Suella blasts Rishi’s Rwanda Bill as a ‘betrayal to Britain’

Suella Braverman. Photo credit: Home Office

Suella Braverman has blasted Rishi’s current Rwanda Bill and described it as a “betrayal to Britain”. 

In an exclusive GB News interview she told how she’d be voting against the bill but also set out the amendments she was trying to persuade the Prime Minister to adopt.

Speaking to Christopher Hope, GB News’ Political Editor, the former Home Secretary also: 

  • INSISTED it was better to defeat this Bill because it does not work” than allow it to pass and open “the floodgates” to claims from lawyers;
  • URGED the PM to drop the Bill and replace it with new legislation; 
  • TOLD how “dozens” of ministers have “grave reservations” about the Rwanda plan and tell her “under their breath” that it will not work;
  • WARNED “If we don’t get it right, and if we don’t stop the boats, the British people are not going to forgive us.:”

Sitting down with GB News, Ms Braverman explained the work she’d been doing to beef up the Bill.

She said: “I would respectfully say that these are some bright ideas that we’ve put forward. I mean, I have personal expertise in this subject. I advocated for many of these measures 12 months ago when I was home secretary. 

“The Prime Minister refused to accept them then. He’s come up with some ways forward. He’s now introduced a third bill but unfortunately, it’s lacking in the essential things that are going to make this bill work if he’s going to stop the boats. 

“So we’ve got some bright ideas, we’ve engaged constructively, we want this bill to work, it currently does not, and I’m afraid it does a disservice to the British public. It amounts to a betrayal to the British public. I want to stop the boats. I want this government to stop the boats. It’s got a chance to do that. And that’s why I’m urging the Prime Minister to accept our amendments so that we can work together to fix this bill and stop the boats.”

Explaining why she felt unable to vote for the Bill in its current form she continued: “This bill does not work. And if there are no improvements to it, I will have to vote against it. I’m sent to Parliament to vote for things. To be for things or to be against them and not to sit on the fence. And I owe it to my constituents. I owe it to the British people to be transparent and honest about the situation that we’re in. It’s absolutely essential that we deliver on this pledge to stop the votes.  

“We’ve got over 50 Conservative MPs who’ve now publicly put their names to these amendments who share our concerns and who want to fix the bill. This is a significant number of backbenchers who feel very strongly and we will all be discussing this matter intensively over the next few days 

“My objective is to deliver a bill that works and it’s far better to defeat this bill because it doesn’t work and to start again, 

“We may all feel a temporary sense of achievement by passing a bill but in a few months time when we see that plane grounded on the tarmac, when we’re failing to remove people to Rwanda, when we are clogged up in the courts. It will be very, very disappointing and people will ask us rightly, what did you do to try and avoid that catastrophe? That’s what I’m trying to do now. I’m trying to avoid a catastrophe of failing to deliver on this pledge.”

Revealing the huge number of Ministers who agree with her, Ms Braverman claimed: “I have been very concerned by the high number of ministers to whom I have spoken, who have grave reservations about this bill.  

When pressed on how many she told Christopher Hope: “Oh, dozens. I actually haven’t spoken to many ministers who genuinely believe that this bill is going to work. Privately, under their breath they say to me, ‘we know this bill won’t work. We know that the were exposed are more vulnerable to the European courts in this bill. We know that this bill will only open the floodgates to litigation and claims and lawyers bringing repetitive claims, but you know, we want to continue and so…; I think that there’s a very widespread level of concern privately amongst ministers.  

“Every minister has to grapple with many, many conflicting factors. And it’s a very personal decision. I’m someone who resigned from the government because I couldn’t support Theresa May’s Brexit betrayal and the terms of her withdrawal agreement. It takes courage, it takes principle to resign and give up the trappings of office which are quite seductive. But it does have an impact, because ultimately, if you take a stand on principle, it means something and that’s why I applaud my colleague, Robert Jenrick. He did resign on principle because he had profound disagreements with this policy and this bill.”

Rejecting ideas Mr Sunak had gone as far as he could with the Bill she said:

“No, I disagree with that fundamentally. Firstly, hoping it will work is wholly insufficient right now. We’re at the end of the parliamentary term. This is the third act of parliament that we will be passing to stop for votes. Pledges have been made. Slogans have been trumpeted. “Promises have been made time and time again and the British people are sick and tired of broken promises. We can’t afford to get it wrong. There’s no more time for wishful thinking when it comes to talking about where we’re facing a general election. And if we don’t get it right, and if we don’t stop the boats, the British people are not going to forgive us.”

Addressing claims her remarks are all about wanting to be the next leader of the Party she said: “There’s no leadership election. I’m not running for leader. But there is a general election and I want us to win that general election. And at the moment on the current polling, and according to public opinion, about half of my colleagues are set to lose their seats. I want them to win their seats, and we’re going to win our seats if we pass a bill that works.”  

Outlining why she was speaking out she added: “This is not about bringing down the government. This is about delivering a bill that works and stopping the boats. You know I’m here because I believe vividly in things. I’m here because I believe passionately in delivering for the British people. They are fed up with the boats, they are fed up with broken promises. This is our last chance to get it right. And woe betide a government that fails the British people again.”

We need your help. Next week MPs will be voting on Rishi’s Rwanda Bill. In its present form it’s useless.

Foreign courts will still stop our flights sending illegal migrants to Rwanda. The Bill needs amendments. 

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Source: GB News


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