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READER OFFER: Pre-order your SIGNED copy of Ten Years to Save the West by Liz Truss


Pre-order a SIGNED hardback copy of former Prime Minister Liz Truss’s new book Ten Years to Save the West for only £20 from Biteback Publishing (while stocks last).

Over the course of a decade as a minister, Liz Truss sought to champion limited government and individual freedom in the face of the left-wing political agenda that frames the debate in so many institutions.


Ousted by the establishment but still fighting for conservatism, Truss argues that the rise of authoritarianism and the adoption of fashionable ideas propagated by the global left give us barely a decade to preserve the economic and cultural freedoms and institutions that the West holds so dear.

Peppered with newsworthy anecdotes from Truss’s time in public life – such as her memorable last meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, her confrontations with the regimes in Moscow and Beijing, her encounters with the Trump administration and her dismay at the political class’s attempt to betray Brexit – Ten Years to Save the West is an urgent and impassioned call to conservatives about the radical changes that are needed for us to save the West. Ignore her warning at your peril.

Former Prime Minister Liz Truss says:

“I want to provide a call to action for fellow conservatives who believe in our nation and our way of life and who share my frustration at what has been going wrong with our politics and governance. I want others to heed the warnings of what I saw happening and learn the lessons of the battle I lost.”

Pre-order a limited-edition signed copy


Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister 2019–2022:

“Liz Truss is right about one big thing – the old establishment economic models are failing. That’s bad news for the entire western world. And she is right that the last thing any of us now needs is more socialism, more taxes and more regulation. We need to reject that tiresome refrain of the global left and instead pursue an agenda that unleashes enterprise and boosts economic growth. I commend this invigorating tract!”

Mike Lee, United States senator:

“By the time former heads of government get around to writing their memoirs, they usually look exclusively backwards, focused only on legacy. This is not the case with former Prime Minister Liz Truss, and we are very fortunate that this is so. Truss is a true movement conservative who has served at the highest levels on the world stage, and in Ten Years to Save the West she diagnoses clearly and vividly the problems she found there.

“Western conservatism is under attack from inside and out, and this book is required reading for those all over the world who want to defend it. Truss will be a leader in this fight for years to come, and her book pulls no punches in describing the stakes of today and the challenges of tomorrow.”




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