Number 10 writes to trainee hairdresser who offered to cut Boris Johnson’s hair


A trainee hairdresser who wrote to Prime Minister Boris Johnson offering to cut his hair has been thanked by Number 10 for his “thoughtful offer.”

Jack Jenkins, 19, of Thetford in Norfolk, struggled to practice cutting hair in lockdown and used a trunk full of plastic heads in the absence of models.

He wrote to the Prime Minister inviting him to be a hair model and said he was “shocked” to receive a reply.

The letter, from 10 Downing Street, said: “The Prime Minister greatly appreciates your kind words of support and thoughtful offer to cut his hair.

“I am sure once restrictions are lifted you will have no shortage of models to practice on.”

Jack, who studies level two cutting and styling at West Suffolk College in Bury St Edmunds, said of Mr Johnson’s hair: “He needs to smarten it up a little bit, but other than that he looks really smart.”

He went on: “I’d probably just give it a cut round the sides then a trim on the top.”

His mother Joanne Jenkins, 55, said Jack practiced cutting his cutting and styling techniques on her during lockdown, and also on his 54-year-old father Carl Jenkins at weekends when the tanker driver was not working.

She said Jack has a “trunk full of plastic heads, and they’re looking a bit dishevelled as he’s just practiced on the heads, instead of people.”

Mrs Jenkins said a friend had suggested that they write the letter and it was “really lovely” to receive a response.

“I know Boris’s hair is, quite… is great,” she said.

“Maybe he doesn’t want it cut, I don’t know, but Jack said: ‘He’d be a great model though, wouldn’t he?’

“I said: ‘Yeah he would, let’s write the letter.’

“That’s what we did. We never thought we’d get a response but we did, so it’s brilliant.”


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