By Alex Story.

Sometimes things are so obvious they need to be spelt out clearly. Boris is the people’s choice.

Every piece of data shows that, from a Conservative voter’s perspective, he is more popular than the current contenders to the leadership by a long shot.

Members of a particular focus group in Esher & Walton, a Tory marginal seat in Surrey, were brutal in their appraisal of just where the Conservative Party is right now.

The race to replace Boris, they compared to a Looney Tunes cartoon in which the former Chancellor and the Foreign Secretary use increasingly desperate measures to try to harm their rival… and end up damaging themselves.

Across the country from Southampton to Oldham and from Walton to Wakefield the message is the same. Boris was their choice. They feel he was unfairly ousted.

Across the country from Southampton to Oldham and from Walton to Wakefield the message is the same. Boris was their choice. They feel he was unfairly ousted.

Sandra, a 56-year-old teacher and a swing voter, said: “I’m a Boris fan, I was disappointed that he lost the leadership.”

“I really liked him” said another swing voter. “I was really, really disappointed in the way he was treated”, he continued. “The media are the ones that turned everyone against him”.

A survey commissioned by another newspaper showed half of Conservative voters polled thought Boris should remain as Prime Minister. Just 20 per cent chose Mr Sunak and Ms Truss lingered on 18 per cent.

On that reading, Boris is 245 per cent more popular with Conservative voters than Sunak and 272 per cent more so than Truss. There is no contest.

The shift in opinion since Boris’ defenestration has come as a surprise to many in the Conservative Party leadership, but to absolutely no one else.

Senior Tory apparatchiks allowed themselves, as they often do, to be swayed by both certain sections of the media (and increasingly social media) into ditching the one person who stands between electoral glory and annihilation. Memories are short.

In 2019, under Theresa May, the party went into meltdown. The European Elections that year were the Conservative Party’s nadir. Theresa May oversaw the most humiliating, soul crushing, life sapping three years of our millennia-long history.

Bureaucratic, charmless and imagination free, she and the Party she led were an utter embarrassment. With John Bercow as speaker every passing day was an affront to the living and the dead. Boris’ victory cleansed Parliament.

Peace, for a time, came back as well as a sense of hope. His bonhomie broke the back of a Labour Party that had long ceased to care about what it considered its voters.

In addition, when the chips came down, he chose the side of the 2016 rebellion. Most other supposed “Big Beasts” in our political firmament put short term career interests above the national one.

They divulged that the “Euroscepticism” they had been peddling for decades was nothing more than a façade, a mechanism to deceive. They had lied to their own voters about their attachment to the European Super State project.

The referendum forced them out of the shadows into the light. In so doing, they lost whatever trust they might still have had with the electorate.

What happened next, the three years of absolute constitutional chaos and vandalism, was a confirmation, if any was needed, that our established order had gone insane.

Boris’ victory was a reaction against this unbearable and constant attack on the majority of the country, who conscientiously voted Leave.

They were asked a question. They answered it. The vilification, since June 24 2016, has not abated. For six years, the attacks on their characters, motives and intellect have been a daily feature of their lives.

They recognise Boris in themselves. As they say in Wakefield: “He is our Boris”. He stood by them then, they stand by him now.

Boris, it is worth reiterating, did not lose the confidence of the Parliamentary Party. Nor did he lose the confidence of the House. In fact, since his victory of 2019, he did not lose a vote.

It is pressure from less than a fifth of Tory MPs that got him to resign. That is not the same thing at all.

Since his resignation, surveys show that he has not lost the support of the Conservative Party membership or of Conservative Voters. More than 20,000 members have signed the Conservative Post’s petition asking for Boris to be on the ballot.

Mere days after Boris’ resignation in late July it was reported that Conservative Party Headquarters had been bombarded with more 14,000 letters from people asking for Boris to be reinstated.

It is unfathomable that such a strong reaction would have manifested itself for any of our past five Prime Ministers.

And yet, having successfully arranged a coup to remove Boris, the Party machinery is caught between the rock of reality and the hard place of facts.

They have engineered the removal of a vote winner, who reflects, in many ways, the open mindedness of much of the British electorate. He will be replaced by one of two characters, who, whatever their competences, simply cannot compete on the popularity stakes – what matters most to win in a democratic system.

Boris wins elections. Neither Sunak nor Truss can prove they have this unexplainable attribute. The Tory Party is experimenting dangerously.

There is still time for the Conservative Party to end this nonsensical self-flagellation. It is five to midnight though. In less than two weeks, the die will be cast. The results will be irreversible.

Let Boris Back on the Ballot. And let the electorate judge his record.

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Members, please sign the Conservative Post’s Boris Ballot petition here.

This article was first published in the Express on 25th August 2022.


  1. I have read every comment by Alex Story and Lord Cruddas on this topic. It is about time the Conservative HQ took notice of what the membership and the population want. I have just voted myself for Boris on the ballot paper sent to me. I am aware that this will not be recognised and will be just put down as a spoiled paper….but I couldn’t justify voting any other way. I do not want either of the two candidates and I think the behaviour of the few MPs and the media has been despicable. Boris should be asked to take back his resignation. The world knows that Boris has the right charisma to lead (Ukraine in particular)….now do the right thing by us and bring him back to Number 10.

    • I agree with your comments Janet but I feel a spoiled voting paper may lead to the wrong person getting in I cannot understand how the HQ have not acknowledged our request for Boris Do they not read our comments on this website? I am enraged on receiving an email from traitor Graham Brady yesterday and that he has the nerve to encourage us to vote for Sunak or Truss I am returning a message saying reinstate Boris and to take notice of what we are saying to give us the choice

      • Whether or not you send in a donkey vote, the Conservative party is finished without Boris. The best thing to do is not to vote at all. To vote is to condone their treachery.

        • Totally agree with you Lilly, 100%. As a CP member I simply cannot vote for either the two candidates chosen for us without our input.

  2. I have, as previously stated, ruined my voting paper by voting for Boris on it. The Conservative HQ will just put that down as a spoiled paper. However at least I have sent it in and just maybe?…someone might count the number of people who have done the same thing. I think that is better than not sending it in at all.
    I cannot believe that the party can go against its member like this. Surely they must be too embarrassed to admit their mistake. Or just too arrogant to think they know better.

  3. Janet wheeler i hope you realise thru spoiling your paper you may have let sunak in and if you and the rest who have done this will live with yourself after sunak and his bunch of crooks take us back into the eu and finish this country for good because i for one will not forgive any of you

  4. Bring back Boris, I certainly do not want either candidate. We all know Boris is a buffoon but a highly respected buffoon by the rest of the world. The traitress lot who stabbed him in the back should be held to account. It was the people who voted for him.


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