The Sue Gray report should be null and void after the advising barrister is revealed as a Labour supporting anti-Brexiteer who has publically criticised Boris Johnson. 

A Labour supporting, Boris bashing barrister called Daniel Stilitz has been the legal advisor to Sue Gray as she investigated the alleged parties in Downing Street and Whitehall. 

We believe Barrister Daniel Stilitz’s neutrality is in question after a string of social media posts attacking the Government and the Prime Minister emerged last month on his Twitter account which he has now deleted.

In one tweet, as the Prime Minister negotiated Brexit, Barrister Stilitz suggested if you trusted the PM you were a “mug”:

In other past tweets, the barrister referred to “Johnson’s fake news machine” and the QC even retweeted a comment calling Boris Johnson “our reckless dangerous PM.” He also said “the Government’s current rhetoric is nothing compared to to the bile they’ll serve up during the forthcoming election campaign.”

In another post, from 2016, the barrister encouraged his followers to join Labour writing: “Why not join Labour? Now seems as good a time as any.”

The barrister even criticised the Prime Minister for making a legal trip to see his mother, one of the last times he saw her before she died.

We believe the barrister has shown either direct bias against the PM or apparent bias against him so the Sue Gray report cannot now stand as an official document – the entire process is invalid and the Met Police should not be able to rely upon it either.


I demand the Sue Gray report be nullified after advising barrister Daniel Stilitz has been revealed as a Labour supporting anti-Brexiteer who has publically criticised Boris Johnson.


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  1. This should be scrapped , this is a witch hunt and should not be allowed , corruption at it highest boris should be investing you

  2. It has been a witch hunt right from the start. One aim only, removing our great Prime Minister. Dirtiest politics ever.

  3. It,s a disgrace the witch hunt going on against our prime minister the bbc also the press are
    a disgrace what about Starmer and Raynor there is nothing about them it’s all about boris

  4. witch hunt pure and simple,all this Boris bashing is a disgrace and just show s show childish and immature the msm are, seen better behaved children in the playground, and all because of BREXIT, so grow up and act your age

  5. I agree, it is time this witch hunt stopped!
    There is never anything positive reported about the facts of good and positive things that are on going!
    The BBC particularily are so Blatant in their prejudices! They have to be de-funded!! I will Not be renewing my license!!
    As for the Starmer, beer and curry party, we hear very little! His scam threat to resign if he is prosecuted, is laughable . How dare he try to manipulate the law?! But then that has been his job for years, he obviously knows all the tricks!! He Cannot be allowed to get away with this!!
    Surely the Genuine “Media” must give equal publicity to this arrogant man!!
    I support Boris, he a is good Prime Minister and I believe he will do well if given the chance!
    I said to my husband before the pre Brexit days, that eventually people would treat Boris as they did Winston Churchill, he lead us through the WW2 and then the voters kicked him in teeth. Boris gave us Brexit and opened a New World to us, and now also got us through COVID with all the Financial Assistance no other Country got!!
    The vaccine roll-out again no other Country could match!
    Hopefully we will eventually get a lot of money back when all the Cheaters, both the Businesses and Individuals who “cheated with the Furllow payements and other benefits are rounded up and prosecuted!!


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