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10. ‘Atten-shun!’ Army brings back Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace

The full ceremonial Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace has returned this week after the longest pause in its delivery since WW2. Changing of the Guard is carried out by the nation’s finest serving soldiers and musicians, dressed, in its most iconic form as it was yesterday, in red tunics, bearskin caps and mirror shined parade boots. The event is considered the epitome of ceremonial excellence and regimental discipline, ranks top of the bucket list of every visitor to London and has become woven into the fabric of the UK’s national identity and brand… click here

9.  British consortium to develop world-leading prototype solid state batteries

A consortium of seven UK-based organisations has signed a memorandum of understanding to combine ambitions to develop world-leading prototype solid-state battery technology, targeting automotive applications. Solid-state batteries offer significant potential advantages over conventional lithium-ion batteries and could be transformational in meeting the UK’s net zero commitments through the electrification of transport. The successful outcome of the collaboration would be to harness and industrialise UK academic capability to produce cells using highly scalable manufacturing techniques that leapfrog the cost-effectiveness and performance achieved elsewhere… click here

8. Takeaway giant to create 1500 UK jobs as it brings back jobs from India and Bulgaria

Takeaway giant Just Eat will employ 1,500 people in a new North East customer service site as it brings jobs back from India and Bulgaria. The business said that it would invest £100 million in the region over the next five years, with staff working partly from home and partly from its new Sunderland-based office. UK managing director Andrew Kenny said that the company would shoulder the extra cost of bringing the staff in-house because it allowed Just Eat to provide better service… click here

7. UK sends shelter kits and solar powered lanterns for 1300 vulnerable families in Haiti

Britain is sending relief supplies to Haiti, to help vulnerable families affected by the recent earthquake. The UK has sent 20 metric tonnes of aid items to Haiti, to help recovery efforts following the recent devastating earthquake. The shipment includes shelter kits and solar powered lanterns for up to 1,300 families, with more such support to follow later in the month. The kits will go to vulnerable families impacted by the earthquake and will be distributed by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) across the country… click here

6. UK launches Operation Warm Welcome

Operation Warm Welcome for Afghan Arrivals. Work is underway across the whole of Government to ensure the Afghans who stood side by side with Britain in conflict, their families and those at highest risk who have been evacuated, are supported as they now rebuild their lives in the UK. The plans, dubbed ‘Operation Warm Welcome’, will be overseen by Victoria Atkins as the new Minister for Afghan Resettlement The UK has a proud history of providing safe haven to those in need and the plans to be set out next week will also harness that generosity of spirit and the offers of support which have already flooded in from charities, businesses and the British public… click here

5. UK unveils post-Brexit global data plans to boost growth, increase trade and improve healthcare

The UK has launched a package of measures to help it seize the opportunities of data to boost growth, trade and improve its public services. Data underpins innovation and the global digital economy, everyday apps and cloud computing systems. It allows businesses to trade, drives international investment, supports law enforcement agencies tackling crime, the delivery of critical public services and health and scientific research. The government says it is outlining the first territories with which it will prioritise striking ‘data adequacy’ partnerships now it has left the EU as the United States, Australia, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Dubai and Colombia… click here

4. Boris tells troops ‘we’ll be forever grateful’ as he writes open letter to mark ending of 20-year Afghan war

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told members of the Armed Forces, veterans, and loved ones of those who died serving in the military it was not down to “chance or good fortune” that the UK has been safe from attacks launched from Afghanistan for 20 years. In an open letter, the Prime Minister said he had been “lost in admiration for the heroic efforts of everyone” involved in Operation Pitting, the evacuation efforts to remove UK nationals and Afghan allies from Kabul airport… click here

3. Brave British soldiers rescue US news reporter after Biden bans American troops from leaving Kabul Airport

An American news reporter has spoken about her perilous journey escaping Afghanistan with the help of British troops. The Washington Post’s Susannah George told American news channel MSNBC her escape became treacherous after President Joe Biden banned American troops from leaving Kabul Airport stranding many US citizens across Afghanistan. The American news correspondent said she was only able to reach the airport after British soldiers agreed to help her and her party when they arrived to evacuate a group of British nationals from a safe den… click here

2. Pen Farthing IS getting the dogs out on evacuation jet after British army step in

Pen Farthing and his rescue animals will now board an evacuation plane out of Afghanistan after the Ministry of Defence stepped in and assured clearance for their charter flight to return to the UK. The announcement has been welcomed by many concerned Brits who have been avidly following the former Royal Marine’s escape efforts on social media. Paul Farthing, known as Pen, founded the Nowzad shelter in 2007 to rescue animals in Kabul and for the last week has been battling to evacuate his staff and almost 200 animals in what has become known as ‘Operation Ark’… click here

1. Boris gets tough: If you’re an illegal migrant ‘we will send you back’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned migrants trying to cross the Channel in boats that Britain will send them back to Europe. The Prime Minister has warned: “You may think the weather looks great but it is a very dangerous thing to do. We will send you back. The UK should not be regarded as a place where you can automatically come to break the law by seeking to arrive illegally. If you come illegally you are an illegal immigrant and I’m afraid the law will treat you as such.” Decent weather over the bank holiday has sparked fears even more migrants might try and make the perilous crossing in small boats across the Channel onto British shores… click here

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