Over 50 MPs and 30,000 members and supporters say ‘Bring Back Boris’


The momentum behind the campaign to Bring Back Boris as Prime Minister is gathering momentum with more than 50 MPs already signed up to support him and over 30,000 members and supporters signing the Conservative Post’s petition to reinstate him as PM.

The contest officially began following Ms Truss’s resignation on Thursday afternoon after just 44 days in office.

Boris Johnson, who was forced out of No 10 just last month, is now over halfway to the 100 threshold needed to be in with a chance of getting his old job back. He is being helped campaigners across the country calling on their MPs to #BringBackBoris.

The race currently looks like it will be contested by the former PM Boris Johnson and his former Chancellor Rishi Sunak. As of Friday morning both politicians now have 52 MPs backing them according to political website Guido Fawkes.

Conservative Peer Lord Cruddas, who has been campaigning for the return of Mr Johnson since he was forced to resign is also urging MPs to step aside for the political heavyweight.

He said: “I am calling on all MPs to not stand against Boris as leader. Another leadership campaign is not what the country needs right now.

“Time for the Conservative Party to put the country first and bring back Boris. He is the only candidate that has the mandate of the British people.”

Conservative Post Editor and petition organiser Claire Bullivant added: “If anyone is going to make a Churchillian come back it’s going to be Boris and it looks like he’s got the support.

“The members definitely seem to want him. Through our Bring Back Boris campaign we’re receiving messages from councillors, volunteers and supporters from right across the country who are all saying the same thing. Boris is the man we need back as he is the one who will beat Starmer in a General Election and keep the socialists out.

“I was at a Conservative Women’s event last night in the Midlands and people who were in the same restaurant  were coming over and telling us they were normally Labour supporters but they voted for Boris and would do so again.

“There’s only one MP who has a mandate from party members AND from the British public – a mandate with an 80 seat majority. That is Boris Johnson. We need to bring him back and keep Starmer out of No 10.”

Hopefuls need the backing of at least 100 fellow Conservative MPs by Monday afternoon and there will be an online vote for members if two candidates make it through the parliamentary stages.

Ex-culture secretary Nadine Dorries said: “[Boris] is a known winner and that is certainly who I’m putting my name against because I want us to win the general election. Having a winner in place is what the party needs to survive. I am quite confident he will get the 100 signatures.”


  1. We need Boris. He did so much whilst he was PM and would have done more if he had not been hampered by troublesome MPs. He is popular with the voters and without him Conservative MPs can say goodbye to being in Government when the election comes.

    Boris is good on the world stage and that is of utmost importance during this critical time.

  2. Can’t wait to see Boris back in No.10, there is no-one else who can sort out this mess as he would also compile a good team with the right attitudes and skills. He has had a bit of time to recharge his batteries, reflect on the past and now get stuck into the future and cheer us all up…..and aren’t the opposition parties grizzling! That’s why they are all demanding an election, stupidly, do they really think an election will be called before Boris is safely installed, gathered his team and sorted out what needs to be done.
    Go Boris…show them what a real statesman looks like!

  3. I agree with all the above comments Please come back Boris Thankfully we have Lord Cruddas working hard for this and also faithfuls like Nadine Dorries Definitely no to Sunak He was not voted for last time and he will not be now He and his followers need to accept that we need Boris and put their support behind him to get him reinstated now!

  4. absolutely right , he s the only one who really cares about the country and he s been voted for by the British peoples and has a mandate to take us forward , lets hope the 22 commitee realise this

  5. I also believe in Boris and his charismatic ability to pull us all out of this embarrassing hellhole the Tory party has got itself into. But. And it’s a big but. Anne Widdecombe was right that he needs people around him that are loyal and can stand up to him and tell him to shut his mouth on occasions! No more gaffes ir lies please. Some humility on the past mistakes then we can all back him and his bags of skills ideas and enthusiasm. But please no more bluster!

  6. Bring back Boris to sort out this mess. Yes he was wrong to have parties during covid – he has admitted that – but those actions didnt damage the country the way Truss has. Bring him back the the post the electorate pit him in and start making this Country great again

  7. We voted Boris in , the party took him out …. at your own peril . Bring Boris back or lose the next General Election, spoken to so many life long Conservative Voters who after this debacle will never vote for the Party again unless Boris is back as PM .


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