New publication date for Nadine Dorries’ highly anticipated new book this autumn


HarperNonFiction has announced a new publication date for Nadine Dorries’ The Plot.

Originally set to be published on 28th September, it will now be released in hardback, audiobook and eBook on 9th November 2023.

According to the publishers, the small delay is necessary to allow for the huge volume of material the author has consulted, the number of high-level sources spoken to, and the required legal process needed to share her story.

Nadine Dorries says:

‘What began as an investigation into how Boris Johnson was removed from office ultimately revealed a corruption of democracy deep at the heart of the Conservative party and in Downing St. Secrecy, fear and the cloak of anonymity have protected those who wield secret power, until now. It makes The House of Cards appear tame, but this is no made up tale, it’s for real and for the first time, their political darks arts are about to be revealed.’

The highly anticipated book published by HarperCollins is the seismic, untold story of how the most charismatic politician of a generation Boris Johnson was driven from office. 

With unparalleled access, Nadine Dorries speaks to dozens of inside sources ranging from Cabinet ministers to the lowliest spads [special advisers], civil servants and party officials and through their testimony she pieces together a profoundly shocking story of powerful, unaccountable forces operating behind the scenes who became the architects of a prime minister’s downfall.

In the pages of The Plot, the former culture secretary has promised to “expose every devious trick they’ve pulled.”

Ms Dorries said:

“I began to write about how one of our most electorally successful prime ministers had been taken down. What I discovered was a fault line in the Tory party stretching back decades involving the most Machiavellian political dark arts.”

Boris Johnson came to power in 2019 with a larger share of the popular vote than Tony Blair. Rewriting the political map of the UK, he united a party and shattered Labour’s fabled red wall. And yet, just three years later, he was ousted by the same MPs who had greeted his leadership so rapturously. What had gone so wrong?  

Ms Dorries continued: 

“When I started this book, I had no idea of the journey I was embarking on. But the more people I talked to in the heart of Westminster, the deeper the story unfolded.

“If you thought that power flowed from the people into parliament, be prepared to think again.”

This is the story of a damning trail of treachery and deceit fuelled by an obsessive pursuit of power, which threatens to topple the very fabric of our democracy.

Ms Dorries served 18 years in Westminster working her way up the ministerial ranks. She served as a minister of state in the department of health throughout the pandemic finishing as secretary of state at the department of Digital Culture, Media & Sport. She is a Sunday Times bestselling novelist and a Daily Mail columnist.

You can preorder a copy of The Plot by Nadine Dorries by clicking here


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