SIGN THE PETITION: UK needs to leave ECHR and stop the boats


Last year we saw European judges going against a decision by the UK’s Supreme Court, the UK’s High Court and the UK’s Court of Appeal.

Now in the wake of the Rwanda scheme being blocked by the courts, senior Conservatives are calling on Rishi Sunak to take the UK out of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

Conservative Post readers also overwhelmingly believe the European Courts should have no jurisdiction over the UK and want their meddling and interference to stop. As one reader put it: “Britain has the best judges and courts in the world… and ours are definitely independent. We don’t need Europe telling us what to do!

Britain has the best judges and courts in the world… and ours are definitely independent. We don’t need Europe telling us what to do!

Home Secretary Suella Braverman said during a Commons debate last night that Strasbourg’s actions had been “opaque, irregular and unfair when it comes to the will of the British people.”

Sir Edward Leigh, president of the Common Sense Group of Conservative MPs told the Commons:

“Every year we produce a migration Bill, every year we’re tied up in knots by human rights lawyers. What we’ve been suggesting for two years in the Common Sense Group is that the Refugee Convention was made for a different world, as was the Human Rights Convention.

“We simply have to have a derogation so that we can detain people and then deport them. We will never solve this problem otherwise.”

One Conservative MP who has been leading the charge for the UK to leave the ECHR is Dame Andrea Jenkyns. Dame Jenkyns, the MP for Morley and Outwood has already written to the Prime Minister saying:

“We must not, and cannot, let the British people down on this issue of national importance. They deserve a government that is willing to stand up for what they believe in, and it’s only the Conservatives that can deliver on this. If it means withdrawing from the ECHR, then I fully support this course of action, and I strongly encourage you consider this path going forward.”

Conservative Post Editor Claire Bullivant said:

“Thank goodness for MPs like Dame Andrea Jenkyns sticking up for the British people. This is a huge topic of conversation with Conservative Post readers. Not a day goes by without us getting many emails and messages on the issue.”

PLEASE lend your support and sign Dame Andrea Jenkyn’s petition which will be presented to Rishi Sunak by Dame Andrea and Conservative Post Editor Claire Bullivant.

UK must leave European convention on human rights

It is time to pull out of the European Convention of Human Rights. The European Courts should have no jurisdiction over the UK. Please sign the petition.
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  1. Strange that a bill supported nay sponsored by Maggie Thatcher should now become so bad but, it needs to go, before the UK becomes the United Caliphate of Great Britainistan

  2. Sunak is so out of touch with ordinary folk …..wrong man for the job ….to weak to stand his ground on anything ( unless it is supported by left back benchers! ) has nothing in common with the majority , no history no culture no empathy …..has lived a life far removed from normal life in this country how could he understand the effect his policies ( not Conservative policies) have on ordinary folk …

  3. We can’t house our people,young ones,pensioners, veterans etc so how we house all these illegal immigrants.

    • We can, just that the Westminster Gov chooses not to. They’ve squandered & robbed Billions HS2, Covid and Levelling up etc. Could have built homes, could have given a new electric car to every household, could have saved businesses from the wall, and still have change. Yet, they starve, blame, starve the civil service, those that actually make the country work.

  4. All MP’S and Lords are embarrassing. If you all can’t get your own house in order, how can the public trust any of you to run a country.

  5. ECHR works against us every time. We have our own people living on the streets and not enough housing for younger people.
    Talking is cheap – the UK needs action before we are totally swamped.

  6. Brexit was supposed to lower immigration, but hasn’t.
    Why would leaving the ECHR stop boat people? Why are you prepared to give up the right to life, fair trials, expression, and many others, on the chance that it will stop illegal migration? It clearly will have little to no effect, what with the migration already being illegal anyway for starters.

  7. The government has failed at its first task of defending its borders and protecting its people. We have allowed people who hate us to cross our borders and we are paying for their expenses. I am disgusted with this and all the political parties for ignoring the voters. Churchill would have stopped the boats.


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