Great Britain emerged victorious as the gold medal winners in the 2024 junior artistic gymnastics European Championship men’s team event held in Rimini, Italy.

The team, comprising Gabriel Langton, Sol Scott, Uzair Chowdhury, Zakaine Fawzi, and Evan McPhillips, showcased exceptional skills across all apparatus, demonstrating remarkable composure, unity, and, above all, gymnastics talent.

Each gymnast made significant contributions to the team’s success, gaining confidence as the competition progressed. Their outstanding performances led to a collective score of 240.258, securing the gold medal. Additionally, the team’s high scores earned them spots in nine individual finals.

Sol Scott of Huntingdon stood out as the top all-around performer, earning a remarkable score of 79.064, securing his place in the all-around final alongside Gabriel Langton, who excelled across all six apparatus with a score of 78.465.

After putting up superb scores on vault and parallel bars, the highest totals of the day, the British team ended their quest on floor.

Last up was Sol Scott who needed 13,838 to overtake Italy.

“Keeping his cool, and loudly supported by his teammates and coaches, Scott nailed his routine. Result? A 13,866! Great Britain surpasses Italy by the slimmest of margins, just 0,028, for the 2024 junior European Team title!”

Sol’s floor routine was particularly impressive, sealing the team gold with a score of 13.866, matching Evan McPhillips of the City of Manchester, who also qualified for the final.

Gabriel Langton advanced to the rings final with a score of 13.2, while Sol Scott dominated the vault with a score of 14.4, earning him a spot in the final alongside his clubmate Uzair Chowdhury, who scored 13.777 on the parallel bars, tying with Gabriel’s score of 13.066.

Sol secured his fourth final appearance on the high bar with a score of 13.066.

Congratulations to the medallists!

GOLD Great Britain 240.258

SILVER Italy 240.230

BRONZE France 238.796

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Photo credit: British Gymnastics


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