Conservative party donors are allegedly asking if there is any way Boris Johnson can be put forward as a candidate on the ballot for choosing the country’s new Conservative Leader.

Although it appears to go against Parliamentary rules, donors are not happy and reportedly asking if there is any way Boris Johnson can remain as PM.

The Prime Minister was forced to step down as leader of the Conservative Party last week following the high profile resignations of Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid. The resignations from a number of MPs and politicians then followed suit.

Even though Boris has resigned as leader of the Conservative Party, he remains in place as Prime Minister until a new leader is decided.

The process to appoint a new leader has already begun but Conservative donors are reportedly looking for ways to keep Mr Johnson in the top job.

On Saturday the former deputy editor of The Spectator and Mr Johnson’s former flame Petronella Wyatt, tweeted to claim he would be resigning as Prime Minister next week in order to stand as a candidate.

Downing Street was quick to deny Ms Wyatt’s claims and said Boris is not be looking into ways to stand as a candidate in the race to decide the next Prime Minister. The next day Ms Wyatt raised more eyebrows when she tweeted: “I should point out, now that Number 10 have issued strenuous denials, that my tweet was, er, a joke.”

However, the party is coming under huge pressure from all sides from members and also high profile Conservative donors who are looking at ways of keeping Boris in the top job according to a source who said: “The Conservative donors aren’t happy and they’re asking questions. There has been no mandate from the people to remove Boris and everyone has been inundated by disgruntled party members.”

Another blamed the media and Remainers for getting rid of the Prime Minister telling the Mail on Sunday: “That Johnson has been got at by the blob, Remainers and BBC.”

According to the source there is a feeling in the Conservative camp of ‘remorse.’ One saying: “Donors have been saying they have buyers’ remorse. There is a feeling that we have lost this extraordinary politician.”

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  1. I assume that one cannot vote twice as I have already voted in favour. However I am disgusted at the way Boris has been treated by the media Ian Blackford (SNP) has done very similar but the media are not baying for him to resign

  2. Boris Johnson was the people’s choice, not the backstabbing mp’s and we say when he goes , l for one will never vote Tory again with all these treater’s in the party changing the rules to suit their agenda. Democracy is dead when these mp’s back stab and force our elected PM out all 59 mp’s who resigned should stand down lose their pension and refund their expenses for the last 5 years. This was a witch-hunt nothing less dreamed up by,Liebour,SNP, Greens and the remain voters . That’s the real reason behind all this.

  3. I’m so utterly devastated by the way Boris has been treated by his so called ‘colleagues’ the media and all the disgruntled remainers. We the members need to have our say and will not be pushed aside. Our voices should be heard!

  4. I am not a member, but I am a full supporter of Boris. I disgusted at how he has been treated by his own party. His own Party have been the enablers of this coup against the best leader since Thatcher. Sunak, Zahawi. Javid are all traitors in my mind I would not support any of them. To think that you would let this remainer and lefty plot take place makes me wonder if you ever deserved my long standing support. Sad!!!!

  5. If Boris goes then I will never vote Tory again. There must be away to have him reinstated and to sack the backstabbers and remainers who are forcing him out.

  6. I am appalled at the way Boris Johnson has been treated. Rishi Sunak cannot become Prime Minister as he has the same fine as Mr Johnson and has been preparing to oust him since last December.

  7. I voted for Boris, I am disgusted at the way he has been treated by the MSM, Remainers, and the traitors in his own government and party. Boris needs to be a 3rd option for a confirmatory vote. The members must decide, not the 1922 Committee or Mp’s. If this does not happen, then I shall cancel my membership and never vote Conservative again! Also, disband the 1922 Committee.

    Fiona Rigby from Bury, Lancashire.

  8. I’m disgusted at the way democracy has been
    Ignored , why can rishi be ok for pm when he was fined and boris can’t it is just to get a remainer as pm , we are not fooled

  9. The Conservative MPs driving all this will regret their disloyalty. Such a shame they could not have put their efforts in to supporting BJ and bringing internal change through good Govt rather than being disloyal backstabbers. They will regret this and my prediction is the loss of any future general election will be traced back to this internal coup. An own goal with massive negative implications for our country. Membership cancelled. None of the contenders are PM material in comparison to BJ who needed their support not vitriol.

  10. Even though I would prefer him to stay the reality he is not, also the oppersition are masivly corrupt yet nobody ever points it out when they start flinging mud on this time a matter that nobody in the party really cared about. This purely looks like an tempt to desaet a PM by party rebels using a manufactured outrage, he sacked the man pretty much instantly unlike starmer who constantly turns a blind eye to that sort of thing and many more crimes in his party

  11. We are disgusted by the way Boris was ousted from the position of PM, the disloyalty amongst his party is unbelievable.

  12. From the word go Starmer had it in for Boris by trying to besmirch him constantly. Nothing short of a witch hunt by social media, Starmer, Peston, Bradby and BBC. Should all be ashamed of yourselves. He’s been the best PM since Churchill and is greatly missed by the Great British public.

  13. I truly hope Boris can be Prime Minister, I am apalled at the way he has been treated he has achieved so much and had to put up with constant harrassment from the media, beerstarmer and much more then to cap it all treason from his own party. i voted for Boris in the general election to close our borders and get Brexit done then along came Covid and our Boris was the first to save many lives with vaccinations, falling ill himself. Just what on earth is happening to British values when people cannot accept the result of the majority vote. I am a member of the Conservative Party and sincerely hope more people communicate to show our support for Boris.

  14. I voted for Boris and attended his Hustings where i saw Bishops support him. He has universal appeal. On the negative side Hunt arfived surrounded by young ppl balloons and razzmatazz – Boris came in quietly and gave a great account. He appeals to young and old. We shall all rue this act of treachery.

  15. Can’t someone start a petition to keep boris on? Some brave person to speak up, I
    The other mps put forward are back stabbing hypocrites

  16. I voted for Boris and I want him to stay on as PM. It’s disgusting how he has been forced out by a handful of backstabbing MPs. What’s happening to democracy? All the voters who got Boris into power are being betrayed.

  17. I’m so disgusted with the way Boris has been treated, for months he has been bashed and hounded by the opposite benches and the MSM. All remainers. Not once did Boris retaliate.
    I cancelled my membership on the day Boris was forced to resign and if he doesn’t get to be included in the final 2 backstabbing MPs, I and hundreds will never vote Conservative again! The 1922 committee should be dissolved, they are as bad if not worse than all 50 odd MPs who stabbed Boris in the back. Lying and scheming! I am repulsed by all of them.

  18. I voted for Boris to be leader and I did not expect him to be ousted by his own party when he has done so much for everybody. You are obviously completely out of touch as Conservative Post became so unpleasant to read that I gave up because of all the backstabbing etc.

    The Conservative Party will regret it, if they don’t reinstate Boris. He has been forced out by a witch hunt by remainers, the 1922 committee, aided and abetted by the media and MPs who have been non-stop bullies.

    If Boris is not reinstated, I will be resigning and taking my vote elsewhere. The party will find a huge hole in the number of members and you will have given a huge opportunity to Labour and the Lib Dems.

  19. Boris is without doubt the best PM since Thatcher. Those MPs that voted against him will regret their decision and I hope they all lose their seat. I will not vote for my MP (Bob Stewart) if he voted against Boris. Sir Bob Neil is the MP for Bromley, he needs to re-consider his comments against the PM, who delivered the biggest majority for decades. Most of the MPs that voted against Boris are EU remainers that simply wanted pay back for Boris winning on Brexit. No one in the party has the charisma of Boris or the following, aside for those that did not wish to leave the EU. Keir Starmer must feel as if he won the lottery on a ticket bought by Tory back stabbers. He had drinks during an election but none of his party turned on him. If Sunak wins, the PM selection I shall cancel my membership. My hope is that Boris will return.

  20. I am devastated by the way Boris Johnson has been treated. This is not democracy, the country decides at a General Election who the PM will be, it should not be up to us. It is a conspiracy by the remainers, the media and the Left. This is the sort of thing Trump goes in for. Three bad by-election results won’t lose us the next election but this pantomime will.


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