Who remembers when Obama came over and told us all that Britain would be at the “back of the queue” if we left the European Union? Oh how wrong he was.

Since leaving the EU, the UK has signed 70 free trade deals and Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan has revealed at least six high-income economies currently “queuing up,” desperate to get post-Brexit deals with Britain.

Of course you might not hear about this on the BBC or most other news outlets, but remember positive things are happening across the country.

Keep checking in with the Conservative Post to see positive news every day – the resurgence of British manufacturing, how our military is flying the flag across the world, positive policy making, our wonderful royals, our fantastic Prime Minister and many other things to be proud of. 

Here are our best read UK news stories from the last seven days (21st – 27th March 2022):

10. All schools in England to have lightning-fast internet by 2025

Every school in England will have access to high speed internet by 2025, as part of the latest plans to roll out lightning-fast gigabit broadband across the UK. The Education Secretary set out the latest step in cross-government plans to roll out lightning-fast gigabit broadband across the UK. To achieve this ambition, the Government has also announced a £150 million fund to support schools most in need to upgrade their WiFi connections. Over the course of the next three years, the Department for Education will reach out to schools in priority areas to facilitate the introduction of faster and more reliable connectivity… click here

9. UK leads humanitarian response by donating 3.7 million medical items to Ukraine

More than 3.7 million items of medical supplies have been given to Ukraine by the UK to help the country cope with the emergency caused by the Russian invasion and to help save tens of thousands of lives. Items including vital medicines, wound packs, and intensive care equipment donated by NHS England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have been flown to the region over the past three weeks, leaving from Stansted and Heathrow Airports, and RAF Brize Norton… click here

8. UK launches negotiations with Canada on new modernised trade deal

International Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan met her counterpart, Canadian Minister for International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business and Economic Development Mary Ng to formally launch talks that aim to bring benefits for both countries and strengthen a trading relationship already worth over £19 billion in 2020. Building on the benefits of the UK-Canada Trade Continuity Agreement, the new Free Trade Agreement will go further than ever before in areas like innovation, digital, data, the environment and women’s economic empowerment… click here

7. UK to become world-leading centre for telecoms innovation with launch of new body

The UK will be a world leader in telecoms research and development under plans for a new government-funded organisation dedicated to boosting innovation in the country’s telecoms supply chain. Digital Infrastructure Minister Julia Lopez said: “The UK Telecoms Innovation Network will be the first port of call for any telecoms company looking to access R&D funding and a matchmaker for firms looking to join forces on cutting-edge projects. Ultimately this is about making the UK the best place in the world to develop rapid and seamless new technology for the digital networks that will power our economy well into the 21st century”… click here

6. 7 pioneering new treatments rolled out to every hospital in England

A tiny balloon to treat chronic sinus infection and steam bursts to shrink an enlarged prostate are among a range of new treatments being rolled out by the NHS from next week. Every hospital in England will be able to access the seven new gadgets, which also include a portable chest drainage device to help patients recover more quickly from heart and lung problems and an automated blood cell replacement system to treat people with sickle cell disease. Announcing the innovations this week NHS chief executive Amanda Pritchard said they will ensure tens of thousands of patients can be treated for often debilitating conditions faster, while also saving time for staff and helping address covid-19 backlogs… click here

5. Boost for boozers as rural pubs across England rescued with levelling up funds

Far-flung pubs in rural communities across England are among the cherished community assets being saved by government levelling up funding this week. In a boost for Great British boozers, endangered pubs in areas such as West Cornwall and Melton Mowbray will be put into the hands of the local community, giving them a new lease of life for generations to come… click here

4. Boris hosts roundtable with nuclear industry leaders to rapidly accelerate UK energy projects

Prime Minister Boris Johnson hosted a roundtable at Downing Street this week with leaders from the nuclear industry to discuss how to improve domestic energy security and rapidly accelerate nuclear projects in the UK. The Prime Minister made clear the vision for nuclear to be a major part of the UK’s future energy system as a clean, reliable and safe energy source. He set out this government’s commitment to supporting the industry to develop a thriving pipeline of future nuclear projects in the UK in a cost-effective way… click here

3. Britain secures tariff free access for UK steel and aluminium exporters to the US

International Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan has secured a resolution with the US to end the ongoing issue around steel and aluminium tariffs. Following two months of talks, the Trade Secretary met with Commerce Secretary Raimondo in Washington DC this week and the US announced an expansive removal of section 232 tariffs, re-opening tariff free access for UK steel and aluminium exporters to the US. The announcement is good news for the steel and aluminium sectors, which support the jobs of over 80,000 people across the UK. This week’s announcement will benefit businesses on both sides of the Atlantic and clears the way for us to focus on the next steps for the UK-US trade relationship… click here

2. European researchers determine UK is second most powerful country in the world

New research by a geopolitical think-tank makes the case that Britain is second only to the United States as a global power. Researchers at the influential think tank European Geostrategy broke global powers down into four categories: Super Power, Global Power, Regional Power and Local Power and have ranked the UK as the second most powerful country on the planet. The UK took the only Global Power slot bringing her in second behind America and leapfrogging China, Russia, India, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Turkey among others… click here

1. UK has countries ‘queuing up’ desperate for trade deals with post-Brexit Britain

So much for Obama once saying Britain would be ‘back of the queue’ as International Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan reveals at least six high-income economies desperate to get trade deals with the UK. Since leaving the EU, the UK has signed 70 new free trade deals and the Trade Secretary says more countries are “queuing up” to get a post-Brexit deal with Britain. Speaking to the Sun the Ms Trevelyan said: “We do ourselves down, the rest of the world thinks the UK is amazing and they want to work with a trusted partner. People are queuing up wanting to do trade deals with it, which I find very encouraging”… click here

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