By Jack Lions.

If you say the photo of Sue Gray at a boozy Cabinet Office bash pre-pandemic is of no relevance, all I’m hearing is you haven’t read the Sue Gray report.

In the report she critiques the alcohol culture in Whitehall yet GB News presenter Tom Harwood has been sent a photo of what appears to be Sue Gray partying with alcohol within Whitehall.

Microphone in hand, Ms Gray is singing ‘You’re The One That I Want’ by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John from Grease.

Talk about pot calling the kettle black… I’ve got chills and they’re multiplying over the hypocrisy!

Her own report clearly stated “excessive consumption of alcohol is not appropriate in a professional workplace at any time” and she says “clear and robust” policies should be in place.

Sue Gray singing karaoke in Whitehall. Photo credit: GB News

Now okay, as mentioned the photo wasn’t taken during the pandemic so I’m not suggesting she broke any lockdown rules but the image clearly illustrates the very culture Ms Gray criticises so heavily in her report especially when she says “at any time.” It’s just so hypocritical.

Now I’ve been critical of Sue Gray being charged in the first place of being the person in charge of looking into the alleged parties at Downing Street.

For example, I still want to know who sanctioned the Brexit and Boris hating QC Daniel Stilitz to be her advisor on the report?

Daniel Stilitz, the only external lawyer she consulted and who is name-checked at the start of the report is a card-carrying Labour Party member and swiftly deleted his Twitter account when a number of his tweets slamming the government and encouraging people to sign up for Labour Party membership were unearthed in April.

I also wonder why Sue Gray and this legal advisor never mentioned Downing Street, being the crown property it is, was actually exempt from all covid regulations during the pandemic. You’d have thought a legal advisor would have mentioned this law surely?

As political website Guido Fawkes also pointed out:

“Sue Gray is hardly from a neutral political home either. Her son, Liam Conlon, is chair of the Labour Party’s Irish branch – a group that hosted Sir Keir for a talk and Q&A just a couple of months ago. Conlon himself has been pictured alongside Starmer and even brought his mum along to meet Labour politicians in Parliament.”

So many questions remain.


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