the voters beyond the gates of the Westminster estate.
The current parliamentary Conservatives are a bunch of Liberals. If I wanted Liberals, I’d join their party and vote for them but I want true conservatism, that’s why I joined the Conservative party and that is why I vote Conservative. .
Put the country first before your squabbling. You’re elected to do a job, be proud to have that job
Stop fighting each other. Show unity.
Unite, stop infighting, remember what and who won you the last elecrion and do whatever it takes to get Boris back!

You bunch of idiots…you are turkeys who voted for Christmas !   Why did so many of you join this party when you are not in fact conservatives ?   Many of you are at heart liberal or socialist.   Should not have become conservative Mps.
You could stop the illegal invasion of this country tomorrow and you know that is true. And that goes for the legal immigrants too. This is a small country and the indigenous population are feeling second class. You house illegals and there families in hotels or homes. And you leave ex servicemen living on the streets. Plus you need to stop the Muslim invasion of this country. Gaddafi Said it right years ago. He said as a Muslim, we don’t need not invade Europe in time we will breed them out. And it’s happening in your watch. Don’t take the people of this country as fools. And reverse the Xl bully’s ban. Licence and make sure they have insurance yes. But don’t ban them.
Everyone MP wants to be anti-woke, yet nearly all conservative mps voted for Damien Hind’s bill to bring in RSE (relationship studies) to primary school students, where they are being taught pseudoscience theories about genders. Every one of you are responsible for this disgusting perversion of the education system.
It’s so embarrassing that UK has lots its mark in the world. We used to be powerful, but now we’re irrelevant. We need to bolster the defence and make UK stand out on the map once again.
It’s not just illegal migration which is a problem, but legal migration too!! The reason because NHS waiting lists are so long and the reason why beautiful Green land is being ruined with overdevelopment is because THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE, yet we’re accepting more.
I breathed a massive sigh of relief when David Cameron shocked us when he came back as Foreign Secretary. He’s bringing seriousness back to the party. We need serious and stern leadership desperately! Jonny Mercer has my vote.
Get United!
You never learn! I have voted Conservative since I could first vote. Stabbing Boris in the back was the biggest mistake since Mrs Thatcher was stabbed in the back! I am appalled at the majority of the Tory MPs right now, they just aren’t Conservative at all. Please sort our country out, we are being over run & us true Brits are in danger. We have the enemy within our country & I am scared for the young & elderly… I beg you to do something soon. A Labour government & we are all finished!
You had a PM with an 80 seat majority; a PM who gave the country hope and enthusiasm for the future.  A PM who would finally enact Brexit-the democratic will of the people. You gave him no support; you set out to undermine him and help those who personally disliked him drive him out of office and out of politics altogether.  Shameful, unworthy behaviour.  He had to deal with Brexit, oversee the COVID cricis and then the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Throughout all this you sniped and moaned and criticised – negative, never positive.  You then supported the back-stabbing wanna-be PM Mr Sunak’s take-over. When Party members made it clear they would rather have anyone but Sunak, you stood by while Liz Truss was annihilated and the unelected-by-the-Party Sunak installed in No.10 – which has proved disastrous. Britain is still ham-strung adhering to EU rules and laws.  I am tired of unfulfilled pledges to deal with immigration, wokery and lawlessness. Policies could be Labour’s.  You have destroyed the Tory Party.

Listen to what the members outside London are saying and do as they ask, and what they put you in office to do.
Bring back Boris Johnson.
13 years and over a million people entering our country is criminal.
I would be very straight and firm.  This party needs, to be tightened up as to many neutral MPS, not listening to a lot of your voters. Eg. Why are we letting so many illegal imigrants in? We see Australia  France  Germany  Netherlands  not allowing so many imigrants in especially illegals in.Brits are having to do with out so many, things like so many are getting priority over like health  housing etc.Time you REALISE THAT  you must   listen properly  not putting unelected. In.I personally have looked very thoroughly, and wonder are we going to allow Mr Sunak results to plummet till nil.That makes me feel sick for a party I care a great deal about.I reply to all the things like labour etc I come down very heavy on this. Difference between  Conservatives and Democratic Conservatives, who I very much support. It’s very much inportant  we’re one.Why is Asylum Seekers not supposed to stop for first safest port.? We need strong preferably Democratic Conservatives.I can’t support Mr Sunak orCameron.
Your first duty is the safety and security of the British People.  The level of immigration, both legal and illegal is way too high, and must be reduced, by quitting the ECHR.  ‘Woke’ is rotting society from the inside out, and must be tackled in all our institutions, especially the Civil Service.  Brexit must be embraced and not undermined (Mr Sunak was the wrong person to be appointed by the executive in this regard) – it is no coincidence that those who lost their jobs, including my MP Dominic Raab who was working on a British Bill of Rights, were all to a man, Brexiteers.  Ditch grovelling to the EU, the WEF, the UN and the WHO and start running the country without outside interference.  Stand up for this great country, and re-affirm small ‘c’ conservatism, or there’s no hope for this party.
Net migration is out of control. Not just illegal immigration
Your weakness revolts me.
Get a new leader quickly.
That this once great country is no longer recognisable from the one I grew up in.  I’m from a Tory family with active members dating back    100 years although ALL were proper working class.  I went to a Secondary Modern with the most wonderful devoted teachers, a school split in different buildings within the town but our Head knew each of us and most importantly the discipline was strong.  Immigration has not  had the attention it should have received for too long.  Most people could see the consequences long before the government except for Farage.  Nadine’s book should be discussed and an enquiry started but not one that’s going to take years.  People are disgusted by the Post Office scandal.  It reflects very badly on the Gov.
Confess that you were wrong to oust Boris Johnson based on the findings of a corrupt kangaroo court, exonerate him and invite him to stand for Parliament again in a safe seat.
Stop squabbling and get down to the business of coordinated government. Sort out the Civil Service. Stop the wokery, particularly in the Armed Services. Show a much more coordinated and solid front.
Well there would only be a very few actual CONSERVATIVEs among them so I could address them one to one.
Reverse IR35 it is double taxation
What the feck are you doing???Where are the Conservative values, stop being lead by the media, grow a pair and be Conservatives!
For the first time in my life I won’t be voting conservative and hope labour win and reform uk pick up the traditional conservative voters like myself- the conservatives are a disgrace and an embarrassment to our country.  It’s been hijacked by non conservative career politicians with no clue or interest in what traditional conservative voters stand for or what’s important.  The party has become complacent after so long in power – removing boris and the stitch up to get rishi elected was farcical- do you think voters are stupid !!!I’m hoping with a period of time out of power the party will again return to its conservative roots  – otherwise I’ll continue to support reform uk
Stop the division in the party. Stop the backstabbing- Boris should never have been ousted. And lower rates for small businesses. Start standing for conservative values again, and for god sake stop illegal immigration and pandering to the woke folk. They’ll never vote for you so….  I could go on and on. There’s so much that’s broken. Rishi’s so weak – what would Maggie T think ? Start looking after the people who vote for you. I feel like no one is listening to the silenced majority. I feel cheated, this is not what I imagined 4 years ago when I voted for Boris. What the hell happened to levelling up ? It’s all a joke. I’m so angry at the Tory party that after voting conservative my whole life I will be voting for Reform in the next General Election.

Sack the 1922 committee and remove Rishi the snake.
Stop net zero immediately. Cut taxes to grow the economy. Get rid of the Lib Dem contingent ( Green, May, Mitchell etc  ) . Do more with Jacob Rees Mogg – he is under used , extremely popular, bright and charismatic. End the trans agenda by blocking Stonewall. Get rid of the London Mayor. End cancel culture. Get a grip of the police. Abolish inheritance tax- it’s unpopular and unfair.. ( or raise the threshold to 2 million pounds) . Stop the pro Palestine protests… BE CONSERVATIVE AGAIN
You will almost certainly be defeated later this year. Let Labour go through the inevitable problems that are on the way. In the meantime rebuild the party, as in the late 70s, and aim to win in 2029 with a properly thought out conservative programme for the 2030s.
Get back to true Conservative values as listed by my priorities.
Get on track and act immediately like Thatcher
Stop the boats, make Britain GREAT again.
The UK is facing a hugh security  risk – it’s full of unknown males – many who I fear might wish to cause us harm!?! Our NHS Services, Schools & Housing are at breaking point & all due to what I & many others class as an uncontrolled invasion! Our British Culture is being robbed from us & will soon be lost. It is obvious that many are intent on undermining our way of life & they openly display hate for our country & yet are allowed to remain. If it takes leaving the ECHR to overturn this appauling situation then do so before it’s too late! Then we have Wokery, Diversity, Equality & Inclusion, designed to drag the country down even further – just attempts to destroy the majority in favour of the minority & it’s infiltrated its way into our institutions to the point of rediculous – weakening our Police & Military. We even have Children being Harmed in Schools by Union Indoctrinated Ideological Teachings. We need good old fashioned teachings back in our schools!!!
Admit that you made a huge mistake in forcing Boris out. He as a huge asset to the party. He is someone who gets things done and no one cares about his glass of wine at a birthday party. Get your priorities right. Do you want  a leader who appeals to everyone, including ‘red wall’ residents or not? Beg him to come back if necessary and back him.
Start being Conservative again, restore democracy to the party, stop all the plotting & backstabbing, respect the wishes of members and the wider electorate, and stick to the manifesto.
Govern! Do not back down at the first sign of opposition.
Stop scheming and plotting
The party needs to speak and act as one to suceed. The division in the party is destroying it.
Bring Boris back
You were wrong to get rid of Boris Johnson.  I believe him to be patriotic and that he cares about our country.  All the hype about so called ‘parties’ was nothing to do with the running of our country and was purely a witch hunt.  Those who campaigned to get rid of Boris Johnson have ruined the Conservative Party.  I will only support a Conservative Leader who I consider cares about our country and stops unnecessary spending on ridiculous rules and policies.  If there is no strong Leader then the Conservatives have no chance of winning the next election and I will consider voting for Reform.
Liz Truss did not have a fair chance, she was removed by the globalists who currently run the party and who are in thrall to the WEF. We need to fix our country instead of financing wars abroad. We should not be allowing our country to be swamped with fighting age men and bowing down to the woke globalist agenda. Its is ruining our country and the people are becoming poorer and poorer. The party is now a flavour of socialism not conservatism. It has been highjacked by the left and no longer represents people who have real conservative views. It is a party of high tax, low aspiration and high, wasteful public spending. The net zero agenda, another globalist ideal, is causing poverty and is a pipe dream which ultimately will bankrupt both citizens and the country itself.
Make Britain Great again & ignore the wokists.
You have all betrayed those who elected you and your party and created an armosphere of mistrust in politicians and parliament amongst the electorate and have disregarded democracy.

Stop the in fighting and never let Liz Truss in any responsible position. I left the conservative party the day she became the party leader. It was obvious her plan was doomed. Copying Margaret Thatcher in the wrong environment was a ridiculous plan. She’s a joke
MORE THAN ONE…You shouldn’t have ousted BorisStop being dominated by the WOKE liberal faction and concentrate on being Conservative Stand up for our Sovereignty and leave the ECHRGet a grip of the Civil Service, Educators and NHS and cut waste by abolishing all DEI posts
Get a grip. Get a leader who believes in stopping illegal immigration ,send them to Rwanda- ignore the ECHR and all the do gooders. Reduce taxes, tackle wokeness, get civil servants back to the offices. If they don’t like it give them the choice – office or no job.. The NHS is past it’s sell by date, pouring money into it won’t make a jot of difference, set up a scheme such as in Australia – gone are the days when everyone thinks it is sacrosanct. Make more of Brexit and don’t pander to the E U, If they don’t like it,tough.They’ll miss us more than we miss them.. Slow down on all these net zero policies, whatever the UK does is a drop in the ocean, so why the fixation at huge expense. Get self reliant energy wise- nuclear, oil  gas ,renewables. Invest in defence , microchip technology and other critical industries. Any leader who  passionately believes in the above and had thr courage to go ahead rather than pandering to the vocal minority and urban elite would walk the next election – believe me.
You’re all sacked.
Give you head a wobble and become conservative again
Your treachery to Boris will see you out of a job within the next 12 months . I guess you could call it karma. Boris was the best person to run the Conservative Party since the late great Margaret Thatcher  and Winston Churchill. I will never forgive those MPs .
The existing Central Office Staff and the 1922 Commitee are Very Much to Blame for Tory Problems. Too much procrastination. The Country Needs Actions Not Talk and Delay. Everyone Knows that MPs Feather their Own Nest. That’s OK if they are Genuinely Working for the Electorate BUT Far too many make decisions  based on their Own GREED. Whether it is Wokeness or Stubborn Foolishness Many Mistakes ate being Made. MPs must be Loyal to their PM regardless of personal allegiances, This  selfish behaviour is looked upon as Treachery by a Great proportion of the Conservative Electorate that I have been in touch with!
Why don’t you listen to what the public want ? Why don’t you stop illegal immigration . Why aren’t you making Brexit work ? Get rid of crazy 20 mph limits in towns and finally why do you allow Khan to fine poorer drivers due to ulez ?
What did you do to Boris!!!!!
You don’t listen to members or the electorate. The impression you give is you are more concerned with clinging to power and as a result are  completely ineffective.
I would tell them that they squandered the lead that my husband and I worked so hard to obtain for them in our neighbourhood.  With the exception of the New Conservatives they have made me ashamed of how poorly they have  behaved.
The conservatives rolled over for the EU during negotiations over NI. Shame on them all. In my constituency I will vote for whichever party can keep the SNP candidate from winning.
Start deportation and reduce the work shy
The majority of you, who voted Boris Johnson out, did so because you are Remainers. Moreover, you know full well that the sort of “parties” that took place at No. 10 were an attermpt to maintain morale amongst staff during the very stressful period of Covid. Remember, during that period, Boris himnself fell critically ill, and his mother also died, yet he has not once advanced those events as excuses for any failings. He has taken responsibility for the failings of others, which shows strong leadership and magnanimity. To have ousted Boris for “lying” (and I do not think he lied to parliament) shows you are morally unfit to be Conservative MPs. As far as I’m concerned, you are just part of a globalistic “blob” which fails to represent what the majority of Brits want. Bring back Boris as an MP, re-elect him as Tory leader or resign! Let’s complete Brexit and get NI  fully back into UKMPs should be chosen by their constituency associations and not by central office (which secretly has an unpatriotic  agenda
Stand behind the leader, you are all Conservatives and have Conservative aims, so stop behaving like spoilt children and get Boris back, because if you don’t you will let labour in and the conservatives will be out of power for a generation
All you faux Conservatives please leave
Get Boris back with Nadine, Jacob, Michael F, Lee Anderson, Stella and genuine Conservative MP’s who will lead as the people want. Firstly get all illegal migrants returned immediately and close our borders. Britain is a are a tiny country and is now full.
Stop bickering
Conservatives made a huge mistake in forcing Boris Johnson to resign.
Get in touch with public sentiment, concerns and opinion. Do not entertain even POTENTIAL leadership contenders with patently no appeal or electability. Trust the broad membership as a whole when they turn people down. They know their communities.

Don’t  waste the opportunity and benefits Brexit. The debate is over.
Listen to the people.
There are many of you in this room who are NOT true Conservatives, but are in fact Left Leaning Liberals and Socialists, who include Sunak and Hunt. You collectively have deceived the public and let the country down and your actions will guarantee a Labour Government under Starmer who will destroy this country. You could have stopped Illegal Immigration by implementing a State of Emergency but chose to allow this invasion to continue unchallenged. Since you disgracefully removed Boris Johnson as our Prime Minister your decline in popularity has been unprecedented in the political history of this country and YOU are to blame.
Get you act together fast
That they need to listen to the voters.  What they have done since the last election shows a total disregard for the views of the  people they are supposed to represent.
Grow up!

Listen to the electorate we voted for borders to be closed all illegals sent back the majority of the electorate are so angry

Bunch of Liberal wetwipes
Go back to being true Conservatives and move away from global governance and control.Be more in touch with the people of this country who work but are being more and more ignored by all parties.Truly respect democracy and tackle the woke agenda. CUT TAXES FOR WORKERS AND RAISE THE LIMIT FOR THE HIGHER RATE.
You should never have stabbed Boris Johnson in the back,  he’s the only pm that could get you a 80 seat majority….the 1922 committee want disbanding along with the house of lords
Get your backbone back and say what YOU think and not what you’re told to think. Most of you have no idea what your electorate thinks and how they live. Get in touch with reality.

The party has had a fifth column in it since the SDP lot joined under Major in 1994. Their sole purpose seems to have been to destroy Thatcherism and the brilliant party machine that was built by properly Conservative chairs. I would vote Conservative now ONLY because we have a very good local candidate. Sunak et al are not Conservatives
Unity is strength

Let the members vote for the leader NOT the out of date out of touch 1922 quango committee
Show effective leadership
Get your act together, be true conservatives or get out of the party and stop destroying the world’s oldest political party.
Stop squabbling amongst yourselves and get on with the mandate we elected you on.Get on with shredding EU laws that are now irrelevant and don’t even consider the possibility of rejoining We voted to leave- so remember that. We need border control and we haven’t got any.Ask Boris if he would consider returning as your leader. We voted for him. We did not vote for Sunak.Membership of the party would soar if you did that!IF he is willing to return maybe you could all get behind him and help him do his job this time instead of obstructing him. If you feel unable to do that then maybe you are in the wrong job? You were elected by the people to do your best for us and that is what you are paid by us to do.

If you are not true Conservatives then please leave the room to allow the MPs that are, to get on with the job of making this country great again. A strong party that wants the same results and works together. This country is in a state of emergency and needs only the ones that want to bring back British values for the true British public. Illegal Immigrants of which the majority have no interest in our values are intent on bringing down all of the towns and villages they are placed in. I would like to suggest a trip out to ask the residents what they think 🤔 Education,History, Patriotism, National Health Service, Armed Forces,Veterans. We need a party that wants us to be proud of these things. I was a member , and proud to be one, when I believed in their policies, if we can’t return to  them, I’m afraid we will no longer have the Great Britain we love.
Listen to the people outside the Westminster bubble, or you will be annihilated.
Stop following the Davos cabal and restore a strong sovereign UK
Every time there is an issue in the NHS please explain to the public that a trade-union controlled, doctor-controlled monopoly with no competition and no self-responsible insurance-base as in Australia and in Europe the NHS will continue to fail.
Also, end the BBC license fee and its ultra-left bias.
[I am former President if Brighton Conservative Association, and a former Consultant Director of Conservative Central Office, and former adviser to Mrs. Thatcher and to John Major.  I voted every time for Boris, but, alas, that time has passed. [Professor John Spiers].
Stop all immigration.  We are overwhelmed and cannot cope.  Issue ID cards and deport those who do not belong here.  Turn the boats round.  We need an affective police force that works the same for all.  Recruit more riot police and expand the army and navy. I no longer feel safe in this country due to third world arrivals.  Stop the islamification of the UK.  Get rid of Sad Khan.  Scrap net zero, scrap maths for 16-18 yrs old.
Be conservative please
Be genuinely Conservative, stand for traditional conservative values. Take advantage of Brexit.
I’m in a red wall seat and we voted for Boris. Lots of people here want him back and would vote again for the Conservatives.
If they want to be woke and left wing, go and join Kia Starmer‘s party. If you truly believe in Conservative values, stay in this party, otherwise pack your bags and go

You are all incompetent! You’ve thrown away a golden opportunity with an 80 seat majority you should hang your head in shame!
I vote for a team of like minded people expecting them to work together to achieve the goals of their manifesto for the duration. I have been very disappointed with this government over the last 5 years. I can no longer name the person heading a department as there have been so many changes. I have 4 adult children, all working but living in dire straights as their income is insufficient (minimum wage) with the rules being inconsistent and unfair. One is a friend and family carer to a disabled teenager, their rent for a 2 bedroomed property is £1,150 per month. As the property is privately rented the local reference rent is approximately £600. Taking that into account as housing benefit they still have to find the other £550 a month out of the Unversal Credit payment and wages mant for living expenses. Another pays £650 per month for a room in an attic with no heating in a house of multiple occupation. Another is homeless. All in the affluent south east of England.Why are the younger people being ignored?
You need to remove the 1922 committee, remove Cameron, and stop imports of manufactured goods into the UK by increasing import taxes and investing in UK manufacturing with government and private UK equity. We need to encourage more people to come to the UK bringing skills and people to be trained in skilled jobs and to supply low-skilled labour.We need to stop Chinese students from coming to the UK, reduce the number of universities and fund the remaining universities properly. Universities should be for education not business in their own right.We need to take control of the law courts in the UK not be controlled by outdated EU Laws. Complete the process of independence from the EU. The MP’s need to get closer to business and to the general public, too many have no courage or commitment to the general public.
Will all the Conservatives step to the right and will all the Liberal Democrat’s step to the left
When will you start to think about the taxpayers needs given it’s their money you are spending?How do you think we feel when those in boats are given a warm roof when our military are cold and wet on the streets? Do we understand that if you offered every person on the streets an instant home that this could be abused? Yes we do. If we understand that, then why can’t you understand that applies to those on the boats too.Our streets are changing. You are in denial or you dont have the balls to front it.If we cant have Boris, Kemi Badenoch is your next best bet.Otherwise, I’m voting against the conservatives for the first time in my 38 years of voting!
Dross, rot wheeled in. Voted for forty years. Too many need to go. Barwell, may, wankins, sunak, mr china, BRADY. And more. In a bubble. When you listen to them speak, there’s no reality among them. Mrs Rooney MBE,ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. CIVIL WAR SOON.
I am disgusted with the back stabbing that went on to oust Boris Johnson, hence am nit a fan of Rishi Sunak. Means have list trust in him, he was not elected by Conservative members which seemed underhand. Boris Johnson ensured a large majority of Conservative MPs and people felt that he knew what they wanted and felt he would achieve it. Now the party appear to be just looking out for themselves and lost touch with what the general public want.My MP, Simon Hoare does not acknowledge any emails I send, he clearly has no interest of what his constituents members  want to discuss unless they agree with his agenda. I feel many MPs act the same.
You are a disgrace! You have not lived up to the manifesto of the last election and wasted a 80 seat majority handed to you by Boris. He won despite the majority of the MPs and soon you will discover the truth. The party will be all but wiped out and deservedly so.As a member you ignored me to push through Sunak who is just a stooge for the globalists in thee background yanking his chain, you wont be able to ignore us at the GE and will miss us when you want canvassers and doners etc! The party needs to rid itself of the LIB dems and socialists wets who are running the party. I fear its too late and will wait and see who is left in the party after the GE and decide if it’s a Conservative Party or what we have now before deciding if i want to return as a member.
I would say that you wasted the seats you won when first time conservative voters voted for you because Boris Johnson was the leader of the party, and the way you acted to get him out was absolutely appalling. Suella Braverman should still be in post to carry out her plans to stop illegal immigration and reduce immigration altogether. You have not carried out the manifesto for which we voted and the government has become a shambles under Rishi Sunak for whom nobody voted.
Start getting a grip on immigration – both Legal and Illegal. Ramp up deportation of criminals and illegals. At the same time start squeezing benefits. The welfare system should be a safety net, not a lifestyle choice. Invest in training more doctors, nurses, construction workers etc instead of giving student loans to study useless courses where the student will never earn enough to pay it back. Start making Brexit work instead of ignoring it and trying to erode democracy.Stop making ludicrous decisions on this net zero myth. E.g. make our own steel so we don’t have to buy it from our enemies.Stop penalising car dealers for not selling enough electric vehicles.Close down every diversity department in the public sector – jobs should be awarded on merit.Reverse devolution- it hasn’t worked!Stop hate marches from taking place.Finally, ramp up Defence spending- starting with RN boats to physically push the boats back. When I see these in a manifesto I’ll consider voting Conservative again.
Stop fighting amongst yourselves.  Stop resigning and work together.
We are neither Conservative nor United. This is supposed to be the Conservative and Unionist Party and I am ashamed of the lot of you. The only people who had the right to oust Boris was the British public at the ballot box in 2024
Get out and knock on their constituents doors and listen to what their concerns are. Remember you are there to serve the people and by the grace of the people. Stop gaslighting people with spin. If you don’t stop the boats you will be voted out and be in the wilderness like Labour for 20years. Stop the woke nonsense, stop the brain washing that’s going on in our institutions. Stop pandering to the minority. Deport or lock up terrorist supporter. Get a grip. Our country is in the grip of a cultural take over by people that don’t share our values. What was the point of WW2.
When did you decide to become socialists?
Start being Conservatives again. Stop being afraid of being called “Right Wing”
Act like Conservatives and have some backbone!
Stop behaving like blockheads. You owed your seat in the parliament to Boris but you betrayed him thereby doing almost irreparable harm not only to the party but to the country. Unfortunately you still haven’t learnt your lesson and continue to behave recklessly callously and selfishly ignoring the members opinions and views. At the time of partygate I frantically tried to contact you all to knock sense into your thick skulls but all I got back was your standard reply that You couldn’t help me as I was not your constituent! After Thatcher/ Major saga and now your atrocious and appalling behaviour towards Boris firmly I believe you all are far too dangerous to be given a free hand so from now on you should be answerable to a committee which should have members’s representation as well but from your past behaviour you should not be allowed to make any major decions by yourself. Frankly with your record of past 3 years most of you should be sacked and barred from standing again.
We just have to win expose the labour so called team. As a life long conservative I would vote reform but know it would let the socialists lib lab in. Sunak is totally out of touch. He has no empathy with old English families and conservative values held for generations. Sac Cleverly.

Learn from the new Argentine President
Which one of you is the next Thatcher?

While you’re all here, how about disbanding the corrupt 22comittee and standing up to Starmer in Parliament like demanding to know why their chief whip Nick Brown is still suspended after almost a year and he is still refusing to say why, you take all the flak from him and don’t retaliate, it makes you look weak. PS it was regarding a serious sexual assault on a colleague.
Rishi Sunak has betrayed the Party, betrayed the membership, betrayed the electorate and betrayed the U.K. He must be replaced.
I was an active member of the party for fifty plus years. The manner in which Johnson and Truss were  disposed of by the parliamentary party was nothing short of scandalous. We the foot soldiers who won the election were totally ignored. For Me the appointment of Sunak and His appointment of Hunt were the last straw, so I left the party and subsequent events have proved that I was right to do so.
How dare you remove TWO elected leaders (General electorate or Members) and undemocratically install a Leader. What made you think that was a good idea in a million years? The calculation you made to think voters/members would swallow it to keep out Labour has massively backfired, not least because you are now Conservative in name only.
Stop stabbing everyone in the back and get on with the job you are paid to do properly
Why did you think it was acceptable to bring in millions of illegal AND legal migrants over the last 13 years, knowing that it was NOT what the majority of the British public wanted?  You have changed this country irreversibly into a place far more dangerous and unstable.  The NHS is overwhelmed as are schools, prisons and roads, and overall the quality of life has deteriorated considerably.  Jewish people no longer feel safe in this country due to you bringing in millions of Muslims who are antisemitic and have no will or intention to integrate in our society.  You need to stop bringing in these people, start deporting those who have no right to be here, and start listening to the silent majority in this country – we have had enough of being ignored.
The illegal immigration  needs to stop.  If they come with no paperwork they cannot be processed.  We could be harbouring murderers, rapist.  We could also have an illegal african army here already to rise up against us.  Our security is paramount.  Our fathers fought wars for our freedom and now we let in god knows who.   The party needs to respect the will of the people.  Cut out the wokeness and move the party more to the right.  The new leader needs to have the vote of its members
Get back to what is right for Our Country ,Not for what you want.Stop the boats And get rid of the Wef And the who and EU..We didn’t Elect them to tell us what to do.I do Not Want a one world Government
Who ever you have as our perspective PM you had better ask the membership wether you like them or not( poor Liz Truss) putting Rishi in the top job without members support was outrageous  and a real spit in the eye of many
“Drill baby drill” and ban woke
I say get your leader sorted and stick behind the leader 💯 And we stand a chance, Don’t give Starmer a chance otherwise GB will be ruined

For the love of Britain please give us back our country, let us fly the Union FLAG not the flag of another country, let us be proud to be British/English, let us have our Christian values back… stop the deference to Islam it is ruining Britain… STOP ILLEGAL MIGRATION, Cut Legal Migration… end wokeness… if looking at migration and wokeness alone were invested in many of our current housing problems, educational problems, health problems etc., would reduce, our security would improve, border control would be stronger … we so wanted you to deliver on your election promises, but on the most important issues you have not… you have failed the people who put you into power and now we face Labour as a government and I am devastated. God help us!
get rid of sunak he wasn’t chosen by the members and you lost members because of it
You were all given a golden opportunity to be the best Conservative Government this country had seen since Margaret Thatcher and you have squandered it.  Stop your selfish woke agendas and deliver what you promised. You pathetic bunch of wimps. Trust in each of you who went against the will of the British people and party members is non-existent. You have sunk so low you could crawl under a rattlesnakes belly. Grow a backbone and stand up for British Conservative values you  lilly-livered, gutless, spineless bunch of guttersnipes. HAVE YOU NO PRIDE AND HONOUR !!!!
Work as a team to fight Labour, not yourselves
Clean up westminster. Remove the deep state clutches that prevent prime ministers from doing their jobs. The Rothschilds et al must be outed and the party has to be brave and stand up to them and remove their banking power. Clean up the civil service and clear them out. Remove the corrupt MPs from parliment. No more money laundering with our taxes going to foreign countries and then returned through the backdoor into MP’s accounts. Start working for the people instead of working to inflate your own bank accounts and ego’s. Put legislation in place to clear up media propaganda. stand up for free speech. Tell the truth about the covid vaccines. No more WEF affiliated MP’s and no more globalism. UK first. No more net zero. Climate change is not an issue. Many scientist are saying this but their voices are being surpressed. We should be celebrating this not burying it. Fossil fuels are not made from fossils but are constantly renewed. Nuclear fusion is great and hydrogen cars but stop impoverishing the country.
Stop looking out for yourselves and BE HONEST and put the country first
You are call traitor’s and backstabbers. You used Boris and I will never forgive the party for that unless they bring him back I will NEVER vote Conservative again. There is no MP who has the quality to be leader except him. You do not deserve power. You are manipulative and untruthful.

Tell the truth, at least don’t lie.
Study some recent history of what being a Conservative means.
Sunak out or No Vote !We want a true conservative leader elected by the membership and no-one else.
You bloody fools….
Expel the members of the Movement from the party to restore Democracy, Confidence as the members count.
Better start looking for your next job
Conservative MP’s aren’t conservative at all. The Party as been taken over by Labour sympathisers.
You have destroyed our country. The questions. Has this been done on purpose to satisfy world obligations like 2030 agenda & New Zero madness. Ask yourself this. Has life been good in Britain over the last 20+ years since becoming a member of the European Union. Why do you feel entitled to direct Britain’s future in the world without public votes. Why do you feel we should continue with the same broken system of governance. The British public, want to reduce legal and illegal immigration. It’s not just about stopping the boats it’s about stopping the abuse especially of our benefit system. Why don’t you leave the echr Britain invented human rights. Why carry on with the House of Lords when we could have an elected house with PR system to keep an eye on all you MP’s in the House Of Commons. Britain needs and updated written constitution. Why has the Conservative Party allowed a bunch of liberals to take over the conservative Party. I voted for Boris what a disappointment. Reform UK will destroy the liberals.
You made your bed lie in it, you lost my trust and vote after many years being a member.I was out every day as a campaign manager and won a red seat for the first time, never again.Bunch of self serving idiots that removed 2 elected PMs and installed a back stabbing ****
I think many of you standing in this room are in this position of power to serve self-interests, or for a charitable cause. National politics is about the Nation, a one Nation. Like a plant, give it the basics, the right environment and it will flourish and grow.
It’s all quite simple.  All you have to do is just do the things that Conservatives have asked for since Maggi left us. I don’t care what Europe or any other country or body says, we have lost control of GB because of immigration.  Some like to say we are a multi-national country like the USA but we are not.  We are British and an historic and independent warrior country in our own right.  Our problem is that because of weak politicians and poor laws we have been invaded by peoples who shouldn’t be here.  In their own right they are mostly perfectly nice people but that is no a reason to allow residence in our tiny island where the economic benefits  are a draw that is crippling us financially and culturally.  It cannot be allowed to continue or we will be dragged down to the lowest common denominator and become as poor as the poorest countries in the world.  The problem with that is the Treasury seeks an expanding turnover like any business and it mistakenly believes it can increase profit by increasing cont
You had a massive majority that political parties only dream of and you lied to your electorates. You broke every promises which would have given this great country its sovereignty back in order to fulfill your self interests . You stated you would reduce net migration knowing you were continuing to massively increasing it , you allowed the breakup of the UK isolating Northern Ireland . You turned your back on the UK fishing industry , I could go on but my words are falling on deaf ears . The trust has gone , no one believes you now.
Do the job you were elected to do. Grow up. Since BJ and RS have been elected all you have done is bicker, broken the manifesto pledges on which you were elected, and most of all you’ve let this country down…….. Big Time, you should be ashamed.
I’ve voted Conservative all my life but we’ve been betrayed I’m scared of our future with all the illegal migrants flooding our country and what it means for our future
You made the biggest mistake getting rid of our elected leader. BRING BORIS BACK
You all need to grow up, do your job what you get paid ro do and you are all a disgrace to of got rid of Boris Johnson as he is the Conservative party, not some unelected fool brought in by Graham Brady and his bunch.
Bring back Conservative values
Stop all your in house fighting and backstabbing and put the country first instead of fighting Brexit. You gorgeous of the best man for the job now bring him back – Boris Johnson
I am concerned what will become of our country now. Why have they allowed us to get to the situation where members and their priorities have been ignored? The polls are dire and we’re heading for a massive Labour majority at the election – there will be no effective right of centre opposition. They don’t listen to the members. Before they removed our democratically elected Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who won an 80 seat majority, the polls were much closer, potentially they could have had another decade in power. They’ve allowed the opposition and the media to destroy his reputation, rewriting all that had been achieved during his time in office. Boris had a sense of optimism and his government delivered results. He wasn’t perfect but always had the best interests of the country at heart. Since Sunak took over all we’ve had is doom and gloom – almost nothing has been delivered. He has rolled back on many policies – why does he want the country to be in decline? This is all the responsibility of the MPs.
Start running the country and stop making it all about yourselves.  Listen to your constituents as they have you a  job to do and you don’t do It.  Remove at a least 500lords in the House of Lords.  They are not fit for purpose.  Bring back a Boris Johnson who should Never have been forced out.
You are not conservatives!
Get behind the Prime Minister and stop bringing the party into disrepute.
Boris proved himself above and beyond by the massive majority he acquired at the last GE, even people who had voted Labour all their lives voted for Boris to get Brexit done Then when Boris had serves his purpose it quite suited the Conservatives to let him be removed with no supprort from the Party  all with the help of dear Mr Cummings, I voted for Boris and the Tories removed him, Then brought in  Liz Truss,. I think most of us Tory voters know what that was about a ploy to bring in Sunak, “The big plan” from the beginning, As a Tory member i voted for Boris, Also as a Tory member we were not given the opportunity to vote as the Tories had already made there minds up it was Sunak, All it proved to me and many more Tory our votes were meant for nothing, If the Tories lose the next GE to Labour due to all the in fighting and the Party being so split, It will take a long time to be forgiven
I joined the Conservative party and voted Boris Johnson in, and a lot of the party stabbed him in the back, the biggest being Rishi, and we are Still not completely out of the EU , and the immigration is a joke, Britain is a Laughing Stock,all over the world, and that’s down to YOU,our Leaders, Disgraceful.
Back britain
Get a grip, bring back Conservative values to the government
You are in your position as an MP because of the hard work put in by the membership of the party, if you are not willing to listen to these people you do not deserve to be here and you shouldn’t be standing for this party.
Will never vote for a party that commits political assassination on their leader who won a 80+ seat majority?They deserve to be relegated to the basement of UK politics. Your anti-Brexit and support for the WEF was the final straw.Would like to see the destruction of all 3 major parties as they have nothing but contempt for the centre right voters?You have destroyed our trust in each and every leader and we need to teach you a lesson by turning to the right in order to defend our right to exist in our native lands?Your failure on immigration is leading us towards a possible civil war? Islam will never compromise with tolerant religions?
Grow a oair & stop the illegals , whatever way necessary.

Cut the bitchy blame game, cancel covid inquiry, make the best from brexit, find a leader who leads from the front, start being Conservatives
Be proper Conservatives and stop being so pathetic!

Work together
Stop arguing and always undermining the leader. It happened with May, Boris, Truss and now Sunak. It’s madness.
I was enthused when Boris won and joined the party.  I was dissolutioned when he was forced out and left the party.
Be conservatives with conservative values. Reduce taxes. Stop the boats and send them back to France. Sending them back is an election winner.
If you can’t put our country first then resign
Get a Grip and focus on the People.Grow a spinal cord. Drop hunt. The end.
Failure to remove the Libs Dems & Greens from the Parliamentary Party and return us to Parliamentary Primacy in Law with subservient Law Lords instead of rule by democratically unaccountable Judges (by rescinding HRA & its precedents & disbanding the Supreme Court) then deliver true Conservative poicies with respect to Law and order, immigration reduction- tightening of Visas, settlement, nationality eligibility, naturalisation (& removal of in appropriate cases and providing fit for purpose public services, opportunity & advancement (business investment in workforce) for individuals and retraction of the ‘never-pay-in forever-take-out, benefit claimants for life’ benefits system we now have (which, unbelievably, is also open to foreign & nauturalised nationals thus understandably making us a net cost-burden migrant magnet), will result in the demise of the Conservative Party.
Members and voters have had enough of the repeated betrayals by Conservative MP’s. There won’t be any more chances .
Wouldn’t be just one thing, too much has been allowed to go off the rails.  Listen to your constituents, develop a backbone and declare a state of national emergency, stop the boats and leave the ECHR.  Put a stop to woke infiltrating every corner of society, protect children from Stonewall and Mermaid and banish their influence in all government departments, particularly health and education.  Stop this net zero rubbish.  Complete reform of the civil service, the NHS, abolish QANGOS, think tanks, focus groups. Listen to your constituents.
Represent those British who voted for you – not the WEF.
Stop the boats
Stop this kamikaze road your in
As things currently stand, without change, I will vote Labour, just to remove the current Tory Party from power
To all of those who moved against Boris Johnson, including my own MP, I would say resign. I would say stop impoverishing your citizens by following the green agenda. (Take a look at the percentage of Co2 in the atmosphere, the percentage that it has increased since the Industrial Revolution, and the percentage of that that this country contributes.)I would say that Britain is no longer a Great nation. We no longer rule the waves. So stop pretending we are still the world’s policeman, stop meddling in Yemen, Gaza, the Ukraine, etc., and PLEASE stop hanging on to Uncle Sam’s coat tails.Deal PROPERLY with this country’s security by kicking out all aliens, securing our borders, bringing our armed forces up to strength.Make us self sufficient in food and energy, so that we are no longer reliant on external producers who are able to hold us to ransom. If this means fracking for gas and oil and digging more coal, ripping out solar farms to grow food, and getting serious about fishing, then good.And fix the NHS!
Try to adopt CONSERVATIVE values. Maggie did
Respect and adhere to the policies your voters thought they were getting but are not. 
So something NOW about the cancer of the Blob which is killing all that is good about this nation.
Start looking after your own people who voted for your party and are suffering greatly.

Hang together or you will assuredly hang separately!
Govern with conservative principles.Cut down the civil service.Spend more on defenceTighten up welfare and make it worthwhile to dork.Cut taxes to encourage growth
Why did you oust Boris Johnson who got us a resounding victory at the General election and why did you also oust Liz who the members voted for afterwards?WHO thought they new better than the members?
Stop fighting amongst yourselves and form a united party to fight Labour instead.
Make this country great again, at the moment we are fast becoming a third world country. All those with liberal views should cross the floor of the Commons, the rest should remain and follow a programme of right wing conservative policies. Less you forget, the British people gave us a large majority based on policies that we have sadly failed to implement. As things stand this party is staring at political oblivion, I therefore implore you to stand up or step out.
Why have they not delivered Brexit. Why have they thrown NI under the bus with the Windsor Framework?
Why are they deliberately destroying the country with net zero madness?
Why are we borrowing money we cannot afford and giving it away?
Why is every ethnicity prioritised over white peopl
Why is everything broken?

Get out of ECHR. Prioritise the needs of the British in Britain. Scrap foreign aid , keeping aid only for genuine foreign emergencies. Cut the number of civil servants, make the remainder turn up at the office. Decimate the number of quangos and repeal the right of so called charities to be political lobbyists/activists. Show some love for our country and traditional culture. Treat everyone the same under the law and scrap inclusion/diversity laws that exclude and divide. Be proud of our country and her history instead of talking it down at every opportunity. Reinstate our old method of allowing everything unless there’s a law against it, instead of following the European way of not allowing anything unless you can by law. In short, represent the vast majority of this country instead of pandering to shouty minorities. If you don’t , the Consrrvatives will be an ex party.
You were elected by the people for the people – what part of that do you not understand.You have totally ignored your manifesto promises and because of your reluctance to upset the woke, the muslims and the Immigrants – legal and illegal – we now have an army of, young, fit, fighting men living amongst us – and we are helping them and paying them to hate us !!!!!  Deal with immigration and the NHS, Security and Police, Education and Housing will find a better balance.Stop funding overseas wars and start concentrating on the mess this country is in and start looking after the UK tax payer – and stop wasting OUR money.  Stop this Green farce as well – absolute joke.
Be honest and do the right thing for the good of all the people of the Nation and not just for personal gain.
Grow up and respect democracy and the membership vote.
You made a big mistake by forcing Boris to stand down. I was a member until the MP’s made Rishi PM this was never agreed by members. My daughter is an Acute medical Registrar. MP’s have a short memory of what the Dr’s did during Covid.My daughter has spent years studying. Every day she has peoples lives in her hands. Dr’s need to have a decent pay rise to reflect this.The strikes should have been settled months ago. Do not blame the Dr’s for this. The MP’s are to blame
Backstabbers never win ..
Think less of your own interests and more about this country and the British people.

Stop this infighting. Come together as the Conservatives. Stop all legal and illegal immigration, take a breather and be very selective who we let in. Anyone crossing the channel is illegal and should be deported asap. Any illegal who committed a crime should be deported immediately, no it’s no buts. All brownfield sites should be built on before any green spaces. Get a Private Health Care company to run the health service. It will Reduce waste. Reduce the managers and woke consultants. More Police. Sell the two Aircraft Carriers to the USA, not needed in today’s Navy.
Listen to your membership,  who you have chosen to ignore on several occasions over the last few years, or lose an 80 seat majority.
Grow up, stop fighting amongst yourselves and concentrate on doing your best to fulfill your manifesto commitments, stop ‘wokeness’, instil some discipline into the Civil Service and bring Boris back.
Please listen to the Conservative-voting electorate and take note that we are craving a return to the basic, historic principles of the party.  Remember the age range of the largest group of Tory voters.
Stop illegal migration, pause legal migration (until we have more infrastructure to cope), reduce taxes including  remove  IHT and/or  allow ISA’S to be IHT free
The conservatives had a massive majority but abused it by not taking back control and increased immigration and also illegal immigrants whereby none of your indigenous supporters feel safe.  Why would you vote for more of that? I certainly won’t.  I was a member of the Conservative Party but stopped my membership after seeing the party is not conservative at all, in fact they are nothing but a corrupt cabal. My vote and my families are  gone!
Be united and stop stabbing each other in the back. A divided party is not a good look and will not win an election.
You got rid of the best PM we have had for years and it wasn’t your place to do that we the people voted him in. You need to remember you work for the people. All of you who went against Boris Johnson should hang your heads in shame. Backstabbers the lot of you. I certainly don’t want a labour government which is the only reason I would not change my allegiance. But you should all go to him on your bended knees
To much infighting, and removing Boris as PM. I think that a number of MP, deselected and it will be their ownflout.
Be a Conservative
Listen to the public who are afraid that we, through illegal immigration are changing Britain beyond measure, could be taking people in that do not share our beliefs, our behaviour towards one another and worst of all endangering women and girls and the Country through terrorism.  We can see every criminal horrendous act we see on the news is down to immigrants or first generation immigrants, you can almost guess that before details are released, I hate that our Country is becoming more violent and more fundamentalist Islamic, knowing how we know they want this to happen.  Stretching our resources and making this Country a laughing stock.  It’s like inviting a burglar into your home and offering him everything you own and pay him for breaking in.  We must prioritise our own people ABOVE these illegal people who have discarded any documentation, so to me they have given up their rights to stay immediately they do that.   
Get a back bone and get TOUGH.  We really need Mrs Thatcher!
I don’t have a problem with Rishi Sunak as prime minister, however I totally disapprove how the Conservative government overruled membership vote to achieve this result. The same principle should have been respected regarding Boris Johnson. The Conservative Party achieved an extraordinary result at the last general election which has totally squandered from within.As a Conservative and a brexit supporter I felt Boris Johnson was standing between myself and hostility. He brought positivity and enthusiasm to the country but that has been totally destroyed. Liz Truss worked hard to grow the economy making trade deals around the world another positive step. Jacob Rees Mogg brought intellect, humour, good manners and loyalty.I was proud to say I was a Conservative. Although my principles will always be Conservative, I am not proud of the party at the moment. If a Labour victory happens the Conservative Party is totally to blame for letting the electorate down.
Pull together and keep Labour out.
Return to the original conservative values
Do what you are been paid to do , represent the wishes of your constituents , not your own wishes . Listen to the electorate who gave your party a massive majority in 2019 because Boris Johnson was leader . Disrespecting the electorate and their choice means the electorate will not support you . Disrespect the members and the members will resign their memberships . In a democracy , the people get to decide , not those individuals we elect to represent us . The people wanted Boris Johnson and they still do !
You need to listen to some of the speeches of Margaret Thatcher.   You need to stop wasting our taxes on housing migrants and protect our borders. You need to pick up the boat crossing craft and return them and the illegals back to French beaches. This is not contrary to EU laws.  Leave the EU completely you know what Mean. You need to fight as one and take the labour party down with some blistering attacks on starmer and his past.  Crow louder but stay in touch with the British people instead of being clueless.    We are not stupid and it will show at the election
Bring back Boris Johnson , he is our only hope for winning an election and saving our country and its people
Grow A Backbone
Start acting, collectively as Conservatives
Stop the wars and pursue diplomacy use that money to support the British people. Let media be free to report news without political influence restore our democratic values. Stop the Rwanda policy it’s making our party look like a circus. For divesrsity lets have a white hone secretary for a change to see if you can spew the racist rhetoric shaping this current administration. BRING BACK BORIS
Get off social media, stop being woke and concerned about negative reporting by MSM and do what is right for the country.  We need more of everything it seems; housing, doctors,  nurses, care workers, teachers, police, soldiers, schools, hospitals. Increasing the population every year isn’t solving these issues just adding to the burden; doing the same thing clearly not working.  Think outside of the box and be courageous to do the difficult thing to reduce the state apparatus (Civil Servants), the dependence of benefits that reduces the need to work and attracts others to seek access to our country.  Stop universities growing in size, make them build more student accommodation (give them tax incentives if required) and remove the need for family homes being turned into student lets for more profit; there must be well over 5,000 family homes in York being used for students which sit empty for a period each year between terms; no wonder we have a housing crisis across most cities.Stop reducing the armed force.
Stop behaving like children and get behind Rishi Sunak.
Get behind kemi or Boris, stop disagreeing in public.  Leave the echr immediately.  Cut vat to 15% and ban utilities from standard daily charges.
I voted for Johnson in 2019. The man has flaws.. but wears them openly on his sleeve. Most other politicians have the same flaws by degree, but conceal them more effectively. Johnson is highly intelligent, often negligent and chaotic, but the UK doesn’t need a Mary Poppins PM (practically perfect etc). There are plenty of intelligent CSs to do the heavy lifting.So.. the UK needs a PM with charisma, a likeable ‘frontman’, able to charm and persuade. Johnson’s record says is capable. How the Tory party conducted itself over the Truss-Sunak debacle was disgusting. It was very clear Sunak wasn’t wanted, yet the gears clunked and whirred and he was installed without even a members vote. It stunk of corruption and Sunak has done very little to endear himself to party members, the public or peer Heads of State. Someone please tell him to let the hems down on his trousers. There is no appeal, little charisma and very little by way way of results to pursuade us otherwise.
Stop protecting your jobs and unite together for the sake of the countryYou are misbehaving like big kids
That they made a big mistake getting rid of Boris and played right into Labours hands !! They have got to break away from the UCHR & the UN. Rishi has ruined the Conservative Party & has gone back on everything he ever promised ! They need to put someone strong @ brave like Suella in charge!  The party is now very left wing
Get things done!
Stop the boats and reduce legal migration.  Stop the march of Islam.  Drop the equality addendum introduced in 2011 that allows the positive discrimination of white citizens.  Leave the ECHR and refugee convention.  Implement Brexit fully.  Get rid of Cameron.  Unelected and unaccountable.
Bring back Boris
Join the Reform Party!
If you don’t identify with strong Conservative values, then please resign and join the Liberals or Labour and stop masquerading as a Conservative.
Get your act together.Although still currently a member of the Conservative Party, I have cancelled my direct debit for next year.
Speak the TRUTH whole truth no more lies be honest about economy clean out the manipulators when people vote for a PM that’s who they want
Just stop bickering, plotting and undermining the PM.  Get behind him and stop competing with each other for the leadership role.  Boris should never have been forced out, or undermined so much by people who wanted his job, but there’s now  too much water under the bridge. I’m sooo sick of all this self-promotion going on. It’s chaotic, childish and affecting your chances of winning the next election.
Do what you promised in the 2019 manifesto
*** using this box to explain I will vote Conservative almost no matter what, as my MP is Danny Kruger who I believe deserves support as a proper Brexiteer and Conservative, with whom I am in tune on all policy issues, and who has had the courage of his convictions and rebelled on both the Windsor Framework and Rwanda Bill. The rebels deserve support imo. If my MP were a One Nation wet then all my answers above questions would be entirely different, and I would not support the party without a change of member, leadership and direction*
If I had them all in a room I’d tell them their stupidity and duplicity in ousting Boris has destroyed our party, trashed our brand. They need to accept that, take responsibility, recognise “Partygate” and “Pinchergate” for the manufactured confections they know very well they were. Get Boris back into a safe seat pronto, and get behind him wholeheartedly before it’s too late, or CROSS THE FLOOR, resign the whip.

Start looking after the indigenous population
Listen to your core voters or you will lose them.  I was born and bred in South Wales and had socialism put in my tea but the first time I could vote I voted for Margaret Thatcher.  She was the greatest inspiration of my life and I have voted Conservative ever since but I detest what the Party has become.  You are letting people down and destroying this once great country with your weak, woke policies and government.
Stop all the  in-fighting. Since the Brexit referendum it seems that all politicians do is bicker among themselves so no serious decisions are being taken. Illegal imigration is a priority BUT legal imigration needs addressing just as much. FOR INFORMATION.Just a point about my answers. The question who would I have chosen as a leader from list it would not let me go on unless I ticked 3 but as I would not want any of them when I put my own choice in it would not let me submit it. Hunt would be my choice but ticked three just to submit it.
Stop this net zero and climate emergency nonsense, nobody outside of London wants it, we as citizens and as a country cant afford it. Stop the boats,send them all back, stop rubber stamping asylum claims just to make the backlog lists look shorter.Leave the ECHR. Stop the woke nonsense infecting our laughing stock Police, Schools, NHS and civil service which is destroying our way of life. Stop the islamification of the UK (this is not racism its a fact) due to uncontrolled immigration and government cowardness to speak about islam. Stop bullshitting the public we are not stupid, stop the nanny state policies, you have no right to tell people how to live their lives.Listen to what the people want, not what you think they want, sack your special advisers as they clearly have no idea what the public want.one nation caucus MPs need to be replaced.David Cameron? come on! How desperate are you.Finally be center right conservatives, grow a spine and a set of bollocks, then you may have a chance!
You all need to pull together, leave the ECHR. You need to protect our borders
Get rid of anyone supporting unrestricted immigration or stopping mass deportation including Civil Service and MP’s
Take control of our borders.
Start acting like Conservatives, the country needs strong leadership and Conservative values.

Stop bickering, listen to your constituents and get your act together with particular reference to immigration and, most importantly, listen to the three service leaders. They are hopelessly underfunded and God help us if war was declare. To have two aircraft carriers not fit for purpose, unreliable and poorly equipped is a disgrace. What is the point of other policies if we were to be defeated, or worse, by communists and/or dictators. We are witnessing the same problems in Europe that we faced in the lead up to 1939 and WWll.
How has the 80 seat majority been so spectacular wasted?
Ask the one nation conservatives to be real conservatives and accept the mandate from the people.
To leave Rishi Sunak in charge at the next election would be a huge mistake. The membership didn’t want him, the country is not warming to him, tradional Conservative voters are turning away in their droves so unless you act fast I lot of you will be out of a job and you will be handing the keys to number 10 to Kier Starmer and Co. Don’t let the sensible voters in this county down select a new leader someone who we can get behind. Clearly not Rishi!!

The day you didn’t give the members a vote was the day you lost me I will never forgive you for not ending the illegal migration and never thinking about British people first

Boris is the only lifeline for the survival of the Conservative party
You all will have to apply to be reselected and your voting record will determine if you can even apply.
Stay true to Conservative values.  If you can’t do this then you should relinquish your membership and don’t stand for re-election.
Sack the 1922 committee. They are at loggerheads with the grass roots. I suspect they undermined boris Johnson and stirred the msm to bring him down with endless “partygate” horror nonsense. Sunak was a party to this as evidenced by his speed to pay his fine and his promo video instantly appearing on Boris’s downfall. Boris may not have been perfect BUT he had massive charisma. What ever, we need more conservative policies and less wishy washy leftist wokery. We also need a bonfire of all the leftist eu bureaucracy which seems to bog down every aspect of life not only slowing it frustratingly down but adding expense to all one tries to do. Far too much effort and thus cost pursuing the mirage of green carbon neutrality (while India and china carry on regardless failing to do likewise).Stop feeding lawyers and the French government vast fortunes via ill conceived immigration laws and  get it sorted unambiguously.
Get your act together and stop arguing amongst yourselves. Together we are stronger, whether we all agree on policy or not!
I would say I am livid with them for pissing about on in fighting and failing to support a leader who gave us an 80 seat majority with which we could have actually achieved something whereas in reality they have achieved nothing and have left us facing the prospect of a Labour government – led by an idiot – for a generation.
Boris Johnson – 80 seat majority. 80 seats. How dare you get rid of him?!
I am furious that after voting Conservative for 30+ years, our chosen leader Boris was ousted to make way for Rishi. I did not vote for him. Boris had charisma and loved our country, he did so much in the short time he was our PM. He connected with the people, Rishi does not!
Boris Johnson had a vision for this country, by attracting companies to invest eg new technologies R&D to promote growth of our economy and enable the reforms needed to the health and social care sector and to level up our country There was a plan for a Bill of rights, national border and security bill and the Northern Ireland Bill and I believe reform of the police and sentencing system including the CJS amongst other things to “get Brexit done” I believe that Rishi Sunak and other MPs who removed him were anti democratic and I firmly believe that Rishi Sunak is the worst thing that could have happened to both the conservative party and our country Boris Johnson was the PM nearly 14 million people voted for and it is up to us the people of this country to decide who we want for PM not backstabbing MPs with their own political agendas In Boris Johnson we had a PM who believed in our great country and what has been done to him will go down in history as a coup d’etat worthy of a banana republic
Call for a cease fire in Gaza, and start giving the people of Gaza and the West Bank the aid money they are entitled to. The people of Palestine are being murder by Israel and the other countries that are supporting them including us and I am ashamed of my Government and country for having anything to do with it.

The big unspoken problem is legal immigration. It has increased the population by 50% in less than 20 years; that in turn has led to an overload of the infrastructure. It has put enormous pressure on housing and on the NHS to say nothing of increased congestion. It has resulted in enormous expenditure in many areas which in turn has reduced our overloaded public services. Further immigration on such a scale has resulted in dramatic and sad changes to our national culture. We are too small a nation to absorb such vast numbers mainly with very different culture and values from those traditional British. When I travel abroad to countries in which i lived and worked in the late 60’s through to the 90’s I am amazed at how they have progressed. Wonderful public transport, great roads, and the people themselves well dressed and enjoying well maintained public spaces completely free of litter. The pavements and train platforms are not covered with trodden in chewing gum! Westminster, is out of touch.
Only United Parties win elections. You decided to boot Boris out, you decided to make Rishi Sunak PM. So now you are stuck with that decision. Every time you all split into factions on policy after policy, you are acting to bring your parliamentary careers to an end. All Labour have do do is keep quiet and watch you implode. Being in opposition is no fun. So if you don’t stop the in-fighting very soon, an awful lot of you may as well pack your bags.
Get Brexit done and dispense with the Windsor Framework.
You don’t deserve to win the next election under the Conservative banner as most of you are liberal socialists and WEF shills.
I never thought the day would come when I was afraid of my country’s future. I realise that the world in general is beset by problems caused by climate change, wars and general instability.I think it’s time for our country to start looking after itself and its people. England has become one of the world’s most overpopulated countries. It cannot go on accepting massive amounts of immigrants. There must be a way around this problem or what future is there for our young people! We desperately need money for housing, school repairs, NHS, road repairs, flood defences, the list is endless.Perhaps some of the massive amount of aid gifted to other countries could be spent at home?Atom bomb near London? I thought our nuclear subs were sufficient? If it all kicks off their won’t be much left to argue about?Hs it all been bad with the last tory government? Ofcourse not. Most of us survived covid and Boris, dispite his faults, kept us smiling. Generous hand outs helped a lot! PKB
You must rid the Conservative party of the “One Nation Liberals” infesting the party

Been a conservative voter for 40+ years, my views haven’t change but the conservative party has left me, installing Sunak ignoring members was the last straw for me. That’s the day my membership stopped, they can’t ignore the members then a few months later come crawling back when they’re up the creak. Sorry but I won’t be taken the pee out of again, the whole party needs changing to conservative candidates only, there’s 75% liberal MPs at the moment. The Reform party has more conservative values than the Conservative party has. I’ve lost all trust and respect in them, and I’m not on my own, i asked a question on X 2 days ago whether people would vote conservative if Kemi was made PM, I was surprised at the answers, Suella name came up as the most likely candidate, but the majority said no, and alot of those didn’t care who the leader was they like me had lost trust and respect in the party. The party needs a total reform, powers of the 1922 committee, Candidates, Uk members only should vote for leader
It’s not just illegal migration that is the problem; the country is rapidly changing beyond all recognition and we are importing third world values which will lead to third world troubles here.
Infighting is unedifying. Increase spending on defence. Control immigration. Reorganise health service by reducing managers and the Trust system which leads to’feifdoms’ Increase membership of police forces. Bring back Grammar schools. Stop giving priority to Muslims and allowing schools to teach extremism and Sharia law.  Sort out the unions which cause chaos on the trains and in the hospitals.
For Heaven’s sake act like true Conservatives. Deal with both legal and illegal immigration, whatever it takes. Ending the rush towards the WOKE agenda, and things like critical race theory is an equal priority, and this must begin within our education system. Our children are being brainwashed.
You should all feel ashamed of yourselves, I cannot believe what has happened to this country & because I don’t feel you’re all stupid then it must be wilful.

We need to get rid of those Conservative MP,s who do not fully support Brexit.The conservative party as now twice ousted good Conservative Prime Ministers, Margaret Thatcher and Boris Johnson.If the conservative party continues to self destruct we will face Labour Governments.I joined recently so that I could vote for Boris. Unfortunately that opportunity was denied when Rishi was crowned without a say from the members. Hopefully we will get a vote this time. I would never support David Cameron.
Stop bickering among yourselves and get on with running the country!
Stop supporting the genocide in Gaza. Britains reputation is in the gutter. Why are we funding this genocide making the world u safe. The country is almighty mess, litter everywhere, everything is broken. Corruption is at epidemic levels such as HS2, the Post Office scandal, the honours system, unelected officials such as Sunak & now Cameron.   The question about immigration is about LEGAL migration. The deals with India and mass LEGAL immigration of a million people is not what we voted for. The question of illegal migration is a distraction from the true issue of keeping wages low with cheap labour. We have turned into a third world country with falling living standards, high taxes, wasting resources and greed at the very top making decisions to suit the very few.
Stop Fighting
This goverment has disrespected the public, watered down Brexit, run down the armed forces, got shafted by the rich , business comunity over covid ppe. They are no longer a party but a bunch of spoiled “individuals my gang is better than yours “,In fighting and swiveling like children , and 2 out of  3 local  MPs helping block major local transport improvement needs.
In a short summary now only for the top rich nor the rank and file members, who were denighed a vote on the current PM, and a seemingly being controled by the who and the davos club, and the Brady bunch.
To grow up stop doing things that are blatantly ridiculous , take responsibility & be cohesive.You are imploding our party all by yourselves by the divisions within the party. Stop resigning every time you don’t agree with the Government if you feel strongly about an issue then stay & find a solution.Stop saying things are getting better when they are not. Take a look at working people that are now relying on food banks,parents that are working two jobs & still can’t afford to pay their bills.Get a grip on inflation & energy bills.A priority is not sticking your head in the sand when war in happening on Europe’s doorstep yet we are reducing our armed forces.My 100yr old F-i-L DDay Veteran wonders why he went to war at the age of 19if they keep reducing our armed forces for our National Security.It’s a fact we go to war when our Armed Forces are at their lowest numbers. It’s mad our security should be sacrosanct & protected.We should be enhancing numbers.Lets hope we don’t get a Labour Party in power!I don’t
Respect democracy and own your mistakes and disregard of members and voting public. Your arrogance has been your downfall and deserve what is coming to you
We campaigned hard in 2019, we, the membership, voted Boris Johnson to lead us and with him at our helm we had a huge majority at that election which is now being eroded.  Rishi Sunak is not our elected leader!
Sort out illegal immigrants.
What the He’ll is wrong with you cowards
To sacrifice for our country has never been required more so than in the current, potentially dangerous world order.Your personal sacrifice is to support your Leader, and not have hidden agendas of your own power.We, the people also need to find our morals and responsibilities to our country.
I’d tell them that they’ve consistently put party above country and they will be remembered as dishonest, dishonourable and disgusting, by historians.They’ve passively watched as our rivers filled with sewage, as our schools fell down, as our infrastructure crumbled, as the extreme Right rose again, as corruption was sanctioned by government, as the House of Lords was stuffed with cronies and illegitimate children, as the average life span shrank along with children brought up under austerity.You’re destroying the country. And you have NOTHING but *culture wars* to campaign on. A once great party has died.
Get back to Conservative values of protecting our Borders including leaving the ECHR, lowering taxes so that hard work is rewarded and accept the fact that we have left the EU and deliver us the Brexit that we voted for otherwise most of you will be out of work come the election, particularly those of you that represents “Red Wall” seats. And those that don’t lose your seats you will be in opposition for at least 10 years.

You reap what you sow – you made the biggest mistake in getting rid of Boris
You all signed up to the 2019 manifesto and as soon as the election was won you all wanted individual fame, no thought for the people who voted for you.  Your in-fighting ruined what could have been a great government so now you all face the consequences when Keir Starmer is in No.10.
I have been a Tory all my life – I campaigned for Keith Joseph_ I was A Deputy Chairman of my Constituency that won back control – I was on the steering group that set up a new constituency(South Northamptonshire) and I am fed up!! Get back to Tory principles !!
The only fight we need today is a fight for the country. We lost the 97 election due to infighting, there will be those who do not remember those days. It really is a case of regrouping, reuniting, and remembering the only way to turn the country the truest blue is by working together and remembering you are on the same side.
Time for a War room.

Stop this stupid infighting for personal issues, pull together as one, stop telling lies  be open and honest and ANSWER the BLOODY QUESTIONS WHEN ASKED
For all you who put in VONC against Boris Johnson you should be ashamed of yourselves. How dare you go against what the people wanted. Boris got in with a huge majority because the people, the electorate, wanted him to lead the party. How dare you take that away from him and us. Don’t forget MPs work for us. You should be doing what we want not what you want. You had no right to go against our wishes and our votes. Now do the right thing and get Boris back in as leader, he still has a lot of support and I for one would vote him back as leader at the drop of a hat.
Be proper Conservatives.
Wrong things happened with conservative MP’s personal behaviours. And, beyond their rights imo. But, such is life – some must just move on. Look forward for them. 13 yr or so is obviously the main problem. Should folks want things to go on forever….Strongly recommend that all the various conservative regions take a Mutual approach – seek different ways for the actual regions eg Scotland not stuck necessarily with UK! That will give an easier chance for specific voters in specific areas.Open that up with conservative regions that don’t agree with everything cabinet folks demand.Bureaucracy is the worst problem, btw. Lots know this. probably best to stop just looking for a PM and target the right things!Thanks for the blether. Ciao
Make the economy growMake government smaller

When MPs decide that their egos and personal opinions are more important than those of the majorities that put them in their lofty positions, they break a solemn promise.  The votes for Brexit and for Boris’ government majority were loud and clear, and the CP has betrayed the people’s trust on both counts. Key MPs were too willing to turn tail when the going got tough, instead of rallying round and toughing things out.  It cannot be trusted on the big issues. I have been a long term (since 1970s) Conservative voter and member, but it will be hard for me to ever place trust in the Conservative Party again.Boris, whatever his faults, spoke for a sizeable vote-winning centre-field, more pro-UK and pro-Tradition than Pro-Left or Pro-Right. The old Left-Right model to me seems broken and it needs reform. It will take a miracle to re-establish trust with the millions of voters like me who feel betrayed and disillusioned. Maybe start by overhauling the party’s constitution to protect the views of the membership.
As a party member I was given a vote of two choices for the replacement of Boris Johnson. Both candidates were put forward by the Conservative members of parliament. Why, when Liz Truss was voted into the position of Prime Minister did we suddenly see her deposed and Rishi Sunak take her place unelected? What a complete waste of a leadership election contest. This is the man who was instrumental in Boris Johnson losing his position as PM now taking it over by the back doorWe have all had enough of Conservative in fighting I have never been so undecided how to vote as the alternatives are even worse than the civil war currently raging in our party !
Rishi Sunak is NOT an elected PM he is way out of touch with reality and as for his side kick Hunt the least said the better. Your behaviour toward our elected PM Boris Johnson was abhorrent, I’d never have put my faith in anyone else during Covid, at least he helped save our business whereas this pair of clowns have destroyed it. I am more than happy to vote ReformUK after seeing how the Conservative Party have let us all down, let’s face it Reform couldn’t do any worse than this current bunch of out of touch clowns
Grow some balls and show some honest backbone for Britain’s Sovereignty.
I would say that illegal immigration has to end immediately and legal immigration has to be drastically reduced. Immigration has a knock on effect of all services, housing, nhs, schools etc. This country is no longer the UNITED kingdom, the streets are not safe anymore and my once lovely English town is now full of foreign shops, with immigrants on street corners  and in our parks in groups drinking and intimidating. My grandaughter had to change primary school at age 5 because her nursery and school were full of Polish and Lithuanian kids her speech was all over the place she had trouble comprehending all the different words, it was a joke! My son and girlfriend and my 2 grandsons live with us in our 3 bedrom house. They have both worked since leaving school, pay their taxes, but can’t get help from the council, and private rent is extortionate. Politicians need to wake up!! If it isnt too late already.
Get rid of the hidden cartel that are wrecking British political parties from within , that includes the civil servants who should do what the electorate decide not their own political interests. They sre paid by us to do our wishes not some remote international organisation that has wined and dined them! The grass roots of the party need to get a better grip on petty minded MPs who have forgotten who got them elected and who the country thought they were voting in as PM. The country has been in limbo to petty commissions and enquiry committees and is not doing its job. We have had a ham string government for the last 8 years tied up in petty disputes .We are tired of it. My view is held by everyone I have discussed our government with, how can it be when the C party is so out of touch? Get out of the cities and listen to real people. Stop mass immigration, that would slow pressure on the NHS , GP s and schools. We would not be building over farm land. How are we to be self sufficient with the amount of land
Bring back boris
The people want a real person in charge not a weak actor who is trying to please the masses and build their ego but achieving neither.

Stop following the globalist path, get back to real conservatism. Reform UK are now the only conservative party worth voting for.
Scrap net zero nonsense.
We, the 2019 voters, have had enough of the most shameless betrayal against your electorate and Boris and his true allies. Sunak & the plotters have been so patronising, deceitful, dishonest to us all and they are all untrustworthy and must resign. That  MUST include Dougie Smith, Badenoch, Gove, Forsythe, Dowden et al – the Backstabbers, those that fed the lies to the Press. DO NOT BE MISTAKEN, AT GE19 OUR VOTES WERE FOR BORIS!!! But at local level, we will have no qualms in not voting for the Party if traitors are still in place!!!!
Grow up and develop one thinking policies not at least a divided party as now.
Remember the values of the Conservative party. If you are not willing to support them , leave.
No more liberal Tories or similar. Right of Centre is the ground we occupy and we must take it back and take the country with us.

I am locking the door and banging all your heads together, and I am not opening the door till your all agree.  You have had the privilege of being elected to parliament for the Conservative Party not your self serving egos.So, Stand up for the party, Speak up for the Party, Then Shut up, and get on repairing the damage you have all done.
Need to implement an immediate plan to reduce immigration and ignore the Lords. Need significant tax cuts in the budget raise the tax threshold holds to £18500  and £80000 for higher tax payers. All MP’S stick together and we can still win. Need to target Starmer and show him up as a complete con artist
Grow up. Stop infighting. Get some proper policies
Complete on the mandate that brought Boris to No 10.  Stop all the infighting and start working together. Root out the civil servants who are bringing the conservatives to their knees.
Stick together and stop this continuous squabbling over the Leadership. Back the Current Leader and give him your full support. I am sick of seeing various small groups wanting to derail him.
Partygate is a woke sham but Boris isn’t Conservative. We elected Liz, not Rishi! She should be allowed to deliver her manifesto, the truest CONSERVATIVE vision for the UK.
Fight back against Labour claims

Why didn’t you Back Boris and protect his 80 seat majority? Why have you signed the Windsor knot and tied us to the EU?
Would you reverse both and go no deal to protect Northern Ireland?
Be loyal to your leader
The worst thing you ever did was planning and forcing Boris out
Majority of MPs are out of touch, some blocking some of us on X because they don’t agree with our opinion. Some MPs are not Conservative and should leave the party. Some are patronising and don’t listen to voters. I have voted Conservative since 1979 but have lost all trust and faith in the party and resigned my membership the day Sunak was installed.It is irritating to hear MPs say we must get behind the PM, all I feel is betrayed. I listened to Sunak speak in Co Antrim about the Windsor Framework, then read the EU version and it was obvious his loyalty lies more with the EU than the union of the country.In the hustings Sunak said he would stop the boats, I thought he had a plan and was willing to give him a chance. Arrivals in small boats so far this year are 1,057 as opposed to 991 in the same period last year, so not convinced his plan is working.There is a distinct lack of positivity and enthusiasm within the party, which was something Boris brought to the country.
Grow up and put the country first and the wishes of the peoples

You are too beholden to the jewish lobby.
Call out starmer and all his front bench on policy ,ask them to explain constructive ideas and policy ,not just criticism of tory policys …………….Ask where they are hiding Raynor and the hard left ,they seem to have been gagged as not to frighten sensible voters .   Call out Starmer and Raynor for taking the knee and other virtue signalling woke  nonsense over the last 4 years .                                                             SHOW SOME FIGHT AND GUTS give us something to get behind !!!
I would tell them all to go home and have a good think about what they stand for as most are more Labour than Conservative. I would also tell them if they can’t follow the conservative manifesto than won the election they should step down.
Lead the Country as one and stop squabbling like kids
Stay as a team
What a complete waste of an 80 seat majority and the potential to shape and direct the entire country for 15 years
Stop trying to fake GDP growth using immigration because it just making everyone poorer.

For goodness sake pull together and keep critical comments to yourselves. Make the most of promoting UK performance compared to countries in the EU.
What are you doing to our party. Have some self respect stop all the nonsense the media gossip and fight back. When labour say they’re going to change things tell them it’s already happening. Get to the bottom of the leaks and lies and stop it prosecute if necessary as surely it’s breaking secrecy laws. Who gave Paul brand that information? Get the civil servants sorted

Be Conservatives!
Stop fighting and plotting and support the Prime Ministers. I think most MP’s deserve to be deselected for disloyalty
As a previous member my votes meant nothing, I was ignored.  I voted for Boris & Liz wasn’t given a chance.  I detest Sunak, Hunt & Gove.  Get rid of Brady & the 1922 committee & give Nadine Dorries her gong.  As things stand & as a previous life long Conservative voter I will never vote Conservative again.  Sunak & his cronies have destroyed the Party.
Be more conservative.
General election nowresign
Give your heads a good wabble.Stop thinking about yourself s.Stop the fiteing and pathetic little squabbles.Find a way of helping the people that a fighting a daily battle to survive.The cost of living.The state of the NHS.The strikes.Start sorting them out.Talk Is cheap.( It’s the only thing that is cheap at sec).Stop paying for hotel’s for illegal immigrants.Let them live in tents.I don’t believe for one second any true torry wants labour in.I honestly believe if you all pulled together you could turn it around I really do.The way the party is going.Its like your all turkeys voting for an early Christmas.Instead of fighting each other Start fighting sir keir and his barmy army.
You all have an IQ of less than a plant and Net Zero should be shelved. Net Zero is based on a catalogue of lies and you idiots have bought into them.

Work together and stop being self obsessed.
Stop bickering amongst yourselves. We need a united party with conservative values. You won the last GE with a 80 seat majority. Do not throw that away. If Labour win the conservatives will be in opposition for years… I work with colleagues who do not like the conservatives but do not want a Labour government.
You had a 80 seat majority with that you could have overturned the ban on fox hunting, instead you banned electric dog collars wef 1st Feb 2024. Clearly my local MP was influenced by Mr Packham’s friend Tony Juniper installed by Michael Gove. That man will still be at Natural England when Starmer gets in as will his side kick Marian Spain. They hate country sports with a passion hence all the hassle with General Licences etc. They were even wanting to introduce Sea Eagles on the Solway. Utter madness and not the Conservative party I was a member of.
We want Boris Johnson as our pm
After banging their heads together I would remind them that between them they have decimated an incredible majority by Narcissistic thinking. Boris was brought down by constant jealousy and hatred from all sides … many of them dodgy.  Remoaners, Civil servants worried that they were in for the chop who leaked everything to the press often before he had even thought it, holier than thou opposition parties who dragged him through the courts when as it turned out they were as guilty as the proverbial!! But the hardest to swallow is the disloyalty of his peers and cabinet ministers … I left the party for this reason.
Stick together, keep the country secure, reduce taxes when appropriate. Carry on supporting Ukraine. Don’t trust China
Stop the boats NOW. Leave the ECHR. Turf out crooked civil servants, judges and lawyers. Take advantage of Brexit freedoms and tear up their laws. Outlaw the EU in Northern Ireland. Stop the stupidity of wokeness, trans people, and rubbish diversity training. Take back control of our streets, forbidding Muslim prayers, etc. And ridding our country of illegal Muslims here who encroach on our lives and laws. Champion Christianity, we are a white, Christian people predominantly. All Illegals to be deported IMMEDIATELY.
Winston Churchill & Maggie Thatcher were 2 of the greatest Prime Ministers this country has had the benefit of. The shit show of bickering kindergarten Tory MPs on offer would make the true great Tories flip in their graves. You are all thinking of yourselves masquerading as if you are representing the country when the truth is your blind to the vast majority, you live in a bubble of your right, your just incompetent. Led by a billionaire who hasn’t a scoobie, & woke left leaning numptys that would be more at home in Starmergeddons cabinet!! Stop posturing & fighting! Just try to achieve something & if you’re being thwarted by the ever growing useless civil service then change the system & personnel to make sure you can deliver. Stop remoaners from influencing internally, we’re out of the EU, get over it to the whingers & move on. Being totally un Tory like strip back the Lords, they are ancient old has beens who are so out of touch with reality & get paid shed loads of money for doing F All!!

Grow some balls and get tough even if it make you unpopular with a few people for a short period, you will certainly get respect from the majority of law abiding, hardworking tax payers of this country.  Finally, STOP giving our taxes to other countries and unelected international organisations when we have major problems at home that need sorting.
The job of the MP is to scrutinise legislation on behalf of constituents, using common sense and knowlege.The majority of the Parliamentary party are contemptuous of the membership- “swivel eyed loons”. Have sought to frustrate Brexit, remove Johnson and Truss, the choice of the membership, and fundamentally seem to be EU and ECHR supporters.   Frequently demonstrate ignorance and a lack of common sense regarding: Defence requirements, making the NHS efficient and cost effective, Women’s rights, law and order, immigration and education. Seem more interested in point scoring and self advancement.Many MPs should never have been selected as candidates. The antics of the parliamentary party have turned the Johnson election triumph into the potential 2024 disaster.
Raise the tax threshold to at least £15,000
Get some life experience and learn to understand priorities and the ability to make sensible judgements with the interests of the country at heart as your overriding motivation.
Stop bickering amongst yourselves.
I worry about what is happening to our once proud country. I left the party because I couldn’t stand seeing the party tearing itself apart. And why are you letting wokeism destroy our history and everything this country stands for? The push for climate change is too much too soon. The country cannot afford this push at so fast a rate. It is destroying the country and making people poor. Please return to true Tory values, control migration urgently. Our kings and queens of old would never let this happen to our country. Why are the illegal immigrants not in guarded places instead of hotels? Why we are giving in to the UN and EU by allowing all these people in without the infrastructure to cope is ridiculous. The people are very unhappy and the election is lost before a vote has been counted!And please do everything possible to stop cutting our armed forces. Isn’t the government meant to protect the people? I feel very unprotected by illegal immigration and cuts to our military.
I feel you betrayed me by not upholding my constitutional rights. The one thing a government should do is protect our borders & that includes immigration. Why don’t you understand that high taxes bring about a socialist state & jobs for administration & not productivity. The NHS isn’t underfunded; it’s the opposite. Too many prescriptions and not enough prevention: a cash cow for big Pharma & the harms done by the vaccine rollout (I’m one of the injured). Lower taxes mean more in pockets of the people who can buy better food & less stress. Pay is eroded due to taxation for what? I don’t want the services so why am I forced to pay for socialism? VAT is a tax on jobs & the people; it adds 20% onto many bills & means businesses have to think twice before doing ‘too well’ to expand or employ someone. Education is indoctrination so go back to the basics & leave our children alone. Reduce paperwork/admin – it’s costly & mostly unnecessary. Not just one thing – but basically it’s what is being conservative is about
Get a grip of yourselves, forget personal ego, stop battling with each other, get behind who ever leader is in place.Fight the enemy with all your energy, not your own party. Anyone who is not a dedicated Tory should not apply for reselection.
They should be working together as a team instead of all the back biting towards each other.  The whip should investigate the weak links not supporting the governments aims and objectives and discipline them and educate where needed .  These MPS are educated people so as a bystander you can’t help but wonder what has gone wrong.  Looking on they are acting like children in a play ground which is very upsetting as I look up to them to look after our country and it’s citizens.
It’s time to drain the swamp, MAGA UK.
Do what the electorate voted for
Put our country and people first
Be responsible to the electorate, keep your promises and stand by your convictions
You are pathetic and have betrayed us the voters. 80 seat majority and you achieved nothing.
I would like to know the real reason they have destroyed the Conservative party
You need to show more unity, back whoever the leader is and start fighting back hard.
If the party wants to get re-elected it must lose the liberal entryists that joined the parliamentary party under Cameron/May. We need a party that stands for Conservative policies i.e. control over immigration, small Government, low taxes, self reliance, low unemployment, reverse net zero.
If Rishi remains unelected leader, the party faces electoral oblivion.
Stop telling us lies, actually do what you say you’re going to do. Above all stop the boats, you’re taking us for fools. Don’t keep telling us that these men, arriving here almost daily, are good for the country. I’m a tax payer in my 70’s and all I see on the news and read on social media are fighting age men living in decent accommodation being paid for by hard working Brits. It’s disgraceful! The current leadership is weak. Put the British people first.
Understand that the party belongs to its members not MPs.
get  a new leader   and one not from  one nation side of party
If you can’t be a proper Tory, please leave the room.
WHY did you not back Boris when he needed you to – remember Sunak was given a FPN too! 👿

The conservatives have ruined communities with the amount of third world immigration. The quality of life and sense of security has severely declined in most of Britain and the conservatives have not listened to the public.
Listen to what the people are saying, not what you want them to say. People want more money for the nhs (and reform of it at the same time) and the police plus armed forces. Tighter planning regulations not weakened. No more Tv leadership debates, they merely showed up how split and disjointed the party is. Build on brexit with more free trade deals and remove illegal immigrants much more quickly.
stop ALL immigration and return illegal migrants to France and give communities back their local hotels
Those of you that clearly don’t represent true Conservative values should cross the floor to Labour.Stop the boats. Only chance you have of winning the next election. Action, not words
Sort yourselves out. We are Britain! Let’s show the world what we a great nation we are, we elected you all to these position because we believe in the cause. Not to backstab each other and create disarray. You have essentially handed the next election to labour. And I the worst part it they aren’t going to do it on policies or great leaders. They are winning because you self destructed into chaos. Boris was our leader he wipes the floor with the labour leader. With him leading you were unstoppable, but now you are a shadow of what you once were. Let’s do it and win the right way, let’s unite and fight. Those who don’t there is the door. Unite and fight!
Listen to the public. We are telling you what is important to us. Firstly, massively reduce the net migration figure – both legal and illegal. Grow a backbone and govern for the majority not minority groups because they shout the loudest. Make sure laws are obeyed and keep our Christian values safe. Stop the fanatical muslim preachers teaching hatred of non muslims and having their own rule of law which is against UK laws.
Return to proper Conservative values, elect a leader who leads not a technocrat, as you have now. Earn the people’s confidence and trust, don’t expect it handed to you on a plate, remember you don’t know what’s best for country the electorate life experience and knowledge should also be listened to, which you arrogantly ignore. At the moment it’s do as I say not as I do this has to stop.
Stop fighting each other, it seems the only thing that matters is scoring points off each other !.

Think of your Country first and yourselves second! Stop the woke nonsense- please don’t confuse my great grandchildren or any child by allowing them to think anything other there are two genders – either male or female. Don’t allow teachers to teach anything other than those two genders and don’t allow teachers to encourage them to any particular political party, they can choose their own when they are adults. Massively reduce the House of Lords – there are too many left wing ‘lords’ who I believe deliberately find fault with anything and everything that the Conservatives try to get through. Also – please make sure ALL civil servants are made to go back to work! And please ensure going forward that there are equal quantities of political persuasion because, there has been too many ‘leaks’ over the past few years all of which have benefitted the Labour Party! Make sure only those who genuinely need benefits get benefits – too many take advantage of the system when in reality they could and should work!
I’d say the time has come to split the Party or think about removing some MP’s  because One Nation Tories , like Andrew Mitchell, Theresa May, Damian Green are not Tories- they are Lib Dem’s . . And that’s the problem. I’m not a massive fan of the way Sunak arrived in place, but he’s competent , but not changing things radically enough-like putting a stop to this gender nonsense in schools. Guidance needs to become law- make it against the law to change sex until after 18. I just think it would be a bad look to change leader again…before the election However, I’m at the point where I feel I have no idea what is going on behind the scenes really-and if a new leader, who we want ( the country), like Jacob, then fine – do it. He’d be a brilliant PM
Grow up and government the country as the people voted for and with whom the people voted for no more backstabbers and ignore the members at your peril
Back the party or lose your seat especially on Rwanda. The public want them gone
You had no right to force 2 democratically elected PMs to resign.I will never forgive you for what you have done to the Party
Return to the 2019 manifesto fast. It won you an 80 seat majority.  Conservative voters want to vote for a party that is actually conservative. The polls and the membership are telling you that if you dont change direction the party is finished. Make the most of Brexit.  Lower corporation tax. Grow the economy.  And for God’s sake sort out the hopelessly woke and ineffectual MET. Spend more on defence,  especially the Navy. Stop allowing people with no ID to enter the country,  it’s a security risk! Stop putting the needs of  economic  migrants ( let’s be honest, most of them are) before British citizens.  No problem with GENUINE refugees.  Stop taking us for fools!
Conservatives believe in low taxes and minimal government interference in the lives of citizens. And they know a man is a man and a woman a woman. And cut the green crap.
How the hell have you managed to screw the Party up , when it had such a large majority, and lead in the polls, and have consequently given the worst and most dangerous Labour Leader in my life time the keys to No 10?
Stop trying to kill the conservative party
For goodness sake work together and stop trying to be so woke and correct, support the actual values of the party!

Listen to who put them there!
If you don’t believe in the Conservative Party values then stand down as a mp
Bring back Boris our rightful democratically elected Prime Minister

Get the economy on the up and back in British ownership. Britain is owned by too many foreign interests ready to hold the country to ransom.I vote in DT6 but actually live in New Zealand.
I have voted for the Conservative Party for more than 40 years. It is now a neo-liberal party. The Party is totally out of touch with the grass roots Conservative Members, it is arrogant, smug and all MPs, as far as I am concerned, are self entitled pandering to the WOKE and minority groups of this country. It has failed to deliver what it promised to do at the last General Election, i.e. deliver BREXIT and Sunak has failed on his five pledges. The Conservative Party pays lip service, amongst other things, to stopping illegal immigration and reducing legal immigration. Why are you sending out this survey now? This should have been done years ago. Any manifesto that the Conservative Party publishes ahead of the next General Election will go on my compost heap to feed the worms, hopefully the worms will not be poisoned!
Actually get Brexit done properly. Come out of the European Human Rights Law. Stop illegal migrants crossing the channel in boats. Do not send Border Control boats to rescue the young men and bring them to this country. The RNLI is a British charity to save genuine people in danger at sea not to pick them up in French waters. Stop Legal Aid for non British Citizens. Which lines the pockets of cheapskate lawyers looking out for easy money.
stop immigration and get some economic growth

Stop pathetic back biting and unless you do something about 1922 committee and those who put unelected  Rishi in as they can manipilate him while they wait to get Kemi in his place then the Conservatives will never again be the party I wholeheartedly believed in with Boris as PM as he made me care about politics and he cared about this country. Total lack of solid action to stop thousands of illegal economic migrant males  invading like a silent dangerous army and not putting UK legal citizens safety first will be the downfall of Conservatives and if their lack of action lets Labour in then the country has had it.

Sort yourselfs out and kick Fishy Rishy out
All get behind Rishi and pull together , his five point plan is working and it’s time the media recognised this instead of dwelling on personalities . I believe Rishi understands the workings of the economy better than anyone and we don’t want starmers gang to take us back to square one , it’s frightening. We need to tackle fake news and misinformation
This country is Great Britain and should have real British values
Party unity vital at this time. Collective strength as shown by the English cricket team would be a much stronger message to potential Conservative voters. To lose against such a weak Labour Party team would be the perfect opportunity for Reform .There is a large silent majority waiting for inspiration and leadership in all the areas you have listed in this questionnaire.Our supposed democratic  system of government appears to be stifling initiative & encouraging a small extreme minority to seize power.
The Conservatives have been taken over by Socialists due to David Cameron’s recruitment policies. Rishi Sunak is too much of a globalist to want to introduce any proper Conservative policies. He gave in to the EU with the Windsor Framework which had been dismissed by both Boris and Liz.  Following the ousting of Liz and Boris, it will be a long time before they allow another Conservative to be Leader, they are grooming Kemi Badenoch for the position, but whilst she talks a good game., she showed her true colours in pushing for Boris to be ousted and then stopping the ‘bonfire of EU Regulations’, so I wouldn’t vote for her.
So what I would tell the Conservative MPs to do is to decide which party they belong in and move over to that, because at least two thirds should be nowhere near the Conservatives.
Become true Conservatives not labour-lite.
Make Britain Great again listen to the people
To sacrifice an eighty seat majority and the leader whose presence  brought it about, causing inestimable damage to the party, for the sake of personal agenda and ambition, I find extremely hard to forgive. As an act of political self-harm, it takes some beating. For the first time in my life I am questioning my loyalty, as the party is becoming unrecognisable.
Return to Conservative values
You committed electoral suicide getting rid of Boris Johnson and an 80 seat majority. Shameful. Illegal immigration is changing the face of our country & costing us ££. For God’s sake get tougher. Turn the boats round don’t put them in hotels. Enough is enough. I’m a lifelong Tory but I’m struggling. My Tory MP is good that’s why I’ll vote for him but I’m furious with the Govt. If we had a decent alternative I’d vote for them instead. Wake up MPs or your days are numbered and you’ll land us with an even worse Labour government.
You are acting just like 1980s flown in middle manager. You show no more understanding than those silly little self important ‘managers’ of that period.

What we have in Government today is not the Party I voted for.  A Conservative voter for nearly 60 years I feel in a political wilderness – at the same time not wishing to end my days under a Labour Government in the UK.
I disliked the way members of Parliament got rid of the main cabinet members whi word so hard during covid  around ‘parties’. It was a unique time stressful they just hung them out to dry because of the press and radio journalism.
If you think a choice between Red Labour or Blue Labour will wash with the electorate — you are completely out of touch.
Listen to your constituents !!!! and not globalists.
Stop arguing amongst yourselves, it is self indulgent and completely unnecessary
Sort out doctor’s strikes and nhs
Wake the f*** up and stop trying to be Blairite’s.
Look for another job, your time is up and you’ve wasted the opportunity you had by petty bickering
Listen to the people who want to support you.
Just get a grip on the real issues important to voters. Sick of hearing how good and clever Sunak is.

cut legal immigration
Take the people illegally crossing from France straight back there immediately. Stop legal immigration for the next ten years.We have lost our identity & culture because of mass immigration. Britain unfortunately will never be the same again.Stop foreign aid altogether & start looking after your own people. It is about time MPs realised they are supposed to represent the views of their constituents. We voted for Brexit & they tried to have another referendum because they didn’t like the resultAlso, defund the biased BBC.
Bang there heads together end wokeness stop treating immigrants better than our own people, level up the north as you promised all of you that stabbed boris Johnson now your heads in shame, I started voting Tory under thatcher who said work hard reap rewards, that’s what we need back, end this sick and benefit culture
When you act like Conservatives you get landslide results. Grow some balls and take the tough decisions you have traditionally had to take following a Labour government.  The United Kingdom is a naturally Conservative country.
Get a backbone, stop the boats and send those over here back to where they came from. Stop giving them any benefits, then they will stop coming. We will then have more money to sort out the NHS and reduce taxes
As a former Conservative member I feel betrayed and let down by the party. You gave us a voice and a vote to elect our leader then ignored our decision. I chose to keep Boris, along with thousands of others, yet you overruled this and replaced him. I didn’t renew my membership after this and don’t feel I belong in this party anymore. This is not democracy or Conservatism as I remember it.
Don’t get involved in any wars!
They are a disgrace, they have let the country down. Too busy scheming to do anything of value for the country. They are incompetent, corrupt, inept, a total embarrassment, disgrace and utter shambles. Given a huge majority they only scraped Brexit through and now waste that majority. Bringing back that slimy reptile Cameron is the final nail in the coffin of the Conservative Party.

Think of Margaret Thatcher, and then act like a proper Conservative, think like a proper Conservative, be a proper Conservative. Stop the illegal immigrants, even if it means stopping housing them, feeding them and giving them money. If they are on the streets , remove them from the country. All illegal immigrants in this country- remove them. Do not give any amnesty to any of them. Stop all foreign university students from bringing any relatives with them. All foreign criminals – deport them , if necessary change the law to stop any appeals against deportation. Strengthen the laws against strikes in important areas of national life – education, NHS and the railways. Stop the disruption to national life by the green lobbyists, Stop Oil etc. And urgently strengthen our defence forces in all areas. And stop messing about with pathetic causes like banning vapes – there is no room for things like this when there are more urgent security actions needed.
Work as a team, too much division. Get behind your ELECTED leader! and put the British people first rather than themselves!

Get your Conservative act together and BE Conservatives again!
Wake up from wokeness and be British!
Listen to the electorate/constituents, are you carrying out their mandate, if not, then sort yourselves out… you wasted an 80 seat majority, not Boris! We’ve seen SKS pretty much hold an organised party in Durham which wasn’t illegal, the SNP have all sorts of irregularities, but Boris loses his job over a piece of cake and a kangaroo court! Do Scotland not have a similar Standards Sub-committee?
Stop the infighting.  Listen to the country and the people who voted for you. Why? Because Boris Johnson brought you a landslide and the Red Wall were behind him.  You have all allowed Labour to outwit you.

Find common ground and unite to win electioneering
Be more “Conservative”!You’ve weakened our Conservative values and approach to Government and pandered to the woke agenda and the socialist narrative.
You should have accepted Brexit and get rid of all these LIBERAL WOkE CONSERVATIVES who plotted to remove Boris. Do you think the Conservative members are stupid we knew that Rishi stabbed Boris in the back will never support him. Ian Brady is also to blame for the mess he has caused the party. You have a lot of work to do your own making. You should listen to the electorate.
Back the government in all matters and, without question, support them and manifesto to which they were elected, as they should be doing.
Ignore the left wing media, be more conservative. Get rid of the illegals, it will reduce spending, waiting lists, housing shortages etc.
Do not try to please everyone. The left are vocal but by trying to appease them you alienate your core voter base. Look at Trump in USA – loads of people do not like him but because he stands for something he resonates with his supporters. You have to stand for something. End this nonsense. Stop wasting time and money on things that affect such a small number of people. If they are offended or don’t like it tough. Also one thing you haven’t listed which is an absolute priority is to tackle the Muslim problem and it is a problem. Grooming gangs, marches, rhetoric, public safety. People have had enough. We spend too much time bending over backwards but every inch we give they want more. Even this survey is too scared to confront the issue.
You have wasted a large majority, get civil servants under control, and deliver Brexit.  Disappointed and appalled in the Conservative.
Read the people, listen to what is going on, become Conservatives again, get the Party together, get the Armed Forces increased, sort the Police out, stop this Wokeness
Crack on and reduce illegal immigration.  Stop the continual delays tactics of endless appeals for refused asylum seekers.Stop this ridiculous wokeness, it’s ruining our society.Britain First, let’s be proud of this great nation!
Self serving back stabbers
Start being a Conservative party again.  Support business, reduce taxes.
Get your act together, sing from the same hymn sheet and stop behaving like unruly juveniles.
Wake up for Gods sake!!
You need to control the illegals, it’s getting out of control and the people of this country have had enough.
Stop in-fighting and think of how to best serve the country!
The parliamentary Tory party has been engaged in nothing short of anarchy seemingly to suit personal ambitions. Sadly, for me, Sunak was the initiator and as such will never get my support. Collective responsibility and accountability is the key and that is what Boris demanded and was key in winning the 80 seat majority. Time to step up and show a united front – our world is in great danger and our government is totally flawed
Any of you that are left of centre or remainers leave our Party.
The 3 busBring Back Boris
Control immigration both legal and illegal. Most of the problems we have now would then reduce naturally.Put your conservative pants on.
If you stopped trying to further your own career and rallied around Boris and sorted out renegade senior civil servants and other staff all the nonsense would not have occured. It seems you have gone out of your way to ensure the next government is Labour
It’s time you listened to the people who vote for you and fulfill their wishes. All this money and housing for immigrants and our own people are starving and homeless, and the old are freezing to death and nothing being done for them but we can spend millions on illegals who have paid in nothing. It is possible to stop them arriving and deport the ones here, but the government chooses not to. They come before the British people who are entitled to be here.All this stupid gender stuff needs to stop in schools also it is warping the younger generation. Our ancestors who fought for this once great country will be turning in their graves and had they of known what would happen they wouldn’t have bothered fighting. If there is another war that is looking likely I know I would not volunteer my services just to keep all the non British here

Get a back bone an stop being influenced by the liberal main stream media, be more decisive and stick to conservative principles, along with stopping the back biting.
Party members should be allowed a vote in any future leadership elections. Divided parties don’t win elections. The current leader hasn’t received the proper endorsement of the membership and we can track our current disunity back to that improper selection.
MPs were wrong to be disloyal to Boris. We have shot ourselves in the foot.
How did you not deliver anything meaningful on an 80 seat majority? Who was/is advising the PM and previous PMs, anyone over 25 who’s had a proper job? Why are you focused on the older voters, the young ones will count too? What are you doing about getting new members? Who is in charge of renewals, I think mine runs out soon, no reminders yet? How on earth are Labour so far ahead in polls, this lead has been growing since Boris left? Do you think your Constituents know what you do all day, most of the time the green benches are bereft?Why should my children (voting age) vote Conservative? Do you really have a plan to reduce immigration both legal and illegal that will stand any chance to get through Parliament? How do you feel about a spell in opposition, sitting on the wrong side of the House looking at where you should be?Will Rishi deliver his pledges? As a member will I have a proper vote in any future leadership election? Where did it all go wrong (unfortunately)? Give me some hope for the next election
Get your act together and stop all the infighting
Get back to being a true conservative without airey fairey woke nonsense. Remember your basic values: strong law and order, disciplined financial control to reduce debt, seriously stronger armed forces and controlled and sensible immigration levels. And finally get all immigrants to integrate fully within our community through acceptance of our culture and our way of life.

Stop the boats. Put Uk citizens 1st. Bring back Boris.
Wake up and smell the coffee, you had a majority of over 80 with Boris, you are acting like a lot of children
Should not have got rid of Boris
You had an 80 seat majority at the GE when Boris was the PM the One Nation cabal enticed other MPs  to remove Boris and install an unelected PM who is not popular amongst the members. You will not win the GE the cabal lefties in the party will all keep their seats sadly the others will be seeking employment. The staff in No 10 have too much power and have made it their business to undermine elected PMs in order to install unsustainable and unelectable replacement who has now lost all resemblance of a united party. He may as well hand the keys to Starmer and watch the country being ruined even more.
The Party needs to be totally dismantled and rebuilt with a different name and genuinely conservative values – it needs to be a genuinely right of centre party.The main priorities should be: stop illegal immigration and significantly reduce legal immigration to fit only the skills that we require. Leave the ECHR and turn the boats around. Also scrap Net Zero. In addition, end wokeness. Reduce the size of the state, reduce taxes and grow the economy. We need a strong leader with a backbone who sticks to what they stand for and does not keep backing down.
You are all too timid.You are more worried by how things look on social media,than how you will be judged in the future.Times are very tough,but you show no backbone. Life in parliament has become a constant fudge,you got rid of Boris over a piece of cake,then Liz for heaven knows what,and that’s when I left. And you have nothing to say about the Labour party,who are keeping very quiet about the mayhem,they want to unleash.
You made a blind mistake backstabbing the most popular PM in years. Rishi is hated by so many because of this. Stop fighting for what YOU arrogantly want and open your minds and eyes and listen to US! Have some respect for intelligent party members!!
get your act together the country needs you
The Conservative Party is now Labour-Lite. You have lost your way. You will lose the election and Rishi will scuttle off to California as soon as feels he can do so without attracting too much opprobrium. The UK needs a real Conservative Party with true Conservative values. Ditch net zero which, together with many of your policies, will impoverish the poorer voters.
Stop this xl dog ban stuff focus on punishing bad owners so tougher sentencing on animal cruelty.
Illegal immigration is on most peoples minds. I believe we have to take a stand against the woke brigade. If they arrive at our shores illegally, do not let them go free, do not house them in hotels. Unused army/navy barracks is a lot better than what they have left, update them and house them there. If they do not like it, sorry, cannot write my thoughts there. (I am a veteran so have lived in RN establishments, a lot worse that how they are nowadays. The leadership has to be seen to be strong on this point. Illegals are caught released and told to report to a police station, never to be seen again. Show how you can help those who come here legally, fast track their paperwork. My other worry is the state of our forces. When I was in the RN, I was paid less as a married man, than if I had been on benefits. It has not changed that much. You may say the start pay is good, then please, divide it by a 7-day week, shifts, on call 24/7 and then also the danger, you will see it is very poor. Membership ex 05/01/24.
Stop shooting yourselves in the foot.  When the people voted for the tories last time they did it because of Boris and he should NEVER have been ousted by a bunch of snowflakes!! Same happened to Maggie but they do not learn the lessons of the past. It is high time they did. Nobody is perfect and most politicians are far from it. Stop the infighting and start governing then we can all prosper. This country needs a lot of help to get back on its feet so start setting some standards and create a better and stronger society.
Bring back Boris, you bunch of charlatans and sheep!  And then clear off the lot of you to allow real Conservative MPs back in.
Should of stuck with Boris Johnson , he was elected by the British people in a Democratic vote with a landslide victory for the Conservatives, that he would get Brexit done. Media, WOKE, opposition parties tried to bring him done because he took on himself to do the wishes of the British voting public. Brexit Illegal immigrationSometimes the people just want a PM that delivers, what the people voted for.
For God’s sake, please stop all this factionalism, disunity and “fill your boots” cronyism.True Conservatives are better than that! We were once the natural party of govenment but have thrown it away with eight years of instability and infighting; poor leadership; and a lack of commitment to achieve high standards of public life and public service.When is the Westminster party going to offer us the choice of fine, highly competent, heavyweight politicians that was once the defining hallmark of the great Conservative Party?
You’ve squandered an 80 seat majority and taken lifelong loyal supporters for granted
Why are you so out of touch with those members of the public that voted you as their mp?
Party needs to split with some joining reform and other the LidDem’s
Return to Conservative values.   Law and order equality regardless of race or religion.  British people first, not newcomers to the Country (regardless of how they got here)Housing, Health, Hospital. Dentists not given to anyone unless they have contributed to the system.Child Benefit restricted to 2 children only.Brexit – finish the job.   No back door agreements.
You have shot yourself in the foot getting rid of Boris, who all of us members chose & putting a puppet in his place..You have handed the labour a sure fire win in the next election & you only have yourselves to blame..You get what you sow…

Get rid of the lefties that have infiltrated the party
Get Boris back, grow a pair and become Conservative with a capital C.
If you do not tackle illegal immigration NOW you will not even be the opposition in the house. This was the headline in your manifesto and you have failed on every level, you have wasted many millions on accommodation and benefits for these scroungers and sending even more to France when they do not even stop these gimmegrants leaving French beaches. If you insist on picking these out of their boats then take them back to France  – DO NOT BRING THEM TO OUR SHORES!!
Do NOT join the W.H.O. treaty under any circumstances. Parliament is sovereign with consent from the citizens of the uk. Not a foreign organisation with its own agenda.Also deny all that the W.E.F. stands for as it also has its own agenda against humanity. Parliament can only be the people’s representation for our own laws and way of life from the consent of a free people. Period.!!!
All of you who are pretending to be Conservatives (i.e., those to the left of the party), the door is over there. For all of you remaining, please make my country great again as I am ashamed of how you have run the country since the Brexit vote. The British people should be at the forefront of everything you do and every decision you make.
Become Conservative again and listen to what the people want.
You must think of indigenous British people first and now. You should not have got rid of Boris, the people voted for him. You are a disgrace
Boris made everyone feel positive about the future. The electorate didn’t vote for the Conservative party. They voted for Boris Johnson. Sunak doen’t want what’s best for the country. He just wants what’s best for Sunak. I voted for Liz Truss partly because she was a genuine believer in Boris’s manifesto, but also to prevent Sunak getting in at all costs. He does not care about the people. Hecomes across as smug, deceitful, patronising and has the Tony Blair smile, which says: why are all these people talking to me? I’m not interested in what they have to say. y vote was ignored and Sunak knifed Liz Truss in the back as he did Boris. The 1922 commitee is not repreenetative of the Conservative Party in any way, and considers itself to know better than Conservative members. I cancelled my Conservative Party membership when I was not allowed to vote.If Sunak is still the leader at the next GE, I shan’t vote, and I’m not alone.
The Conservative Party was at its most successful with Margaret Thatcher. She was a true conservative. Do what Maggie would do!!!! 
I love Boris and went to watch him at the hustings during the leadership contest and he didn’t have the zealousness for green policies at that time  – it is the only thing that spoilt him. Net Zero in such a short space of time is madness! Electric cars are madness! Heat Pumps are madness!!!
We want Suella Braverman as leader – other than Boris she is the only one that would connect with the Red Wall but I fear the leftie woke Conservative MPs won’t allow her as a choice for the membership – we are not stupid. They will try and push Kemi as they can manipulate her whereas they can’t Suella.  I would love Nigel Farage as leader of the Conservative Party  –  fantasy land. I love conviction politics – I loved to hear Dennis Skinner – totally disagreed with everything he said but loved to hear him nonetheless. Rishi is not a conviction politician, neither is Cameron, Hunt or Atkins
Stop pivoting and answer questions clearly and honestly
You cannot usurp democracy and that has caused the current situation
You useless bunch of *#@¥%!
Unite and bring back our elected Prime Minister and listen to your members . Do not give the 1922 Committee authority to ignore members in future.
Stop wasting time, get behind Nigel Farrage, he is a true leader.  None of you have what it takes, all you seem to do is squabble, grow up or resign we didn’t vote to waste money on your salaries where you do absolutely nothing to earn your keep!  
Nigel Farrage should be made the leader of the Conservative Party or there will be no credible party left.
We didn’t vote for Rishi Sunak, we voted for Boris, but you all acted like children and bullied him to leave.  Absolutely childish!
We left the party soon after Rishi Sunak became the PM, we don’t want a people pleaser we want a leader.  Nigel Farrage has our vote!
I have already told my MP Robert Syms that I am worried that by 2050 my granddaughters will have to walk down the street wearing a hijab and be 2 paces behind their husbands. I am extremely angry that the Conservatives have allowed our wonderful culture to be destroyed be unfettered immigration. It is not just the boats, they are illegal and should not be allowed to land. Immigration has been uncontrolled for the past 14 plus years and the Party has constantly lied to me that they are going to get it under control. I will not vote for a party that constantly lies.
Bring back Boris before it’s too late
All lefties please resign and leave
Focus on the longer term good of the country not knee jerk soundbites.
I was a conservative voter since I was first able to vote up to last local elections at which I voted Reform.Conservatives have lost their way and are now a socialist party almost in line with labour with a different colour rosette. They have also failed miserably in taking advantage of what Brexit could of done for the UK, also im my opinion the government is more interested in their standing on the world stage than doing what is right for United Kingdom, ECHR for example, are heading far too fast on the Net Zero band wagon at a great cost to the citizen and reducing their quality of life, we do not want our freedom to travel where, when and by what we choose. 15 minute cities etc etc, total migration must reduced to tens of thousands as promised, not just illegal immigration (that should have been a choice on the list not just illegal immigration).I could go on but think I made my point.
Stop the in fighting
Stop the in fighting.
What have you done to the party, if you’re not a true conservative then please leave.
How can members ever trust the Party again.Not only do they completely ignore who we voted for as leader, they foist Sunak on us.To compound the arrogance of that move they then bring back David Cameron who again no body voted for, I just wonder how all those MP’s capable of being a good Foreign Secretary felt, betrayed I imagine.

Represent your constituents, not yourselves.
The world is becoming a very dangerous place. Stop all the infighting and get behind the leader. You owe it to the electorate and the wider world.
Wake up and listen to the real people of the country, the ones who vote you in to power.So far, you have not done a good job and you are facing electoral doom. It is not just the red wall, but the farmers, the small business owners, the only just surviving, the ones who want more and the ones with hope. You are not going to get everybody but there are some who ‘want’ to vote Conservative BUT you give them nothing. Think tax cuts, get more money in their pocket and let them spend. Think of the VAT!!Think Conservative values, keep away from woke ideology. The Trans lobby is such a small percentage of the electorate you are better off going for the anti trans rather than go full on luvvie mode, you will get no respect from ‘normal’ people.Get male rapists locked up in a male prison. Remember men have a penis, women do not but mental health issues affect everybody.We need more manufacturing, we need more social housing, we need people to be happy, give them happiness you will be on your way back power.
I would ask them what has improved since the last election as I cannot think of anything that has, we have gone backwards.The health service is a mess. Public transport equates more to a third world rather than a developed country.Immigration is far too high, we voted for less and have got more. We have been let down by conservative MPs .Taxes are far too high and not lifting the threshold on income tax has hit the lower paid and pensioners.Lots of talk no action, is there anyone in this room who has the wherewithal to turn things around.
Listen to the while electorate rather than the few that shout a lot claiming they represent the majority
Get your act together.
If you don’t stop the boats AND remove the thousands of illegal immigrants swiftly I will never vote for you again.
Reduce illegal and legal immigration drastically.Cut taxation.Reduce waiting lists in the NHS.If you could do these things swiftly we may stand a chance at the general election, if you don’t it will be carnage!
Start acting like adults come together and show you are a party that can win. When I was young my parents told me that The Conservative party do not lose elections, they just refuse to fight to win. So as I truly believe that a Labour government would be a Disaster for this country, the conservative party must win the next election at all cost despite the odds. Captain two face must not become P.M. When the British are facing disaster they come together like no other nation. If you come together the nation will come together with you.
Back the PM that we the public voted for.Get rid of Gove and all the other traitors
Put aside all your personal campaigns and step back and see what you have done and that is self destruction.  Winners win elections and you do not get rid of them.  What football team would get rid of thier leading scorer,  see sense and realise that Boris was our winner our leading scorer.  Get real and fight to get him back.
You’re completely out of touch with the majority vote which was for CONSERVATIVE values NOT the wets! We expected to come OUT of the eu, to give NI back if neccessary, to reduce taxes and drive an agenda of self employed business owners generating wealth that pays taxes and looks after everyone else! And to STOP businesses addiction to cheap foreign Labour! Close the borders! Give tax cuts to employers for health insurance instead of taxing it on p11d, give tax breaks to private school fees, remove inheritance tax and you’d soon see how hard we all work! Bring back MIRAS and remove the licence fee or break up the bbcReinstate foreign aid AND WHY DIDNT YOU USE FISHING RIGHTS to FORCE THE FRENCH INTO STOPPING THE BOATS! Absolute waste of a majority you absolute idiots If you want to be liberal and self serving clear off to Lib Dem’s
The conservative candidate that I would vote for, would have the following CV profile
1. Backs a significant increase in UK security investement – target – to significantly strengthen our armed forces and urgently target further Ukraine support along with NATO allies to defeat Putin as soon as possible.2. Actively supported Brexit prior to the last election 2. Look to grow the economy faster than main competitors by investment in UK high technology manufacturing jobs, helping to avoid mass unemployment.3. Go ahead with fracking, invest in both small and large nuclear projects asap. Meanwhile, make maximum use of UK oil and gas deposits to avoid unnecessary and environmentally dubious imports.4, Scrap enforced electric vehicle targets, ULEZ and other non-democratic bills, such as smoking abolishment.5. On immigration, concentrate on getting legal migration under proper maximum target control. Leave ECHR and send back all illegal immigrants.
Stop the power plays and selfish in fighting. Regardless of individual views stand behind the elected leader and show a united front. The back benchers wont have a seat after next election if they dont support the leader and show a united party.
Most of you need to join the LibDems.
Bring the real boss Boris back who we all voted for and let’s get our party united again
Grow up and begin to put our nation first. Stop the in fighting.
It appears from the outside of the Party that the present MPs are putting themselves first and not the good of the country and their own Party. 
(I have worked both in the House of Commons and for the Conservative Party in Press Office for four General Elections and feel the Tories are on a downward slope.  I am sorry.
You have betrayed our nation. Squandered an 80 seat majority by doing NOTHING with it! You have not even voted for what you believe in but instead followed directions from a highjacked from within Conservative Party by non-conservatives. You have ignored membership who worked tirelessly to get Boris Johnson elected as Prime Minister. You betrayed him when you supported a man with limited political or business experience and no morality who had been plotting to take over. You did not challenge the appalling undemocratic way Rishi Sunak was enabled to become leader of our party & as a result, Prime Minister. You have betrayed every single member of our party as a result & millions more conservative minded voters throughout the U.K. You have betrayed Brexit by supporting the Windsor Agreement which undermines the UK Union & seriously weakens Brexit. You have not ensured our government fulfilled it’s promise to control legal & illegal immigration which so seriously undermines schools, NHS, housing & security
We need proper conservative policies and stop trying to be blue Labour. The current  government is new Labour without the charisma. It’s time to change the constitution of the party so that a clique of left leaning mp’s e.g. Graham Brady can’t ride rough shod over the membership’s wishes. Also, it’s a disgrace that this government has allowed the military to be so under resourced that we can’t defend ourselves properly. The police and education system has been allowed to be hijacked by malignant forces of the extreme left and it’s time action was taken to instil discipline in schools and allow the police to actually police. Lastly we need to stop kowtowing to extreme anti British groups such as we’ve seen over recent years. Kneeling to racist groups such as BLM and allowing hate marches by pro Palestinian groupings has allowed these groups to believe they are above the law . Britain is full and it’s time the British way of life was preserved.
Stop cuddling up to the woke brigade and gets some balls.
1 Pull Together2 Believe we can win3 Start knocking on doors in your constituencies this and every  weekend .4 Never miss an opportunity to attack the opposition and its leaders5 Remember , just a few years ago the majority of voters preferred Conservatives and would ideally prefer them again if we can show the Party is attractive and electable6 Keep pushing the successes – –  We won the biggest General Election Victory in 2019 in people’s memory     We got Brexit done ( even ‘remainer ‘ MP’s must toe this line ),      We protected everyone and every business during lockdown ,       We rolled out the world’s best Covid vaccination programme        We halved inflation      Illegal immigration is slowing7 We must reduce Income tax , IHT , Stamp duty8 The UK is safer , with a better economy under the Conservatives.9 World Events need experienced politicians in our Government  and Labour have none10 There is definitely one thing that unites the Party – We must not Labour get into
Leave the ECHR immediately.
Could the one nation group please leave and join the Liberal Democrat’s, so that the Conservatives can have our party back.
Bring back Boris
You need your bull dog back or  moggy as he’s not a snake I liked the vision for the country with them and they scared liebour and I really don’t want liebour in control
Get rid of all the MPs who support the WEF and do their bidding.
Listen to your voters.
Get a job.
No comment
Since Boris was first being forced out as PM, the conservatives have unfortunately behaved more like an extension of the BBC programme “the traitors” than a party aiming for success. Whilst I fully appreciate that politics is not for the faint hearted, the effort has seemingly been all about personal gain rather than wider success for the Conservative Party and more importantly our country. We are in a post Brexit era, we should have a dedicated effort to ensure that we make the most of the situation and focus on improving our country rather than personal careers.
Grow up and do the job you were elected to do which is back Britain and the British people.
What you did to Boris, and the way you did it, is criminal.
Wake up and listen to the indigenous people for heavens sake.  I am not racist but I do not recognise my country anymore.  Why have I been admonished by a Turkish Kurd regarding my views on the illegal immigrants arriving on our shores daily.  This person works in Parliament!!!
The “broad church” is ridiculous – time for the non-conservatives to leave the party.
Fight Labour

Stop division and start working together like a party people want to elect.
Bring back Boris
Stop building houses on flood plains and agricultural land. There is barely a blade of grass left in Ellesmere Port now. Also, utilise all the old empty buildings.
The problem is LEGAL migration. The numbers are bloody ridiculous and stop bowing down to MODI!!! Indian immigration is out of control. 
Our health service is creaking at the seams. Everyone is sick to death of the dodgy deals and corruption. 
You had no right to get rid of Johnson in the first place. Sunak is completely out of touch with the public mood. 
Going further right is not the answer either.
You were idiots to lose our best leader Boris Johnson.
Bring back proper Conservative policies and stop pandering to people who’ll never vote for you in the first place.
Follow true conservative values
Illegal immigration is the biggest threat to this country, stopping the boats should be a priority for any responsible government, which in turn will go some way to reducing the impact on services, including health, housing and benefits.  How on earth can it be right that people entering this country are entitled to a whole host of benefits when we have veterans living on the streets, we need to put our own house in order first?  We also need to exit the ECHR as a matter of urgency – as Mrs Thatcher said “if we get into the position that we cannot return illegal immigrants to their country of origin, then we will descend into international chaos.”  The numbers of illegals is bad enough, but we’re also keeping other countries criminals.
Shape up or ship out.Wetwipes not required.
Nigel farage as leader  or Boris and Nigel together in government in some capacity either as leader and home sec or vice versa .
You have destroyed your own careers by back stabbing each other and ignoring the people. You have shown no conservative standards or beliefs.
Would all The, soft lefty MPs please leave the room, resign and not stand again as Conservatived
Start representing what the general public and your constituents wants – get rid of the ‘blob’ – leave EU C H R – reduce woke
Get rid of non conservative MPs and listen to your grass route supporters. Beef up the defence force, control our borders, reduce tax and grow the economy. Ditch this ridiculous fixation on net zero.
Start representing the electorate and not yourselves.
You’re fired!
Stop the backstabbing. We bored for Boris. You should get behind our choice

leave the ECHR, fight global interests, and make a complete brexit happen
You made a big mistake ousting Boris and this could cost you the next election. I cancelled my membership because of it. If he cannot return Jacob Rees Mogg would appeal to many voters as he inspires trust.
You are NOT CONSERVATIVE. You are disloyal/collusive/conspiratorial and have gone against EVERYTHING upon which you were elected in 2019. You are #ToryTraitors and there’s now NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOU AND THE VILE #NEVERLABOUR Party. You have defied the votes of 17.4m people for Brexit and taking us back in line with the EU will see you in opposition – rightly – forever. You have let down millions of people and appear more interested in infesting our Country with unknown/unsafe aliens you know nothing about. We are NOT SAFE IN YOUR HANDS! Sunak is aWEF puppet that NO CONSERVATIVE WOULD EVER VOTE FOR. YOU WERE WRONG TO REMOVE BORIS JOHNSON! You – and us – will now have to suffer for your delusion!
Respect the electorate who got you where you are.
I want a new leader but not in less than 7 days. It has to go to a membership vote as that is the fundamental reason RS is failing. He was actually rejected by the membership.. then MPs overruled the membership and installed him. Process must be followed but also media urgently  need better “spin” it was the media hyping up LT policies when she became PM as a dissector that lead to the markets to wobble. The media didn’t understand what she was saying and she wasn’t  given a chance. Having said that, the shop has sailed for LT now. Don’t trust Farage if he returns but an enemy on the inside who can help bring people with him would be valuable. He’s good communicator , the party urgently needs to up its game on communication. Boris might be the only person who can win the next election, Boris with Farage certainly would. BUT Boris need to move on from all the net zero stuff, it alienated ordinary red wall votes who had trusted him. If you love in a terrace house in the north none of the EV stuff makes sense
Remember you were voted in with a massive majority on a Brexit vote with Boris Johnson as leader and you have completely destroyed trust in the Conservative Party and it’s democratic process by removing him and appointing someone who the members had already rejected with Brexit still mostly in name only and still too many EU ties!
Dont ever dictate to your members again. Neither the electarate or the Conservative members vote for Sunak to become leader or Hunt to become Chancellor… We were dictated to. Since when did the Conservatives become a dictatorship?
The threat is within the Conservative Party not from Labour
Listen to the country. Deal with the rise in illegal immigration make indigenous British people a priority over illegals. Make people integrate in society and they must speak English. We must stop vowing to minorities, protect them but not at the expense of the many. We need to work for society not the individual.
The treachery you have shown by ousting Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, one elected by the entire Country and the other by your own membership shows complete disdain for the grassroots of your Party and the Country as a whole.I have always voted Tory but will never again until those in control of your Party have been disposed of and allow the membership to elect a leader of their choice.
Listen to the public …. Do your job
Bring back Boris
I think the Conservatives have bought this all on themselves by stabbing/getting rid of an elective PM who had a good standing having been Mayor of London and did a good job. You deserve being where you are in the polls , not listening to the people who put you there. I have been a Conservative all my life but find I can’t vote Conservatives as the party now stands. And to bring back Cameron who wants to take us straight back into EU
Bring Boris back
For goodness sake put some energy into running the Country. Tell voters what your plans are for the future! Stop all immigration until we have control of the backlog. Tackle the woke left agenda in the civil service. Stop the leftist lawyers who are getting millions in legal aid all the appeals.  Stand up for British values…stop the Islam takeover of our country.  Give  us some optimism… never mind tinkering around the edges with unimportant policies… read the room we want action! Or you will hand it over to Labour to damage the Country like it did last time they weee in.
Bring back Boris
Rishi got his position in the most un-democratic way possible because the parliamentary party knew the membership would never vote for him!
Sack Sunak. Her has no mandate. Even the membership rejected him. We voted for Boris and Sunak pulled off a coup Idi Amin would have been proud of. In Gods Name GO!
“You’re so arogant, you really haven’t got a clue have you! The polls say it all; this is what happens when you don’t listen to the public opinion or your core Conservative support. How dare you create a mutiny to oust Boris Johnson, a publicly elected Prime Minister with a massive majority, then dismiss the Conservative members choice! So what have we got now, a back-stabbing, underhand, woke spin-doctor, who’s nanny state policy’s are akin to New Labour, who’s lost the Northern vote because of HS2 cancellation and who’s Rwanda policy is deemed to fail because he actively wants mass migration! 
Sunak is completely out-of-touch, you lot are completely out-of-touch, CCHQ is completely out-of-touch. Get a grip NOW or face 10 years of Labour!!
Tory Voters are crying out for your to remove Rishi we are petrified of a labour government but we HATE Rihsi and can’t vote for him as he’s acting more labour and a remainer.. I would love Boris back, when my Labour supporting friend said to me she feels sorry for Boris as he was doing his best during covid.
Rishi is not my prime minister I joined the conservatives the day Boris Johnson was appointed and I resigned the day he was sacked. BJ is the only statesman that would win against labour he is our true PM labour is frightened of him which is why they fought so hard to discredit him . I would rejoin and I would campaign if you reinstate our true PM.
Stop pretending your leader is a leader, he’s not! Get your F’n act together, grow some balls, get a new leader NOW, get fully behind them, stop the boats and wipe out Keir Starmer. Anything else and you’ll all be out of jobs.
You made a BIG MISTAKE forcing BorIs Johnson out. He was the best Prime Minster since Margaret Thatcher.
I have never in my long years seen a period when Conservative administrations have made such a mess of so much over such a long time.From Brexit through the Covid crisis to the illegal boat people.All partly driven by a split Tory party with the dead hand of the wet left continuously resisting change and real capital ‘C’ Conservative action.The situation is truly disastrous, which will probably only be resolved with a new party rising from the ashes of a Conservative party that has been electoraly brought to its knees.

Get your act together, stop squabbling and do what you were voted in to do and keep labour out
Grow up, stop back biting and remember, you are SERVANTS of the electorate. You are not here for your own agenda.
Grow up, stop fighting amongst yourselves like children, put Boris Johnson back as PM and work together to get rid of all illegals & defeat Labour at the next General Election.
Work as a team for the good of the country
Deliver our 2019 manifesto, bring back centre right policies, you need to be different from Labour. Ditch Sunak, bring back Boris.If you don’t control our borders, we will have none and soon we will have no nation.Cut taxes, go for growth.
Bring back Boris!
The MPs and Cabinet are generally not up to the job and not fit to have been elected. Same goes for Labour.
Get back to conservative values. A millionaire Indian has no conceptof how the ordinary  conservative voter perceives what we used to call conservative values . Sunak should be in the socialist party.
Cons can change the leader but it will not make me vote Cons as things are. The party is full of non Cons and you’ve had over 4 years to stop immigration, get Brexit done properly. You seem to have no intention of controlling immigration and if it’s not this country won’t be worth living in anyway soon. I notice the “top priorities list” does not include net zero? Don’t you want to know what we think about that? Top priority is immigration, stop all of it. Second top is net zero. It’s a scam and we’ve never had an opportunity to vote on it. Conservatives ignore the country wants and needs and ignore the members too. You were handed an 80 seat majority and have duped all of those that gave you it. As things are I hope and pray that Nigel Farage takes the Reform leadership and wins the GE. If you think you can rely on ‘Labour being a lot worse’ so we’ll vote for you again, forget it. You broke every promise in your 2019 manifesto so all we can do is judge on past performance and you’ve not delivered.
Stand as one make Britain stronger.. together.Cut cooperation tax to its lowest to encourage business to the UK.
Defence of the realm is your chief duty. Stop cutting the Royal Navy and the other sevices.
Talk to your constituency or resign!
Get a grip
Britain first. Stop the boats  the hotels the mobiles and the 3 meals a day
Bring back Boris.  Support Brexit
Unless you urgently return to core, real conservative values (read the Reform UK manifesto),  and in particular control our borders and rescue our children from the trans ideology agenda, you are going to be annihilated at the next election, and you can expect others to come along and do it instead of you.
Deport all the useless uneducated illegal economic migrants
I’m sorry but it’s not printable.
Grow up. Put the country first, past, present and future and her place and standing in the world.
Pull together as one stop the infighting as Conservative MPs for all your doing is showing that we are a party that cannot be relied upon to bring the country together and better its future and fortunesYour creating an image of self centred individuals who couldn’t care about the country and people your paid to represent in the UK and on the world stage

Work together to save the party.  Have some respect for your leader and think about what the country wants. Be more forthright in flying the Tory flag.  Fight back against Labour and call out their failings.
For heavens sake listen to the members and to the public. This Country voted for Boris with a massive majority and the party will not be forgiven for stabbing him in the back. This goes against the democracy of this  Country.Also, illegal immigration must be stopped completely. All benefits paid to these people must be stopped immediately.  If they manage to land on our shores, they should be returned immediately.Law and order must be restored to our streets. Stop all these hate marches and lock up organisers if necessary.All the nonsense about there being more than two genders must be cracked down on.Our history should be taught in schools and children taught to respect it.The list of things that need sorting is endless. We need a true Conservative Party not the liberal minded one we have now.
Please always remember you have been voted in to represent the views of your constituents and and it should not just be for you to forge ahead with your personal beliefs for your own ego.
If you want support from the party membership, do not discard their electoral decisions regarding leadership. Boris has demonstrated that he can win elections in a way that we have not achieved since Maggie ran the show, and if we don’t win elections, our policy is largely ‘academic’. The parliamentary party has cast aside the decisions of both the party membership and the general voting public and both are dissatisfied.
The government is underestimating  the treat from  Russia.  We need to increase the number of  our armed forces.  Boots on the ground  count at the  end of the day.
Stop the continual in-fighting.
Get a leader the people actually want and like.
Please, please stop these illegal, economic migrants. Even by using the Rwanda scheme which surely will act as a deterent. It worked in Australia!!
Bring back Conservative values and strong leadership   Stop the woke brigade put loyalty and care back into our country
Do, as the people/voters have voted / asked for….. Get 100 % Brexit done…..Secure our borders….. stop the illegal immigrants….Get the illegals out of the hotels and out of the council housing….. secure illegals in camps till accepted or rejected…..Get Rwanda flights started…….. 
I served , worked lived and travelled abroad for over 40 years, legally, nothing was given for free or demanded for free. Returned to UK 6 years ago, looking forward to living and working in UK, after all the above problems I’d quoted, I now wish I hadn’t returned to this UK …..
You have fought among yourselves despite being presented with a large majority under Boris. You should have had the courage to take control of this country. Stop this wokeness. Especially all this global change nonsense.  Why are the public paying all these extra costs for power prices? Go nuclear n press on with fracking. Scrap all the globalism stuff. Abolish most of the quangos.  Stop promoting the same old idiots to top jobs with powers over the public. Eg post office scandal. Just GET A GRIP……
Stop fighting in the playground, grow up and concentrate together and get together for the important things that the public are crying out for.  It is not what you want it is what the majority of the public want.
Start listening to the people or you are finished.
That they have lost the CONSERVATIVE values. They have let the people of this country down. BREXIT  meant BREXIT but it hasn’t happened. We need to leave the ECHR now! And anyone coming over by illegal means told they would not be allowed to apply for asylum and have to leave immediately! Send the boats back and stop them climbing in the back of lorries. We want our country back and our culture! We were a Christian country, now I’m not so sure!
We MUST find a way to bring back Boris Johnson
Fight Labour not yourselves
Return to real Conservative values namely keeping State intervention to a minimum and letting people keep as much of the money they earn as possible. Governments use our money profligately, careless of the struggles of ordinary British families.
Grow up and unite behind a new  leader with the backbone to make positive decisions.

You can’t defeat wokeness by appeasement.
We made a terrible error ousting Boris.  We have also blown the chance to make real changes to the country with the majority. 
If by some miracle we win in the next election we need to become the common sense government say what you mean 
Suella got hell for saying about tent city.  She was right and should have said out loud if 70% of these people get to stay and were not paying for there housing and we can’t give them social housing they are going to live in tents.  It’s luxury compared to where they have been.  People purposefully twisted it.  Wait and see what happens when the backlog is cleared and they need to fend for themselves.  We shouldn’t be scared to say facts out loud for fear of being called names.  have you heard about sticks and stones ?
We need a new leader and 100% support get behind them as if labour get in and borrow 28 million a year for green stuff wtf 
We also need to build more Jails and quickly – even if we need to convert a building for lower security prisioner’s  do it now.

Take a good look at the country and then try to imagine what it will look like, what it will be like to live in the UK in 5 years time, and that’s before Labour get hold of the reigns!  If you like what you’ve imagined, go and join Lib Dems or Labour. If you’re concerned by the image, grow a backbone and get back to Conservative ideals. Give the indigenous voters some hope or quit en masse.             Yours sincerely, a lifelong Conservative voter who now intends to vote Reform.
Drive the delivery of major policies and promises with a collective voice, people are sick of the distraction of visible internal fighting and lack of collective purpose.
You have completely destroyed the  fundamentals of the Conservative Party . The people want a gov who cares for its people in every aspect of life . Boris is a true patriot and people aligned themselves with his values . We need to love our country again and a leader who will ensure that .  Only  welcome those who respect these values and they wish for us to respect theirs . It should not be right wing as it is labelled to want the best for the British people .
The current government have shown themselves to be completely spineless in the face of an islamic invasion across the channel and therefore cannot be considered conservative.
You no longer represent strong Conservative values.
The contempt that the parliamentary party has for the general membership is unbelievable, we voted for Boris, they forced him out, we voted for Liz and she was forced out, so now we have the two losing candidates in the top jobs in government and look just at the result!
Most of our MP’s are woke, weak, unscrupulous, self serving, lying, liberal globalist who would rather ensure the election of a pro EU pro globalist Liebour Party and the destruction of the party they should be fighting for, rather than honour the manifesto they where elected on!
When you deny democracy you are going to pay a heavy penalty, sadly the party and the country will also be paying it as well!
A “new” Conservative Party with real Conservative values and policies is the only way to clear out this nest of vipers and that is a party I will support in future.
We voted for you to represent the people of your constituency & most of you have not done that but been lead by the nose by non-conservatives who had their own agenda & their narcissistic opinions are neither democratic or conservative.
You are all out of touch with the electorate. We DO NOT want illegal immigrants to come into our once safe Country. We want to come out of the EU completely. We want the NHS for people who have paid into it, not millions of illegal people coming in and getting medical treatment free of charge. We want homes for own indigenous people who are in need and/or homeless, NOT for illegals. Benefit’s only for people who have contributed, no benefits for illegals. Pensions to be raised,it is NOT a benifit,they have paid into the fund all their lives, we want the indigenous people to be looked after before all others. We want to fly our own flag, sing our own British songs and practice our own British traditions without being stopped or called racist. We want the billions spent on other countries spent in our own Country on services for the legal people of Great Britain. The biggest mistake you have made was getting rid of Boris Johnson – He would have looked after the true British people and made Britain great again.
Get rid of Sunak and Hunt. Lower taxation. Start following Conservative policies. You are a bunch of fools who have wandered an 80 seat majority. You should have backed Boris on the basis that a new deputy would take over after the next election but you are just not that bright!I will not vote Conservative without immediate fundamental change! You have lost me and I was once the acting FD of CCHO. A pathetic performance and I am very much not pleased!!!
The members voted for Boris and Liz. We did not vote for Rishi who has not stopped the boats and will not set a date. He has not implemented Brexit in its entirety.
Stop fighting and continuously giving Labour ammunition and be brave and just send all illegal immigrants to Rawanda.
Stick to your Conservative values. Chose a charismatic leader who can connect with voters, maybe Lee Anderson. We will not win with Rishi Sunak. I suggest it is worth the risk to change leader in order to get back traditional disaffected voters.
Step outside of the Westminster bubble and listen for yourself the public want – don’t let the bias media lead yo unto believe anything.
Stop bickering. listen to the  Party members and grow a pair!
Stop spinning the important actions that your members and voters want you to achieve. Take action and be strong Conservative MPs that we need you to be; Stop the Boats, Cut Taxes, lookafter our Children, the Disabled and our Pensioners.
Close our borders indefinitely. Legally and illegally. This country cannot and must not have to suffer the consequences of an unpatriotic government. And immediately start to deport all illegal and overstayers this will be of great benefit to our country. Forget Rwanda just return them to France. As in effect there France’s responsibility as they’ve come from France. No need to spend billions of taxpayers money on a Rwanda so called deal. Who in their right minds would send illegals there only for our country to care for Rwandas vulnerable people. This government are totally corrupt and insane. I mean come on how daft do you think people are for us to take rwandas vulnerable people. 😂😂🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️. Are you having a laugh at the taxpayers expense. Your stupidity is creating a party more far right than you can imagine. Think about it. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️😡😡
Stop the infighting and behave like Conservatives and don’t go along with every fad that comes along and stop pandering to the climate warriors
The Conservative Parliamentary Members ignored the will of the People and of the Membership by getting rid of Mr Johnson, by whatever means they could! This behaviour was an act of betrayal and deceit. The same Members continued to argue with the Members of Parliament, creating divisions and disunity. These same individuals pursue their own agendas, regardless of the Party Line and regardless of Truth. The result has been disunity, disloyalty, dishonour, disobedience, selfishness, self-interest and nest-feathering. WE DO NOT DESERVE to be re-elected if those individuals remain in position, or any position of influence. THEY have cost us the election.
Stop the boats, clear the hotels, remove all demands to use military bases, particularly Skampton, and return ALL illegal migrants either to France or places of origin, if known.  Rwanda is not a powerful enough deterrent and does not completely clear our country of all illegal migrants.  Change laws if necessary to make it happen.  The Triple Lock must be continued.
What are you doing?
Why did 118 Tory mps support #kangaroocourt Privileges Committee to remove Boris & thus trash 14 million votes knowing as they did that #DougieSmith & Fox & Gove & Cummings with help from #SueGray had plotted daily from 12th December 2019 against a democratically elected PM who got 80 seat majority with clear intention inter alia to undermine Brexit & Tory manifesto?
Clear out foreign NGO funded woke networks from the civil service, the legal system and the public sector. Leave ECHR and initiate its rewriting in the light of 50yrs experience of its serious failures, perverse incentives, & corrupt gaming. Stop the boats. Stop importing cheap labour. Build self reliance, finish Brexit. Support Trump.
Shame on you
Go back to being proper Conservatives

Be Conservative!
Stop fighting between yourselves. If you’d backed Boris Johnson and not panicked you probably wouldn’t be in this mess now. It’s too late to change leader now. I feel politically homeless but I wouldn’t vote for any of the other parties.
Eighty seat majority. What have you done with it?
Listen to the grassroots.  Be honest because we grassroots people are most certainly NOT stupid.  Return to being true blue.
Honour the pledge to be Conservative or piss off and join the Lib Dems, it is time for infighting to cease.
I withdrew my membership after the disgusting backstabbing of Boris Johnson , you as a party have destroyed your own party just to get rid of Mr Johnson !
Lets do SOMETHING. We have had 4 years of STAGNATION. Lets ALL move forward in SOME DIRECTION.
If you don’t believe in Great Britain leave the room.
Remember what it is to be a Conservative. 
1: Individual Freedom2: Limited Government3: Rule of Law4: Peace through Strength5: Fiscal responsibility & Low Tax6: Free Market7: Human Dignity8: God, Marriage & Monarchy
Sort out immigration! Sick of my taxes funding then , can’t get a drs appointment! Schools massively oversubscribed.  My own niece on a waiting list for years ! Customers of mine in a pharmacy , not long in and bingo housed !!

I have voted Conservative for many years. I voted for Brexit and was disgusted by those in the Conservative Party who did everything they could to prevent us actually leaving as were many of my friends. I was delighted when Boris Johnson became Prime Minister, Teresa May was appalling. I believe Boris being ousted was a hugely damaging event, he didn’t stand a chance. He did the best he could when surrounded by people who loathed him. Then the membership, voted for Liz Truss, I did, and she, like Boris was sabotaged by a group of MPs and the media. Sunak was installed. In my opinion he is absolutely useless. He’s a very poor public speaker, has no charisma at all, promises things then doesn’t/can’t deliver and is, I believe very devious. I don’t believe he has this countries best interests at heart. Look at the Windsor Framework – he lied! None of my friends or relatives will vote Tory if Sunak remains PM. I like Ben Habib but am unlikely to vote Reform. Starmer and Sunak are the same! What a mess!
Change leader bring back Boris
Bring back Boris Johnson and expel those that were instrumental in making him resign. DEAL with the media. Force them to only transmit facts, NO opinion and limit their influence with massive fines and removal of broadcast license/ limit advertising rights. Bring back free uni places , it’s a definite vote winner
Bring back Boris Johson!
The Conservative MP’s have forgotten it was Johnson they owe their seat to nothing to do with Brexit the Referendum democratic vote was decided.Johnson up at dawn touring Country not being on TV canvassing speaking to workers in Factories,Hospitals,Schools people on streets in Towns. Result landslide victory. Had we held GE in 2019 under May from her disastrous 2017 GE we’d be ruled by Corbyn Marxist supporter, McDonnell on video at side meeting Labour conference wished UK celebrate yearly Stalins date month of birth! The ludicrous Tory MP’s infighting from Leadership Losers & Supporters beggars belief conduct of the 1922 Committee Sir Brady as Chair is a disaster. The Plot Nadine Dorries writes in her book to oust Johnson shortly after 19 GE is deplorable. Moreover, this Covid nonsense easy to criticise but not one states what they would do without hindsight. Global deadly virus never known before no vaccine, NHS overwhelmed our people dying. No Country knew what steps to take UK delivered jabs 6 wks b4 EU.
Boris was the only one with a strong personality to confront Labour
How dare you remove an elected Prime minister from office. Boris Johnson did a good job, considering BREXIT, then the Covid 19 Pandemic.? Infighting ruined the party. Once Boris Johnson was removed, it was clear that the Conservative Party had no respect for their members or the people who had voted for them. He managed to get life long Labour voters to go against their own families and vote Conservative. They had faith in Boris Johnson, when he was removed, they thought the Conservative Party could not be trusted, and vowed never to trust the Conservative Party again. I left the party because of the way Boris Johnson was treated. Partly Gate looked like a set up. The Conservative Party have a huge problem getting anyone to trust them.
Start looking after the little people who do all the work and provide the wealth and services that you and your rich mates enjoy. Sort the NHS out as so many people that I know think you have trashed the NHS. There is so much for the political classes to do in this country to make it great again – NHS, reduce immigration, Potholes, Housing, Inequality and the list goes on and on but it is not rocket science. No politician should have another job other than to serve the country just like I did in the Armed Forces with no second job or any big pension like politicians get, and yet I risked my life to defend you all
Get back to proper Conservative values. Lower taxes for individuals but also and importantly for business as that’s how the economy will grow. Inflation was caused by lockdown policies and handled badly by the BoE so this should not be a priority, it will drop regardless. End crippling net zero targets. Build homes and infrastructure, create growth. Review our armed forces staffing and overall security. Remove illegal immigrants immediately (not necessarily to Rowanda) and defeat lefty lawyers enabling them to stay. Parliament is sovereign. The party has always been a broad church but it feels in some areas constituents wishes are being ignored and they won’t come out and vote. The party risks a historic wipe out the way it’s going. It feels as though a sea change is due in who runs the country but we can limit the loss with a new leader. Possibly win a GE with the right person. The back stabbing, in fighting, self serving has to stop. Think of your constituents please.
We won the last election as we promised to complete Brexit and maximise the benefits therefrom with lower taxes led by Boris Johnson – as it stands now, you stabbed Boris Johnson in the back and front, manipulated Sunak into leader, who along with Hunt both are in reality pro Europe  and have fudged Northern Ireland and sold them out, acted as Labour would with increasing Taxes -higher taxes never work, people avoid paying – Sunak in addition is clealry not our true leader, also has no integrity with the party members and the wider public as he stabbed Boris Johnson in the back – the MPs are not  delivering on  Brexit – have not repealed the laws,  are failing to get further trade deals / failed on immigration  both legal and illegal and look to too left wing to be a true conservative party – it has been taken over by those who are conservative in name only but act as lib dems-the red wall and wider public see this and as it stands now see the conservatives have betrayed everything they stood for at election.
If you don’t want to represent conservative values, then leave the Conservative party as you do not belong there. The party has been drawn further to the left and is now become Labour ‘lite’. To a certain extent due to very poor vetting and recruitment of MPs, a relaxing of standards that has dragged the Conservative Party into the gutter. We are now are party of two half’s with one side blocking the other on every vote, resulting in zero progress on anything.To side with Labour, internally vote down an elected Conservative leader and then ditch the members choice of replacement at the first sign of trouble- this is the politics of cowards.
Not Conservative enough! No balls. Not fighting for this Christian country! Wet lettuce Sunak! Get him out!
About time you behaved like adults and got the Party back to a sensible All for one Party, if you don’t and any other party got in God Help us.
Work as a team. Listen to the voting public, they pay your wages.You got it wrong with both Boris Johnson & Liz Truss.Electing Rishi Sunak as PM was a mistake on a massive scale, he doesn’t connect with the general public, he was a mistake as chancellor & is just as much a mistake as PM. Don’t make the same mistake again.
Work together for true Conservative values, introduce a British Bill of Rights, and leave the corrupt ECHR!
Pull together focus on winning power instead of woke policies
The 1922 committee must be done away with as should Michael Gove. They are not in the best interest for the Conservatives.
Belt up, unless you are prepared to put the UK and its citizens 1st then jog on. Difficult decisions need to be made no matter what the EU thinks. We are going to ruffle feathers and send the boats straight back to France. Not a single boat will land on our shores.
Get your act together and start singing from the same hymn sheet! I would still vote for my local MP in spite of her backing Rishi Sunak. I think he’s the wrong person for the job.  You should have defended and backed Boris Johnson more vigorously.

dont be scared of taking a more conservative approach…it would get a lot of support in the country
Get a grip and some proper Conservative policies and stop stabbing each other in the back! Ordinary people can’t afford Net Zero and frankly couldn’t care less about it. What we do will make no difference to the climate, so it’s pointless concentrating on it until the likes of China, India, and others stop polluting at an ever increasing rate. We want control of our borders and a stop to illegal immigration, a reduction in legal immigration.  A functioning and efficient NHS.  Lower taxes when the funds are available and a lower cost of living. None of that will matter unless we spend on defence before it’s too late, our forces are way to small and need major investment.
Do what you say you are going to do!
The real Tories should stand up and the imitators should move to a party more in line with their values.
You’ve thrown away the 80 seat majority and Red Wall seats with your antics and the biased media witch-hunt getting rid of Boris Johnson, he should have been given another chance..  you’ve destroyed the Tory party
Many of you are in the wrong party. Put your personal ambitions aside and join the party which most represents your views, not the party that you think will lead to a cushy Ministerial job.
When a ture  Conservatives Message has been given All MP Keep there mouth shut and just give the message and do not diversify To win a general election I believe you need one slogan message EG Education Education,Make america great again, Get brexit done.You Repeat that message until people can Repeat the message Remind the population that the government kept people safe at home on the using of government tax /money and labour wanted more and more lock down and sadly the world took a Economic shock ( John Ashworth was on the BBC every blood week calling for more lock down and the BBC Salivating )
Until you listen to the people who elected you and not the internal people who have their own agenda to get us back into the EU then you will not get my vote, membership or anything else .  You have severely let us down.  You have yourselves to blame.
Articulate a vision of Conservative principles that separates the party from Labour, then UNITE. Forget minutiae and concentrate on vision
Boris has well and truly cooked his goose. He deserved to be ousted. He was totally unsuited to the role of Prime Minister. I doubt he was really conservative. Ideally Nigel Farage should be the party leader.
Please remember that you can now operate as if we are an independent soverign democracy and not beholden to so-called “international law” or former EU strictures. Government of the people, for the people, by the people. Immigration is running completely out of control – and legal immigration via routes such as student visas and the ever-expanding “shortage occupation list” is at the route of it. 
Thank you for the opportunity to comment.
Return to true Conservative values
The party must, as a matter of urgency, de-fragment and unite. Too many of you are afraid for your jobs after the next General Election. The only way to secure your future is to put the party and the country first. Take a few days out and think about what it was that made you a Conservative in the first place. There is little time left and damage limitation is essential.Loyalty to the elected leader is essential.  If the consensus is that Riki Sunak must be replaced, then that must happen very very quickly and the new leader must be sure of 100% support. If the current situation persists then the message that the electorate is getting is that the party is incompetent, and defeat is inevitable. Wake up. Being in power is a privilege, not a right.
I have stayed a member purely because I want to be able to vote in case there is a leadership contest and Boris is one of the nominees. I was appalled at the way he was treated, the country loved him and still do. That man made a mistake and he was hung out to dry so the remainers could yet Rishi in power, he has made a mess of it all all and every time l see him on the television l get extremely frustrated and angry that he is in power at all. I never voted for him and in my eyes he is an unelected PM. I voted to remain and l lost, l backed Boris because everyone trusted him and his vision for the future, he changed my opinion of the EU and as such l would now vote to leave. I really feel that Boris is a man of the people, Rishi isn’t and never will be. Bring him back, he can win this again for the conservatives. The public aren’t going to vote labour if Boris  in power that must be obvious to you all. As it stands now we have no hope, he is the only one that can unite the party and win the election

Which ever leader is appointed- see above- the one thing they must do immediately is stop the boats.If this happens they will win the next GE.The majority of the population is sick to the back teeth of it.
For goodness sake stop fighting between you and get behind the Prime Minister and his policies and LISTEN to what the voters want!!
Do your job, that is work for the country and its people not your own legacy.  You should be working as a team and supporting each other.  Sack those that are not MP’s but are disrupting the party.  Give the party members more say in policies and listen to them more.  Get rid of the power of the House of Lords and reduce it drastically.
Grow up and think about the country’s good and not your personal ststus
Get your acts together and put party and country before self!
You should be ashamed of the way children with special educational needs have been forgotten by your government, your local authorities and that under your tenure the bureaucracy to support children to access the education they are legally entitled to has become ever more bloated.  Furthermore our country is drowning in a sea of woke where even the police do not stand up for our own citizens and instead are scared of offending people from overseas and the minorities who break the law willingly.
Bring back Boris
Remove all illegal people fast , very fast . No ifs no buts .
I am sorry, I did resign my membership just prior to Christmas, as I was very unhappy with the leadership, I didn’t vote for Sunak. There are many reasons why I resigned. I suggested to my MP Mr Bob Seely to reduce the VAT, then everyone would get a pay rise, 20% is far too much to pay. Most of my friends think the same as me. I voted for UK to leave the EU, but you have not left completely. Also getting to Net Zero is completely stupid, when we all know China, India & many other countries aren’t even bothering. To bring fuel from a long way away is stupidity in it’s self, it defeats the net zero con.The so called Climate Change Scientists will not tell you the truth, mainly because they are paid by the Government & will not tell the truth because they need the money, & will not tell the truth about climate. Also water companies are allowing raw sewage is being pumped into many of our rivers & seas. IT MUST STOP!
You are, as a political party, a shambles, a disgrace, a huge disappointment.  The 2019 election victory offered a once in a generation opportunity to advance the country, following Brexit.  I thank Boris Johnson for that, but his dismal personal behaviour and his shambolic running of his government destroyed that opportunity – something that I will not forgive him for.  The current leadership is not conservative enough but Rishi Sunak is clever and appears to be a good manager.  Maybe he is not a natural leader, but his standing with the electorate would improve if the party fully and publicly supported him.  The current Conservative party is unmanageable, and this questionnaire is just a further indicator.
Abide by what they were elected on during the last election and listen to the majority of the voters and not the minority.Reduce immigration, leave the ECHR Stop the protest marches for Palestine etc which basically undermine our own nationality and sovereignty.Recruit more police and return to true policing and a police Force instead of a service, let’s build the publics trust back in the police and the true British values they used to police by.Sort out the benefits system , too many loops holes, there are too many who’ve never worked yet and better off than many lower paid people who want to work.

Build Build and Build more to make a Fairer society with more Freedom and Choice for all.
Stop the boats on the way to our shores and lead them back to France. Leave ECHR – Secure the borders and send back ALL illegal immigrants.Do not  offer/give compensation to Windrush immigrants or their descendants either!
If you don’t like us voters and our opinions, get out of OUR Party because without us, you are nothing! We want our Party and our country back!

You collectively denied me my freedom for 18 months during Covid and provided me no financial support for my business during this time yet generously funded millions on furlong; you encouraged the main stream media to promote fear within the population for a virus no more deadly than a serious flu. Do you think for one moment that Margaret Thatcher would have shut down the economy?

You have to start putting the people of this country first, in all areas. Housing, benefits, law, security, health and ending ridiculous wokeism. When people are not safe from threat of terrorism  and daily extremism is allowed to fester along with our national faith being sidelined but outside Faith’s given freewill to do as they please, we have a problem.  No illegal immigrant should be allowed to claim benefits or asylum, no person not paying into out NHS should be able to access our healthcare and this should include GP services, there is too much health tourism going on with people registering with the NHS through a GP when they are actually just visiting from abroad. people not born in the UK should not  be housed in social housing above British people, there should be a ten year residency to qualify. laws made outside the UK should never overide the British law or court.  No one regardless of ethnicity or culture should be put above the people born in and of our great country.
This is not the time for us to be bickering. It is not the time to bring back divisive figures, however much they shouldn’t have been forced to go. It *is* the time for new leadership, for Conservative principles, and to reduce the tax burden by growing the economy. Liz Truss had the right policies, just poor implementation.
Why have you abandoned true Conservative values and why do you support wokeness and enable the Civil service to rule by exception.
All your own fault
The enemy is Labour; get behind the leader.
Pull together as proper Conservatives and move more to the right.
I have never, ever voted anything other than Conservative and I used to be a political agent for the Conservatives BUT Rishi Sunak, in his campaign against Boris Johnson, has worthlessly gotten rid of the best Prime Minister for many years.
The whole Conservative Party was guilty of this total mis-management of the situation.  They haven’t stood behind the best Prime Minister we have had for about 60 years!
Obviously, I won’t be coming out to help you – it’s waste of time.  The Conservatives now have absolutely no chance of winning any election – they are floundering around like fish, caught in a net!  Lots of effort on the surface, achieving nothing constructive.
I will be voting with my feet at the next election –  which I’ve never done in my life before!  I cannot believe how badly the Conservatives have handled this situation!  Totally worthless leader – totally worthless MP’s – backing totally worthless Sunak.  I have been embarrassed by the Conservative Party before!
Unless committed Conservatives please leave.  We have to get back to true Conservative values and policies.
Stop fighting each other and pull together
You were completely mad to oust Boris. You were all at fault in not protecting him from stupid errors surely someone should have thought it was silly to hold parties and gatherings were people were able to mock the restrictions that we were living under when there are people with mobile phones recording every thing Getting rid of Boris was a coup by power hungry traitors that we’re prepared to stab him in the back
Too many back benchers following own agenda and not putting country first. Sunak went down in my estimation when he plotted against Johnson and employed David Cameron. The worst was his contact recently with Cummings a total disgrace. Sunak could have waited until he had gained more experience but the plotting as now cost the Conservative Party the election not for this term but possibly the next ten years. 
I have still paid my membership and set many complaints about the direction of the Conservatives. However no one takes any notice. The ones who plotted against Boris then grab the minsters job are responsible for the Conservative downfall. They will not be bothered as they are arrogant self indulgent. 
Whilst I feel Boris did things wrong trust me look at the Conservative Party now a shambles. 
I feel sorry for those who voted for you the first time and you have let them down. I have always voted Conservative and would never vote Labour. 
Who will I vote for ??? Maybe nobody
Stop the self distraction. Remember you are only in power because conservative members elected you, at present you appear to be anything but listening to the people of this country.
mainly there is in my view a general lack of trust in any party due to the constant u turns you all make all parties a guilty of this.
Stop the lords should be an elected chamber and bishops should not have a right to sit.
Why on earth did you sack Boris ( elected by the people) then sack Liz Truss (z elected by the members ) and put into place a person who is not a leader and  has no idea what Conservative voters want . OUT SUNAK
You are literally pushing traditional Conservative voters, many of whom have voted for the party all their life, into the arms of the Reform Party.
You have ignored true Conservative voters, many of whom were members, for too long. You are voted into power to represent us, yet your policies and actions do nothing of the sort.
I personally feel the party has lost the way. I voted for Boris Johnson at the last election and the party’s Machiavellian behaviour made me lose trust. How we can be loyal to a party when they ousted a democratically elected PM (who won them a huge majority), ever ask for returned loyalty from members & voters?
There is far too much scheming and decision making to favour the promotion of preferred MPs in the party, without consulting members. An attitude of ‘we know best’ that rankles – especially the 1922 committee!
You behaved undemocratically by removing Boris Johnson, who was elected by the people, on flimsy party gate charges. You then ignored party members by not getting behind Liz Truss, practically enacted a coup, changed the rules to shoe horn in Sunak & Hunt both of whom had be rejected by the membership. You have failed to act decisively on immigration, when the 80 seat majority in 2019 was about taking back control and getting Brexit done. You are either woefully ignorant or arrogant and don’t care regarding your understanding of the British mentality. Freedom & sovereignty are key, the ability to determine our own policies, law, borders etc rather than be controlled by the unelected EU. I expected centre right conservative values, promotion of meritocracy rather than diversity. A pragmatic approach to net zero rather putting people into energy poverty. You need to deal with the ‘blob’, sack those who refuse to implement policy. You need to ditch the woke, the WEF and start putting the British people first.
What are you going to do to make the party Conservative again?
Stick with the policies members want and stop watering things down to appeal to the mass population. Take advantage of the popularity of Boris and Farage.
Shame on you for turning against the only leader who turned red blue. Despite his failings Boris is still the electable leader this country deserves and needs
You had a huge majority to get Brexit done properly and you blew it. You got rid of an elected leader without even asking the members and then again with Liz Truss you never gave her a chance. The 1922 committee let us all down. There are too many ‘remainer’ Civil servants and Tory mp’s in the government. We feel totally let down by the Conservative Government. You have not listened to the people – your actions have not been Democratic.
Grow up and start putting British people first. You were elected to do your jobs and that was to support your Prime Minister . This is supposed to be a democracy, not a dictatorship. You really let the side down getting rid of Boris Johnson. You don’t deserve our support.
Stop d**king around….
Remember what your purpose is and that’s to deliver conservative values to the people of the UK which have proven time and time again to be the right thing!
Stop fighting each other, pull yourselves together, and put a united front in supporting the PM you chose. Why do you think the country can respect or vote for you, when you fight each other, resign, and cause more problems than you can solve. Show some LOYALTY.
Listen to your membership and the majority of British people. Stop pandering to minorities.
Stick to the Net Zero plan. End all subsidies for fossil fuel industry. De-link energy prices for renewables from Gas. Full support for transition to EVs. No support for new oil and gas projects including fracking.
Stop the migrants. This is why you were voted in!!!!
Get a grip and stop acting like kids, if you want my vote and to rejoin the Conservative Party, grow up.

Grow up!!!
You absolute fools ,you could have suceeded in so much had you not had people in your party who wished to undermine the electorate. Yet there are still so many with the arrogance to believe we do not see.
It’s time to take our country back. You need to start putting the British people first and stop the islamification of our country before it’s too late. White British are the bottom of the pile, we are discriminated against at every level and it has to stop.
Why the hell do you think you won by a landslide last time ffs??!! Nobody cares about maths in school!!!

Wake up. Do what your constituents want for once.

You were put there to do the willing of the people and had a majority to complete the task.You’ve let the electorate down and treated them with contempt and ignored them, the loyal people who are proud to be British and want Britain to be Great again and want a leader and a party that has honesty, integrity and ethical principles
Listen to the membership and abide by their wishes. Don’t install someone as leader just because it was the choice of Brady and the rest of the 1922 committee who needs disbanding.
You’re the MPs not the party. The party elects leaders and defines policy. We elected two leaders and you forced them out to replaced them with your man, without a vote. That’s unforgivable and it won’t be forgiven. If you think you know better than the members and voters you should be representing then resign or we’ll resign you, as you’re going to find out at the next election.

Stop fighting amongst yourselves and bring in more MP like Anderson  to the front bench and less career politicians
Stop the slide to Wokery. driving everyone nuts.  Stop legal and illegal immigration, the numbers are frightening and as it seems some are claiming London “has fallen” to the Islamic culture-it is frightening everyone. Nothing personal against any of them, but you also need to clear out the two top levels of the Civil service. They were dragging their feet over Priti’s reforms and then over Suellas and when the men tried to get them to act to stop the boats, they claimed they were “bullies”. Boris’s wife has got to stop droning on about climate change. It is not proved anyway-we had a Mediterranean climate in the early middle Ages.We did not vote for her. Most of  us think the westminster MPs are being nobbled or paid to serve global elites! With 80 extra Mps should have sorted out the boats, civil service before anything else. Also STOP the ULEZ and CAZ. I am disabled and have to payeverywhere and Bristol takes no notice of Blue Badges!!!  If Boris was re-instated and really cracked immigration, we WOULD WIN
Why is enforcement so weak across all agencies from the Met and Border Force, trading standards, benefit payments fraud to local authorities? The shortages and so many of the nation’s problems all reflect lack of control of huge immigration.
Liz Truss’s policies were the right policies but badly executed
You have squandered an 80 seat majority and don’t deserve to be re-elected. It is time for people to see just how terrible a Labour Government will be for this country and for the Conservatives to use the time to revert to Conservative policies and go back to first principles. For those of you that feel uncomfortable with that prospect go and join the Liberal Democrats which is your natural home.

Democracy died when the mob removed an elected PM
I’m ashamed to be British at this time.  I think we are the laughing stock of the world everything is broken…nhs waiting lists are horrendous, the public transport is dirty and useless, no one wants to work, towns and roads are full of potholes, no one cares about anyone anymore and we do not get value for money.  Councils are greedy and offer a poor service and the NHS and government is full of entitled individuals who work 9-5 and slob about.
That your treatment and treachery over the removal of our elected Conservative leader (by members) and PM Boris Johnson, (by the wider electorate) was an absolute disgrace and you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Boris, NOT, the Conservative Party, won an 80 seat majority which you have squandered away and left the U.K. open to a disastrous Labour Government lead by the loony left wing lawyer Keir Starmer. I have not renewed my membership of the party; and will not do so until the likes of Dougie Smith et al have been removed and the party returns to democracy, and reinstates its democratically elected leader, Boris Johnson.
Grow up put your self interest aside and be a conservative
 ie frame conservative policies and take the fight to the opposition.
Stop being selfish, learn to compromise for the sake of the country and party.
You have betrayed democracy, the spirit of the Conservative Party, and the country. To redeem yourselves, you must bring Boris back, or face the reward of treachery. And I would glad to hasten that just outcome by voting Reform.
Letters !

Would any realy Conservative raise their hand.
When policies meet events, the policies are destroyed. When principles meet events, they generate policies which are principles. The party needs principles, not policies.
Non-democratic shambles …. back stabbing the rightful leader over ‘ridiculous’ pettiness and ignoring the massive popular vote.

Would love Boris  back but he would face the same issues. It’s Dougie Smith / Munira Mirza and contrast want ousting!
Stop the infighting and back stabbing and listen to the electorate
go back to being true conservatives
Start acting like conservatives, stop the creep of the nanny state, stop transgender nonsense, stop wokism, reduce the state and get a grip of the civil service,especially with regard to wfh, and impeding the business of the government, start acting like you work for us, we .don’t work for you, don’t ban smoking, leave people make there own choices, just be CONSERVATIVE!
Stop the in fighting and promote all the good things that the party have done and that Brexit is bringing.
Get rid of every Conservative MP who is or has been engaged with the WEF; stop catastrophising natural climate variability and apply all robust and existing laws available to deport all illegal arrivals into the UK, together with all those resident who are convicted of crimes carrying a custodial sentence of greater than one year, including all their extended family.
Deliver on what we elected BJ in to do in 2019.Stop the Boats.
Stop all immigration
We need a strong leader with a focused plan, which everyone has to back and support, so that together we can face the tasks ahead of us. There are too many people forming factions to divide the party, which is going to result in a loss at the election.

Get immigration sorted now and our country back on its feet.
End net zero
Bring back Boris

Be true conservatives. You are completely out of touch with the electorate. Fight the culture war against woke. Stop the addiction to cheap immigrant labour. Stop illegal immigration.
Grow a backbone. Ditch Net Zero. Stop immigration. Sort out energy policy and build many SMR power stations (and build them in the UK). Stop the ridiculous gender ideology. Get Brexitoroperlydone. Leave the ECHR and the ECJ. Take defence seriously, and spend much more on it. Sort out the wretched Civil Service, by firing the useless ones. 90,000 should be fired. Make the bonfire of the Quangos actually happen. Stop forcing ASHPs and EVs on people. It will happen with technology.Get rid of our current crop of gutless MPs, and maybe I will vote Conservative again.
Brexit is done, now accept it and work together to make it work or leave the Conservative party.
End Net Zero…it’s just virtue signalling and it is costing the taxpayer a fortune when our emmissions are less than 2% of the World total

Get your act together, stop the in fighting and start running the country as the electorate expect and deserve and put the GREAT back into Great Britain.
Act now.
Stop fighting against each other and fight against Labour as one, as that’s the only way we will win GE.
I’d tell them to grow up and work together. Far too much rivalry between them.
I have no words to describe the shambles that this party is in at the moment it’s shameful
Sort out fake barbers, Sort out benefits fraud.Children need guidance, they can’t consent to any kind of abuse. Bad parents should never be allowed to care for their children again.Stop businesses only allowing 16 hour weeks so people have to apply for universal credit to top up their money. The government should be in charge of the police, it’s a nationwide organisation. The role of mayor should end, all mayors.
You’re not listening to the people!
Get your fingers out . Work together and put the country back on a proper route .
Boris was the party’s blatantly obvious greatest asset, winning a landslide general election victory and staunchly Labour seats.
Whatever his flaws and shortcomings, who in their right mind would out him, not to mention then have a members’ election for his replacement, and then anoint the candidate the members didn’t want?  Utter madness. Out where I now live (edge of Dartmoor), having moved out from London during Covid, the ordinary folk still like Boris, because he’s not like the others (similar thing happening in the US). However, the Partygate smears (part of the campaign to oust him) certainly did some damage.

Grow a spine and boot Sunak, Hunt and Cameron out. All unelected and unwanted. You are a laughing stock for allowing such treachery and disregard of the electorate. Nothing to lose now so do the right thing.
The Conservative Party has ousted the best leader they have had in a long time and by so doing they have acted undemocratically.  The current Prime Minister had a hand in forcing Boris Johnson out of office and is seen by many as a back stabbed and ineffectual.
Be proper conservatives. (low tax, less state interference)
I have written to my MP and the Chairman over last 5 yrs strongly urging the Party to respect the democratic vote regarding Brexit & Boris & feel totally ignored. I can not vote conservative because of this, despite any other concerns I may have about Labour.
As a member of the party I did not vote for either Rishi Sunak nor Jeremy Hunt. In fact I voted for Liz Truss and Boris Johnson in preference to either of the two respectively. As a member I despaired as I watched the plotting by MPs to thwart the democratic choice of the members. Even more so when they then continued to fail to support the incumbent PM.
Start listening to your members, ex members and the majority of the British public.  Get rid of Rishi Sunak!   Most members and definitely all ex members do not want him! Start putting Britain first! STOP not reduce illegal immigration, lower legal immigration.  STOP pandering to the Muslims in this country, that have NO intention of integrating.  Multiculturalism HAS failed.  British laws, customs, traditions values and OUR way of life must be upheld BEFORE all others! No matter your religion, only ONE wife is allowed in the UK and stop child benefit after 3 children.  START being Conservatives again.  Maggie would be ashamed of what you have become!
By stabbing Johnson in the back, then parachuting Sunak into number 10 with talentless Jeremy Hunt as chancellor, you have undermined democracy within the party. You have betrayed the Brexit vote, and pay lip service only to stopping illegal immigration. You are currently haemorrhaging votes to Reform. And you deserve to fade into obscurity.
Grow up and unite and have a leader that can relate and lead the people – we are faced with a serious global security crisis.. the leadership currently is seriously wanting and what a misstake to bring Cameron into the fold he has no respect in the Middle East after the mess in Syria and Libya – the FCDO shows no firm hand and is NOT pushing serious issues… however is more concerned but gender and what biscuits to eat on instragram this is NOT global leadership or is it showing global leadership
Boris was my choice before despite being aware he could play the buffoon. He was personable but had a ‘ mole’ as an adviser. The team chosen to advise need to stand up to careful , intelligent scrutiny.  Boris was good . The only reason I left the party was because he was thrown out.
The ousting of Boris Johnson, the PM we voted, for was a fiasco, I always considered the Conservatives a stable vote but i now no longer believe they have the UKs best interest at their core.  it has become more about individual egos. Not good.
You have completely ruined our party as you do not listen to the people. It was a disgrace getting rid of Boris, we voted for him and wanted him to serve his term.
Grow up stop bickering and back biting. Let’s put all the unnecessary infighting on the back burner and show the electorate we are ready to take on the opposition parties. We are the only party  that can govern our country effectively and efficiently.We need to show we are the party that will fight to retain our democracy, stop the wokery, be there for all our communities and be proud of what we have achieved over the years and more importantly what we are determined to achieve in the future. The only to win is be United.
Get Boris back I am sure he will win the next General Election, care about the future of the Country only the Conservative Party can deliver if we are united behind Boris
The 1922 committee completely destroyed the party for personal and return reasons, the members were overlooked, the way conservative voters see it our voice isn’t wanted, Sunak was planted by the remain elite, he and others have lied about cutting immigration as they’ve done nothing strong enough to stop it, they know what’s needed, we need to leave the ECHR and any other treaties that bind us to keeping immigrants, when it comes to the nations wellbeing we need to forget how we appear on the world stage, in fact it might just enhance our standing for sticking up for ourselves, ID cards need to be introduced for national security and voting fraud, benefits need to be addressed as some religions don’t allow women to work and have more than one spouse who all claim, the NHS needs a compete restructure by getting rid of the top heavy management, duplicated jobs and abysmal procurement and procedures and wokeness
Get rid of rishi, unite and sort yourselves out. 
Lee Anderson would be my preferred leader alongside penny mourdant.
Bring back Boris – he is the only person with the mandate from the electorate to be the UK’s Prime Minister, and form a Government to lead and run the country.Grow up, put your egos and skulduggery to one side and beg him to return, otherwise you are toast. And kick out the unelected Dougie Smith and his acolytes asap.
They were wrong when they unjustly force Boris out of office. He was the most popular PM since Maggie Thatcher and the best at the dispatch box. 
Sunak stabbed Boris in the back to take over as PM. We now know he is not fit for this office. He also chose to bar Tory members from voting on his selection.
Stop tellme what I think and listen to what thousands of us are telling you. We. Do. Not. Want. Sunak.
We had a great mandate in the 2019 election. You have been destroying the party from within. You need to stop the backstabbing and pull together as one. It broke me to leave the party as a member. As you stand you are given the Labour Party every opportunity to gain power in the next election. I’m sure none of you want this as many others dread the thought. PLEASE PLEASE get back on track, work together and turn this around before it’s to late.

Why are you such traitorous people with your own interests above the publics? Why are you more left than Tony Blair?
You all need to fight together to win the next election and stop the infighting
Grow and stop being Liberal Democrats
You decided to overturn the electorate and get rid of Boris, you then decided to ignore the membership when we elected Liz.  The membership have deserted you in droves, so why on earth should we trust our vote with you again when you have constantly disregarded it when you don’t like the result.
Ignore the peers and the ECHR. This is our country and not anyone else’s. The people of this country voted for Boris by a mile to stop immigration and get through Brexit. We are still tied by many things to the EU. Get rid of these ties, deport the illegal scrounges and spend the money on the NHS. If you don’t do these things then the Labour clowns will get in and god help us all. People are fed up with nothing being done or being stopped. These issues need sorting to stop the votes being spread and letting labour in. You also need to get rid of that idiot mayor of London who is ruining our Capital.I have always voted conservative, but have now joined Britain First. I as well as many others are fed up with the police being scared of Muslim groups and foreign groups incase they upset them. People like Tommy Robinson need to be praised not locked up for highlighting these terrible criminals and grooming gangs etc. He is proud of his country and not racist, but is always portrayed as being so. TAKE NOTE!
Fight for the country and not your personal ambition.  Be more vocal to the nation.  Stop being controlled by fear of name-calling!
stop fucking around and start the flights to Rwanda.
Reduce all immigration not just illegal immigration
Leave ECHR and show Brexit to have worked by making our decisions as a country and stop Islam

You have betrayed the country by abandoning conservative values  and bringing in unpopular figures such as Jeremy hunt and david Cameron who have no democratic basis for being there
Stop the boats and start a mass repatriation programme.

Stop the in-house fighting and unite. Stop treating the Tory Members and Red Wall supporters of Boris with disdain. Boris was elected by the General Public with a huge majority in 2019 – look what you are doing to the Tory Party by ousting him WITHOUT first putting it to the Tory Members. Then Liz Truss was fairly elected as PM by the Tory Members and AGAIN you ousted her WITHOUT putting it back to Tory Members to vote on it. Instead you put in Rishi Sunak as unelected by the General Public OR Tory Members. And now you are NOT listening to what the public (AND Tory Members) are screaming for – STOP THE BOATS – Use laws to do so but just do it (Richard Tice can tell you how if you would just listen) STOP OVERTAXING the public and Corporations – Get rid of the Tourist Tax (Jeremy Hunt is arrogant and NOT listening – We need UK GROWTH) Increase the Tax Bands (they have been static for too long) and give at least a penny back on Income Tax. STOP Foreign Aid until our own house is in order and INCREASE UK Security
It is too near to the General Election to change leader.  stupid short sighted Conservative MPs got rid of election winner Boris Johnson, then were too cowardly to support Liz Truss.  I do not like back-stabber Sunak but it is too late to change.  We should ditch the insane  Net Zero policy and recognize the threat to our country from the religion of peace and prohibit Muslim immigration – legal or illegal totally.  Also why do we allow strategic resources like blast furnaces into the hands of foreigners?  They  can and do close them down, in this case leaving us with no virgin steel production and in the hands of our ‘friends’ in Russia, China and India for steel on the altar of insane Net Zero.
They need to work together, support one another stop the bickering and start by all singing from the same hyme sheet. Spend time listening to constitutants and understanding the problems they face.
Stop the infighting and support the pm that the public have chosen. Boris or Liz were both chosen.
For goodness sake stop fighting each other, think about what being a true Conservative means, get behind your leader and get on with delivering the next Conservative government and stopping Keir Starmer (and his minions)
Why did you force out Boris?

Listen to members/natural supporters.Stop central office selecting candidates.Split the party into traditional Conservatives and woke, left, supposed Tories.Stop the infighting.  Fight Labour and the woke quangoes.Prioritise the country, not the ambitions of Conservative ministers.Grow the economy.Stop immigration and the cultural take-over of the country
You have squandered a huge majority. While you still have it be brave, be daring, be inspired in the last few months of this parliament. Don’t go quietly down to a managed defeat. Fight!
This country and indeed the world face very challenging times. We as a country have to show we can be decisive, strong and look after its people. Stop illegal immigration as this is a National Security issue. At present we do not feel very safe in our own country.                 Stop this ridiculous woke society that is impregnating our education system and thus our country.17.5 million people voted to leave the European Union which still has not been properly implemented.This country is losing its standing in the world because of some the policies being implemented.The Police force has to go back to policing and forget about trying to please everyone. ““which you can never do.Multiculturalism is not working in this country because communities are segregating into they own cultures and dividing us all.Islam is a religion of Islamic countries. They are allowed to practice their religion here but not dictate how our country should behave.Sharia law should not be allowed here.
What the hell are you playing at?
I would rattle all there heads together and tell them to sort themselves out and to be more Conservative. They made the biggest mistake in getting rid of Boris Johnston as the public voted for Boris not the Conservative party. Get rid off the 1922 club.
Stop supporting Israel with it Genocide of the Palestinians and cutting humanitarian aid.
You ignored the wishes of the party members for your own self interest. You deserve every lost vote and every lost seat at the next General Election.
Far too much arguing between Tory MPs  – be strong and give the CONSERVATIVE electorate what they voted for at the last election. General Election!!!!!  We did not sign up to what you have given us!!
You have wasted the last 4 years and an 80 seat majority. You could have pushed through proper Conservative policies rather than adopting a liberal stance. Whilst I appreciate that there has been a global pandemic and that the associated financial fallout from this, if you had held your nerve rather than swaying to the Main stream media headlines you would have been in a much stronger position with a great probability of being re-elected in rather than facing political oblivion which will be to the detriment of the country.
I dint belive you have a chance to getting reelected.  Little mention of immigration in you questions a subject that due to your inability to take positive action will kill the chances. 10,s of thousands of military age Muslims. Need to take a lesson from Poland, they have the balls to ignore the EU and refuse immigrants. We are not in the EU and still can’t do anything.  That’s what will see a labour government.
Please end infighting within the parliamentary Conservative Party; please cease conspiring against Conservative ministers of whom you disapprove or with whom you disagree; please select a new leader of the Conservative party who is a leader, is capable, resiliant and cares for the established values of UK society.
Listen to the voters!!!
Back your leader unity wins every time, understandable you may have your own agenda/opinions but if you are a true conservative get behind your leader no matter what and keep Labour out .Stop all the back stabbing and let’s have unity and win the general election with out it NO CHANCE .
You are Conservatives so act like conservatives.

Traitors to Brexit
Wake up fools.
Stop all the back stabbing and come together to save our borders

All you who forced the treacherous b****** Rishi Sunak on us as leader should hang your heads in shame and should resign immediately.
The party members told all of you that we didn’t want him and we were ignored. Sunak had something to do with Liz Truss’ downfall after his cronies in the financial sector pulled the plug on her mini budget.
The party really needs to stop electing career politicians based solely on their desire to be leader and who their allies are. These people are totally out of touch with the party members and the country at large. You don’t know better. The party has said no to Sunak on multiple occasions, yet we have him anyway. You will be punished for that.
Get your bloody act together and start behaving like true conservatives!!!
Which of you is/are corrupt?
I will not vote Conservative or be a member of the party as long as Sunak, Hunt, Gove, Cameron and all the other shits and shysters are still at no.10!!!  And Kemi Badenough is NOT the answer!

Don’t double cross your membership
You are week and you blew it getting rid of Boris
It’s time for a refresh. Get yours heads out of your own bottoms and actually listen to people who are different to you, who were educated differently to you, who have actually had a real job. The whole party resembles the emperors new clothes at the moment.
Listen to the members
Remember what the Conservative party once stood for and either bring those attributes back or get out of politics. You all say you are there to benefit the citizens of the UK and some of you actually mean it, unfortunately there are too many of you that are in it only for yourselves which, as long as the people also benefit is ok. Do not be afraid to stand up for Britain and embrace our wonderful heritage.
Return to core conservative values. Make a plan and stick to it. Margaret Thatcher may not always have been right, but she was decisive and stuck to her plan.

Stop putting your own interests first and do the job you were voted in to do
Get a new leader, back them, stop the infighting and get on with what you’re paid for. Get on with it or leave your choice.
As a result of your infighting and disagreements you are on course to lose one of the largest Party majorities in recent years, given to you by Boris Johnson. You could have wiped the floor with all the ridiculous hypocritical and downright evil comments about so called parties in No 10. You could have ridden over all the opposition parties and their holier-than-thou narrative by just sweeping such comments into the gutter. Who gives a damn if a few people ‘working themselves into the ground’ to save a Nation, have a few drinks to maintain their sanity to and keep going? I certainly don’t! Boris Johnson was the Captain of the Ship during its darkest hours in recent years and as a result of his Leadership, 68m are alive to tell the story. I don’t care how he did it but I sure as hell care that he’s not there now with his amazing gift of Leadership and Statesmanship. Boris Johnson has Winston Churchill embedded in his soul and if there was ever a time that we needed such a commitment, it is now!
You had a 80 seat majority and you wasted it. You did not implement Brexit as promised. You haven’t done anything to  stop illegal immigration and you continue to ignore your  supporters ,that’s why your membership is dwindling . You disregarded two democratic votes for a Leader and installed a useless puppet. Change this inept Leader and the direction that the Party is going in or suffer total oblivion at the next GE.
shouldn’t have got rid of Boris
Start being Conservative Party, listen to the membership. You should never ousted Liz Truss or Boris Johnson. You have gone against the will of the membership, you’ve achieved absolutely bring some brow went. Inflation was natural and nothing sunak or hunt did. Start being honest
Stop telling us what you intend to do. Tell us what you have achieved. Less talk, more action!  Money being thrown about and wasted. Post Office, Mone, NHS, knife crime, illegal immigration, WFH. The party is looking incompetent.
Stop in fighting among yourselves and get on with dealing with matters that most affect normal way of life for the majority of us.
Get back to grass roots and start being a proper Tory mps not a woke mouth pieces.
Too many of the old guard want to disregard the wishes of the people who voted them in. They were all too comfortable raking it via the EU. They should all resign and let Boris and Co get on with the job.

The public voted for Boris Johnson and he should still be our prime minister. The conservatives should never of stabbed him in the back and got rid of him,so because of that I will never vote conservative again. Big mistake
Be more conservative, stop wholeness, embrace traditional British values.
The Government is supposed to defend the country from invasion. All this government want to to pretend they are making us rich and that immigrants increase our GDP. We are sick of all the lies and deceit. You have lost all our respect.
You ignored the party members for your own self interest, you will get what you deserve at the next general election.

why have you wasted the past years and achieved nothing after the Brexit vote? You MUST take back control of our laws and our borders – leave the ECHR tomorrow!
Stop you bickering and bring back Boris.
Grow up
Not only are you battling the Labour Party you are also under attack from Reform UK – they are a danger as they will split the conservative vote.Just get a grip – stop fighting – batten down the hatches  and WORK TOGETHER!

Bring back our true, legitimate Leader, Boris Johnson, as soon as possible. Many voters, myself included, would then return to voting Conservative (I was an active Conservative Party Member for over 35 years, but did not renew membership because of the way Boris Johnson was unfairly removed!)
After 14 years of conservative government… what exactly have they conserved? The safety of our streets? Obviously not; violent criminals are being released daily! Our precious green belt land? Clearly not; housing developments are springing up everywhere! Our once pristine rivers? Just look at what these overseas companies are being allowed to pump into them! Affordable energy prices? Definitely not! We are cash cows for overseas owned energy companies. Meanwhile they have added many millions to our nation’s population. I am a lifelong Tory but I feel desperately let down by the Conservative Party, just a pity there are very few Conservative in the Tory Party Why I won’t be voting Conservative, The Conservative Party no longer share my values. Rishi Sunak is a globalist puppet, I would never vote for his party !
As for why I would vote for Kemi, she is the only questioning the green insanity.
How can you look yourselves in the mirror after what you did to Boris!!!
Sort immigration and act like you are on the same team….you still have a Brexit vote to get through
Rishi has blood on his hands and is a zionist puppet. His family are making money from within Zionist companies.
You have been elected as MPs to represent your constituents and work in their best interests. Stop feathering your own nests. Stand up for the people of the UK, ignore the ECHR, sort out the woke civil service, police and other left wing leaning organisations and make the UK a leader on the world stage, not a laughing stock as we currently are. Stop following the net zero nonsense which is making our citizens poor and put sensible policies in place that ensures people have affordable energy. Make the justice system work to keep our people safe and criminals are dealt with properly and not given inappropriate and light sentences. Stop bowing down to the WEF and following their agenda. Stop ignoring the views and decisions of the Party membership by ousting elected leaders. If you continue to ignore us the members will leave the Party.
Unbelievable to have snatched likely annihilation at the polls from your 2019 landslide, which was won on Getting Brexit Done. Can no-one see that the EU in general and Macron in particular are using immigration  and other tactics to engineer election of a remain/return government? All those voters Boris ‘borrowed’ have been let down by the Conservative’s failure to deliver Brexit and deliver it radically. As a Brexit voter, you’ve made fools of us all.
You caused all the problems we are facing today buy not supporting your elected leader, then deliberately attacking Truss, whose economic policies tyou are now persuing and finally arranging for there to be no contest  when Rishi Sunak was installed with flagrant disregard to the members vote in the run off against Truss – basically we voted for “anybody but Sunak” but you thought you knew better.You have brought this on yourselves and brought disgrace to the Conservative Party
Time they worked together stopped the backstabbing honoured Brexit stopped all the woke stuff and green ideals. Used our own oil etc.insteadPut back conservative values make and respect our laws not EU revamp the Judges and House of Lords.
Try to use a bit more common sense and get behind the leader.

BEHAVE Act as a team and put British people first.
Be Conservative!
Wet wipes
You cut your own throat by ousting Boris Johnson the best potential for success that we’ve had this Century.

Get rid of half the life peers. There only in it for the money.
This country is in a disgusting state because government is so weak & ruled by others. We need to be more self sufficient & put the pride back into this country.Stop all the back stabbing & infighting. Put Boris Johnson back in the position of PM & listen to the public instead of letting others dictate to the party.You need to change things swiftly so that illegal immigrants are removed immediately no exceptions! Look after the people of this country first & stop being so weak & woke!
Bring back Boris, you idiots.If we can’t have Boris, there’s only one other person who would get my vote and that’s Nigel Farage.
Get a move on with delivering what you said about stopping the boats and illegal immigrants coming into the country. Stabbing one of your colleagues in the back to get their job is not the right thing to do. Since Sunak did this, I’ve lost faith in the Tory party. I don’t trust a word he says!! I do not have confidence in him!!
Stay together. Things will look much better in 6 months and cut tax
Leave the ECHR.  Anyone arriving illegally, without documentation, should be automatically immediately deported,  no questions asked.
Kick into touch those who are too liberal in their opinions and values – the party has become too woke and mealy-mouthed. Stand firm on conservative values and stop all the infighting and back-biting.
Return to Conservative values and listen to your constituents and stop all the infighting.
You have done this to yourselves, was a Conservative member but now I’ve joined Reform uK…. Sick & tired of this party now…Hunt must go, Sunak must go…… I can go on….
I have voted Conservative for the last 55 years. I have been a member. I resigned my membership when certain members of the party removed  Boris Johnson. This was a despicable act by elements in the party who were hiding their liberal roots and beliefs. There are far two many conservative MP s who masquerade as conservatives when they really are Liberals. Of course they could never be elected to parliament under the yellow flag. You are doomed to lose the next election and that lies entirely within the remit of senior members of the party. The only question is for how long will you be out of government. Labour will be a disaster for this country. They will flood the country with migrants who will drain resources. Failure to get a grip on illegal migration and the failure to exit EHCR are your biggest mistakes. You reap what you sow. It makes me sad to write this.
Why are you no longer conservatives?
Grow up!
It’s time to return to real conservative values and proper conservatism. We had an 80 seat majority, now squandered because of petty personal vindictiveness, now we have to pray that Reform won’t overtake us! Do away with this left leaning woke appeasement and deliver on the promises that have been ignored. And for goodness sake, START LISTENING, especially to the few members left!
I have been a member for most of my adult life. I was delighted when Boris won in 2019, but I am bitterly disappointed by the way in which the Parliamentary party has squandered this advantage. Furthermore, I am furious that the party has turned away from conservative values, added to the tax burden and forced private landlords out of the business. Liz Truss had all the right ideas but made the mistake of running too fast. Had we stuck with her and not listened to the left of the PP, we would now be in a better position. At the same time, the party has pandered to the green and woke lobbies and has totally ignored the views of the red-wall converts from 2019. If I thought Reform had a chance of winning any seats, I would resign and vote for them. Nigel Farage is a true conservative and I believe he could be the only person capable of saving the Conservative party. In short, I am furious at the party and feel totally let down. I do not think Rishi Sunak can win the election and he should go.
There is too much infighting. Become a publicly united Party. Disunity is absolutely the worst look at present in the run up to an election. The Conservative Party has always been and should remain a broad church.
Tackle illegal migration AND legal migration by putting much tougher rules in place, ensure no one who comes to the uk illegally will ever be a British citizen, tough penalties for any company hiring illegals.

We are not stupid so show us some respect. Stop talking a good job do a good job
Bring back Boris
Move back to conservative policies
Drop policies such as Rwanda that are of negligible benefit
Attract international direct investment by an attractive tax system

I was deputy leader of Tory group  in a London council for over ten years and a councillor for 20years. I was a member for 40+ years never deserted the party but feel disenfranchised by the backstabbing of sunak and his friends. I did not feel like this even when the party got rid of Mrs Thatcher. I feel sad the party is socialist now with blue rosettes
Start listening to your grass roots and get back to conservatism. Rid yourselves of the incumbent  Prime Minister who userped the leadership
Stop messing about and do what the people want,get out of London and talk to the people,we want strength and REAL Conservative values not wishy washy liberals,get out of the ECHR, stop being so soft and stop all the immigration now and look after us british people,we are totally fed up! We don’t want net zero either! Nobody asks us these things so don’t push all these woke issues !
The woke media run this country not the Torys. They should be reporting on the good things that happen in this country.It was unfortunate for Boris that Covid hit as nobody according to got it right. (even if they did)If Labour got in, I’d probably move abroad. Transgender people should compete against transgender people. No one will be interested in watching their sport though.Sort out the Post Office. A 3 day delivery service is not good enough.
I am disgusted with you for the coup. Appalled at not consulting members & changing rules to get your own way. Such arrogance & while not all of you most of the rest of you are còwards. You should be ashamed. Rishie Sunak is not fit to be Prime Minister but you won’t admit you were wrong. O

Our government party members need to learn that Westminster is not just their little playground for them to play their silly little games. It is a place of work requiring them to do the best they possibly can for the people of this country.
Bring boris back and tackle i.migration properly
Real action needed to reduce immigration and now. UK Defence spending needs a significant increase as well
Stop the boats
Why did you stab Boris in the back. Why do you keep turning on yourselves.
Start being Conservative and stop pandering to people who would never vote for you.
That’s the problem. There’s not enough Conservative MP’S in the Conservative party. They’re mostly Liberals with Boris being the biggest one. To promise a manifesto with an eighty seat majority and deliver nothing infact delivering exactly the opposite is a disgrace to the people who voted Conservative in the last election. That’s why I resigned from the Conservative membership. The Conservative party went against its members by removing Boris and Liz Truss and putting in place a person rejected by the membership twice. This PM who was put in place by????,  is a disaster and they’re the people who’s going to put Labour into power not people who will vote for Reform like myself and my wife.
A nail in the coffin when they got rid of Boris and renaighed on getting rid of the eu rules and regs.  They also let us down with illegal and illegal immigration.
With notable exceptions. Why do you all believe are all that you know better than the elected leaders, frankly you are appalling self satisfied self serving backstabbers and will be no loss.
Let’s fight Labour (and the Lib Dems and the SNP) and not each other!
Grow up and stop acting like you are in the school play ground and look at this country  and why nhs is under so much pressure .The answer is simple  illegals coming over and getting priority treatment when myself and others have been  waiting over a year for cancer operation,
Be conservatives.
Get a grip and think of the Country not yourself
A house divided can not stand. You all need to pull together stop arguing amongst yourself and you should have never got ride of Boris,  labour where frightened of him, party gate was a farce and you all bulked under the pressure.
Go back to Thatcherism and grow some backbone
reduce the incentive for immigrants to come here, they are laughing at us!
Unite under an agreed manifesto and take the fight to the real enemy that if a Labour government. In fighting and introspective thinking has got us three leaders in a single parliament. Yet this survey appears to pushing for a fourth in as many years. That would definitely cost the conservatives the election.

That they have behaved outrageously and let their core loyal supporters down. I have always voted conservative since 1979 but I can’t do it this time. They have wasted the last five years and take no notice of what their supporters want. Boris Johnson won them an 80 seat majority but they thought they knew better than the voting public. It should have been left to the public to vote him out at this election if that is what they wanted not the MPs. I’m looking forward to them losing their seats even though I don’t want a Labour government.
FFS, you’re supposed to be conservative!  Don’t dismiss all the culture war/wokeness stuff as trivial.  It’s not.  It’s arguably the number one threat to our society – we’re meant to be the conservative party and we’re standing by and doing nothing to preserve and conserve our society, culture, and values.  Towns and cities up and down the UK have been swamped by immigration and companies up and down the land are brainwashing employees with woke crap, as employees are powerless to reject it for obvious reasons.
We were never asked.
Suella has impressed me with her backbone.
While it is of paramount importance for the Conservative Party to display a totally united front , ideally behind the current Prime Minister to avoid the continuing appearance of “melt-down” in the media, it is also imperative to return to true, old-fashioned Conservative values and to achieve this, the Party must return to its Centre-Right roots as soon as possible in order to achieve any success in the forthcoming General Election. With less than one year remaining, time is definitely NOT on our side ……..!! As a life-long Conservative (60 years this year since becoming a Young Conservative!), I will remain loyal to the Party at the next General Election for although Reform UK and its values looks enticing, I shall resist the temptation.
Start acting Conservative
Bring back true Conservative values to the party. Have MP,s that back the UK, and realise that we the tax payers elect mp,s to work for the betterment of everyone in the UK, and not just themselves
I would we need to stand the the values of the Conservative Party and follow through the manifesto implemented when Boris Johnson came into power.
For our country to be united, tackle immigration, maintain national security, ensure the future generations are educated fairly and that taxes are reduced to encourage the economy to thrive we need a front bench team who can act on this and make it happen. Boris, Jacob, Penny, Robert, Nigel farage and Lee Anderson are our team who keep the Labour Party out at the next election and follow through with the 2020  brexit bill and make our country great again.We will not have a Conservative Party when it is currently run by hijacker’s from the left.Stand firm stand united and bring back Boris Johnson.

They are no different to labour, allowing immigration to become so totally out of control, which in turn is costing the tax payers a fortune and there seems no end to it, which means we as the indigenous people are really suffering.
Put country first , and the party also .      Fulfill the promises you made to the country, and deliver the brexit you promised to do, instead you’ve watered it down
Sort yourselves out! Get rid of the liberals hiding plain sight. Rishi is wrong for the party, but removing him would send wrong signal to the electorate. If we lose there will be plenty of time after the election to sort a new leader, assuming there is any left! Old proverb, you have made your bed, now is the time to lay in it!
Resign if you can’t stop fighting the wishes of the country at every opportunity.  The party has been destroyed by a minority and there is absolutely no chance of winning the next election.  It’s the voters that make the policies not the MPs. They were voted in to do a job and many of them have totally ignored what they constituencies want. The Prime Minister is weak, we should’ve dumped the ECHR, it’s time to stand out for ourselves something that Kia Starmer won’t do either. We have a very bad 10 years coming our way because the Conservative party are unelectable at the moment..
You don’t get the point, the conservative party have betrayed their electorate and the country, consistently, since John Major took the reins. Why the emphasis on “illegal immigration”? Conservatives have brought 4 million net immigrants, labour 2 million. Our culture is being destroyed by a political class reminiscent if tumble weed, no roots and traveling which ever ways the wind blows.
I am ashamed that I ever supported the conservative party. If you had anything about you, you would wake-up and smell the roses. Labour and conservative have betrayed our nation, been complicit in feeding our most vulnerable children into the paedophile gangs that now permeate the nation. Destroyed thousands of years of culture what happened to equality before the law? Freedom of thought and expression, understanding reality rather than pandering to ideological/religious interest groups. Even those who advocate popular policies show their hypocrisy when their voting record is examined. Leave the party save our country.
Stop the backstabbing and infighting and listen to what the people are telling you!
Stop fighting each other and concentrate on improving the country.  Follow policies not promoting your own personalities.  Be more Margaret Thatcher
I would accuse them of treachery . They have thrown away Boris Johnson ‘s majority. I would like to see LizTruss as chancellor.
Get Boris Back. Stop being so WOKE. Get back to Conservative Values. Scrap all EU laws. Leave the Human Rights Court
Having been a member of the party for years and knocked doors, stood outside polling stations and delivered leaflets on behalf of the Conservatives I resigned my membership when Boris Johnson was ousted by MP’s. Boris was the leader endorsed by the electorate with a huge majority. The conservatives have thrown that away by ‘Crowning Rishi Sunak as Leader’ without any thought for the country or membership. Unless Boris is made leader once again I will vote for anyone other than the Conservative candidate. The party runs rough shod over its members at their peril
We need to look after the people that are born and pay taxes in the UK  and stop taking on other people from various countries legally or illegally.  We have too much crime and too little proper integration due to our ridiculous uncontrolled open borders and diversity that does not work.
The country and Party  members voted for Boris Johnson, not for others who followed. I feel it was a conspiracy from people in parliament on all sides of the house, not to mention a certain “ adviser”. The party should be careful what they wish for in future and support the leader chosen by the people, one wonders who is actually in charge here !!
Do any of you really understand how calamitous the Party looks from outside the Westminster bubble? Why do you seem to allow the bias of the main stream media to overshadow any good stuff being achieved?And please do something urgently about the BBC and its false reporting.Thank you
Get your act together!
Listen to the people that voted you in. And give us a leader that we voted for  not one enforced upon us. This is not a democratic party, you’ve over ruled everything that we voted for.
Stop squabbling and focus on true conservative values (Thatcher principles)
You’ve been idiotic. Now, get a grip, put Boris back in charge, and focus on supporting Ukraine and defence of the realm for a war with russia will happen within a few years.
They are a disgraceful shambles. The electorate are sick of the infighting within the party & the non conservative values of many mp’s. What happened to Boris was abhorrent. They now need to get tough, stop worrying about wokeness & whiney lefties, stop pandering to them. Unite the party, fulfil the wishes of the electorate & put the safety of the British people above everything else. Leave the ECHR, implement a right & proper Brexit & send every single person that landed on our shore illegally, back to where they came. Deport all those that seek to do us harm. Take care of our military, veterans & our OAP’s. Put the rights of indigenous British people first. Charity begins at home. Stop feathering your own nests. Save the tax payers money by having a dedicated hotel for MP’s whilst working in London, similar to the Officer’s Mess Club in Piccadilly. We are fed up of paying for your second homes. You were trusted to do a job, you are all failing miserably.Work with Nigel Farage.
This is the conservatice party: we believe in smaller govt, free enterprise, national security & defense (within NATO) and creating the conditions for a growing economy. We should be commissioning mini nuclear reactors across the country, we should retain certain industries for national defense, we must protect free speech. We must be conservatives!
Start backing uk manufacturing, entrepreneurs (eg Dyson) and farming,  and start getting tough with right wing values stop pandering to the woke brigade.
Get Sunack gone and elect a leader with strong Conservative values
They need to start to listen to ordinary people in the north and midlands. We voted for Brexit and they let us down, we may even loose the bits that we have gained if they sleepwalk into the next election. Labour will take us back in through the back door with no rights and plenty of financial forfeits.They have allowed the 1922 committee and other malign influencers in and around the party to throw away an enormous election majority with their infighting and traitorous plotting against Boris Johnson. We have an unelected PM. With no idea how much we hate him for setting Boris up with sly briefings, trick photos that are tantamount to lies about ‘parties’ that he couldn’t have attended.The list goes on, they can, and have, ruined the Conservative Party, they will ruin the country if they let Labour win. We will become a Woke, poor/ bankrupt country, the laughing stock of the world. I dispare.
Voting Conservative simply as the best of a bad job, just to keep Labour out, is not something any of you should be proud of. Channel your inner Thatchers and sort yourselves out before it’s too late.

Infighting kills any chance we have to form and sustain a government.
You’ve brought this Party to its knees. With a huge parliamentary majority you’ve wasted opportunities and still not got Brexit done. Get rid of all EU laws we are still bound by. Stop Net Zero costly pressies. Stop pushing Net Zero now! It’s decimating business and ordinary people. Stop illegal migrants being brought to shore! Stop the huge costly contracts to keep them in hotels. Get them processed and shipped out. Stop woke legislation.Stop the gender push in schools! Put this country First and Foremost. Bring our pride back. Stop mosques being built. Get your act together. Stop all the diversity jobs. Give us our country back.
Get rid of Sunak and the LibDums that have infiltrated the party. With Boris as PM we might be in with a chance with others maybe with Sunak you might as well give up now and save the campaign money.
Get a backbone, concentrate on government and not your petty in-party squabbling and focus on the ultimate goal of keeping Labour out of power.

Bring back Boris
Deal with the boats
Bring back democracy. Prioritise the majority. Look after veterans. End woke idiocy. Keep emotions out of biological science
Grow a pair and stop our country being taken over by Islam, Wokeness, Polical Correctness, Illegal Migrants, etc.
I would say how angry I am at the way the party has behaved.  I voted for Liz Truss NOT Rishi Sunak.  I did not want him or that loathesome Hunt. I wanted someone who wanted growth.  I am furious at the behaviour of the party and the despicable MPs who have brought us to this dreadful state.  I do want them out of office for a term, I know how dreadful Starmer will be and am sure Rayner will soon be PM with JC on the front bench – terrifying but not as terrifying as having more of this!  I would like Boris to work with Nigel Farage – NF has guts and says it like it is.  We need a strong leader and the Tories don’t have one.  Boris was a dissapointment and should have been better.  How many times he apologised for all sorts of things he shouldn’t have – pathetic.  Strong leadership and 5 years to find one and learn how to be conservatives – they deserve their P45s – good riddance to them.
Show some party unity,pull together and be true Conservatives.
Stop all the infighting if you want to keep your seat in Parliament and work together for the benefit of the country.
Become Conservatives or go into the wilderness for decades
Get priorities right
The party exists to deliver Conservative policies – NOT Labour / LibDem policies. Too many Cons MPs seem to have forgotten this and are crippling the party. They are also there to represent Con voters’ views – NOT to ignore these once elected. MPs need to be bold and stop taking an easy ride! Anyone who isn’t a true Conservative should leave the party.The country needs LEADING not ‘managing’. That means being controversial at times. Continuing with the current wet status quo policies needs to STOP! We need a war on the damaging woke attitudes.Priorities on defence need to change. Our military leaders must be listened to. The Treasury should advise but NOT dictate. We are living in dangerous times and the Conservative record on defence has been woeful. The state of our armed forces is a disgrace!The party must show some guts on dealing with the NHS. It is very poor value for huge amounts of money. The model doesn’t work! It’s time to move to more successful models used by other countries!
Never, ever, turn your backs and disrespect the grass roots Conservative members and the Conservative supporting electorate ever again!!
Bring back Boris sack Sunak
The Conservative Party is now an alt right whack job driven group of grifters thieves and sex offenders.
Get some backbone & Take back control of the Party.  Neither Sunak nor Hunt are elected by members or public.  Need to make it easier for members to deselect MPs who don’t deliver or meet promises.And NEVER again squander a majority through disloyalty.  Disagreements are to be expected and rigorously debated, but the recent disloyalty to party and leader (as selected by the majority) is not acting in the country’s best interests.
Do try to stop squabbling and consider the country.  The last few years, of the Coneservative Party, have been abysmal. One thing after another.  The electorate are so tired of it all. It is no wonder the polls are so dreadful.
The Westminster MPs, by forcing out Boris Johnson (our most successful leader since Margaret Thatcher) and allowing Rishi Sunak (a chief plotter in Boris’s downfall) to take over have totally let down the members of the Conservative Party AND the huge numbers of the public who voted Tory in December 2019. We now have a government that is unelected, uninspiring and which has assumed a non-Tory agenda. This is a government presiding over a depressing and declining Britain and not one that puts hope, aspiration and optimism at the heart of its actions. Labour are on course to wipe us out because of the petty games and ambitions of a small number of Conservative Westminster MPs. VERY disappointing given the 2019 mandate. And let’s please remember the EXCELLENT achievements of Boris Johnson – 1. He got Brexit done after 3 years of paralysis under Mrs May; 2. He rolled out the fastest and most effective Covid vaccination programme in the world; and 3. He led the world in supporting Ukraine and standing up to Putin.
Stop the in fighting and weed out the MP’s who are not true Conservatives
You made this mess by not consulting the membership on appointing Sunak and getting rid of Boris,you only value the membership when you want help to get re elected
Support centre right politics, take the fight to Labour. Constantly pressure them about Immigration & particularly what they will do with the illegal immigrants.Highlight & primate what will be done about wokeness don’t bow down to the noisy minority
Grow some damn big ones and stand up for the democracy of this country and stop letting all the non conservatives from taking charge and ruining this once amazing country! For gods sake what is wrong with you all!!
Think of us, our fathers, our grandfather’s, etc  all those who fought the wars to give us a decent country to live in, and be proud of. What’s happened to our country now with all the problems  we face.
You have barely done anything Conservative in the last 13 years.

We were elected by the majority of the people in this country to represent the conservative party its beliefs and a manifesto that our voters will not forget at the next election. At present we look like a bunch of children who wont play together and some have even taken the ball home. We have been so busy navel gazing and forgotten what we are here to do. The people running our country at present are the civil servants and we have let them take control. We have failed to deliver our mandate and left the country with the biggest national debt situation since the 1930’s. When we lose the next election and put the conservative party out of power for the next 10 yrs let’s remember we did this to ourselves.  We are in power and the book stops with us all here. If we want to get back into power in this next election we need to start working together like real grown ups. We have common goals. If you dont agree get off the bus now. If you want to change things lets get on this bus together.
Have trust in the British people, show that you care about them and that your priority is to grow the economy so that it can support necessary levels of expenditure.
Stop fucking about and whoever goes into the next election as your leader get behind them and stop the infighting or resign now.
We have an unelected leader. He was only I interested in becoming Prime Minister for the status it brings. Absoloutly nothing has been achieved with substance since he took over. The boats must be turned round. We cannot afford to pay our hard earned taxes any more to these illegals. They are just taking the Mickley. I am sad Boris went. He was brought down for a silly reason. We all have Friday afternoon drinks when things go well and when they don’t, who owns up to it. Yes I did break rules during lock down. Whether Boris is still up for it and with the correct SoS behind him hopefully he might be able to turn things around as it is an absolute mess at present. Thank you
Unite behind the leader of the party and support conservative values, ie low tax, economic growth etc.

Go back to the values of Margaret Thetcher
Get a grip and try and act like a true right wing party.
Get your act together , bring back Boris, be Conservative ! Listen to the Country ! Not your ego’s

Stop the infighting and do what this government were elected to do.
Be conservative. One nation Tories should leave the party and join the Lib Dem’s or labour
You are now more left wing than New Labour was under Blair.
Be more conservative
Because of the attitude, behaviour and sheer stupidity of Conservative MPs in allowing themselves and the hate filled establishment/MSM/Opposition Parties to oust the best Prime Minister/Campaigner this Country has had in decades, who was delivering on manifesto promises you were all elected on, who was bringing about the change and reform he was voted in for I believe you are now getting all you deserve.  MPs have shown themselves to be untrustworthy, disloyal, and not worthy of the position they hold by becoming part of such an evil witch hunt, vendetta and vicious coup which I will not forgive and agree with the view the Parliamentary Party is ungovernable and no longer Conservative.
The jealous, spiteful,  childish and selfish behaviour by certain key members of parliament (especially our current leader who has put ambition before loyalty and party) have thrown away the once in a lifetime opportunity to take and keep votes in red wall areas. Your current behaviour and policies has split the long term loyal conservative vote. If you truly love our Country make some serious changes NOW! If you want to keep the long term Tory voters show some strong moral standards, agree to appoint a new leader (not David Cameron) and back that leadership.
Boris Johnson was elected by the country in a landslide victory. It should not have been possible to replace him with this string of ineffective candidates none of whom the country has voted for. You should back Boris Johnson who displays true Conservative values, and then form a coalition with Reform. For the last 15 years the Conservatives have been putting left-wing policies in place; they have destroyed the private rental sector, raised taxes to the highest level in many years, wrecked the police force, driven good teachers out of the profession, tinkered with time-consuming, trivial changes, and throttled growth.
Need to stop pandering to the party “wets” and minority groups.
Stop the infighting within the party.  Put on a united front whoever is the leader. Be positive.  Be honest with the voters.
It’s no longer a Conservative Party, but a Social Democratic Party with big state and high tax and by getting rid of Boris they’ve ditched members and let Labour in

I would not vote for anyone connected to Gove.There are too many Lib Dem’s in the party.The party needs to listen to the silent majority who are outside the London bubble.You need to ensure we have no ties to the EU that means they can dictate policy to the UK.  This includes getting rid of the Windsor Framework.Too many remainers in the party.You need to get rid of Dougie Smith and all those related to him.Only members should be able to deselect an MP or PM. And only members should be able to select their local candidate from a free list not a shortlist.
Join the Reform party!
Tackle the issues you were voted in to deliver on … stop being woke it is switching people off …stop the boats once and for all and stop treating illegal immigrants better than our own homeless…there is too much talking of what needs to happen and nothing being done … Boris should never have been removed Labour are terrified of him and he is someone who delivers on his promises … Rishi is unelected and should not have been given the job by conservative insiders… change is needed quickly or we will get destroyed by labour in the election… the powers within the party of MPs should not be greater than that of voters
The 1922 comities destroyed our once great party take back control before it is too late.
Stop messing about and get on with stopping the boats and pull out of the ECHR, we do not want the eu meddling in our laws.You must deliver what was promised to the people that voted you into office and not pandering to the pampered elite who think that only their opinion counts! The House of Lords must be brought up to date and halved, not inherited positions given out, the cost of this defunkt institution is a joke! They think they run the country and must be stopped! Let’s get our country back as we have been invaded and you must stop putting the illegals into hotels, that is why they are coming here in droves,Luxury accommodation, costly solicitors free of charge and spends, it’s utopia to them so how on earth can you not see what is happening. Parliament needs to take the blinkers off and see the real world as it is!
I feel disgusted in the conservatives, one massive plan to get boris in and get rid once you got the vote! Dominic is a dangerous man and has lost you the election along with Rishi
Listen to the electorate. They voted for Boris, in spite of knowing that he was a figure of fun and needed good experienced support, because he connected with them and they liked him. And listen to the Party members. But don’t listen to your fellow Conservative MPs. They live in a close Westminster community, ignoring those outside and forming cliques like public school pupils. (That’s not a criticism of public schools.) Remember, you were probably elected as a MP because voters liked your leader. Policies should be decided, not by ministers or the PM, or by civil servants,  but by a selected body of successful and respected people from business, agriculture, education, defence, medicine, finance etc.etc.
He is the only one to get people out to vote Tory 
Regardless of what the media say we the people & those who voted for him still love him 
I voted Tory for the first time because of Boris 
I became a Member because of Boris 
I’ve only stayed in the Membership incase I could help bring Boris Back
Deliver what you promised in your last manifesto, stop the back stabbing, the general public are looking for a common sense approach to governing

Stop legal aid for illegal migrants.
Turn back boats at sea border, obtain a French flagged vessel and return any rescued migrants to France.
Get a grip on lefty and remainer civil servants frustrating government policy.
Clear out the puppet masters who were hatched by Cummings crowd to control the party.
Let’s put conservative back into the Conservative Party
I told you so,  but you did not listen.Only Reform can save our Country.You need to drain the swamp, get rid of the House of Lords, listen to the people, throw out all the Remainers who do not understand Democracy.Leave the ECHRComplete Brexit.Bring back Democracy and get rid of the leaders put in place by the coup.
Grow up and do what your constituents want, not what you think they want.
Please honour the public vote for Brexit rather than supporting your own personal preference.
Leave the ECHR, repeal the HRA 1998, introduce a UK Bill of Rights.
Stop being ECHR poodles and get tough on illegal immigration.
Why the hell after being given a massive majority at the last election and Brexit are you incapable of doing anything that the British public want, start with your 2016 manifesto and then all of the promises after that, that should give you something to go on, I’m appalled at the inability of this government to secure our borders to prevent the invasion of illegal mostly young men from entering the U.K with no plan to deport them, I’ve had enough of watching the grooming and rape of our women and children by men from cultures so far removed from our own they treat women as second class citizens whilst paying through the nose to clothe, house and feed them.I think there’s growing fifth column of Islamic fundamentalists vying to take over every aspect of our lives without any government agency doing anything about this worrying state of affairs.My country has changed out of all recognition by the unfettered mass immigration of people from cultures and ideologies that hate everything we hold dear!!
I resigned from the Tory party when Rishi was shoved into the leadership position. I voted for Boris in 2019 and when the MPs voted him out I voted for Liz. There was total disregard for democracy when you installed Rishi. The Tory party is neither Tory or a Party at the moment so I’m looking at Reform.
Man up and show some guts!

We need a radical reform of the Party, with emergence of New Conservatives with genuine conservative values
Stop messing around and get behind the leader instead of trying to settle old scores for personal gain. Unity is the priority and not this eternal infighting and spiteful, destructive disharmony.
Why did you all want to destroy Boris Johnson? His popularity as a vote winner was used to get the party in power then he was replaced against the will of the members and the elecorate with an unpopular figure. Lizz Truss was horribly abused by the party. Her tax reforms were the ones we now hope will happen.
Bring back Boris
Ending knife crime and general drug-related violence should also be a priority
Sort out this mess and get taxes down to a reasonable amount.
Get a grip

Don’t just say “I am a Conservative” be a bloody Conservative.
Sort out illegal immigration. Australia did it.  Stop pussy footing about a major threat to the UK demands urgent decisive action
The damage is already done by removing Boris the leader who won the 2019 election with an enormous majority.you have squandered that by all your infighting . Although I will continue to vote conservative We have no chance of winning.All brought on by your actions.Nothing to do with the opposition !!!
Get those Afghanis, who helped us, back from Pakistan before they’re returned and murdered, Pay junior doctors what they want to stop so many moving to Australia (then we’ve trained them for no benefit to uk), don’t worry about extra education spending because teachers won’t vote for us whatever, get the cost of living down and make it easier through planning to build more two bed homes (councils push executive detached’ through because they’re more guaranteed to get high council tax payments back- I know, I’m a house builder),STOP BICKERING PUBLICLY- it’s embarrassing- what goes on within the four walls stays there!
All you so-called One Nation Conservatives and all you Con-Socialists just….Go away to another political home that truly represents your principles and views because….It certainly isn’t the Conservative Party
Sort the illegal immigration Sort out the ridiculous wokeness in societyGet rid of the london mayor
The public Voted the Conservatives into power with Boris as the leader, it was not your place to drag him down, the whole party is now a debacle, totally divided and in all honesty you do not deserve our support, or vote, your values are not conservative, more Liberal / Green Party, the only way for this party to survive is concentrate solely on Conservative values, small Govt, get Civil servants back into the office, and clamp down hard on wokeness, Take the threats to our country seriously and stop decimating the armed forces, we are going to need them soon.
It’s time to listen to the majority of people who put you in power,Stop illegal immigration and unnecessary benefits to people who have not paid into the pot, it’s time to work for the people who have contributed to this country.

Stop the silly nonsense of late and get behind the elected leader and policies.
I was devastated when Boris Johnson was forced to go and felt it was a massive own goal and totally undemocratic. Whilst Liz Truss gave opponents   plenty to use against her, I liked her policies and she was elected by the Membership. Rishi Sunak wasn’t elected by the members many of whom are still angry to have been insulted by the manoeuvres of a minority of MPs.
Stop putting foreigners before the British people,we are now second in line for housing,jobs,education,religion,etc the list is endless, stop putting minorities before majority’s, ie skin colour,black before white, foreign before British, male before female(safety) ideology before facts (science) again the list is endless. We gave you an 80 seat majority with all hope for change,& finally being heard,but you used it against us,you took our votes to get power for your own agenda’s,& gone against everything we voted for.
Go fuck yourselves, you bulging sacks of liquified pig excrement.
You have not listened to your members or the people. I cancelled my membership because you ousted Boris even though have been conservative since I was old enough to vote. You have let the country down. I don’t recognise it anymore. Immigrants are raping and assaulting people on the streets. They are being paid benefits and given accommodation. Stop offering this and they’ll soon return to their own countries. Send them all back we have had enough. I’d rather vote reform even though it may let Labour in. There is a lesson to be learned. It’s the people that vote you in and unless you have conservative values you won’t win. Listen to the people.
I would like Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees Mogg to move to Reform.
Please unite.
You’ve badly let down all the Conservative members and the general public who voted for you and totally wasted an 80 seat majority which would have given you at least another two terms of Government…….scandalous Wasted the obvious benefits which Brexit gave the U.K. haven’t listened to the voters who voted for you and obviously let immigration run riot in the U.K. by not stopping the boats or turning illegals around if don’t have identification or papers etc
Who were the IDIOTS who decided to get rid of Boris Johnson, the most successful leader of the party ever!  Were you too STUPID to realise that many people who voted Conservative in the last general election actually voted for Boris Johnson, and not for the Conservative party?  So he had or didn’t have a piece of cake . . .  ooo er missus!  He wasn’t visiting relatives in hospital or in a nursing home, and neither was anyone else, so why did you allow people to conflate two entirely different issues.  Why didn’t you make more fuss about Starmer and his beers and curries for him and his mates – an issue neatly swept under the carpet by the police?  I don’t much like Sunak, but he’s the best of a bunch of wet lettuces, and another leader now would be a PR disaster – unless it’s Boris, whom you MORONS should not have got rid of in the first place!!!
They have let the voters and the country down while pandering to their own egos. Unforgivable.
Have an energy policy that maintains our own security by using our own fossil fuels.Change the Net Zero policy to something close to achievable and affotdable.Get rid of self-serving management that populates not just the Post Office but also HMRC, DVLA, the Passprt Office and so much more.Find some balls and listen to the core voters, not your own smug , arrogant, complacent colleagues.(Sorry, that’s five).
Stop in-fighting and go after Stammer and labour.God help us all if Stammer gets in!!!
It takes a special kind of stupid to squander an eighty seat majority. You’ve dishonoured democracy and this house by pandering to the remainers in the media and civil service who’ve been doing the EU’s bidding since Brexit. This country is on its knees, not because of Brexit but because you’ve been complicit in a wholesale takedown by both the former, scorned advisors (to whom Boris’s first instinct was ironically loyalty) and handed a policy starved opposition with the ammunition to help you take down two mandated PMs. So you could install a non-mandated one.
We’re drowning in wokeness and weakness and the unchallenged emboldenment of those who are intent on killing all traditional British values and like Khan, turning our streets into third world cesspits.
It’s akin to the accountants plotting to steal a founder’s company because they think they can do it better and resent the charisma that they lack.
Shame on you all.
Please get a grip and remember that, we your constituents, enabled you to have your job. We are important. Don’t destroy the Conservative Party.
I will not vote conservative whilst Rishi Sunak is PM

This party is facing extinction , it has lost all core values to wokeness and left leaningpoliticians that profess to be Conservative but at Liberal’s or Labour at heart .
After all the members did not vote for Rishi .
After the catastrophic defeat that is about to happen , Nigel Farage would be the person that could put Humpty Dumpty back together again .

Get rid of the House of Lords & represent the people.
I’d be wasting my breath. They are an ungovernable rabble.
Get a grip and grow a pair. Get back to what the Conservative Party is all about.
Go back to proper Conservative values, stop trying to be all things to all men and pull together as a party unity is the only way to get a government that can actually get things done. Stop bickering in public.

Listen to your voters or become extinct
Represent the people not themselves.
The Conservative party needs to build a strong economy, we can only do this by investing in manufacturing, engineering and research. To much emphasis is placed on the services sector. Only by growing a strong and vibrant economy can we address issues like the country’s debt. Once we are only a solid footing as a country financially then we should immediately look at reducing all taxes. The NHS is completely out of control, it is no longer fit for purpose. Until the NHS learns to CURE people we will never be able to bring down the financial burden it is placing on this country. The only way I see to force the NHS to change is for this country to adopt a semi private solution where people can pay into an insurance scheme for Health Care. This type of scheme should attract tax relief for the individual.Finally young people needs houses. A future government needs to ensure house building, not flats everywhere. 25 storey flats are an eyesore and bring social problems to law abiding communities.

Get your heads out of the ground and do what your paid today, and listen to Joe public and do what the electorate wants, no more waffle, more action on getting rid of the illegals coming over the channel, I worked all my working years, flaming hard, not for my tax I’m still paying, to be given to the those coming here for a cushy life on benefits, trouble virtually no MP lives in the real world, and cant see or refuse to see they are being conned, only we the public can see, and don’t get me started on overseas aid, I know first hand it doesn’t get to where it should, government soldiers hijack it, and despot leaders live luxurious lifestyle, just follow the money trail, most previous tory voters i know are going for Reform, try reading social media what the public think
Stop fighting ourselves and unite as labour are winning. You ousted Liz trust far too early
Illegal migration is indeed a problem, however LEGAL migration must be severely curbed too. We do not build enough houses for this to be sustainable in the 100k+ number and something should be done to get it down from 700k+ to sub 150k numbers.
Having forcibly removed a democratically elected leader (a leader whom was clearly USED for his election winning ability), the entire party should be ashamed.The current WEF party line nonsense being represented to the people is embarrassing, if something is not done rapidly – the party will be an historic curiosity.
To all the Anti-Boris contingent, take a look in the mirror and reflect on the results of your efforts. You need to accept that a huge own goal was scored by getting rid of our best leader and vote winner since Thatcher. No-one is perfect, but Boris was unquestionably our star player. We now have to learn from this mistake and move on.
Fortunately for us, Labour do not currently have another Tony Blair fighting their corner. If they did, the Conservatives would be sunk without trace.
If we pull together, we have a chance of success. If we are divided, we shall certainly fail. Not rocket science. The country desperately needs a right of centre charismatic and dynamic leader. There are several in our ranks but unfortunately Rishi is not among them.
If you forced Boris out resign now
You were elected as a Conservative MP. Act and vote like one, or give up your seat to someone who will!

You have ruined all the hard work done to win the 2019 Election and given it to that clown Starmer on a plate
STOP Illegal migrants and return to France immediately.Drop the Rwanda plan and just send the migrants back to France
Why did you give us a leader we had specifically rejected and why are you hell bent on self destruction?
Stop undermining the PM (whoever it is) and pull together and sing from the same hymn sheet. Remember, you have been elected to carry out the wishes of the voting public, who have voted for you based in your manifesto. You should actually be ashamed if the way you have behaved up until now, so pull yourselves together and start behaving as a team, rather than individuals all pulling in different directions.
Serve your constituents it is they alone that you have allegiance to.
Listen to your hard core voters!
You wasted an 80 seat majority. Can you ever be trusted again?

Protect our country by defending our borders. Stop all illegal immigration. Deport criminals that aren’t British. Stop pandering to the benefit claimants that have no intention of working. Overhaul benefits including PIP, DLA and free school meals out of term time. Stop tax avoidance by the rich. Appoint MP candidates who are not part of the WEF. Take absolute advantage of Brexit. Save this country for our grandchildren.
What were you thinking getting rid of Boris
Bring back Boris. Stop the constant plotting and blame game against Boris Johnson and back him.
You are Conservatives stop acting like the labour party and Liberal Democrats. You were voted to do a job, you have failed. Get out of the Party all the lefty, we want a strong right wing Conservative party not a bunch of wetwipes. Take notice of your membership and stop ignoring us. Disband the 1992 community. Call a national emergency for the boats, stop all aid to country’s who have a space programme. Do want we voted for. We voted for Boris and it was our job to get rid, if we were unhappy with, 3 times you went against membership. Getting Rid of Boris, getting rid of Liz and putting than unless waste of space in power. We didn’t want him and still Don’t. Him and Hunt are the worst thing to happen to the Conservatives, then Rishi who is unelected brought back another unelected Ex prime minister in. Sack suella who was speaking for us absolutely disgusting and ridiculous. Rishi is a disaster if he is still prime minister, Conservatives will never be in power again. Labour landslide coming.
Start acting on the will of the British people and act like true Conservatives, not a socialist party arm of New Labour.
Get a grip and stop infighting
Make the Conservative Party conservative again! Great men like Sir Winston Churchill would be spitting feathers at the state of this nation. 
Rearmament is paramount 
Stop the illegals – people are sick to death of it
And remove woke ideologies from our schools. Kemi is on the right path with this but it needs to be stronger. 
Put the great back in Britain.
WHY HAVE YOU STOPPED BEING CONSERVATIVE? The Conservative Party have lost the plot completely, you are just drifting and not getting anything done, it’s a disgrace. WHY HAVENT YOU STOPPED THE BOATS,  BRINGING IN A MUSLIN ARMY? Why are you looking after the illegal immigrants better, and putting them first, in front of the British people, THE PEOPLE WHO GAVE YOU AN 80 SEAT MAJORITY WITH BORIS AT THE LAST GENERAL ELECTION.  SORT THE POLICE OUT, THE HEALTH SERVICE, GET THE GPs back working properly, stop all the gender nonsense, AND STOP INDOCTRINATION OF SCHOOL CHILDREN AND UNIVERSITY STUDENTS IN LEFTIST WAYS.
Remind them of true Conservative values as espoused by Margaret Thatcher, sort out the civil service. Get rid of wokeness, introduce new insurance based measures to the NHS.with all the immigrants and an increasing population we must put the infrastructure in place to cope with it, more doctors, more dentists, more schools, more social housing.
Become Conservative and show some determination.Most of you will be on the dole within the next year if you don’t do what you was voted in for.If you can use my comments to achieve your goal in carrying out this survey that’s fine by me.
Stop infighting and get behind the elected leader and put GB first in every debate and not the self satisfaction of individual MP’s. If you dont like that move onto to something other than politics and take all your supporters with you.
Why are tax payers having to fund illegal asylum seekers being placed in hotels, where they are free to abscond at any time? Surely they should be held in detention centres until their claims are processed?
You need to stop the back stabbing in the party MP view there opinion in private they are there because of the people  We had a good leader in Boris Johnson but the childish behaviour and selfishness self motivated of MP’s really damaged your party then helped to get liz trust in power but again The self motivated forgot it was us members that got them there back stabbed the members once again Boris got you a landslide victory and the party destroyed it self by removing him
Most of them are traitors ousting our elected PM.  Cannot forgive them for going against the Electorate.

Get your act together . As it stands at the moment you will be wiped out at the General election. You treated Boris Johnson in an appalling manner. We the public voted for Boris who had the mandate not Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak who I might add stabbed Boris in the back . Plus others behind the scenes . I know you may think the public or stupid but most of us are not .please bare that in mind You should be ashamed of yourselves. I once wanted to go into politics but I have say after how you behave and the other parties behave i decided no .You need to be firm with the unelected Lords and everyone that keeps trying to stop the Rwanda plan . Stop these illegals. I would send them straight back to France . Please listen to what we are saying as you have only so many months left .For the sake of the party work together . I hope you listen but I very much doubt it .
Grow some balls and cut ties with Europe more effectively
Stop the illegal migrants!
Weed out the destructive cancer in the party,  the likes of Graham Brady, and return to true conservative values.  We did not vote for Sunak.  We voted Boris and Brexit and the long knife wielders have done their utmost to destroy both.  Only a new and centre right PM will get back Conservative votes.  There is nothing to lose by making this bold step. Sunack won’t cut it.
Damn those amongst you who have destroyed my party and threatened the last years of my life with a Labour Government.  You have failed miserably to create a loyal, united and patriotic team. You have aired your grievances in public instead of behind closed doors. You should all be banned from using social media. I will vote for my Conservative MP because a) I admire him, and b) because a vote for anything else is a vote for Labour and the destruction of my country. I was born in the colonies and am an ex colonial police officer in one of the better run colonies. Great Britain was the Mother Country and we looked up to her, personified by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll, and to me it still is.
Time is running out.Have courage.Do not sleepwalk to oblivion.
How wrong to remove Boris Johnson as Leader Boris needs to stand again 100%
Drop the WEF BS, Secure the boarder and stop playing political media games. You’ve ben chosen to govern not indulge your own ambition.
Get your house in order and the leader whoever is should have some balls and sort out immigration and the Strikes even if in the case of the train driver’s they take the Ronald  Reagan approach and sack  them all and those who want to work put them on a new contract the rest can leave ,less trains on time is better than now.

Unite the party and pull together no matter who is PM. Stop fighting the voters and take on board their concerns and do what is needed to win the next election. In fact do anything and everything to stop Starmer becoming PM and his party winning the next election. This country cannot afford a Labour government for even one term
I can’t believe how little respect they have had for democracy. I find their behaviour of removing not one but two elected leaders of the party to insert the most underhand wet wipe in politics to lead this country absolutely disgusting. Keir Starmer will not win the next election, the Conservatives will lose it. I’m so upset by their actions I could literally cry.
You have destroyed this country and I will not vote for you in the next election. You need to consider the future and not be so self-serving and pander to the minorities. People who have been silent but disagree with you will surely rise up against you for being so weak. By the way Rwanda will never work in a million years. Total waste of our money!
Turn back even just one boat as did the Australians and gain at least some credibility.
LISTEN……To YOUR voting traditional supporters, NOT to FarceBook or The BBC or Wokie posturing troublemakers!
Start being conservatives, start by ridding us of Rishi Sunak, David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt
I have no confidence that we will win the election  so must plan for that likelehood

Stop bickering and unite to sort out the massive problems facing the country
Return to Conservative polices and give Boris Johnson another chance to prove his leadership skills and voter appeal. Avoid the 3rd Column useful idiots now destroying the Party.
If you don’t want to be a conservative leave and rejoin the Lib Dems
An eighty seat majority, wasted.You could have achieved so much !You f*cking idiots
The first duty of a government is to protect its citizens and you have run our armed forces down to a level where they are no longer a credible force in the world. Its time to significantly increase defence spending and reestablish ourselves as a credible military power in the face of an increasingly unstable world.
You are Conservatives not a bunch of lefty, Liberal wets. You are supposed to represent your constituents and not be self serving. Currently not fit for purpose.
We gave you an 80 seat majority and all you did was fight among yourselves, not one of your manifesto pledges have been delivered an absolute betrayal to the people.
Stop fighting each other and start fighting Labour
What have you done! Boris was a winner and you ousted him because Labour activists in the media campaigned to remove him.
Stop migrants coming to the UK – stop all these very expensive inquisitions – e.g. Covid enquiry, now a Post Office enquiry as well.Richi Sunak does not have any concept of how the average UK citizen manages – he does not live in the real worldHe is an unelected Prime Minister.It appears as if the civil servants are running the country not the government – Brexit should be enforced – it appears that all sorts of barriers are being put in the way to stop Brexit from happening.
Be real conservatives or get out, sick of being Liblab in disguise.
Listen to the members of the party instead of ignoring us!
Majority are not Conservatives, and  have been elected on a manifesto very few honour Majority are spineless Traitors and liars in the pocket of the WEF / Globalists  the biggest of these is Sunak .
Boris Johnson delt with the COVID crisis in a ok way given the situation however was wrong to perform party gate.
Looking back on the Boris’s time in office he did so much to improve the country and was delt a challenging situation with COVID .
Grow up and show some loyalty.  You are ruining the party!
Stop fighting amongst yourselves. Sort out legal immigration as we need incoming skills. Stop the boats and remove illegals ( no amnesty). Lower inflation and taxes to drive the economy. Then reduce national debt. Boris had a massive lead which  he squandered – unforgivable!
Why have you abandoned Conservative party traditional values, aspiration, low controlled immigration, decency, honesty, law and order, competition ?
Get rid of the socialists that have infiltrated the party and return to true conservative values.
You threw away a massive mandate to be conservatives and govern in the legacy of Thatcher (and others) who had a growth plan, took no nonsense from ‘noises off’ and just got on with it competently. Instead, we saw your petty squabbling, and our elected MP’s (helped by the woke blob in the civil service and the Bank of England) then disavowing democracy – installing your own weak and useless leader – Sunak.This wholesale betrayal of the electorate has lost you my support forever.The Conservative Party as we once knew it – is sadly long dead and will NEVER be revived.The place of true entrepreneurial Conservatism has now been taken up by Reform, and so it needs sensible, tough, uncompromising MP’s to represent the electorate who just want a working professional government, not just the Conservatives of today who (apart from very few exceptions) are just a load of freeloading idiots, who are so disconnected from society it’s laughable.
Those few exceptions should hurry up and Join Reform – NOW!
The present PM cannot be trusted and has no chance of winning an election
When you say Conservative MPs does that include all the wet liberals who pretend to be Conservatives?  If so I would tell them to go take the blob, Gove, Kemi with them.  Then tell the few that are left rally behind a true conservative leader and make Britain great again – we don’t need the WEF, WHO or the ECHR.  Get back to British values and stop kowtowing to the professionally ofended and minority religion, get the police back on track end two tier policing and get hospitals managing their own budgets.  Also end devolution 25 years of Labour in Wales has destroyed the Country.
One thing doesn’t do it!Stop illegal immigration, stop the growth of woke language and the reduction of safe spaces and opportunities for women, clean the streets of litter, tackle real crime, level up education by raising standards and expectations for all children, improve access to health and get waiting lists down, more help with heating costs and of course, home the homeless. So much that is wrong.
Focus on what matters to ALL the voters in order to keep the support of the Conservative heartland and the red wall seats.  Grow the economy, sort out the public sector strikes, establish Royal Commission to consider what type of NHS we can afford, how it should be structured and how it should be funded, rebuild our armed forces so they can properly defend and protect our interests and keep inflation down.  Now is not the time to be cutting taxes.
What a load of pillocks you are. You played totally into the opposition’s hands by falling for their faux outrage about parties, when they all seemed to have broken the rules themselves. There was allegedly evidence that Keir Starmer was originally fined for #durhampartygate and it was withdrawn by Durham PCC, who was then given a large pay rise and extension to her contract two years prior to it being due for renewal. This should have been fully investigated by an independent police force, i.e. one that has no connection to Labour, and still should be. The Wets in the ConSocialist Party have taken over and until they are all removed and moved onto the Libdums, the only chance of us getting any Conservative policies is by putting our support behind Reform and hope they achieve their intention of destroying the Conservatives.
Be proper conservatives and complete Brexit. Grow up and stop tearing the party apart for personal gain. Wake-up and realise that removing Boris was an act of insanity. Remove all of those who have been named (including pseudonyms) as being part of the long term plot; including Dougie Smith, Michael Gove, Dominic Cummings. Remove Sunak and Badenok is not and never will be the answer. Clean up the party, be conservative and the membership must be part of the decision making not sidelined by the divisive behaviours of the 1922 committee.
Leave the room if you do not believe in small government that exists to empower our citizens to lead the lives they want to lead.
You supposed to be representing your constituents, not your personal  agenda.

Trust the membership and give them a real choice.
Decide on a joint policy that you all support. Have the confidence to restructure the NHS. Get a grip in the Civil Service.
It’s time to focus on putting what’s right for the country first, and not crusade on globalist or personal agendas; good politics is not about short term popularity – but making sometimes difficult decisions for the long term good of the country.
Grow up, you are put into that position by the general public to reprexent them, and we expect the best from our mp
Put British people first and put the UK needs a bove foreign problems
You have not introduced a Conservative policy in 14 years. Get a grip and stand up for Conservative policies on immigration, tax, the armed forces, Brexit, law and order etc.
Abolish the House of Lords as they stand in the way Parliament and the British people
In the question above you have only given an immigration option on illegal immigration, there is no option for reducing ALL immigration.
Illegal immigration is absurd because of the way you reward the illegals, whilst we all suffer to pay for it and our own people, veterans and families are left homeless. But that is a tiny part of the problem compared to the shocking levels of legal immigration. We have no homes for our own people. Why have you allowed this to happen?
Stop prioritising the rest of the world over us in our own country. We have had enough!
Now there is talk of conscription, will the immigrants be conscripted or is that the only list we are the top of? 
Now you’re fighting muslims in the Middle East after flooding our country with millions of muslim men, and more come every single day. 
We are not safe.
Nobody is listening
Listen to the people.
Wake up and listen to members, supporters and particularly disenchanted ex-members and supporters.  We are angry and feel we are despised and taken for granted.
Change leader now, what is there to lose?

Drop net zero and concentrate on defence
You made the biggest mistake in the history of the Conservative party by getting Boris Johnson ousted. If Boris was a terrible Prime Minister it was the job of the electorate to vote him out, not the MPs. I’m actually still very angry with the Conservative Party and will not vote for them until Boris Johnson is reinstated. His treatment was abuse!!Boris never got a fair chance to prove himself, he was putting out fires constantly caused by his own MPs. Rishi Sunak is a diabolical Prime Minister and should never have stabbed Boris in the back. I will never forgive him. It seems as if the Conservative Party are working for themselves, forgetting they are MPs to serve us!

Stop meddling in people’s lives, reduce the state, cut both taxes and immigration drastically (no more tinkering round the edges), get stuck in to the culture wars, shout from the rooftops what a woman is and that children can’t change gender, put parents back in charge, get really tough with the unions, get fracking 
Bring Back Boris.   However, as he is not a current MP, that isn’t possible.

How about you become The Conservative Party again!Not some weak pandering leaf of a party that will blow whichever way the media blows, in order to sell more copies of their rags!
Start being conservative or resign.
Commit to conservative values or leave the party.
You’ve royally fucked this up haven’t you, you eejits?
You won’t like this and undoubtedly will brand me as racist / gammon etc – don’t f’ing care anymore, we feel you’re absolutely taking the utter piss:Leave ECHR immediatelyImmediate deportation of ALL illegals having arrived over the last 5 years as well as ALL foreign nationals convicted of a criminal offenceCease / massively reduce foreign aid, especially to those countries with space programmes or aggressive to usScrap NutZero – it’s an utter scam – at the very least have the bollocks to offer a referendum, it’d be slaughteredPatrol the channel with RN cutters and deposit gimmigrants back onto French beaches – don’t care about diplomatic issues, they need to sort their own shit outScrap the NI / mainland border and let the EU have theirs with Southern IrelandStand up regular referenda for strategic policiesCease membership and funding to UN, WEF & WHOScrap pandemic agreementTighten up on benefit scroungersBe at least a little conservative
The conservatives have failed on brexit, you’ve cut off Northern Ireland & left them to the sharks, you’ve failed on legal & illegal migration big mistakes! Highest tax increases to pay for illegals mistake, no Drs/Dentists for citizens but migrants get them. Funding other people’s wars when we are all struggling, foreign students taking places in our uni’s & then bringing the whole family. I mean come on. Tell me one manifesto promise you’ve fulfilled. I. I’m in the red wall & everybody I speak to is angry. We voted for Boris to get the job done. The liberals in the party have taken over & ousted a man who won you the bloody red wall? You’ve committed suicide. You need to book up & fast. Rishi was rejected twice by us members but you lot thought you knew better. Our towns are unrecognisable, our kids can’t play out, our teenagers are getting harassed by male migrants & sometimes raped. Young lads are getting stabbed & grooming gangs are still rife! You’ve lost control & the plot. You need a wake up call.
In the absence of a suitable new leader appointed quickly the party is beyond redemption.
What happened to being proud to be British, why are you not standing up for British Values and British People. Illegal immigration and the right to give all illegals benefits is eroding Britishness and values. This is not naivety or ignorance this is a fact. Everyone I speak to is saying why are our politician’s not sending these people back, they are illegal. Why are politicians not standing up for the British people. We British are loyal, compassionate and liberal and even our own government seems afraid to stand up for us. Right now we cannot defend ourselves (defence cuts), we can’t trust our police (seemingly two tier policing), our judicial system appears comprised and politicised. We cannot trust our politicians to act on British interests (not stopping the weekly protests for Hamas, Imams spreading hate, praying in our streets and in front of parliament, attacking British Citizens. Is this what we can now expect? Grow some backbone, be British and stand us for Brits and our Country.
I view you as CONSOCIALISTS,  not Conservatives.  Those amongst you who are not true Conservatives should resign and join the Party (Labour or Lib Dem)  which best suits your beliefs.  You must stop immigration  (legal and illegal)  –  no  ‘ifs’,  no ‘buts’,  immediately.  You must scrap all remaining EU laws and regulations and ensure a proper, full Brexit.  Those of you who who hanker after subjugation to the EU  MUST resign immediately.   The power of the Parliamentary ‘blob’ must end now. You are there to act as representatives of those who have elected you,  not to pursue your own agenda / beliefs.  Otherwise get out.  You must tackle wokery head on – you must  ensure that the destructive power of Stonewall is stopped NOW.  You must pursue a low tax / growth agenda.  You must ensure that Defence spending is ramped up IMMEDIATELY to ensure that you can defend the country and the people.  The power of the Unions and Civil Service must be broken.  I could go on …….  in short  ACT LIKE CONSERVATIVES
I have voted Conservative all my life. I will not vote Conservative at the next GE unless there is a change in leadership. Rishi should never have been installed as PM. All those who supported the coup need to be fired. They have ruined the party. Please sort this out now, or you will lose me and many other voters like me, forever.
Abandon all this nonsense about aiming for Net Zero it is not necessary as Man Made CO2 is not the culprit and forcing people to have EVs and heat pumps etc. The climate is and does change, but the changes are not caused by human activity. It is time for the UK to become energy self sufficient i.e. Gas Oil and Nuclear and to really controll our borders effectively.
Stop acting Socialist’s and govern on the mandate we voted you in on
Beware Conservative MPs that really have other party’s ideal but remain in disguise.
If you do not have Conservative views stand down at the next election and run for the Liberal Democrats

Nationalise British GasNationalise WaterNationalise the TrainsPreserve the Green Belt build houses not just in the South East the South East is too crowdedAnd Get Rwanda DoneBoris will be back one day
Focus on pursuing and delivering proper conservative policies, removing any inhibitors from doing so (such as leaving the ECHR) and take firm action against people and organisations that work against the interests of the people of the UK, whether that is stupidly “woke” parts of the civil service, universities, companies, or over-promoted self-serving idiots like Paula Vennells or people/organisations who are threats to national security like the IGRC. It really isn’t that hard! Oh – and try and focus on applying some common sense.
You let a few ego maniacs destroy the biggest majority in a generation because they wanted Boris out and thought they could do a better job.
You then removed the replacement the Members chose and bypassed them to install a man they rejected as PM and a man rejected twice as Chancellor, both of them despised and even more useless than Theresa May.
Then you brought in that Coward Europhile Cameron who ran away when he lost the Brexit vote.
All trust in the Parliamentary Party has gone. The Party is NOTHING without its Members.
You deserve the annihilation that is coming with Sunak, it is just a shame that it will allow Labour to destroy the Country.
It is on YOU.
Too many of you are disloyal, spineless idiots.  You got rid of Boris – a proven vote winner who attracted a wide range of voters – as a result of a concerted media campaign rather than standing up to their misrepresentation of the truth.  Shame on you all. I hope you enjoy your time in opposition or back in the real world!!!
Get back to traditional Conservative values or suffer at the ballot box
Conservatives have lost the way, they need Boris back to get them on track. Rishi was not voted in as PM by members because if so he would never have got in, the 1922 committee got him in and have a lot to answer for. This was the reason I cancelled my membership how underhand it was done, he is not a PM he is a puppet for the 1922 committee, he needs to be ousted.
You should have kept Boris. Send all illegals back our Country is full. No going back on Brexit. Build up armed forces. Get Nigel Farage on board. Lee Anderson is good as well. Stop pro Palestine marches. Stop sending Foreign Aid they seem to be all over here anyway.
Stop treating us as fools, become conservative again instead of morphing into a centrist liberal party. Hold a referendum on leaving ECHR as you will be surprised how many are angry at still being controlled by EU judges on issues such as immigration
I believe the Parliamentary Conservative Party has been infiltrated by Liberal Democrats. They are not united in conservative beliefs.
LISTEN to us! Listen, listen, listen. It’s all out there, all being said, for years. You KNOW what to do. Be REAL Conservatives and grow a bloody spine!
We need human rights in psychiatric wards and the mental health system. At the moment, loads of money is being wasted on violating people’s human rights and the legal costs are astronomical and a total waste of money. Who needs a lawyer when you have no human rights. I think the mental health act in scotland is too complicated for politicians to understand. It is not human rights compatable. This is illegal under the scotland act. Human rights don’t even register as an issue in your survey! Yet affects everything else. Over half the NHS budget is (mis)spent on mental health.
Listen to what the public want, not your own opinions. We desperately want you to stop the boats.
Start being Conservative
The membership gave Boris a resounding yes.  The double dealing behind his back, then appointing R S without consulting the membership was their BIG MISTAKE. I believe Boris’s ‘party gate’ was used as a ploy to get rid of him by R/S and others. Other leaders and responsible MP’s were behaving far worse. Even Starmer was filmed as you know, but nothing happened to him. A complete set up in my opinion.
Your biggest mistake was giving us a leader we did not vote for and then ignoring the illegal boat crisis.
Rishi must go. He has no message and no following. No one elected him. He is utterly useless and u electable

Listen to the membership after all it’s our votes need not  MPs
Try being Conservatives.
Behave like true Conservatives again.
Get behind our leader and stop internal bickering.
Stop being selfish and start to lead and govern ; stop illegal & legal immigration , reduce tax burden , start police policing & not favouring Muslims , start putting British people first , sort out Brexit laws , take away Windsor framework and bring Northern Ireland back into U.K. , growth & reduce climate change burden by stopping non green EVs, stop forcing heat pumps , oil licences and fracking , take planners out of the equation and build houses , stop schools teaching hate of Uk in our schools . Reduce universal credit and get these people working or no credit , look after our veterans , deport all illegals and out of hotels , use SOLAS & International Sea law that exists to stop and return boats to France as they are not on legal trips , up the intelligence of MPs and only have MPs that understand sovereignty lies with the people and they deliver our manifesto , build housing at quality and affordable , no illegal or legal immigration is housed before our homeless veterans and our British people .

Stop the in fighting! You killed the conservatives when Boris was outed, shame on you!
We the people elected Boris Johnson to be our Prime Minister.  Listen to the people.
Why did us member not get to vote against rishi

I live in Scotland and don’t feel that the SNP has been attacked enough for the mess Scotland is in. Where has the covid money gone and where are evidence of any meetings they had in all the years they have been in power. The money for ferries and Sturgeons role in the Guptas financial calamity.
Grow up and stop lining your own pockets and think of the country and people first

I have lost all trust in the conservative party. You have been in power for over a decade and I can’t recall one single conservative thing you’ve done. You betray the British public at every turn. I wouldn’t even trust you if you had a real conservative leader-you have shown that you remove them at will and ignore party members. You are the travelling the same direction as labour-just slightly slower. You blatantly and openly lie to use. When I was at primary school uk population was 56M. Now it is in excess of 75M. This is all down to immigration. Bleating on about illegal immigration isn’t enough-not when we have 1M+ a year legal immigration. And you double talk with “net immigration”. This is why my children won’t be able to afford a home. You steal from us with the highest taxes in living memory and degrade our savings with inflation. You have destroyed my country.
You have made a right mess of things. Embarrassing
look in the mirror
If you are not a real conservative then get out.
Today we do Not have a Conservative Party.  We have a few MP’s who is carrying the torch of classic Conservative values; Jacob Rees-Mogg being on of them; and the only way forward is a return to the 2019 Manifesto and see it through.
It is obvious for all, that from David Cameron and forward Tory took a dramatic swing to the political left, and abandoned all classic Conservative values.  This allowed for the woke, Lib.Dem. – and right-wing Labour, to join up the pre-text of being Conservative, because there were hardly any difference between them and Cameron.    This continued with Theresa May who never have been a reliable Conservative either.
Only with Boris Johnson did we see a swing back to the classic values  –  and the voter support were very clear in favor of this policy.Now we are back at the woke, left-wing/Lib.Dem – and voters are fleeing to Reform, which in turn is just a Right-Wing Protest and not a viable alternative.
We Boris Johnson back to lead the Party and The Nation

You cannot claim to be a democratic party when you ignore the will of the electorate and the will of the members.History will not look kindly on the party that I served on two councils for.
You are supposed to be the Conservative party,so stop your petty, spiteful bickering and back stabbing, listen to the voting public and unite to do the job you were elected to do.  That is, representing your constituents.

Get your act together
Stop the infighting you all look like a bunch of idiots
Act like conservatives. Stop damaging the party.
Get off our backs, prioritise Defence, deprioritise Net Zero and DEI
Stop the boats and all immigrants has I think this country is full,also stop all woke has its runing this  country
Complete a full and TOTAL BREXIT, stop the boats, and properly introduce the Australian points style immigration rules, which it would appear you haven’t done. STOP THE GREEN AGENDA IMMEDIATELY, and STOP BEING PUPPETS OF THE WEF and THE WHO…and get rid of wokeness. Strengthen our defence, and encourage the return of manufacturers to the UK from cheap labour overseas sites, jobs for workers here rather than China. STOP benefits to those who choose living off the state rather than gainful employment, that includes those that claim to be “unfit” for work. The NHS requires a serious overhaul, get rid of diversity managers and use the money to employ people who ACTUALLY matter in caring for the sick. Support our Farmer’s and stop covering the countryside with concrete and overly expensive housing. I could continue, but that’s enough to start….
You were wrong to get rid of Boris and having done so we’re very wrong to get rid of Truss and show total arrogance with regard to members views by selecting Sunak who was rejected by the members of the party.You are too woke and weak on immigration.Tax burden too high & stupid to push pensioners into submitting returns when HMRC is a shambles.
Shake yourselves up and unite together. The country will never support a divided party.
You are spineless. Our Conversative selection process is completely undemocratic. The Conservative party is currently a basket case. Most of you are incompetent. Our party appears to have become a woke, exclusive club. Loyalty is all that’s preventing most of us from joining Reform.
Start listening to the British people & deliver yoyr promises.
You deserve annihilation at the next election after your disgraceful backstabbing of Boris and for foisting that unelected snake Sunak upon us. You threw away an 80 seat majority and turned this once great country into a third world sh**hole. You should be ashamed, but we all know you are too self serving and cowardly for that.
Why are you a MP and conservative member if you don’t believe in Conservative values.  Only 65 of you are real Conservatives. The rest of you are Con Socialists and better suited to the lib dems and/or Labour.
Who exactly are the Conservative Party? The Party comprises of members who at some point in the past have elected some of those people in high places – who now seem to have decided they are more important and know better than the very people who elected them in the first place. The membership did not vote for Rishi Sunak to lead the Party.
Get your act together and stop squabbling like a bunch of kids.
Make decision based on what’s right and not what fits public opinion
Stop whinging and get on with the job
Stop backstabbing and listen to the people of Britain who they are supposed to serve.
Move significantly to the right and start protecting Britain, British people and British values. i.e. be actual conservatives rather than just a bunch of woke lefties.
Listen to the voters!
Listen to those people who elected you and carry out their wishes to deliver a proper Brexit. Install the right-wing true Conservatives in the Cabinet and shake up the Civil Service.
Serves you right. At the time I wrote to Sir Oliver Heald and told him to rally around Boris and if he knifed him in the back the Conservatives wiuld be out of power for decades. In addition I said let him win the next election and after that consider any changes. You have blown it big time.
You reap what you sew. You have all shot yourselves in the foot. Boris still as leader would win election, no chance now. People voted for Boris and he was removed by people that do not understand how the public feels.
Drop the nett zero madness
Listen to the people and deliver what you promised. Crime is at an all time high and illegal immigrants are mostly to blame. Defund the woke BBC. Kick the Police into touch….public safety is a priority. Knife crime is out of control….force stop and search…tougher sentences. Build more prisons and get tougher on violent crimes. Deport Deport Deport all who have come here illegally and do NOT allow them to work.
Most of you are LibDems and should go.The rest should stand and fight for conservative values if you wish to survive as a Party. Unite behind a proper Tory. Ditching the guy who united the country over uneaten cake and Pincher was the biggest act of self harm in a generation. Many of you owe him your jobs! It may be too late. What is there to lose now?
Just be true right of centre conservatives with conservative values. Drop the Net Zero rubbish as many countries have & seal our borders for 10 years. Then deport every illegal & all criminals that do not identify as purely British. Establish British law & order as the ONLY law, & formally refuse to recognise any other laws (Sharia included). Let’s take back our country.
 What this government under Sunak is, is barely any different from Labour. It appears 80-90% of the population can’t stand Sunak, me included. As a Tory voter of 45 years, I will be spoiling my ballot paper with Sunak still as PM, no matter how many scare stories you put out or however many “journalists” you buy.
Withdraw from the ECHR farce
Listen to what the Conservative voter wants.

Get your fingers out and beg Boris to come back …. and get on your knees and apologise to him for your appalling behaviour and choosing someone who is a usurper and who campaigned behind the scenes against Boris the whole time that Boris gave him the job of Chancellor …..and dragged him from obscurity
Get rid of ALL the illegal immigrants asap and stop giving them anything. Our own people are in need and that’s where the help should be going. Illegal means illegal and they should be sent back immediately NOT processed!!
Get out of Westminster and listen to real people. The people who voted for you in record numbers in 2019 and feel they have been taken for fools.
Stop governing by poll numbers and main stream media and listen to your constituents.
Be more conservative.  Commit to leaving echr. Stop illegals. Turn around boats. Be strong and think of the people that belong in this country and not the illegals . Stephen our police. So many other things. This country is in a terrible position at the momemt
We need to pull our fingers out and Totally Commit Ourselves To The REAL PARTY, Conservatives.

Should never have ousted Boris
‘It is too late to apologise. You must all resign.’
Find your Churchill moment.
Do not ignore your members again and under no circumstances should the 1922 Committee be authorised to make any decisions without consultation with its membership . We were overlooked, undermined and undervalued.
As a “Green Conservative” I cannot possibly support the current leadership and nor will any young people either – by abandoning its commitments to the environment by giving the go-ahead to a new coal mine and allowing more drilling for oil in the North Sea,  the Party has completely lost its moral compass and is basically unelectable because it is not listening to the very real environmental concerns of the scientific community and also young people. If it doesn’t make a radical about-turn on this issue, it will never return to power, it is that simple…As a life-long conservative voter and campaigner, I feel the Party has been hijacked by climate change denying members, who are just incredibly short-sighted and who are living in an echo-chamber.
Listen and act for the people not themselves
You made a massive mistake in getting rid of Boris and at the moment I am so angry at the complete mess the country is in I frankly could not care if all the One Nation lit lose their jobs and that includes DAVID DAVIS and STEVE BAKER traitors the both of them. At the moment the Conservative Party is lost to me
Act like Conservatives, stop infighting and support the new leader when Sunak goes . Drop all netzero projects until China and India start to do the same. Challenge the validity of the scientists claims forcing bet zero. Stop the boats by stopping all benefits for 5 years. Get brexit fully done scrap EU laws and cancel the Windsor agreement. Stop all overseas aid. Finally increase the tax threshold for pensioners with total pension income of 25k
Only Boris Johnson could hold together a Party with such diverse opinions on policy, but you could not wait to get rid of him.  Now you must face the consequence of a crushing Election defeat and a re-definition of Conservatism that can only result in a ‘Left-Right’ split.  You have brought this on yourselves. You despise the membership.  Now you must reap the consequences.
Bring Boris back and start being tougher on conservative issues and playing to the woke side of the public and the media
Grow up and tackle the challenges the electorate want correcting.
Concentrate on core Conservative values. Smaller state, lower taxes, control immigration and free the private sector to allow growth in the economy. We must also have effective armed forces and apply commercial reality in public sector buying.
I would bang all their heads together and tell them to get their act together and work for the best for our country and not their own egos and pockets. I’m very angry with them all.

You’re working for the country … not your own self-importance.
The Conservative Party is full of Libdems it’s no longer conservative and the way the got rid of Boris the democratic winner of a GE is an absolute disgrace.
Get the country on a war footing as a matter of extreme urgency
Get your act together and save “conserve” our nation. The UK cannot survive another blairite hollowing out by labour
start being Conservative again the world is going more right wing but we are going more left.

Be a true conservative stop pandering to the woke and lefties and look after the needs of this country and not pander to other countries and courts telling the United Kingdom what they have to do. Achieve true sovereignty.
actions speak louder than words,    you have been a lot of talk and little positive action

People will not vote for a party which ignores the electorate and behaves undemocratically such as removing a PM who had such a massive mandate from the electorate! If you persist in showing such contempt for your electorate you will lose massively! MPs need to get out of the WM bubble and find out first hand what ordinary people think and feel and what is important to them! After all, it is the ordinary working population that is the backbone of the country and you ignore them at your peril!Many politicians think/believe that people care more about money than about their culture and heritage. This is not the case. Once people have money enough to live on, the state, morale and international standing of the country matters more to them!
Be proper Conservatives not woke leftie pretend conservatives. The sight of an allegedly Tory female MP congratulating Harriet Harperson on the defenestration of Boris Johnson tells you all you need to know about the current state in the party. Get rid of the 1922 committee and amend the constitution so that a sitting prime minister can’t be removed without a general election. I remain a supporter but do not know how long I can be associated with the current madness.
Shame on you!!
Get a grip and stop pussy footing. Get Boris back as leader
Sunak and 1922 Ctee have ruined the Conservatives. For goodness sake wake up to what you have done!

You had an 80 seat majority under BJ. You have wasted it and brought this country to ruin. Stop the boats NOW, deport all illegals and foreign criminals. Protect Northern Ireland and our fishing. Scrap ECHR and HRA. PUT OUR CITIZENS FIRST and do what we voted for (and forget net zero)
Return the party to the conservative values that pervaded the party pre-Cameron and get rid of the liberals, One Nation group, in the party.  Remove Sunak as soon as possible, he is an election liability.  Ignore any ruling from the ICJ regarding immigration.  Reduce taxes by raising the thresholds.

All those who are more comfortable with Liberal values please leave the room then go and join the Lib Dem Party-They really need you more than we do! Please don’t forget to take Nokes with you!
Bring back Boris Johnson!
You have ruined this country in the space of three years, why? I love my country but hate what it has turned into, the division is agony. There should be no devolved governments & the London Mayor should have been sacked long ago.Why hasn’t EDI been banned, it is causing more racial tension now than I have ever known & I work for the NHS!

you are generally a group of traitors only after your own interests You are incompetent Do not have British interests at heart Backstabbing little people who over many years have ruined our great country We need MP who are British with real British values and the intelligence and will to make Great Britain Great Again Shame on the lot of yea
Listen to the members. Stop ignoring us and overturning our decisions.
You too Brutus !
Be Conservative. Leave the ECHR. Stop Woke. Get rid of everything that ties us to the discredited EU. Reduce VAT to 5% or zero in hospitality for our community and pubs. Make sure that we are energy-independent. Stop Net Zero. Explore Shale gas and oil fields
Stop digging your own hole!
Stand up for this country and it’s people.
Halt illegal immigration. Ban the RNLI from picking them up. Leave the ECHR. Change Tory party rules/by-laws to stop a leader being chosen without membership votes – ala Sunak.

Be more conservative get rid of this lib dem crap
I was a party member since I was 18, even though in NW Industrial Town, always Labour Insadly keft when Boris Johnson, was kicked out, that day I cried! Why were Party Members Never  consulted! I will NEVER RETURN until SUNARK’S Gone!
Rishi has no mandate and wasn’t voted for by the Party members – he engineered the ousting of Boris whilst all the time  furthering his and his families own fortunes. We all look at Baroness Mone and say ‘ what the hell why did no-one investigate ‘ but are we going to be saying the same about Rishi’s own conflicts of interest down the line?
You have got to deliver on manifesto promises! Stop following WEF, globalist policies. Reduce the size of the State. Deport/detain all illegals. Fight the islamification of UK. Work for the majority, not appease minorities! Get rid of woke! Deliver Brexit properly. Bin the Windsor Framework! Strengthen defence. Reorg the failing NHS. Cut dependency on EU! Fight for British culture! Strengthen justice and build more prisons! Get tough and deport!
You committed political suicide ousting Boris Johnston. I cannot see any way back for the party before the General Election.
Stop lying we see you
When illegal Immigration is talked about, it’s a wider issue and is not just about stopping the boasts.
I want to see mass deportation along with the boats stopping or should I say turning around! 
I want to see every single person in our prison service who’s an immigrate immediate removing from the country. 
I want to see any individual involved in criminal activity and convicted with dual citizenship having their U.K. citizenship revoked and deporting.
I want all foreign students to be unable to bring family members into the country. 
Any illegal entry into the U.K. will be treated as a criminal offence as is the LAW and incarcerated accordingly prior to deportation.
Any individual without papers or able to prove who they are officially should immediately removed.
No immigrant should be able to work or vote or be allowed to roam the country as a free person unless tagged & report to the police station each day. 
Stop all payments to immigrants from taxes as that’s the responsibility of the charities
Get your FFFFing act together and carry out the voters wishes, also get shot of all these hangers on in the House of Lords
BRING BACK Boris  but NOT BACKSTABBING fishi rishi
Stop in-fighting and staunchly support your chosen leader. – Now!

Start listening to the people and not second quest what they want
You by ignoring your members and supporters have gifted the GE to labour, who will destroy this country with mass immigration, union pressure to give in to strikes, change the voting rules so the Tory party will never get back into power. The shadowy figures in conservative HQ controlling the party need to go. Replace MPs who do not believe in true conservative values.
You don’t listen, you talk too much, you fiddle with things like vaping that are not important. Focus on the big things stop tinkering around the edges. Get the big boots out Maggie will be turning in her grave that you have allowed the Islamification of our nation. Get a grip.

Chuck out the noncoservatves remove influence of gove andcummings
Examine the fundamentals of being a conservative and adopt them
Stop all the infighting and get back to conservative values
Start being conservative again and anyone who doesn’t please leave the party now.!
Stop behaving like children and focus on what you’re paid for. Serving the people and Great Britain
I am voting Conservative this next GE with Sunak currently as leader because I am voting for my conservative MP to be re-elected.I would prefer Rishi Sunak were not Party leader.One Nation MPs such as Damian Green, Caroline Nokes, Tobias Ellwood, Theresa May, et al must be ousted from the Conservative Party. They are Liberal Democrats.I think bringing back Boris will help the Party as he is an electoral asset, but bring him back as an advisor to the new Leader and Cabinet, and with his NetZero / green energy zealotry reined-in.Nigel Farage would have to ‘play nice’ if admitted back into the Party.
Stop fighting each other.
Stop the rush to Net Zero now!
Get a grip. You ousted the best leader when you got rid of Boris. You never gave Liz a chance. You undemocratically foisted Sunak on us and that’s when I quit the Conservative Party. You serve us,we don’t serve you,time to remember that. Also get rid of Hunt as Chancellor he’s bloody awful!!!
You have done a poor job representing the British people since Cameron left. Stop the infighting and start looking out for the UK

We’re do I start the country and the world is a mess with woke leftists and illegal fighters crossing the border while the government sits back to start off
Stop the boats and fix benefit scams
Resign now and let’s have some MPs with real life experience in the next Conservative Government should we ever have one.
Concentrate on making the country prosperous again and the country we are all so proud of! There is way too much in fighting and not enough concentration and work going on for the sake of the country.  Stop fighting amongst yourselves, you are all elected Conservative party members, stand by Rishi and work even harder to stop a Labour government getting into power.   If you carry on the way you are all behaving, the general election will be a landslide victory for Labour and it will be your fault, not just the PM!
Reclaim the UK from the wokerati and immigration before it is too late to do so. Bring back core conservative principles and rid the Westminster party of faux conservatives. Star taking the fight to Starmer and do not renege on Brexit.
Bring back true conservative values and aims.Do what you were voted to do.BRING BACK THE LEADER THAT THE POPULACE VOTED FOR – BORIS
Focus on national security.
My local MP (Conservative) has done a good job for her constituency. She has been let down by most of you who are not Conservatives but are Socialist Lib Dems. You have left me very very angry.
Boris Johnson is back where he belongs as our Prime Minister..now let him get on with the job or your out.
Do you job, stop pushing for headlines and tackle issues that need to be tackled.
Get your act together or you are going to loose your seat !!
Respect the choice of Prime minister made by the electorate
Unite the Conservative party.
Why did you throw away an 80 seat majority and guaranteed 2nd term over a piece of cake?? You have deliberately sabotaged the party, ignored members and gone out of your way to make the party look as ridiculous as possible. NO ONE voted for Rishi. You set Liz Truss up over a budget which was never implemented and somehow affected other world currencies at the exact time. You have lost everyone’s trust. Act now before it’s too late
You work for the people!!!
Why did you oust the best PM that this country has had since Margaret Thatcher. If you’d spent less time playing games and let him get on with it you wouldn’t be in the situation you find yourself in
Get a grip. You have lost both party discipline and the stategic direction which is to win the next election and the election after that. You need conservative policies which will make people more prosperous. The current freezing of the tax thresholds is wrong, putting those on State Pensions likely to pay tax next yearand the higher rate has brought many more people into the 40% band. Forcing people to adopt expensive green energy and policies is wrong. The technology is not right and many people cannot afford green levies. Sort immigration. We should adopt a no tollerence approach for illegal immigration Penalties for working should be significant and no benefits whatsoever should be give to illegal migrants. Suppport for charities supporting them should cease.

I would say get rid of the ‘plotters’ and the ones that appear to be controlling the party as mentioned by Nadine Dories. And start governing and instilling some discipline into the country again. Get rid of the biased civil servants and ensure that the media report fairly. And lastly, start shouting from the rooftops how we have benefited from BREXIT!!
Get a grip and think of putting the people first
Get your act together and deliver on behalf of this country.
Work together

Stop your egos act as a team and stop allowing and paying for illegal immigrants, your infighting is is only condemning the Conservatives to disaster and betraying your supporters.
Rediscover Conservative values, actions and thinking and implement them
The tax system in the UK is broken.  There is no incentive to work harder, do better or earn more, because success is punished by ever higher taxes the more you earn, the biggest scandal being the hidden marginal 60% tax rate that most people are blissfully unaware of.  The fact is – under the current Conservatives, work does not pay.
we lost the election when we got rid of Boris
each of you tell me why Sunak lied about attending parties & has been promoted to leader
We need true BLUE conservative leaders, not a mixture.
Stop the endless infighting and become a cohesive party without personal agendas
More fool you for getting rid of Boris in the manner that you did.  Nobody wanted Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister.
I’d tell those that knifed Boris that they screwed up big time and will probably lose their seats (and deserve too !)  as a result of their comtempt for the electorate.
(PS Thanks for asking)
You are not Conservatives, listen to the public.
Grow up and get rid of the idiot who thinks he runs the government – and I don’t mean Cummings!

You should hang your heads in shame getting rid of Boris.
Purge all Remainers from the party.Scrap all eu rules & the Windsor Framework.Return all Illegal Migrants back to France & stop them from coming immediatelyStop all immigration for the next 5 Years.Erase Islam from the UK
You’ve let down the true Conservative voters.
I hold you all collectively responsible for the mess we’re in and for blowing an 80 seat majority thereby totally betraying the faith put into the party by the electorate. You have also forced upon the party a leader that the membership roundly rejected and one which the country will do exactly the same to. 
You have only yourselves to blame. You should have listened to the membership who clearly undersood the public better than you sorry lot!

Get the One Nation bunch of idiots out of the party!
Stop illegal migration by any means.
Do we need to educate you on what a TRUE Tory is….
Would all the liberals please leave.  I want my conservative party back.
I would vote for an MP with Conservative values but definitely not a One Nation Conservative. I will campaign for an authentic Conservative. Most probably Suella Braverman. I feel like my Party has been hi jacked by the LibDems.
Should have backed Boris

You made a big mistake ousting Boris. I didn’t vote for Rishi I think he stabbed Boris in the back
Start being Conservatives again
Stop the in fighting and get your act together.

We supposedly live in a democracy. The electorate voted for Boris. It should have been up to the electorate to vote him out.
You are the most stupid bunch of idiots ever to exist. What were you thinking when you removed Boris Johnson the man who gave you an 80 seat majority supported by left and right alike. How did you think there would not be terminal consequences for you.
A good survey but sadly nothing will change
Adopt Conservative values. Get rid of the puppet masters who are such bad decision-makers. (Dougie Smith)

Stop bickeringStop stabbing each other in the backGrow up!Get on with what you are supposed to be doing
Stop being Lib Dem, be Conservatives.

Start behaving like Conservatives! Encourage enterprise, low tax, cut benefits, apologise for following the likes of Sage and locking us down without thinking about the long term effects on our children.
Where are your Conservative policies!
Biggest mistake was ousting Boris. It has ruined the Party and alienated thousands of Members. It’s when I left the Party. Charlatans!

It’s not just getting rid of Sunak. All of those who undemocratically installed him and all those that supported the coups have to go and the party has to reform to prevent any recurrence.
More aggressive to tackle illegal immigration and cutting taxes. Create middle class again
Why did you stab Boris Johnson in the back.

You are all fools to force Sunak in as PM without a membership vote
Listen to what the members the Conservative Party said when Boris left Rishi was not the members choice

Grow up and support conservative policies
A free vote should be offered on assisted dying for the terminally ill.
Bring back boris!
One nation conservatives are Liberals. Get rid of them

Fight Labour and Reform, not ourselves.

To the One Nation traitors: go and join the Lib Dems to whom you actually belong.To the remainder: sort your act out and remember you are conservatives!
try acting like the conservative MP you fooled the voters you where at the last election
Focus on the country not on arguing
WTF have you done!!!!!
Try being Conservative and stop pandering to liberals who won’t vote for you anyway…
You twelve, stand over there. The rest of you, you’re fired.
Stop infighting

try being conservative


  1. I hope the Conservatives are listening, reading the comments. They are running out of time, not sure anyone including Boris could save them from defeat now. I voted for Brexit and Boris, the Conservative party not Rishi Sunak and David Cameron.

  2. A phobia is an irrational fear. Our fear of Islam is rational. Our country has been invaded by hatred bearers and terrorists. Muslim parents feel free to break our laws and to comer a teacher threatening him to death, forcing him and his family into hiding. And no action from the police and your Government to protect us has been taken. Illegal Muslim males conquer our shores raping our women, girls, and boys. We are made to pay for them and build their houses on our land! Islamists and terrorist supporters freely roam our streets chanting pro-Hamas slogans with Khan and the police support. Muslim conclaves in our country produce rapist gangs again under the corrupt Muslim police supervision. Muslim Council of Britain pushes to impose Sharia law on us. Before you say freedom women in this country will be packed in burkas while we will be having terrorists in power. Labors hate Jews and support Hamas. Lee Anderson is protecting people in this country. He is speaking the truth. You are an unelected PM. You have brought unelected Cameron into the Office. You are both not Conservative. No one in your government is listening to the people. We don’t want Islam here. Shame on you Sunak. At best you can do before Conservatives go for a very long time, is sorting our Islamists and illegal immigrants, stop giving them our money, and deport them all the moment they break our laws and put a foot on our land. Stop people with dual citizenship like Khan from getting into power.


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