Bring Back Boris campaign is getting louder – the people will be heard says Alex Story


By Alex Story.

Boris was subject to a coup. He was removed from office by a small number of Members of Parliament, many of whom aspired to his job.

His premiership was subjected to a relentless and vindictive media campaign aided and abetted by an establishment unreconciled with his unparalleled electoral appeal.

Unable to defeat him at the ballot box, they would ignore it. Instead, they would circumvent democracy by trashing his reputation daily.

The strategy was simple: relentless attack on his character.

“Boris has been subjected to an unprecedented campaign orchestrated via a nakedly biased UK media – the usual suspects of course – over the life of his short time in Downing Street.”

The tactics would be based on controlling the narrative by turning small peccadilloes into national scandals. Great achievements in the meantime would be belittled, mocked and, finally, overlooked.

The end would be to manufacture a purely artificial aura of incompetence mixed with venality which would facilitate the justification for his removal by a handful of underserving colleagues.

In short, his ousting was undemocratic. It was also shockingly quick. Pincher, the supposed “straw that broke the camel’s back”, a mere pretext, has largely been forgotten. Such are the sentiments brewing beneath the surface. They are spreading fast.

While the Conservative Party Membership is being distracted by yet another leadership campaign (the third one in six years), Boris’ brutal defenestration is hitting home way beyond Westminster.

Dave, a pub landlord in Bolton, just said when interviewed by Sky News the day of Boris’s resignation: “It is disgraceful”. He continued, “the general public didn’t have a chance to have their say.”

Perhaps most damning for people who thought “Partygate” was an issue, and reflecting the good nature of Brits generally, he added, “we knew what we were getting when we voted for Boris. We knew he would make silly mistakes… and make jokes. We knew that when we elected him. He has been taken from us by a relentless media campaign.”

His is not an isolated voice. A recent survey shows that 85 percent of those questioned want Boris to withdraw his resignation. And 15,000 people took part in that poll.

Within the Conservative Party, Lord Peter Cruddas, a self-made man with a strong affinity to the membership and the working men and women of our country, launched a petition “to give the Tory faithful a vote on whether to accept Boris’s resignation.”

As he writes:

“The ousting of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister by a minority of MPs is deeply anti-democratic.

“I am ashamed that this can happen in Britain, the birthplace of modern democracy.”

By the time the ink was dry on Lord Peter’s article, thousands had already signed the petition “despite attempts by hackers to shut the website down.”

It is worth remembering that the Conservative Party won less than nine percent of the votes under Theresa May in the 2019 European Election only to bounce back to a huge 43.6 percent of the votes under Boris six months later.

Different elections perhaps. But a good indicator of how much of an electoral impact Boris had, and in the minds of millions across the country, still has. Boris redrew the electoral map of the country not because he stood for the Conservative Party but because his personality went beyond political labels.

He proved this time and time again. He won in London, tipped the scales for Brexit and brought home the largest majority for the Conservatives in a generation. In short, he wins and would win again if given the chance.

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss might be talented politicians. Herein lies the problem. They both sound like “professional” politicians. Rishi is competent, understands “numbers”, and is as sharp as a whip.

Liz, as she would say herself, is not the most polished presenter but she comes across as earnest and capable. However, they are both from a recognisable cast. In terms of charisma, they just cannot compete with Boris. He is a very difficult man to dislike.

Now, more than ever perhaps, he would be welcomed with open arms in all the pubs across the country. No introductions would be needed. He would be instantly recognisable. People would want to sit by his side, knowing that they would have an unforgettably fun evening.

His successors, by contrast, would walk into a pub like strangers in a strange land. Perhaps it is this inexplicable attribute that has made Boris such a hate figure among a small number of charmless characters.

To them though, his defenestration is not enough. The humiliation has to be total. Boris must be crushed.

Ian Blackford, group leader of the SNP in Westminster, reminded the House during Boris’s last PMQ’s that he was under investigation as to whether a contempt has been committed, following a motion passed by the House of Commons asking the Committee to undertake the inquiry on on April 21 2022.

The Privileges Committee wrote to the Speaker asking for his determination on the matter, which he gave, based on legal advice (by law it is the Speaker who is authorised to give any ruling on this matter, not the Committee).

The determination stated: “Any suspension of the requisite length (10 sitting days or 14 calendar days) following on from a report from that Committee will attract the provisions of the Recall of MPs Act”.

Now, in short, if found guilty, Boris could be suspended and forced out of parliament altogether.

Boris has been subjected to an unprecedented campaign orchestrated via a nakedly biased UK media – the usual suspects of course – over the life of his short time in Downing Street.

He has been ousted by a small number of MPs, whose talents for scheming are far greater than their electoral appeal. He is set to be judged by the Privileges Committee, the grand name of which belies its tawdry nature, and faces being forced out of the House of Commons.

The ones who have not been consulted and the ones who never will be are the people of the United Kingdom, the first time Conservative voters in Red Wall seats and the broad membership of the Conservative Party.

As Lord Peter rightly says: This is shameful and cannot be allowed to stand. The precedent it would set is too awful to contemplate.

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  1. This article by Alex Story has moved me to tears I have been so angry about this happening to Boris It is expected in US politics but not in UK
    Conservative Party MP’s should unite and work with Boris who wants the best and is proud of our country
    I am a paying party member have signed the petition and will not give up on Boris
    Fix it!!

  2. Appalling behaviour from aerosoles TORY mps
    Boris is our PM.
    The party need to sack a lot of the traitors you know who they are. If you don’t get rid of them now at the election they will be the downfall of our party we will not vote them. . Replace them now so we have a chance at the election to keep labour out

  3. Boris Johnson has done an excellent job as Prime Minister and needs to be allowed to finish what he started it’s not up to the media, Starmer or MPs to remove him without the vote of the people

    • Yes agree the Coup should be removed forthwith ,The are ruining the conservative party ,Boris was our Ideal PM ,He needs removing (Rishi )

  4. I am heartbroken about the way our great prime Minster Johnson has been treated. I find it unbelievable that this would be allowed to happen in our great country.I am not of the ability to write with great words just humbly wish to convey my heartfelt disgust and anger at the Conservative party.Letting our country down in front of the whole world,making it a laughing stock.We are privileged to have Boris Johnson as our PM and he must stay if there is to be any confidence in the Conservative party or for that matter Democracy by the vast majority of the people of the uk

  5. Politics is a dirty business but what has happened to Boris is beyond belief. I am a member of the Conservative party and have signed the petition to put Boris on the ballot.
    The conservative establishment need to realize we are not going away.

  6. l would love to see Boris be reinstated the traitor’s who brought about his downfall are not worthy of any comments.he is loved and respected because of his charisma and personality no one comes even close to matching his dedication and enthusiasm.his only fault is seeing the best in people who end up betraying him.

  7. Only Boris can deliver the Brexit dividend. He must be aloud to finish making this country great again

  8. Boris best PM for a long long time
    Evil UK media as driven him out for their own bias agenda
    Labour will be relieved because he had the measure of that bunch
    Bring him back or lose next election

  9. We desperately need Boris back as PM. Without him, Britain will be the laughing stock of Europe. We need a man of his integrity, honesty and selfless leadership to guide our country back to the glory days of empire.

  10. Not a paid up member of the Con party but dislike intensely what has happened to a very likeable man.
    He should be reinstated or at the very least be on the final ballot paper.

  11. As a conservative voter all my life I am upset and angry this terrible treatment of our PM Boris it’s just unbelievable in this country this could happen and the Conservative party talk bout integrity.
    For people to have any faith in democracy this needs to be put right by the Conservative party .
    Do the right thing or your going to loose to Labour in this next election badly.

  12. I’m not a member otherwise I would sign to keep Boris. I am hoping and praying we get him back. He’s the best PM since Church Hill

  13. I am not a member of the Conservative party even though I vote Conservative and I think the entire country should be able to vote for Boris, not only party members. What has been happening is obvious to ordinary people, it’s just a power game and the in fighting has got to stop. The way Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are going at each other, both trying for the post of Prime Minister is disgraceful and it would be better if the public did not see this. Bring back Boris, he is the best Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher and look what happened then, we got John Major, and absolute disaster. Lots of people in the last General Election voted for Boris, please, please bring him back.

  14. What has made him so popular is his constant optimism which people like as it boosts their feelings about our country he is a can do man unlike the others who are always cannot do.
    The main fault he has is perhaps trying to keep everyone happy.

  15. I’m not a member so cannot vote but I would vote for Boris again and am very annoyed with the MPs that did this to him. I doubt I will ever vote again am so annoyed with the way this has been handled by parliament and the media this is not democracy this is Bulling tactics.

  16. Mr Borris Johnston MP was chosen by the electorate to become PM. Those rouge so called colleagues should hang their heads in shame. They have given the Labour Party oxygen. Fools.

  17. The Conservative Party will rue the day they ousted Boris. Thousands of people will not forget this travesty and the cruel way it was done. Come the next election, prepare for Labour because none of us will vote Conservative.

  18. Please tell the Conservative Chairman to do something about it immediately. He is hiding away and not taking responsibility.

    Also, sack the 1923 committee and its Chairmían, Brady, because they have made a grave mistake and upset many of the members – at least 15 thousand to date that have actually filled in the petition.

    Sacking the 57 MPs responsible would be a good start.

    Apologizing to Boris and reinstating him is next.

  19. This is not the British way.
    This looks like the long knife,s.
    This is not a Banana Republic.
    Bring back Boris now, and get rid of the trash.

  20. Boris was elected legally, and should be allowed to serve his term. I am a member, and have signed the petitions, but am ashamed at the way Boris has been treated by all those who betrayed him. In my opinion all those involved should be removed from the Conservative party and their jobs, including the 1922 committee. What has happened to democracy in this once great country. Let’s also get the press under control again, and put Boris back where he belongs.

  21. Boris was the wind in the sails of the United Kingdom. He was so good that he frightened people who would never match him. I still think the power of the media due to Brexit has don’t this.

  22. I wonder if anybody has actually asked Boris if he wants to be reinstated as PM after being treated so shamefully by fellow MP’s and the media.
    If it were me I wouldn’t.
    We need you back Boris, your uplifting optimism is sadly missed by many.


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