Like us, many readers will be feeling downhearted by the coup we’ve seen from the left leaning media and various ‘herd’ like ministers this week forcing the Prime Minister to step down as leader of the Conservative Party.

The sheer number of messages we’ve received from you all has been astounding and we have been asked to pass them on to Boris’s personal private secretary.

We feel you and we feel the same. But please hang on to your conservative vote. We will need it more than ever now.

We must protect conservatism with all our hearts and might. Free people, free markets, free speech, small government and low taxes. #NeverLabour.

And let’s not count Boris out. If anyone is ever going to make a Churchillian come back one day it’s Boris. He still has immense support in the party and across the country. And thanks to Boris and the Conservatives we still have plenty of great British news to report again this week.

Here are our ten best read UK news stories from the last seven days (4th – 10th July):

10. UK announces world’s first chemo drone delivery

Cancer patients in the UK will be the first in the world to benefit from chemotherapy delivered by drone as part of a new trial, NHS chief executive Amanda Pritchard announced this week. The drones, set to make their first flight in the coming weeks, will mean that the lifesaving treatment can be picked up and dropped to patients on the same day. Announcing the major trial on the NHS’s 74 birthday, NHS chief executive Amanda Pritchard said the drone deliveries were just the latest “extraordinary” instalment in another year that has showcased NHS innovation and cutting-edge technology… click here

9. UK’s world-leading internet safety law brings tough new safeguards for freedom of speech

People’s access to trusted, high-quality journalism online is to get a further boost as the government adds stronger press protections to its pioneering Online Safety Bill. Digital Secretary Nadine Dorries said: “Our democracy depends on people’s access to high quality journalism and our world-leading internet safety law brings in tough new safeguards for freedom of speech and the press online. Yet we’ve seen tech firms arbitrarily remove legitimate journalism with a complete lack of transparency and this could seriously impact public discourse. These extra protections will stop that from happening” click here…

8. COMMON SENSE PREVAILS: All public buildings to have separate male and female toilets

All new public buildings should have separate male and female toilets, the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities has announced this week. The approach will mean women, who may need to use facilities more often for example because of pregnancy and sanitary needs, have appropriate facilities. The move follows a call for evidence which gathered a wide range of views, including from pregnant women, older people, disabled people and people who come under the protected characteristic of gender reassignment… click here

7. UK strikes new deal with Nigeria to deter illegal migration

Home Secretary Priti Patel has struck a major new agreement with Nigeria, which will see both countries work together to tackle shared migration issues. The deal will see the UK and Nigeria do more together to support legal migration, tackle illegal migration and speed up the removal of foreign criminals. The commitment is already delivering: 13 Nigerian foreign nationals with no right to be in the UK were removed on a chartered flight on 30 June. After the flight departed Nigeria, it flew to Ghana where eight Ghanaian foreign nationals with no right to be in the UK were returned… click here

6. BREXIT BRITAIN: UK signs new deal with Republic of Korea to unleash digital trade and grow economy

Milestone marks the UK’s first data adequacy decision in principle since leaving the EU. Agreement will unleash digital trade between the UK and Republic of Korea, already worth more than £1.3 billion. British businesses and consumers are set to benefit as the UK announces an ‘in principle’ deal to boost data sharing with the Republic of Korea. The deal is the UK’s first independent adequacy agreement with a priority country since leaving the European Union and sees the government seizing the benefits of having independent data laws… click here

5. Prolific small boats people smuggling network dismantled as part of international operation

Around 40 people have been arrested in a series of raids across Europe, as the National Crime Agency joined the biggest ever international operation targeting small boat people smugglers. The operation is part of wide ranging NCA activity to dismantle criminal networks and disrupt their operating models. British officers were dispatched to places like Germany where more than 60 boats and 900 life jackets, which would have been used to transport people across the Channel, were recovered from a farm near Osnabruck. They will now be examined by NCA specialists… click here

4. Tax cut worth up to £330 comes in for 30 million UK workers

30 million people across the UK will benefit from the biggest personal tax in a decade from today – with hard working Brits saving up to £330 per year. The £6 billion tax cut will see the level at which people start paying National Insurance rise to £12,570 – lifting 2.2 million people out of paying any personal tax and ensuring people get to keep more of the money they earn. The threshold change means that 70% of UK workers will pay less National Insurance, even after accounting for the Health and Social Care Levy that is funding the biggest catch up programme in NHS history and putting an end to spiralling social care costs… click here

3. UK energy independence moves step closer as 6 sites shortlisted for first £200 million factory

Following a £210 million grant from the government and a £195 million cash injection from private firms, Rolls-Royce has released a shortlist of potential locations for the first of three UK planned factories for the manufacture of small modular reactors (SMRs). The government wants to build 16 Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) in the next 25 years to secure the UK’s energy supply and hit its net-zero target by 2050. Each reactor would have the capacity to generate 470MW of power, which it added would be the same produced by more than 150 onshore wind turbines… click here

2. Derelict sites across England to be transformed into new ‘beautiful hamlets and villages’ as brownfield fund opens

Derelict and underused brownfield sites across England will be transformed into thousands of new homes, creating thriving communities and levelling up the country. Minister for Government Efficiency Jacob Rees-Mogg said: “Opening up this land is a fantastic opportunity for regeneration, improving government efficiency and playing a vital role in tackling the housing shortage while increasing home ownership. I am pleased to see this work is being delivered, after many attempts over the decades. This will provide a boost to the economy, foster the creation of thousands of jobs, and it is also the opportunity to convert derelict and unloved land into beautiful new hamlets or villages, which will give many young families their first step on the housing ladder”… click here

1. Ukraine owes big thank you to Boris the ‘most popular international politician’ say top Ukrainian politicians

Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Ukrainian politician Oleksiy Goncharenko have come out praising British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the world stage. Ukrainian MP Oleksiy Goncharenko came out of a meeting in the Ukrainian Parliament to speak to film crews and thank the British Prime Minister and British people for coming to the country’s aid. Speaking to GB News, Mr Goncharenko said Ukraine owes a “very big thank you” to Boris Johnson. The MP said: “Boris was my friend, Boris was a great fan of Ukraine and Boris is an outstanding person. I very much appreciate the Boris leadership in the global anti-Putin militia”… click here

For last week’s Top Ten Great British news stories (27th June – 3rd July) click here.

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By Claire Bullivant

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