Why did Sue Gray’s Boris bashing advisor never mention Downing Street was exempt from Covid regulations?


According to section 73 of the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984, Covid regulations never applied to Crown Land (which includes No. 10).

In the eighties lawmakers decided that it would be better to allow the government to function during any future national pandemic without having to worry about being caught up in quarantine regulations (click here).

Steven Barrett, a leading barrister at Radcliffe Chambers who read law at Oxford and taught law at Cambridge says:

“The thinking was that by making the government effectively exempt in law, the government could continue to function.”

So questions are now being raised why a Labour supporting, Boris bashing barrister called Daniel Stilitz who was the independent legal advisor to Sue Gray on the legalities of ‘partygate’ failed to bring this important law into light?

Last month it was revealed Mr Stilitz had previously shared comments on social media platform Twitter accusing the Conservative party of “serving up bile,” the Prime Minister of “fake news” and urging people to sign up to the Labour Party.

In one tweet, as the Prime Minister negotiated Brexit, Barrister Stilitz suggested if you trusted the PM you were a “mug”:

In other past tweets, the barrister referred to “Johnson’s fake news machine” and the QC even retweeted a comment calling Boris Johnson “our reckless dangerous PM.” He also said “the Government’s current rhetoric is nothing compared to to the bile they’ll serve up during the forthcoming election campaign.”

In another post, from 2016, the barrister encouraged his followers to join Labour writing: “Why not join Labour? Now seems as good a time as any.”

The barrister even criticised the Prime Minister for making a legal trip to see his mother, one of the last times he saw her before she died.

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen said:

“Stilitz was clearly a totally inappropriate appointment and it risks what should have been the ‘independent and impartial’ Sue Gray report being considered tainted before its release to the public.”

Mr Stilitz’s tweets, which he has now deleted, even criticised the Prime Minister for choices he made in lockdown even when they were lawful.

Surely Stilitz has shown either direct bias against the PM or apparent bias against him?

Whatever your view on the Sue Gray report, surely it should never stand as an official report – the entire process is invalid.


I demand the Sue Gray report be nullified after advising barrister Daniel Stilitz has been revealed as a Labour supporting anti-Brexiteer who has publically criticised Boris Johnson.

Petition - Sue Grey Report

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