MEMBERS STRIKE BACK! 2500 members sign petition to enshrine their rights in choosing next Conservative leader


A petition launched by the Conservative Post, the Patriot Club and PopCon has received 2500 signatures from Conservative Party members in its first 24 hours since launch.

Members have been flocking to sign the petition so their rights to choose the next Conservative Party leader are enshrined in the Conservative Party Constitution.

If 10,000 members sign the petition, a National Convention can be triggered to vote on the motion. It is thought the party currently has a membership of approximately 140,000.

As per the Conservative Party’s Constitution, 10,000 Conservative Party Members signing will trigger the process of changing the party’s rules.

Claire Bullivant, Founder of the Conservative Post and CEO of the Conservative Democratic Organisation said:

“Many of the Conservative ‘Wets’ have told us they want to stop members voting on important things like our new leader. Apparently it’s all our fault because we chose Liz Truss, and the MPs knew better. But that’s just ridiculous.

“The MPs kicked out our democratically elected leader, Boris Johnson. Then they gave us the choice between Truss and Sunak. We do not know whether Liz would have recovered; MPs and the blob didn’t give her that chance. But MPs then, in breach of the constitution, unanimously selected Sunak with no membership approval whatsoever. It was a coronation and completely undemocratic.

“So together with the Patriot Club and Mark Littlewood’s team at PopCon, we’ve launched this petition to make the members’ voices loud and clear. We are seeking to add a nomination requirement that leadership candidates have support from ordinary members at the start of the process, and also for members to have the final say at the end. Members must never be ignored again!” 

Conservative Party Members can add their name to the petition here:

We the undersigned demand that Schedule 2 of the Conservative Party Constitution be amended to incorporate the changes put forward by the Conservative Post, the Patriot Club and PopCon.

Conservative Party Members MUST have a say in choosing their new leader.

Signed by:

YesNoHave been in the past
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The following is the first draft put forward by the Conservative Post, the Patriot Club and PopCon.

A spokesperson for the group says: “The good thing about the constitutional change process is that this draft might not be the final agreed version that is put to the vote. There is plenty of time to argue for exact changes, but we can only do that if we get 10,000 signatures to give us the opportunity to have the debate. At the moment, we fear Rishi and his friends will stitch up the rules with no debate whatsoever.”


  1. I’m 57yrs old and been a loyal voter of this party ever since I was old enough to vote. That includes both local and national elections.
    This year,,in the GE, I voted Reform UK. I feel guilty for doing so, yet if the same circumstances are repeated, I would do the same again.
    Please Get rid of Sunak, move in Priti, Kemi, or Suella. Bring yourselves back to centre right politics and Conservatism.
    This is what happened to Mrs Thatcher who was the greatest leader this country has ever seen.
    Have some grit in parliament, let the parties insult you but destroy them with politics, plans, actions .. not with their games making it personal.


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