The first ever, genuine, full-speed Electric MOKE vehicles rolled off the UK production line last week, ready to be delivered to customers in the UK for summer.

The British motoring icon announced in 2020 full production of all MOKE vehicles were returning to the United Kingdom – the home of the MOKE brand.

Today all MOKEs are built at a state-of-the-art facility in Northamptonshire operated by the British automotive manufacturing services company, Fablink Group.

The complete move back to the UK was made possible by UK government grant funding from the Niche Vehicle Network, alongside the recent trade deal which allows UK automotive businesses tariff-free access to EU markets, based on defined rules of origin. It also follows strong demand for what is rapidly re-emerging as the ultimate beachfront and country estate vehicle. This has led to the creation of key commercial jobs to guide the brand through its next growth phase, including expansion into international markets.

The company says the introduction of the fully electric MOKE reflects consistent customer demand for an evocation of one of the best loved vehicles in the world, ready for the pressing global requirement for clean-air powertrains.

Indeed, electrification enhances the unique promise of MOKE with significantly increased performance married to the benefits of a silent powertrain for undisturbed open-air motoring.

Isobel Dando, CEO, MOKE International said:

“MOKE going electric secures the appeal of one of Britain’s best loved marques for many generations to come. MOKE’s marriage of fun, personality and open air thrills will only be enhanced through the performance and silent running of an electric powertrain. We are proud to write a new chapter in one of British automotive folklore’s best loved stories.” 

Electrification writes a bold new chapter for one of British automotive’s most loved and storied marques.

The MOKE was the brainchild of legendary Mini designer Sir Alec Issignois. He was tasked to create a vehicle robust enough to be parachuted behind enemy lines from an aeroplane. The MOKE proved far more popular with a 1960s glamour-set that included The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Brigette Bardot, in doing so establishing its legend as the ultimate beachouse-to-waterfront shuttle.

MOKE International revived the brand in 2017 introducing a number of special editions that have proven highly popular amongst MOKE officianods and an entirely new generation of fun-seekers. This commercial success has underpinned the significant investment in securing the long-term future of the brand through electrification.

The company say it is also at the forefront of sustainability and climate awareness in motoring manufacturing processes. At the end of the battery’s life in a MOKE, it’s collected by a dedicated partner and repurposed for use in other industries, such as energy storage and construction. On final disposal, it’s recycled responsibly by ethical, sustainable specialists.

Over 60% of the MOKE parts come from Europe helping reduce the distances travelled by components, while also allowing tariff-free access to EU markets.

As part of its ‘Clean Beach’ ambitions, MOKE has also become a Corporate Partner and Sponsor of the Blue Marine Foundation (“Blue”), which operates all over the world and in many of MOKE’s most important markets. Blue is working to protect and restore life in the ocean, which is critical if the world is to ward off runaway climate change.

Fablink Group, headquartered in Northamptonshire, is a leading Tier 1 supplier of automotive structures and complete vehicle assemblies to several global OEMs. Fablink Group provides comprehensive design, manufacturing and engineering services to some of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers including Jaguar Land Rover and Morgan. The company has over 500,0002 ft of production space and employs around 700 highly skilled engineers, production operators and technicians across six UK sites.

Official MOKE available to order from Hendy Group dealerships.

Photo credit: MOKE International


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