Great Britain led on the world stage last night standing shoulder to shoulder with Israel, while most EU powers did nothing, according to Foreign policy analyst Nile Gardiner.

Of 300 missile and drones sent by Iran, 99% were destroyed – by Israel, Britain, Jordanians and Saudis.

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) reported that Israel and its allies successfully intercepted “99 per cent” of the drones and missiles launched towards its territory by Iran on Saturday.

Britain’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was one of the first world leaders to condemn the “reckless attack against Israel” saying:

“I condemn in the strongest terms the Iranian regime’s reckless attack against Israel. Iran has once again demonstrated that it is intent on sowing chaos in its own backyard. The UK will continue to stand up for Israel’s security and that of all our regional partners, including Jordan and Iraq. Alongside our allies, we are urgently working to stabilise the situation and prevent further escalation. No one wants to see more bloodshed.”

According to Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, the IDF spokesman, Iran deployed over 300 drones, along with more than 30 cruise missiles and 120 ballistic missiles, in the attack. Fortunately, there were no reported fatalities. An IDF spokesman said:

“More than thirty cruise missiles were fired. Zero penetrated the territory of Israel. More than 120 ballistic missiles were launched, a number penetrated and fell at the air force base in Nevatim, causing only minor damage. Iran thought that it would be able to paralyse the base and thereby damage the air capabilities, but failed.”

Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant stated that the attack caused minimal damage due to the effective operations conducted by the IDF and its allies.

Despite this success, Nevatim Air Base in the southern region of the country sustained damage, although its operational capabilities remained intact, as confirmed by Mr. Hagari. Additionally, a child was injured by rocket debris.

RAF jets played a crucial role in the defense of Israel, reportedly shooting down drones near the Syria-Iraq border, an area where Iranian proxy groups are active.

Leaders from the G7 will hold a video conference later today to discuss the Iranian strikes, according to Italy, which holds the rotating presidency of the group.

“The Italian presidency of the G7 has summoned G7 leaders for a video conference early this afternoon”, the government said. The G7 groups the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and Canada.

Main photo – Photographer: AS1 Amber Mayall RAF – UK MOD © Crown copyright 2024. MOD Crown Copyright News / Editorial Licence.


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