Pen Farthing IS getting the dogs out on evacuation jet after British army step in


Pen Farthing and his rescue animals will now board an evacuation plane out of Afghanistan after the Ministry of Defence stepped in and assured clearance for their charter flight to return to the UK.

In the last hour the Ministry of Defence press office tweeted:

“Pen Farthing and his pets were assisted through the system at Kabul airport by the UK armed forces.

“They are currently being supported while he awaits transportation.

“On the direction of the Defence Secretary, clearance for their charter flight has been sponsored by the UK Government.”

The announcement has been welcomed by many concerned Brits who have been avidly following the former Royal Marine’s escape efforts on social media.

Paul Farthing, known as Pen, founded the Nowzad shelter in 2007 to rescue animals in Kabul and for the last week has been battling to evacuate his staff and almost 200 animals in what has become known as ‘Operation Ark.’

Yesterday Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said officials would seek a runway slot for the plane chartered by Pen and his team to evacuate him, his staff and their animals if they went to Kabul Airport.

But Mr Farthing together with 69 Afghan adults, children and the animals were 300 metres inside the airport perimeter when the Taliban told the group it couldn’t board a jet.

Pen tweeted:

“The whole team & dogs/cats were safely 300m inside the airport perimeter. We were turned away as @JoeBiden@POTUS had changed paperwork rules just 2 hours earlier. Went through hell to get there & we were turned away into the chaos of those devastating explosions. #OperationArk

After they were turned back, an ISIS-K suicide bomber targeted civilians and US Marines outside the airport, killing at least 110 people.

However, it appears this afternoon’s efforts have been more successful as Pen and his pets were assisted through the system at the airport by the UK Armed Forces.

Tonight’s MoD announcement about Operation Ark’s repatriation is welcome news to the thousands of supporters who have been following this story on social media.

Sources on the ground say the animals are being watered and looked after by British soldiers as they get ready to board their flight to safety.


  1. Thank god. This news as made me so happy. Please be safe Pen the British army are going to help you. This as restored my faith in our country. God bless you all. Safe journey for you and your fur baby’s. 🙏😍✈️🐕🦮🐕‍🦺🥰


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